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AW’s FNX-9

Let no one say our readership isn’t a varied lot. Not only do they come in all shapes, sizes, sexes and sensibilities, but their taste in guns runs the gamut in cost, caliber and configuration. Here are just a few more selections from the #ONEMOREGUN campaign we inaugurated to let those who would have us destroy our firearms know that they can go pound sand while we buy more. You can see the rest at our Facebook page and glory in the diversity that is the Armed Intelligentsia . . .

N’s Texas Open Carry compliant pistols


RH’s mutant


J’s M&P Shield
RS’s Tavor
BH’s Custom DiOrio rimfire benchrest rifle
NQ’s 1972 Ruger Bearcat
John M’s Bravo Company rifle
BT’s Remington 1911-R1 Enhanced
BB’s JP Enterprises 30-30 Win Mag
S’s 40 caliber Pavona by EAA
WS’s Winchester 1200 12 gauge
JD’s Walther PPX
BF’s T/C Hawken in .50 cal
MP’s ghost gun
SS’s Bulgarian AK 74 in progress
EM’s 1989 VZ 82

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  1. There are some cool-looking real guns (metal and wood, and other natural materials) here mixed in with yucky black plastic stuff.

      • Won’t dent, scratch, or warp… water proof, light, resistant to all bugs, won’t wear down, will outlast my grandchildren…
        Yeah, I’ll own up to owning plastic guns. Six, in fact.

    • It looks nice, but turned out to not be in great shape (I bought it used). It was dry-fired too much and so the cylinder was dinged up near the chambers, and recently the hammer plunger broke so it wouldn’t run at all (cylinder wouldn’t unlock to rotate).
      Forturnately, Ruger’s got pretty good customer service so I have a brand-new stainless model on the way. but I will miss the nostalgia of having an old gun.

      • I hope you’re right, I was wondering how someone decides on a 30-30 Win Mag for an obviously expensive build, when I have never even heard of it? And what I can see of the cartridges is about 3X a 30-30.

  2. This also provides many of the contributors an opportunity to demonstrate some excellent photography skills. Some folks have done a magnificent job

  3. “N’s Texas Open Carry compliant pistols”
    Pet peeve of mine is calling revolvers PISTOLS, you can them Wheel guns or Six shooters, just handguns but please not pistols. Otherwise, very nice rig indeed! Carry on.

    • It seems the terminology is somewhat ambiguous, and “pistol” can refer to any handgun. Note that only some of the popular dictionary sites mention action type or integral barrel and chamber.

      I’ve gotten to where I don’t sweat this one too much. I prefer the type of usage you seem to be accustomed to, but have taken to not picking this particular battle.

    • 50 years ago, revolvers *were* pistols, and everybody knew it, so were automatics, the alternative to revolvers, but both were pistols, and the term “handguns” was both awkward and unused, except for the effete snobs and otherwise untouchables. My first Python was a pistol for several decades.

    • I’ve forgotten the exact word, but the English term “pistol” is derived from the Czech word for “tube”. Quibbling about whether or not a revolver qualifies as a pistol ignores the fact that every handgun is essentially just that, a tube, through which a projectile is expelled with great force. How that projectile gets into the tube in the first place is academic.

    • I believe I had that same rig as a yoot. And in spite of being able to point them at friends and family I never went to jail or ruined my life.

    • On February 25, 1836, American inventor Samuel Colt received U.S. Patent No. 138 (later 9430X) for his revolving-cylinder pistol.

      Good enough for Sam Colt, good enough for me.

  4. How is the Pavona overall? I’m not so enthralled with metal flake and colored pistols, but a hammer 9mm in that sized package looks interesting.

  5. How is the Pavona overall? I’m not so enthralled with metal flake and colored pistols, but a hammer 9mm in that sized package looks interesting.

    The unmelted dust cover looks like it would be hard on holsters and when re-holstering.

    • I have the dark Sapphire Blue in 9mm. 3.6″ 17.1 ounces. 10 round w/13 mag available Really like it. Had it out last week end, shot 100 rounds, very easy to rack due to generous size finger grooves on the slide. Single action trigger hammer is easy to cock but does not stick out like a sore thumb. Only thing I did not like was the trigger face design. For some reason there are vertical groves that would like impression marks on my trigger finger, and became a little painful after a while, Solved the issue by taking a Dremel to the sharp edges of the groves to smooth them out. It did take off the black paint, but left the stainless steel intact and frankly better looking overall. Thee dot sights make it a point & shoot very accurate pistol. It is designed to be a woman’s handgun or anyone who has problems racking the slide. I use the same leather holster as I have for my Bersa Ultra Compact 9, re-holsters nicely and have not noticed undue wear on it, but then my hostler has an opening at muzzle point. Brought on total cost was under $500.00 Would recommend

  6. That Hawken front stuffer. If hildabeast gets her way you can own one. As long as it’s kept in a police armory and you sign it in and out.

    • It’s another shooting sport, focused on long range accuracy and precision. Mostly with custom rifles and handloaded ammunition. I have not ventured in that arena myself.

  7. Bench rest is perfect if your a total geek about consistent ammo reloading and sitting still ALL DAY LONG, and making small holes congregate in tiny groups really far away. It’s a lot of fun. I just can’t drop $5000plus on a rifle right now. So…..i kinda have to make a Remington 700 do for now, still pretty damned fun.

  8. Ah, I remember when my Tavor looked like that.

    I also giggled at the “Texas OC Compliant” rig.

    I haven’t sent any pictures of my most recent purchases because, being the Luddite I am, I have an old-school flip-phone and don’t know how to get pictures off of it and onto these intergoogle things. I will list the latest three though: NAA Mini revolver in .22LR, an FDE Mossberg MVP Flex in 5.56×45, and a Vepr in 7.62x54r.

  9. You mean to tell me that if I buy another gun, it will piss off a liberal? I’m all over that. I might even buy two, and work the weekend to finance more! 🙂


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