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F’s fully legal California-compliant AR15s styled as Mk18 Mod 1 and Mod 0 1) upper ‘pistol’ is a complete Daniel Defense Mk18 with real ATPIAL (laser) with red visible laser and IR; Surefire mini Scout on a Travis Haley offset mount, Surefire Warden on Surefire muzzle break. Authentic Elcan Specter DR. BCM grip 2) 10.3 Daniel Defense barrel into a Colt upper receiver, Colt bolt carrier, Knight Armaments M4 RIS. DBAL3 as a laser (civilian version), scope is RCO with RMR.

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      • This is correct; that’s why they are – in fact – pinned to 10 rounds (on the PMAG, you can sort of see it on the side; on the USGI mag, it’s internal).

        • I’m curious about the legality of .50 Beowulf magazines in California (that normally hold 10 rounds, but will also happen to hold and feed 30 rounds of 5.56 if you were to put them in there). Are they illegal in general, because they could be loaded with more than 10? Or illegal to load with more than 10? Or illegal to attach to a 5.56 rifle? What about constructive possession?

        • .50 Mags: Well, it’s the magazine that’s legal or not, not how many rounds you can stuff into it. Perhaps your Glock .40 10 round magazine holds 11 or 12 9mm. As long as it still functions as originally designed (i.e. you don’t modify the feed lips so it won’t feed .50 or .40) it’s a legal magazine.

          And, except in LA city (county?) or a few other places, its manufacture, importation or sale that’s illegal. Possession is generally not illegal. So if you happen to find a standard cap magazine that someone left behind at the range, you legally acquired it and can keep it.

          And the statute of limitations for prosecution for manufacture, sale or import is three years. So there’s that. Save your receipts, if you’re going that route. . . hypothetically. . . I guess.

        • The rifle needs a bullet button if it has any evil features. You can follow the flowchart correctly and still need a fixed magazine.

  1. My vote would be to see a greater variety of rifles in the WoW line up (not hating on ARs, but variety is the spice of life), but even I’ll admit these look pretty damn cool.

  2. I don’t believe this is what the California Assembly had in mind when they tried to make the evil black rifles less scary.

    • Sir! That’s where I was born! But my (Italian) parents brought me to Italy with them when I was 15 days old.
      I was (proudly) born in Texas and it does shock me – Chris – you mentioning that.
      While I only remained in Texas for 15 days (fifteen effin’ days!) I think the planets position during my Texan delivery struck a particular note with me; fact is, I was three years old and I was drawing guns on my childish drawings already. I could only come back here to the US (as a citizen, thanks to ius solis) last year at almost 50 years of age. And I am going to die here in the US, where I was born. The United States of America. The best country that ever existed. And I can witness this myself, since I have lived my entire life in Europe until a year ago. That’s when I fled to come back to this country to never leave again.

    • I am, Travis. I am. But aren’t we all? I do love guns. Dearly. Specifically, I love US firearms. The entire history of it, that is. I go back to flintlocks and I do shoot them, too (black powder).
      Believe it or not, I am European (US born and now at almost 50 years of age, a California resident). But I have been all of my life studying you, the American people; this is how I got to develop my love for (certain) guns. But I say again, I am (only) mostly interested in US firearms and US military history. There’s not much else of interest for me. Take care and thanks for your words, Fil

  3. How do you load a pinned magazine? Those look like they hold more than 5 or 10 rounds. I give them props for besting California.

    I live in the people’s republic of MD. AR and AK handguns are legalized. Of course, AR and AK handguns are far more likely to be misused by crooks than full size rifles are.

    These laws are insane. Gun control is like segregation. Hopefully a more enlightened administration will ban it nationwide and have a 50 state open/concealed carry..

    • You remove them (with a tool) and load them as normal. The “pin” keeps the block permanently in the magazine, limiting capacity. It doesn’t change how it’s loaded.

    • Jon, this is me (the owner of this, that is). Nope. These are light. Surprisingly light; still lighter than a full length AR15 (with similar accessories, that is). I am telling you, because I am the first being surprised. Me being a Californian (by adoption: I was born in Texas and – oh the irony – was raised in Italy(!)) I really wanted to have them Mk18s. I have been in love with SOCOM-looking-things for my entire life, and could never own them in Europe.
      So finally I get to move to the US of A, but California is where I must be (work). So I went to every possible stretch in order to be California compliant (and yes, magazines are 10 rounders!) but still, try to keep close-looking to the original SOCOM Mk18 mod 0 and mod 1 configurations. It took me a while to put these together here, but eventually I made it. This picture, I dedicate to you all, Americans. Love you dearly. And by the way, California – with me – got one more Republican voter, pro-gun. Yes it did. Love, Fil

      • So, what are those “things” on the buffer tubes? They’re clearly too thin to be stocks; but they have a similar profile. I’m curious what those are. Do they serve any function? Or are they purely aesthetic enhancements?

        • Leo, they are the equivalent of the famous SIG brace, but by a new maker (KAK). They are called ‘ShockWave Brace’ (I should have mentioned this in the main description of the guns; failed) and they are great. They are super light; much lighter than SIG braces. These are AR15 pistol braces; they are meant to NOT be shouldered, naturally. They are hard polymer (as opposed to the SIG brace, which is a rubber composite). So in these respects, I considered them ‘superior’ in achieving the ‘look’ of Mk18, SOCOM rifles. Functionality is, for obvious reasons (these being PISTOLS) different. But these are 100% legal.

      • That bottom one just looks unbelievably heavy for the size. Not knocking you at all, you do what you want and what makes you happy. Good looking toys though, not saying if you offered me one I wouldn’t take it haha.

        • I know! I truly was going for the look with these. I wanted to go ‘SOCOM’. Actually, for I don’t even know what reason (probably length of rail) the bottom pistol is lighter than the above (!). No worries – I do understand.

    • If I figured correctly, they weigh around 9.5lbs a piece. I looked up the specs on everything he has hanging off of these pistols. Yes…I know I’m weird.

      • SCW, I actually went and put them both on a scale to see their weight – accurately. The lighter one is 8 lbs 13 oz. I truly wouldn’t say it’s too heavy. Hope it helps (the other one is a feather heavier, but almost unnoticeable).

  4. I’d actually like to go shooting with a Californian gun owner… Just to see really how far off everything is from what I’m used to, plus, I’d love to just be -in- California at a gun range. Just to know I’m making an anti somewhere have night sweats.

    • Michi, come over. I’d love to spend some time with you guys. There are many, many folks like me here in California; just like any other of you guys in the free states (I guess). I.e., gun loving, free spirits. I am certainly one. I am in San Diego, which is not particularly obsessed with anti-gun propaganda. The range I am member at, besides, is as pro-gun as they make it; San Diego Gun Range. Great folks, great little new spanking place full of happy people that don’t want their rights deprived. Just like me; and you. Yours, Fil

  5. 100% legal? I was led to believe California DOJ refuses to determine or express an opinion on the legal status of many of the work arounds. Leaving the intimidation of being a test case to cool the use of things like Sig braces and Tannerite or even mag springs and followers.

    • Not nearly enough. I was thinking of adding fishing lead just like you put on your rifle to balance it off better. But I am undecided still; temptation is strong though.

  6. After reading through his comments, I vote SoloDallas as (my personal) Gun Hero of the Day. Way to not let 48.75 years in the EU degrade your love of (American) firearms. Glad to have you back State side.

    • LT! Thank you Sir! But I must give it back to you. If it hadn’t been for THIS country and its people, I would have been desperate. Unhappy. I never really got to integrate back in Italy (Rome). I always, truly felt that I belonged somewhere else. So finally, wife and I took courage and ‘moved back’ where I was born, last year. Boy what a LIFE. What a difference. And I am in California; not exactly known to be the freest of all them States. Still. I love it. I will die here – at least I sure hope so. My children became US citizens 20 days ago, among my wife’s and my tears of pride and joy. I wish you the very best of Christmas times, Sir. I know it will be for us. Truly yours, Fil ‘SoloDallas’ Olivieri, La Jolla, CA

      • I’m in San Diego as well and am a member at The Gun Range! I’m there once or twice a week, shooting just because I can and keeping my rifle and pistol “skills” good-to-go. I live in the Sorrento/Carmel Valley area, minutes away from La Jolla.

        Let’s do some shooting out in Dulzura sometime, 25 yards indoors isn’t that much fun with the AR.

        Semper Fidelis,


        • Mike my dear, can’t wait to meet; your idea (Dulzura) sounds fantastic. While I love the San Diego Gun Range, I can’t wait to get out and shoot a bit more ‘in the open’. I was at Poway days ago for a PPT and boy, what a range. If you like, whenever you do, you can write me at [email protected] I would be more than happy to meet, greet ‘n’ shoot! Fil

  7. All that crap and you still have a bullet button and 10 round mags. If things start getting banned in Cali, I bet the “AR pistol” will be near the top of the list.

    You need to initiate operation GTFO. As in Get the Fraq Out of that state.

    • Too soon for me, Larry. IF they ban them (and proceed to confiscate) I have enough friends in other states (freer) that would cover for me; I’d simply hand them these (and way more) – legally (PPT or whatever is needed) and plan more seriously to GTFO. Just got here; just got situated. Just started flavoring southern California (its best aspects, at least). I’m not ready to bail. In due time… we’ll see.


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