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I’s Spike’s Tactical Spider Lower/LPK/Buffer, .300 BLK Rainier Arms 10.5″ Ultra Match SS Barrel, Timney Single Stage 3 lbs Trigger, Seekins Precision 12.5″ MCSR Keymod Rail, Huntertown Arms Kestrel .308 Suppressor Nikon P-300BLK Scope in m-223xr mount Hogue Beavertail grip with storage kit Magpul B.A.D. Lever & CTR Buttstock

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  1. Nice rifles in these series, even so I don’t like most AR’s because they all look more or less alike. If I ever come to America and get to shoot one of those I would still be happy, but on my wish list is some more exotic stuff. By the way is it a real reality that in some parts of the US like Las Vegas you can shoot on rental ranges every gun you like or is this just a myth from Hollywood?
    And another question:
    I read on another news site something about a shoulder thing that goes up. What the hell is that? Did they mean the thingy where you rest you’re cheek on while aiming?

    • Yes, many ranges in the US will rent firearms to visitors. There are several in Vegas that rent full autos of many different designs and eras, catering primarily to tourists who want to shoot guns from movies. It isn’t cheap. Lots of other ranges in many other red states also rent guns, if maybe not so exotic.

      • First of all, thank you all for the answers.
        Now Tom that interview is just plain stupid. A barrel shroud shouldn’t go up, if that thing goes up than something on you’re gun is seriously wrong, I think. That is something even I know and I didn’t have to go to the Bundeswehr (we had a mandatory military service until a few years ago) , because a few month before my Musterung ( the thing where a doc from the Bundeswehr would check if you’re fit enough for duty) they disbanded that.

        • Germanguy- Welcome to TTAG, good to have you here. Whereabouts are you from?
          I lived in Mannheim and Neustadt a.d. Weinstra├če for almost six years (US Army) and got to know a couple Bundeswehr guys who also belonged to a shooting-club up near Bad D├╝rkheim. They owned really beautiful over/under shotguns and while shooting skeet, we had many conversations about the differences between our 2nd Amendment & German firearm laws. I had found a gun/antique dealer in Rothenburg a.d. Tauber that sold equally beautiful engraved shotguns (and highly expensive), but he did have a rack of WW1-era rifles for that were very reasonably priced. I really wanted to bring one home with me (a nice GEW88), and the process under German laws was actually far less stringent than the Army’s rules for buying a gun overseas. But it would’ve taken a long time to get command approval, and chances were good it would’ve been denied anyhow.

        • Hi anaxis, thanks for the warm welcome.
          I’m from eastern Germany, Saxony to be precise. Yeah guns seem to be more expensive here then in the States, but that is only an estimate I make and I have no evidence to proof that. Compared to Texas or other States with less restrictive laws our gun laws are very restrictive, but I’m no sure how they compare to the laws of New York or California. And even with these more stringent laws we had our mass shootings here and all where committed by people who where allowed to own guns. When did you life here? Our laws got more strict over the years.

    • “The shoulder thing that goes up” was some ignorant politician’s attempt to describe a folding stock.

      There are many gun shops in Las Vegas and in Arizona that will rent you full-auto machine guns and cater to tourists. The Japanese especially enjoy this little taste of something that is absolutely forbidden to them at home.

      Most of these shops have a good selection of common full-auto weapons to choose from and many also let you shoot more than one type as a package deal.

      If you want to pay the premium price and get a larger selection to choose from Battlefield Las Vegas located behind the Circus Circus has possibly the largest selection – from original Maxim machine guns to most other iconic military weapons as well as the usual full-auto rifles. For the absolute full-on deal you can go to the Pro Gun Club just south of Henderson and shoot a full auto M2 (Ma deuce) .50 BMG from a tripod, but I believe they are charging about $5.00 per round for that.

      Come to the land of the (for now) free and enjoy a little anarchy! Bring your Visa or MasterCard.

      • Wrong, “shoulder thing that goes up” was The response to “do you know what a barrel shroud is?”

        • Indicating from the video her absolute ignorance of the subject since as she described “the shoulder thing that goes up” she gestured from her forearm to her shoulder so she had no idea at all about a barrel shroud or where it would be located or how it would work and was demonstrating the supposed operation of a folding stock.

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