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[UPDATED 1/6/2017 2:00 PM Central]

NBC is reporting that within the last few minutes there has been a shooting incident at the Ft. Lauderdale airport (KFLL) baggage claim area. The latest information from CNN indicates that five people are reported dead and eight have been transported to local hospitals. The suspected shooter is reportedly injured but alive and currently in custody.

Security at airports around the world has been heightened in recent months following attacks on airports in Brussels and earlier in Los Angeles. All of the attacks have happened outside the “secure area” of the airport where TSA screening takes place. This latest report is consistent with that pattern, happening in the baggage claim area of the airport which is located after passengers leave the secure area and where members of the public can enter without prior screening.

According to concealed carry is not permitted in the terminal area of Florida airports, making them a gun free zone.

More information as it becomes available.

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  1. Why I won’t fly.

    Herded like cattle into groups to be protected by others, usually, union TSA molesters to be in charge of my safety???

    No thank you.

    • I agree with all of that, but sadly my better half… Well she doesn’t mind being one of the herd. I can’t stand it, but the things we do for love and all.

  2. Aloha Snackbar?

    At least it’s a gun-free zone. It coulda been a lot worse. /sarc

    Sue the F out of Florida, make it LORIDA.

    Then go after California with a wet flip-flop.

  3. Latest 3 reported dead. I know Bury Soetoro and his ilk are hoping for the shooter to be a redneck white boy…my $ is on an allahu snackbar. RIP to the unprotected vuictims.

  4. The shooter used an AR47 chambered. In .9mm and uses 30 cal clips to fire 100 bullets in half a second. Still not sure if it had the shoulder thing that goes up. Stay tuned for more.

  5. Florida is one of 6 states that bans non sterile area airport carry for law abiding citizens and criminals alike. It didn’t work out. Man, sometimes I just can’t believe how twisted and evil the state really is.

  6. The death toll is now up to 5.

    Shooter is in custody, but still no ID. (I’m inherently suspicious when a known ID is withheld from public release.)

    As others have noted: yet another mass shooting/killing in a GFZ. As a frequent (weekly) visitor of this specific type of GFZ (airports), I am watching this one with considerable interest.

  7. Run hide fight needs to be changed to fight, fight, fight harder. Armed or not id prefer to go down swinging, not running onto the tarmac like a chicken with its head cut off

  8. *Breaking* – 2:39 PM – Possible second shooting happening now, parking garage, people fleeing across runway…

  9. Now there are reports (unverified?) of shots being exchanged in the parking garage, and ATF inside with bomb dogs.

  10. Another sad day that I will again mourn like every other day.

    My heart goes out to those innocent people who have to suffer at the hands at the “pro gun” people that thing every man, woman and child needs to be armed up to stop some nut-job.

    All criminals started off as law abiding gun owners.

    This does not even happen in Europe, Canada, Japan, Singapore and let alone Australia on a daily basis. It does not.

    I was hoping to never have to hear or see something like this again.

    I hope you sickos are proud of another tragedy that your debunked “more guns, less crime” mantra caused.

    I hope your proud that you people continue to endanger the safety and welfare of americans who are getting sick of the BS brainwashed thugs like you promote.

    Now I will go off and grief for the people that have to suffer for your “right” to murder and oppress us.

    • This attack happened in one of your Gun Free Zone utopias.

      Your faux moral outrage is laid bare. Innocent people were made defenseless victims because they were denied the basic right of self-defense. Your precious gun control panacea failed – as common sense would dictate – to constrain the actions of one committed to violent lawlessness.

      And you dare to blame law-abiding gun owners?

      (Flame preemptively deleted.)

  11. Ok… In order of probability…
    1. Aloha snackabar
    2. Thug lives matter
    3. Some other form of random deranged liberal

  12. WHITE Hispanic! WHITE Hispanic!!! White! White! White!

    Everybody clear? He’s white!!! Prolly Christian, too! Trump voter!!! 11!

    • Be careful about the first rumors of who they say was identified as the killer. In the 80’s, terrorists killed a US military member, took his identification, and impersonated him to get on a base with a car bomb. The terrorists killed and stole the ID of that particular military member because he looked like the terrorist who would be driving the car. I would wait until they validate his identity via fingerprints.

      • Eh, supposedly means supposedly. Also, if this was a white Christian male with an NRA card in his wallet, we would already know. Therefore, I’m still betting on a non-white, non-NRA, non-Christian, non-Republican shooter.

  13. I did a bit of reading on Florida laws. You can have a gun in the baggage area as long as it is locked in a case and configured for transport on an aircraft according to FAA, TSA, and airline rules. Conceal carry with the firearm in a configuration that could have been used by someone to defend against these bad guys would be highly illegal.

  14. Reports the shooter had a cwp on him. But he also has a criminal history. Also hes active or army reserve. Those facts dont seem to jive.

    • According to the article I read, the only serious misdemeanor was a 4th degree assault with damage to property, deferred entry of plea pending successful completion of probation.

  15. My guess is that there is no second incident. Parking garage? Someone probably slammed their trunk shut after removing/inserting their baggage with the sound echoing around the facility. Some snowflake heard that and went into a panic.

  16. Just reported the shooter flew in via air canada with his firearm in checked baggage. Went in to the restroom loaded the weapon and came out firing. He then stopped shooting sat down and was taken in to custody without shots fired by law enforcement

  17. I’m seeing claims that the shooter was on an Air Canada flight. How many times did he reload? What sort of pistol was he carrying? There are strict rules on pistol magazine capacity in Canada (10 rounds), as well as our Restricted vs. Prohibited pistol laws, and AC requires they be followed when firearms are transported, even into the US. CBSA should have checked him if he transited through a Canadian airport.

    Of course, if this is true, it may be a convenient excuse for the Libs up here to put more restrictions on ordinary licensed gun owners.

  18. CNN commentators actually said we need to close the “loophole” that allows you to legally check your unloaded firearm in checked baggage.

    • As long as the handgun was secured properly and was not a prohibited firearm (and the magazines were not prohibited- 10 rounds or under), he could have traveled via Air Canada. His pistol would be inspected by CBSA when he touched down in Canada if that was the case as well. That’s why I want to know how many shots he fired before reloading.

  19. Another five innocent people sacrificed upon the alter of “I got my rights (and my gun !); STFU”. Five more insignificant lives sacrificed to gun everywhere because, guns. Five additional, unnecessary, useless, unjustifiable deaths because gun owners in America believe that only they keep their government from becoming China, or Stalin Russia, or some other hell hole with a rampant secret police, and a blood thirsty tyrant on murderous rampages throughout the land. Look at Western Eurpoe? Those are primarily socialist governments, but you do not see the SS, Cheka, NKVD. People in Western Europe are just as free, economically and politically, as gun-soaked America. If American politicians are always on the verge of becoming power-crazed dictators, get yourself better politicians. Stop killing and allowing the majority of the population to be at minute-to-minute risk of being shot by people obviously incapable of rational choices.

    By the by, have you informed your family and relatives that when you are killed by a gun-toting nut case that you gladly die so that others can have all the guns they want? No wrongful death suits? No claims against government for not protecting you better? Told them to smile, be proud you died pointlessly, carry on and carry open?

    • The victims were disarmed by law. They were shot in a Gun Free Zone.

      Try to keep up. You’ve lost your touch.

      • Being disarmed did not get them killed. Being shot from behind at close range seems to have been the method. Of course, if every passenger and visitor had been armed, there would absolutely have been no instances of more innocent people being shot, or gun owners being shot by police. In a crowd like baggage claim, about a dozen people with guns would not present to most comforting of surroundings.

        As usual, there are no pro-gun lovers momentarily considering what could have been done to prevent such carnage.

        Point is, all you people care about is your precious gun because you are so consumed by them. For a long time I believed gun owners were deluded about themselves being heroes of the revolution, champions preventing evil government from suddenly and deliberately taking everyone into custody, and into secret prisons…just like happens in Sweden, Norway, France, Portugal, etc. Now, I am coming to the conclusion that gun owners really believe they can surgically kill another person, in a crowd, amidst utter chaos, holster their gun and ride away into the sunset. Delusion doesn’t even come close to describing the John Wayne syndrome.

        • From the land of adventure, opportunity, innovation and improvement….Luddites. POTG aren’t interested in anything beyond the defensive pacifier. Lack of humility and sense of humanity completely lacking. “I got my rights. I got my gun. STFU”. Perhaps I wasted any interest in the rash of law abiding, four rules, gun lover deaths over the recent weeks.

          Nah. They were tragic, unnecessary, preventable death by gun. You guys wallow in lack of humanity; I’ll keep mine.

          There will come a day, and you know it (which is why the gun lobby is so shrill), when the nation will have had enough. You lack the imagination to anticipate the many ways your gun rights will be lawfully and effectively constrained. As a chuckle, the move toward sane gun laws will come from the Right.

          “America; love it, or leave it. It’s broke just the way we like it.”

        • Name the “sane gun law” that would have prevented the Ft. Lauderdale airport attack.

          Go ahead; I’ll wait.

        • Obviously, a sane law regarding guns and airports is lacking; not existing. Thus something will need to be fashioned. Perhaps….
          Personal firearms (of any type, modern or antique) may be transported via aircraft provided the owner and the firearm never have possession of, or proximity to, said firearms. Firearms may not be present with the passenger or visitor at any airport, regardless of airport size, location, or air traffic or navigation equipment at the airport the passenger chooses for departure, transfer to another flight or aircraft, or arrival.

          All passengers, employees and visitiors at any airport within the boundaries of the United States, or within the boundaries of any state, will be, along with all baggage or packages, subject to either, or both, manual search of person, manual search of person, manual search of all luggage,electronic search of all luggage, either or both.

          Any passenger found to be in possession of, or proximity to, personal firearms will be arrested and charged with a federal and state felony. Baggage or packages will be confiscated, firearms will be confiscated, and returned to the owner only upon dismissal of charges, or completion of any imposed criminal sentence.

          Prohibition of firearms at/near airports, and 100% screening of travelers, visitors, and baggage would have significant deterrent effect. We can debate perfecting such a law as proposed “off the top of my head”, but there are available many lawyers and legal scholars who can tweak the edges.

          Does such law exist? No. Will it be simple to put all the elements in place? No. If a law is “difficult” to put in place, does that invalidate the law, or the need for it? No.

        • Actually, that very law exists, right now, in Florida. It failed to prevent the Ft. Lauderdale attack.

          Got anything else?

        • Wow. You guys are thick.

          If weapons are completely banned from airports, from passenger aircraft, if ALL baggage, packages and passengers are subject to physical and electronic search, the gun would have never been placed on the airplane in Alaska, eh? Surely you do not believe that if guns could not be introduced into the passenger and baggage flow, the Florida shooting would have happened anyway?

          Some local yokels making individual airports gun free zones obviously doesn’t work, so your support for all encompassing federal regulation is welcomed.

          My proposal eliminates guns from the commercial and private passenger air traffic system. FedEx, UPS, Dahl, whatever can be used to have guns delivered to and from destinations (none of which would be an airport facility where passengers are allowed).

        • Oh, youre proposing to prohibit law-abiding peoole from transporting lawfully possessed firearms? Well then, your proposal violates the second amendment.

          Go ahead and start the amendment process.

        • It does not violate anything. People may have their firearms delivered to destination, just not to an airport. Hunters and competitors apparently use this technique, already. Supreme Court already ruled the second does not permit any gun, anywhere, anytime. “Reasonable restrictions” are permitted for public safety. All I propose is that no one be allowed to bring a privately owned firearm onto airport grounds, or into airport facilities. Federal law already restricting guns from “secured areas” passes constitutional muster. Expanding the “secured area” is only sensible. Requiring people to undergo 100% physical check interdicts guns at the perimeter checkpoint. No one has a constitutional right to accompany travelers onto, or into, airport facilities. Only ticketed passengers would be screened and allowed, sans guns, to proceed to airport facilities. Had such security measures been in place, the Florida shooting would not have happened (Same if such security were in place at any venue likely to draw crowds of, say, more than 50 people.

        • So, you want to DOUBLE the amount (and cost) of security at airports, force the redesign of every single airport in the country, and further infringe upon the rights of the law-abiding, merely because yet another mass shooting (perhaps terrorist attack) took place in yet another Gun Free Zone?

          Even conceding that “shall not be infringed” leaves room for the concept of strict scrutiny, your plan in no way meets that standard.

          And SCOTUS is as wrong in their 2A interpretation as they were when they legitimized slavery. “Shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says.

        • And the right to life is superior to all. If one lacks life, no “natural, civil and constitutionally protected” other right matters.

          No, the constitution does not directly identify right to life as an enumerated right…. BECAUSE it is self-evident that “rights” are moot for dead people.


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