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Twenty-seven is too young to die. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to stay alive at that age as long as you avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things.

Which brings us to Jeffrey Maurice Burnette, a 27-year-old who decided to act stupidly by opening fire in a small gaming shop in Roanoke, Virginia at 3:15am.

According to police spokeswoman Caitlyn Cline, “Burnette entered the business with a gun and fired several rounds,” after which he was shot by an armed employee. There were several people inside at the time of the shooting, and authorities haven’t yet said whether any of them were wounded. Burnette, however, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Even following a justified defensive shooting, we don’t celebrate death. Too often, it’s young men who haven’t lived to see their 30th birthday who commit these kinds of actions, frequently with fatal consequences.

And despite the bleating of 2A opponents, it’s not the gun’s fault. Burnette decided to pull the trigger, and it’s a good thing the employee behind the counter had the means to defend himself and his customers. Yet another case of a good guy with a gun saving lives.

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    • For certain people, I certainly do. One less crazy person on this Earth who thinks it’s okay to walk into a business and start shooting people is something to be happy about, don’t you think?

      • I think said person should have been locked away from society , so this didn’t happen to begin with. Your opinion on this does not help the way POTG are perceived by the people trying their best to disarm us !!! Are you 15 years old ?

        • @RA-15…I say good riddance. And I’m not 15 y.o. And I think you should have caught on by now that gun haters and freedom haters, don’t care what POTG say. Closed minds are by definition…closed.

        • So you think prior restraint is okay? Not all nut jobs are identifiable until they actually do something illegal – like walk into a business and start shooting. At that time, returning fire and neutralizing the threat is appropriate.

        • And, for just one more, reread your post. It becomes clear you are being castrated by political correctness. Refusing to speak the truth because some snowflake will think poorly of you is drinking *gallons* of the kool-aid. And the people you wish to avoid offending are already offended by your very existence.

    • Speak for yourself TROLL, why would anyone celebrate a sick , mentally ill individual , killing innocent people , or being killed ? It is in these cases a necessary means to an end , but celebrating the death of even the mentally ill is just wrong. As are you : what is wrong with you ??

    • There is a difference between celebrating a death, and celebrating the fact that if somebody had to die, it was the person who was hell bent on killing people that day instead of his intended targets. I wish a speedy recovery to the employee who was forced into defending himself and others.

    • Celebrating the removal of young Jeffrey Maurice Burnette from the gene pool. His days of inflicting danger and injury are over.

    • I’m pretty sure SJWs equate the lives of child murderers to my kids as all lives are equal. Other then anyone that doesn’t support the narrative.

    • When encountering a mad dog one does not attempt to reason with it, one doesn’t keep it around in a cage inviting future tragedy, one puts it down then and there without hesitation or remorse. Mad dogs can never be trusted, and too many mad dogs about errodes the trust of man for dog, and eventually vice versa.

      A man who randomly attacks others with lethal force is the same. He cannot be reasoned with, and can never be trusted again. The only sensible thing to do is to put him down, the more quickly, the better. There are a great many people on the earth, very few of which will ever attempt murder, fewer still who seek to murder strangers for reasons of their own. When these are successful we mourn not only the loss of innocent life, but the loss of innocence itself. When such a person is handled adroitly, we celebrate…for what has been preserved, and for the rightness an righteousness of it.

      The fact is that some people aren’t meant to make it, cannot exist among us, cannot get along. All throughout human history death has been a common punishment for a great many crimes. There is no harm, no ghoulishness in celebrating justice served, in welcoming the removal from the pack one who would randomly murder those who would peacefully coexist, and especially, there is no harm in relishing the triumph of good over evil.

  1. I celebrate when good people triumph over evil.

    Yeah I cheered when Khadaffi got his and when Saddam Hussein got his neck stretched. And I will drink to this turd getting flushed.

  2. I celebrate not having to pay taxes to feed, house, guard and care for yet another criminal.

    We can spend the money on public employee pensions instead

  3. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to stay alive at that age as long as you avoid stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things.

    The guns didn’t make them stupid, their parents did:

    • What guidelines for armed confrontation did ANY of the 4 in the video NOT violate?
      1. Follow the gunman.
      2. Use inflammatory language.
      3. Issue threats.
      Those two guaranteed they would go to jail while the dead guy pushed/goaded them to shoot.
      So sad, and they just make things worse for the PotG.

    • OK, whose dumpster was it?
      Howard’s, Miller’s, everybody’s, neither of theirs?
      I’m thinking if Howard threw a mattress in Miller’s dumpster, Miller has every right to give it back to Howard and stand his ground when Howard threatens him. Otherwise, I hope the Millers like orange.

      Box said they had moved to that Abilene home in April, but they had never talked to the Millers until the morning of Sept. 1. The Millers were next-door neighbors.

      “We had thrown out a twin mattress in a dumpster in our alley a few days before the shooting,” Box said. “You have to have the mattress in the dumpster or they will not haul it away.”

      On the morning of Sept. 1, Box and Howard were in the backyard when they saw the mattress was on their property. Howard tossed it back in the dumpster.

      Box said that’s when John Miller came to the alley, pulled the mattress out of the dumpster and tossed it back on Howard’s property.

      • It’s very childish to get angry about someone throwing away trash where it needs to be even if it’s your trash can/dumpster. It’s different if they are throwing away so much stuff you can’t throw away your own stuff.

        In Texas, am I going to be shot if I throw away some trash in someone else’s trash can because there is no room in mine? I thought Texans were supposed to be very kind Christians not crazy stupid Jerry Springer actors come to life.

        • He was shot because he threatened Miller, repeatedly.

          What’s unclear to me is who instigated the conflict that lead up to the threats and eventual violence, other than it looks like they both wanted a fight or one of them could have walked away and ended it right there.

          If somebody is paying $50-100 a week for dumpster service, he’s not doing it because he wants to help you get rid of your stinking mattress. I once tried to put a 4 gallon jug of cooking oil in a restaurant’s dumpster, and mistakenly used the dumpster of the store next to the restaurant. A couple of women got VERY irate with me, and I retrieved the oil and put it in the right dumpster.

          If it’s a communal dumpster, there may or may not be rules against hogging it with furniture, but I doubt it’s Miller’s job to haul illicit garbage out of it.

        • Looking at it again, Howard’s threats weren’t credible, which is why dadbelly just stood there calmly taking it.

          Both sides are daring the other to take the first illegal move. Which makes Howard and Box total idiots, because if the Millers get violent, it’ll be with bullets or buckshot.

          Boybelly is issuing fighting words trying to entice Howard into something illegal.
          Howard sounds like a raving lunatic, but he’s totally in control of himself, at least up to the point babymama takes the camera off of him.
          Daddybelly: you come within 3′, I’m gonna kill you…
          Howard: OK, I’m standing at 3′, you gonna kill me now?

          Right before Boybelly blows his head off, Howard is seen some distance away from the BeerBelly family.
          Then a 2×4 or something is thrown, at which point Howard is unarmed and seemingly at a distance but off camera. Then Boybelly carefully aims and blows Howard’s head off.

          Howard and babymama win the stupid prize, but I wouldn’t want to be Boybelly right about now, and Daddybelly’s hands aren’t entirely clean.

          Hard to feel sorry for anybody in this ending up in a grave or a prison.

    • From the POS attitude shown by the now “room temp” skull I’d think he was 25yr overdue for that result. He would define “stupid people.

  4. Possums prefer persimmons. But scavengers take what they can get, did anyone catch where they dumped the body?

    • So, then, does that article qualify as unfortunately exercising one’s First Amendment Rights? Because that’s kinda all I got out of it.

  5. Two mass shootings today, one of which ended in the shooter being quickly put down by an armed citizen. Wonder which one the public will hear about the most?

  6. Lets see; feel sad about a 27 year old actively shooting up a place, or feel bad about our military being killed at 19 for a stupid globalist no need war that bush started. I know my choice.

      • They invaded to stop Elon Musk from creating Tesla and becoming a popular celebrity in order to make him irrelevant so when he smokes weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast the kids don’t think it will increase their brain force.

        Drugs are a sin kids. You will go to hell. God did not put such plants on Earth for you to smoke it or eat it. Even the Muslims agree.

      • The bush family are globalist endorsing the NWO. Globalist consider themselves to be the only ones who should be in power. bush family are at the “lite” end and sorrors is at the far end “dark”. Just look at jeb! and open boarders supporters. Remember the bush family has a strong dislike for Trump and MAGA. The war was to stop WMDs not an open ended nation building. Same as asscanistan, they can’t be brought into the 19th century much less the 21st and have no STRATIGIC value. Let china have em.

        • Oh I agree. I posted that video as a joke. It’s pretty damn funny if you watch the whole thing.

  7. 27 is old enough to know right and wrong. It doesn’t matter the age of the person, if they choose to take life, liberty or property from someone they forfeit their right to life…

  8. Making gambling legal will not reduce violent crime. It’s not the gambling it’s the gambler. Gambling attracts a certain dark type of person. It always has and it always will.

    Having said that I have no problem with making gambling legal. But don’t lie to me Libertarians and say you want to reduce crime by making gambling legal. You people simply don’t understand the dark side of human nature.

    • A lot of Chinese people, who escaped Communism, love to gamble their earned money in Las Vegas. They do it often enough to have busing companies that regularly take them to Vegas. They are good people choosing to have fun with their own money they acquired from their capitalist endeavors. They are not some failed Christian who can’t live by the word of God. They raise successful children, own property, run their own businesses and don’t get in trouble with the law.


        “Tony” Ng, and Benjamin Ng gunned down fourteen people in the Wah Mee gambling club at the Louisa Hotel in Chinatown-International District, Seattle”

        As a group the Atheist Libertarians are some of the most uneducated people about Asian gambling and the violence it brings to their community.

        • “Gunning down” people should be punishable under the law. Gambling with your own money should not. Prior restraint does not work. And I’ve gambled for 30-40 years, haven’t ever shot anybody, your thesis is bullshit.

  9. “Even following a justified defensive shooting, we don’t celebrate death. Too often, it’s young men who haven’t lived to see their 30th birthday who commit these kinds of actions, frequently with fatal consequences.”

    Actually, I’m quite happy with this outcome. Bad guy in the morgue because the good guy successfully defended himself and others against a lunatic. Sounds like a happy ending to me.

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