5 Christmas Gifts for Lady Shooters You Can’t Screw Up

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I have been asked far too many times what gifts I suggest for female shooters for Christmas. Since it’s getting closer every day, here are a few of my favorites. Guys, you won’t have to prod your wife or significant other and they’re all easy to order online. Follow the links I’ve provided and you’ll be golden this holiday season . . .

  1. Girls with Guns hoodie or yoga pants

The yoga pants are so comfortable and the hoodie’s built-in hearing protection makes it practical too! At under $60, they’re both reasonably priced. In fact, just get her one of each. I actually want another pair of the yoga pants for Christmas myself (fingers crossed).

Sara T. TTAG GWG hoodie review



Sara T. Girls with Guns Clothing review

Yoga pants

2. The Truth About Guns Coffee Mug

I love mine. It know your lady knows about guns. I use mine every day and don’t let others drink from it because I’m a bit odd and possessive of this mug.

Sara T. Girls with guns clothing review

3.  Gunpowder scented candle

Seriously, I’d love one of these. Trust me, this link has been sent to everyone in my family. Gunpower is a powerful scent and if your lady truly loves the shooting sports, she’ll thrill to the scent of gunpowder wafting through the house, much as I do to with Hoppe’s #9. Also, this is a soy candle, rather than paraffin, so no toxins will be put into the air in your home.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.26.39 AM

4. The Chocolate pistol

I bought one of these for one of my very good friends, Christy, after the death of her father.  She runs her own business, was stressed out, and let’s be honest…flowers just die. I wanted to give her something unique, and as a fellow gun girl, I knew she’d at least appreciate the detail on this chocolate gun. She absolutely loved it and said it was delicious as well.


5. The Gift Card

It’s last, because it’s never least. An actual gift is always better, but if you’re really stuck, your lady hates yoga pants (the horror!) hoodies (OMG is that possible?) candles (nope…no way…we women LOVE candles) or chocolate (come on now…chocolate?) get her a gift card from her favorite gun store or range. Or maybe one for a custom holster. Of course, one from a big box store like Cabela’s is always an option, somewhere she can get an optic or ammo or even put it toward the gun of her choice.

So there you have Sara’s suggestions for lady shooter gifts. I’ve gifted or been given all of these, and they are all winners. And she won’t complain if you get her more than one.


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  1. avatar Art Out West says:

    I wish my lady was a shooter. Well, she did go shooting with me once and kind of enjoyed the .22 revolver.

    By the way Sara – You shouldn’t wear those fluffy soft California boots since you have moved to a real Western State. Californians are the only people I ever see wearing those fluffy boots. Just messing with you.


  2. avatar Cliff H says:

    Chocolate, yes. Glock, probably. Somehow the imagery of “eating your gun” doesn’t seem Christmas-like.

    1. avatar Steve R says:


      1. avatar bLoving says:

        +1. Lulz, Glock-olate winz.

  3. avatar pwrserge says:

    It just reminded me of the Damn Few Christmas Special… Chocolate .45s for everyone.


  4. avatar jwm says:

    guns and gun related products are not special day gifts. They’re everyday essentials. Like food, water, air.

    Now chocolate, regardless of its shape, is a gift anytime it’s given.

    So says the fat man at the keyboard.

  5. avatar Spectre_USA says:

    Your husband must love that you put up a wish list on-line.

    I can’t get my wife to do so for reference when I’m actually at the store!

    Maybe I’ll just use yours, seems like a good one…

  6. avatar Geoff PR says:

    I suggest a gift card to her favorite store and another gift card for Frederick’s…


    Gunpowder scented candle… H’mm…

  7. avatar Ken says:

    Got mine night sights!

  8. avatar Mr Tipton says:

    I didn’t get her anything on that list, because she has most all the items already. I did get her something she wants though………

    1. avatar Holly says:

      Hmmm….now we’re ALL wondering!!! #GuessSarasChristmasPresent ?Lol! ?

  9. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    I’d enjoy the Cabelas gift card-don’t they carry tactical drawers for the gal in my life?

  10. avatar Bob109 says:

    Gunpowder scented candle….may have to get one for me too. 🙂

  11. avatar IdahoPete says:

    Give the gift that is always in season, and always appropriate: Ammo. More ammo. Lots more ammo.

  12. avatar Bill B says:

    As recently as a year-ish ago, my wife hadn’t even fired a handgun. Granted, she’d used my trusty old Mohawk 10C for plinking, but that was literally over a decade ago.

    Well, due to ‘changes’ in the neighborhood, she started looking at defensive weapons. Much to both my surprise and pleasure, she opted for an M&P Shield in 9mm with Hi-Vis front sights with very little coersion on my part.

    Since then, she’s developed an affinity for wheel guns, with the latest being a stainless S&W Governor. (I _really_ like that weapon.) After a recent ‘try and buy’ event at the LGS, she fell in love with a S&W .44, so as soon as finances allow, she’ll add another wheel gun to her collection.

    I’ve created a monster.

    Gifts for her? These are good problems for me. Just deciding which on her list will come home next. The only actual problem? We need a bigger gun safe……

  13. avatar Ing says:

    Alas, the gunpowder candles are out of stock at Amazon. Maybe I’ll get matching TTAG mugs for me’n the wife instead. More practical anyway, even if they don’t smell of gunpowder.

  14. avatar Canon says:

    Gave my wife training at the Sig Academy one year (okay, I did go with her) but she loved it!

  15. avatar CBI says:

    Gave my wife a bipod for her AR: it was at the top of her Christmas wishlist!

  16. avatar Kim Dahlberg says:

    Hello Sara,
    Here is another gift for the lady shooters.
    12 Gauge Shotgun shell lipstick!
    Check us out at Beautyignited.com
    Thank you

  17. avatar oldwestman says:

    Got my wife a new leather holster for her new Ruger Mark III bull barrel

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