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SHOT this year was a whirlwind. One of the things we wished we’d gotten to (but didn’t) is the new Troy Industries Tomahawk Stocks for .308 and 5.56 rifles (details below). While they don’t feature anything that goes up, you can certainly shoulder them and they give you lighter, more compact option for your scary black weapon of war . . .

A BattleAxTM for the 21st Century: the new TROY TomahawkTM Stock. The Tomahawk is a modern, combat-tactical, PDW-style retractable stock with an integrated cheek piece that elevates 5.56/.300 Blackout and 7.62 carbines, making them powerful, compact and ultra lightweight.

Utilizing a MIL-SPEC bolt carrier group, the Tomahawk Standard (5.56/7.62) shortens overall length by 2″ compared to an M4 stock. The impact- resistant, polymer cheek-piece with QD swivel mount provides stability and comfort; the aluminum thumb-latch and guide rails offer superior strength and five positions of adjustment. The Tomahawk Short employs the patented, proprietary TROY PDW buffer and bolt carrier group resulting in a four position adjustable option that is 3.4″ shorter than the typical M4 stock.

Available in Black, Tan and Flat Dark Earth, with and without BCG.

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  1. Oh goodie.

    Another product from the company that hired the rabidly anti-gun former Chicago Police Chief Jody Weis to work on their training subsidiary.

    Jody Weis, the guy who lobbied non-stop to ban the very products Troy Industries makes.

    Jody Weis, the guy who was known as “J-Fed” as he was a former FBI agent, but midway through his tenure, when Weis RAN FROM THE SOUND OF GUNFIRE a block away, he became known as “J-Fled” from that day forward.

    12 hours after I posted about Weis’ new gig with Troy Industries, he was fired.

    Then we found out they also employed Dale Monroe. You might not recognize the name, but he was Lon Horiuchi’s partner at Ruby Ridge. You know, Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who drove a round through Vicky Weaver’s chest as she stood in a doorway armed with an infant in her arms.

    In an LA Times article, Monroe said – no, scratch that – *testified* that we was preparing to take the same shot but didn’t because Horiuchi fired first.

    “Dale R. Monroe, the partner of FBI hostage rescue team leader Lon Horiuchi – who fired the fatal shot – said he was preparing to fire but didn’t only because Horiuchi fired first.”

    While Troy fired Weis most Ricky-tick, they have stood by Monroe and last time I looked, he was still employed there.

    I *gave* away my crappy Troy Battlemags – a couple of dozen of them – the ones I didn’t burn for pictures.

    It’ll be an ice cold day in hell before anything Troy enters my house or hangs on my rifles.

    It’ll be a good day when that company goes under.


    • Count me in the boycott as well. There are too many decent products out there to give money to folks like this. I can remember a grudge for a long time. I’d be very interested to hear if they are reconsidering their support for Monroe.

    • Agreed. Don’t hire anti-gun fascists or people who are willing to execute unarmed civilians from 100 yards away.

      That’s a pretty clear line, and they crossed it.

    • One of my rifles wears Troy flip up sights, but the issues you mentioned asside, I just try to make it a practice to avoid Troy gear because it looks and feels like second tier garbage and isn’t cheap enough to justify itself over the next step up.

    • Agreed. Troy can eat a fat one. I own ZERO Troy products, and will continue to spread the word about them at every opportunity. If they’d fired the mother-killer right from the start, it’d be a different story, but they’ve stuck by him. I wish more people knew about it.

        • Exactly. Everyone has the right to Freedom of Expression.

          People in this day and age forget that “everyone” part and want to proselytize, and be as aggressive as possible sharing their opinion, and then shout over anyone who disagrees, and finally want no repercussions from their behavior.

    • 12 hours after I posted about Weis’ new gig with Troy Industries, he was fired.

      Good job John. “Gun hero of the day” right here.

      Yea, Troy seems to have an ever increasing propensity to hire stellar individuals for their team.

    • Maybe you should thank Troy for letting you know where these two guys are. I mean if it wasn’t for Troy you wouldn’t know where to send your hate mail. This way, rather than say protesting an entire company full of American workers that are producing potentially life saving products on a web site that reviews said products not only for the hobbiests but for professional gunfighters as well, now you can send your hate mail directly to the two Jackboots at Troy because thanks to Troy you know where to find these guys who could otherwise be maintaining a low profile away from the public’s prying eyes. Oh yeah, don’t forget to pay your taxes, fill up on gas and then text me back on your “slave-friendly” computer device about what an asshole I am.

      • There are plenty of other american workers at other companies I can indirectly employ, bud. That’s not even a good argument to make. Should I continue to employ the antigunners at NYT, Cosmo, or The Trace? They’re American workers. They also happen to be scumbags. I think I’ll take my money and purchase a product from one of the many other fine companies that produces similar products, probably for less, and doesn’t employ scumbags.

      • Nah. I wouldn’t waste my time sending them anything, not when I can educate tens of thousands of my fellow gun owners about a bunch of scoundrels hiring those who have advocated the taking, by force as necessary, of my Constitutionally protected rights.

        Or a man who shoots an innocent woman armed with an infant. May he burn in hell.

        No Jack, you help fashion that noose the other side aims to use to hang you high.

        I’ll take a pass.

    • Screw Troy. Overpriced, shitty products to feed the mall ninjas. I hope Magpul eats your ass for breakfast.

    • Hell to the yes. I actually like the Alpha rail and the backup irons, but will NEVER buy a single one of their products.

    • Agreed. I like this concept. Especially the “short” but I will spend my money elsewhere. I only buy from firearms companies that support the customers who keep them in business, both economically and socially.

    • Magpul stood with civilian gun-owners during a difficult time. Troy actually hired anti-gunners, including a jack-booted thug from Ruby Ridge. No matter how good their products (and I’m not convinced they’re all that special), I will not buy anything from Troy.

  2. Cool stock. PDWS are so much fun for 5’10” guys like me.

    However, I may not bite because of their history. There are plenty of others to collect.

  3. I’d rather machine my own stock in the shop than give 0.000012% of the profits of a Troy purchase to Dale Monroe.

    Maybe when I’m done – I’ll send an article to TTAG to publish.

  4. If it wasn’t for the fact that they make the only affordable ambidextrous AR mag releases I would have no business with them either.

    • SIG makes one, you have to search around to find them but they are out there. The prices were better as of a while ago but I think they went up because they figured out they could gouge people on them.

    • just posted a few weeks ago that they will ban anyone who trashes or speaks ill of Troy Industries. The thread is gone and the thread asking about the new rather draconian policy has been locked.

      Looks like the Avilas have chosen their side in this.

      Of course Troy Industries has been a site sponsor of Arfcom for some time.

      That’s okay. It’s their forum to do with as they please.

      It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had any Arfcom swag on my gear and it probably won’t be going back on anytime soon.


  5. Arfcom makes me laugh. See you at m4, sniper’s hide, PR, or any of the other forums out there. Again, if they want to be shitty, their choice. I’ve got plenty of options.

  6. I have yet to see a logically or a morally defensible position against Troy.

    So they hired a guy that was a partner of a guy that shot someone. That puts exactly zero accountability on him…and less than zero on Troy. So they hired a guy that has taken positions that are perceived to be anti-gun. You might be surprised to find that all kinds of companies in the firearms industry hire people that have dissenting opinions. This is f***ing America. No one cares if you agree with another person’s views.

    I have a Troy Bravo Rifle and it is of higher quality than the Colt M4 I carried in ‘stan and it was more than a fair price. Their BUISs are far, far too expensive, though I own a pair. I have yet to come across a crappy Troy product.

    But go ahead and rage on with your punitive, self-righteous nonsense.

    • You are defending hiring a guy who supported MURDERING a innocent women.

      His partner, Lon Horiuchi MURDERED a woman. His punishment is death. Monroe has publically supported MURDERING that woman. He is an accessory to murder. It would be appropriate to allow him to commit suicide.

  7. I own 1 complete Troy carbine, 3 alpha rails, 3 sets of BU sights, a dozen mags +/-, a vert grip, etc. I think they make great products, at a competitive price. But I’m one more guy who will never buy from them again because of the people who have been hired. I support freedom for everyone including Troy and the goons they have on payroll. I choose to use my money to support people/ companies I agree with, not pay people to kick me in the balls good products or not.
    Aaron El’Infidel

  8. I think the CBQ-SPC A4 I purchased was a good one ??. I’ve got so much hate and most are assholes and make it seem like I’m the problem. Honestly yall sound like that democrat running for president trying to shove bullshit down people’s throat. Funny y’all care about Waco most don’t even know or give a shit

  9. Can some one tell me who else builds stock like Troy tomahawk?I know North Eastern Arms, Vert. Looking for one you don’t have to change out bolt carrier

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