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Texas Custom Guns Exodus Rifle (courtesy

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The 2015 Firearms Festival is a one-of-a-kind event: the world’s biggest and best “come and shoot it” (and buy it) gun show. This year, 39 different gun makers are bringing their latest and greatest firearms to Best of the West Shooting Range in Liberty Hill on November 14 and 15. The Range at Austin Retail Village has over 41 retailers selling their wares (with a waiting list for next year’s even larger village). We’ve got three ammo companies supplying gun food. And funnel cakes! Right from the start, we wanted gun companies to use the Festival to debut new products. Texas Custom Guns has obliged . . .

Texas Custom Guns is out of Alvin Texas. In addition to breathing on owners’ rifles, TCG make guns for buyers who want the very best AR-15 money can buy. Their TCG-15, for example . . .

has an upper and lower receiver precision machined out of a solid block of aerospace grade 7025-T6 aluminum alloy on a 4 axis CNC machine. They are then type III hard anodized per the military specifications. The bolt, extractor, carrier, hammer, trigger, gas key and cam pin are all nickel boron coated (NiB-X) to increase reliability and to minimize dependence on cleaning and lubrication. Their barrels are made from 4150 vanadium alloy mil-spec steel with a parkerized finish and a chromed bore and chamber for optimum performance and durability.

Texas Custom Guns Exodus AR-15 (courtesy

Like that. And now TCG’s introducing a new model at the 2015 Texas Firearms Festival: the Exodus Edition rifle. Specs as follows:

– Texas Custom Guns CNC cut receivers both upper and lower with Ambi BAD selector and ambi bolt release
– CMC single stage 3.5# trigger curved or flat.
– Enhanced black nitride BCG bolt CNC ground to exacting specs
– Magpul CTR and K2 pistol Grip furniture (can be changed at customer’s request)
– Texas Custom guns ambidextrous charging handle that is being released at Texas Gun Fest.
– Texas Custom Guns match 556 nitride barrel 14.5 pinned and welded with Lantac Dragon 556
– 14” key mod free float rail (four piece railscales including handstop)

The Exodus tips the scales at 6.8 lbs. (dry weight). You can shoot the new-for-2015 Exodus at CMC Triggers’ bay on the main range. The first 10 buyers get a free matching Cerakote Yeti Tumble or Oakley sunglasses. 

We hope that exhibitors at future Texas Firearms Festivals choose the event to unveil new guns to the general public. Meanwhile, there are plenty of new-to-you guns to sample, such as the recently released .45-caliber Walther PPQ and the SIG SAUER Legion Series P226 and 229. 

Click here to buy your tickets today. Standard Shooter tickets go up from $69 now to $89 at the door. 

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    • It looks like an X-Products skeletonized 50 rounder. They look cool, but i never understood the point. Once you empty it, what do you do with it? It a pain in the ass for just twenty more rounds (less than one mag change) and then your right back to 30 round per second clipazines. Why bother with the $300 drum?

      • The heading reads “Exodus edition AR-15”, implying that it would be for “the final effort” and might be dragged through, or dropped in dirt, mud, snow and god knows what else you might encounter in the “Apocalypse”
        I think a skeletonized magazine would be a very bad choice, except for the range etc.

      • The are not worthless POS, they serve training purpose of learning how to deal with double feeds and other jams.
        You never know when you’ll get one with a drum.

  1. At the festival, how much do you get to shoot at each bay? Do you only get to shoot one firearm from each bay? Anyone know?

    • Bays vary. SIG has seven shooting positions, seven guns. Visitors get to shoot all seven. Other bays have less. But there are well over 100 guns to shoot in all.

  2. Alright! Another AR is what the market needs, but if they want to be industry leaders, they should introduce a new 1911 as well.

      • 4-Axis is for chumps. Underground Tactical uses a 13-axis machine. That’s a joke. Kinda. I think. I know they use a 13 axis machine, but I honestly have no idea what that means to anything.

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