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Sheriffs are one of the most awesome features of American law enforcement for one reason: they’re elected. As elected officials they have to represent the views of their constituents, rather than merely implementing the diktats of a distant, anti-gun rights, entrenched bureaucracy. When Indiana Sheriff Brad Rodgers declared his refusal to enforce any federal law requiring citizens to register their guns or any federal confiscation order, the national media took note. So did we. For . . .

standing on principle, for stating his determination to follow his oath to the United States Constitution, Sheriff Rogers gets TTAG Gun Hero of the Day Award. There are thousands more like Rogers, even in New York State, where the number of SAFE Act gun confiscations can be counted on one hand. For this very reason. If states like Connecticut returned to the Sheriff system, they’d be better for it.


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  1. Another positive feature of the Sheriff system is local control. It denies urban centers of power the ability to enforce their diktats on political minorities.

  2. The leftist media howls at people like Sheriff Rodgers, calling them renegades who have no right to only enforce the laws they like. My favorite answer to this was from Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “Hey, they’ve already told me that I’m not allowed to enforce Federal law [referring to immigration law], I’m just playing by their rules.”

    • A Sheriff is an elected official and the senior law enforcement official in his county, as I understand it. Under what system does this put him under federal government control or direction? How can anyone expect or demand that he enforce federal laws or regulations? Hell, even most of the actual federal law enforcement agents can’t know all the regulations the alphabet agencies keep creating that have the force of law.

      Every LEO, as far as I know, takes an oath to uphold the Constitution. Other than that their only duty is to enforce the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are employed. You want to enforce unconstitutional gun laws or Executive Orders, send your federal agency thugs to try it and let’s see how well that works.

  3. Not all Sheriffs are created equal. Take the Sheriff here in San Diego, for example. Can’t wait to move out of California. Semper Fidelis!

    • Your sheriff was one of the persons in charge at ruby ridge Idaho. Not following the constitution is in his DNA.

      • Actually, there were 2 people running against him and they split the anti-Gore vote. One of the candidates actually promised to “shall issue”

  4. Sheriffs are elected by the same unwashed and uneducated low-intelligence voters who elect the political pond scum who run this country, so I am as wary of sheriffs as I am of any other chief LEO.

    My acceptance of sheriffs is on a case-by-case basis. Rogers seems like one of the good ones.

    • This, exactly. Case in point: Cook County, IL Sheriff Tom Dart. Every bit as left wing, anti-2A as the rest of the elected officials in the upper right corner of the state.

  5. “As elected officials they have to represent the views of their constituents…”

    Have you followed the machinations of the GOPe party lately?

  6. Amen brother! Finally someone who gets it And I like at the end thereof the video of the one commenter says while people are still being killed You’re a freaking moron weather we had guns or not people will still kill people it’s in our nature Whether you use a gun a baseball bat or an axe handle really doesn’t make a difference those are just objects as we all know. I know where I’m moving when the shit hits the fan!

  7. I am very happy to have Rogers as Sheriff. He is good for more than just guns. When the FDA started harassing a local farmer, he told them to get a warrant or face arrest.

  8. Why does the media persistently conflate executive orders as law? This sheriff would not be refusing to enforce a law. He would be refusing to capitulate to an executive diktat (props tdiinva).

  9. “As elected officials they have to represent the views of their constituents, rather than merely implementing the diktats of a distant, anti-gun rights, entrenched bureaucracy.”

    Like Kim Davis. Just sayin…

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