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Most fast food joints don’t keep armed security personnel on staff, but this one apparently did – and ten customers have him to thank for potentially saving their lives.

Around 1:00 a.m. in Houston this past week, a man walked into a Whataburger restaurant and opened fire.

“I see a dude in a white bandana pull out a gun like it’s a movie or something, and start shooting behind the counter,” said a witness named Jayvier Green.

Immediately, the security guard took action, firing four shots, all of which hit the suspect in the legs. That’s laudable marksmanship on his part, and police agree.

“He’s pretty shaken up,” said Houston officer Cullen Duncan, “but I explained to him and the other officer explained to him, that he did a great job.”

The suspect attempted to get away, but was later found in a vehicle on the brink of death shortly afterward. First responders, who administered CPR unsuccessfully. The shooter was the only one injured during the incident: no bystanders, customers or employees were caught in the crossfire.

According to police, there’s security camera footage of the shootout, but it hasn’t been released yet (we’ll be on the lookout for it). Here’s a brief news report covering the incident:

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    • “He’s pretty shaken up,” said Houston officer Cullen Duncan, “but I explained to him and the other officer explained to him, that he did a great job.”

      This should be the standard response for Law Enforcement.

  1. I hope he was aiming for his torso and just yanked his rounds low and will remedy it at the range. Otherwise, the whole country will expect everyone to “aim for the legs, like that guy did!”

    Maybe the fact the perp died from GSWs to his legs might help.

    ***** note the difference in outcomes between this and the Maryland Rite Aid…

  2. That guy must not be from around here. Trying to shoot up a Whataburger in Texas is like trying to rob a butcher store with a pocket knife.

    • I remember something about them not wanting open carry in their stores back when the law was about to pass in Texas but I haven’t actually seen anything anti-gun at any of the locations I’ve been in, no 30.07 signs or anything.

      I was eating lunch one day and a bunch of hunters came through and several of them were open carrying and no one even seemed to notice. Now that’s just my experience so your mileage may vary.

      • None of the ones around me are posted, but I have heard stories of people OC’ing, and being handed a card with the 30.07 notice on it by the manager. It’s company policy, but I guess it’s up the store manager to enforce said policy.

      • “It would be very un-Texas.”

        I keep hearing how “gun-friendly” Texas is. Granted, I haven’t spent a great amount of time there, but I just don’t see it; “gun-tolerant, kinda-sorta”, at best. Just the mere existence of the 30.06 and 30.07 laws (which, while not state-sponsored gun control, it’s certainly state-endorsed gun control) drop TX out of the running for “gun-friendly” to me, when compared to other states such as CO and even VA (states that I’m more familiar with), considering Constitutional OC, pre-emption and force-of-law concerning signage.

        Can anyone convince me otherwise? I’m open to having my mind changed, especially as a relocation is in our short-term future, and there may be others reasons that would argue for considering TX as a destination.

  3. But no one has even asked, much less answered, the most important question yet: what handgun and caliber did the security guard use to dispatch the attacker?

  4. It’s entirely possible that the guard hit the deck when rounds started flying. Maybe not how everyone would do it but… you can’t argue with success!

  5. Burglar blood covered my burger”. What A Burger, I’m coming here again.”

  6. Was this the Whataburger where Cody Wilson dropped off his teenage friend? (Too soon?)

    If he had survived, they should have punished him by making him eat at Whataburger.

  7. I’ve never been in that Whataburger, but I do frequent the Mexican restaurant across the street. It’s not the greatest area of town, but not the worst either. But like what JWT said, that guy’s risk/reward thinking is fubar if he thinks holding up a Whataburger in Texas is going to work out…. for him.

  8. Funny, I grew up around the corner. My first ticket as a kid was when the neighborhood behind it put up a new stop sign and I didn’t see it. Got pulled over into that parking lot. Went from a mixed part of town into pretty bad. I don’t feel safe at night, wouldn’t really consider it unless I was armed.
    There were gangs in the area and it has only gotten worse. The thing about Houston is that there is no zoning and a bad neighborhood can be next to a really nice one, next to a strip club, next to a school etc.


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