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Hey! I’m going to the Texas Firearms Festival on November XX [insert 14 or 15]. It’s this big event out in Liberty Hill where you shoot guns from 39 different companies and buy stuff from 40 different stores. The ammo’s free! Yeah, I know it’s a hike. But it’s worth it. I’ve always wanted to shoot a [insert one or all of the following or click here to see what else is on offer: Kel-Tec KSG/Walther PPQ .45/SIG SAUER Legion Series P229/Daniel Defense DD5V1/FNS-9C/HK VP9/Blaser R8/STI Escort]. Did I mention that the ammo’s free? We both know I don’t really need another gun but c’mon, I’ve got a little extra room in my safe and they’re selling hard-to-find guns at a big discount. But it’s not just that . . .

We’ve had some great times shooting together. I know we’d have a blast at the Festival. (Literally!) Tickets are on sale now at They cost a lot more at the door, up from $69 to $89. So let me know if you’re in. And if you want to invite [insert friends’ names here] shoot them this email. So to speak. The more the merrier! Oh and say hello to [significant other]. Non-Shooter Tickets are only $25 and there’s funnel cakes! Thanks. 

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  1. Bought ticket last year. Then found out that distance and terrain unsuitable for me, even if I rent a wheel chair.

  2. To: All my friends

    Hey, I’m not going to be at this event, because the people that put it on think we are Fudds, so they hold it during hunting season.

    Red In Texas

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