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Donald Trump

Before The Donald took the stage to accept his (or someone’s) party’s nomination for President of the United States his warm-up band rocked through Rod Stewart’s Stay With Me. Ha! During his one-hour-plus speech Mr. Trump briefly turned his attention to the issue of firearms freedom. Having poured myself a generous glass of El Dorado 12-year-old rum, I was ready for gun rights gold.

My opponent wants to essentially abolish the Second Amendment. I on the other hand received the early and strong endorsement of the National Rifle Association. And will protect the right of all Americans to keep their families safe.

And . . . that’s it. Enough said? The closing music: The Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want. Someone’s having a laugh.

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  1. Won’t mean a thing to the whiny nevertrump bitches of the TTAG comments section. I’ve liked Trump for years. Let’s blow some more political shit up. Like Cruz last night. Bwa ha ha.

    • We need everyone on board. Comments like this aren’t helping. Get over your egos. You don’t like what someone random stranger said to you on the internet? Too bad. Suck it up, take the high road and let’s kick Hillary’s butt this election!

      • The Republican party has not fielded a decent presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan and they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to his nomination. Trump is more of the same – not a real conservative nor a Republican except when he wants votes. Well, he’s got my vote but the ONLY reason is that Hillary is a known disaster and Trump is an unknown quantity.

        Enough is enough. I will vote for the Republican candidate this November, most likely a straight ticket, for all the good it will do in Nevada. At least we’re rid of Harry Reid. But as soon as the election is over I will change my voter registration to Independent and I strongly urge everyone who is disgusted with the RINO party to do the same. Maybe the only thing that will get their attentio is to see the rolls of registered Republicans shrink to nothingness where it belongs.

        • That is a terrible idea, Cliff. We are a closed primary state here. You want to affect the Republican party? Vote in your primaries! Vote early, vote often, and get involved yourself if you have to!

        • Please define which part of a “real conservative” Trump is not. I’ve heard that crap since he entered the race, and nobody yet has had the balls to even *pretend* to define it. Some kind of magic terminology? A secret handshake? WTF? Makes as much sense as “common-sense gun control”, without any sign of a definition or how it would prevent any crimes. Or just how it might be “common-sense”.

        • @LarryinTX

          In the American context, “Real Conservative” would mean standing for what the Founding Fathers stood for, more or less. Not much in the way of a standing army. The various militias shopping for kit the same place anyone else would. I believe Jefferson presided over a Federal budget of around $7million. Gold and Silver as currency. No Federal Reserve nor any other similar theft by debasement institution. No income tax. No restriction on gun ownership beyond those applicable to underwear ownership.

          Ron Paul ran on a platform close enough to that of a real conservative. The rest of the clowns, not so much.

          Trump does sound better (as in less bad) than I at one time feared, though, for what it’s worth. Still sad the game for TPOTG is to try to rally votes for a guy almost infinitely worse on gun issues (and taxes, and trade and size of government and bank bailouts and……) than now deceased Mullah Omar, but such are ones lot when one resides in a late stage progressive dystopia, I presume.

    • Neo cons/Globalist are being exposed and they do not like it one bit, but after 50 years of failure they need to be throw out of the party.

      • I think the neo-con warmongering globalists will find a good home with Hillary’s bunch.

      • The old GOP needs to be burned to the ground and replaced with something that looks more like the libertarian party.

        Young people are increasingly identifying as socially liberal and fiscally conservative. It would be better to get them now as “new” Republicans and hopefully preserve what is left of our gun rights.

        Get them while they are young – it’s much harder to convert them later.

        • Yep. I’m coming up on 30. Never voted Democrat in my life, but I have some very fundamental disagreements with the official Republican platform, especially with respect to social policy. The vast majority of my peers would likely also vote Republican if they dropped all of the idiocy over abortion, lgbt issues, the moronic “war on drugs,” etc.

          None of them like Clinton; few of them like Obama. The number of them that own guns (in the bay area) would shock some TTAG readers. They’re just more afraid of the Republicans’ stated social goals than they are of the impact the Democrats will have on their firearms hobby and their disposable income. Misguided? I think so. But until the Republicans address their image issue, they’re going to cede an enormous percentage of 20somethings’ votes to the Democrats.

        • “Young people are increasingly identifying as socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

          @Ted, they aren’t the only ones. I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and I’m 68.

        • Siorus, I just passed 70, and you perfectly express my attitude for the past 40 years. When I start being concerned with who somebody else marries, what a woman legally does with her body, what somebody else puts in his own body, or whether some fruitcake likes boys or girls, you can just shoot me. Like the GOP is shooting itself-in the foot.

    • So you’re a Democrat, then? I get it, you’re a liberal, but not brave enough to be called a socialist, and the Democrat party left you, so you had to infest the weaker party.

      But first you have to destroy and purge guys like Cruz and Lee, before you can implement .gov healthcare, amnesty, housing, welfare, surveillance state, and gun control measures, all of which Donald is now championing. But that’s better than Hillary, right, and that’s all that matters since you love being led by the nose.

      If Trump would stop pushing for Democrat policies, and would stop talking about purging ideologies, and disregarding the constitution, and abandoning our allies & commitmants (oh, we’ll just negoitate them, right? Why would anyone agree to a deal after we just broke one), and seemed to know even basic civics, the conservative voter wing would back him.

      I notice Trump courted Bernie socialists several times; not one mention of conservatives, nor an appeal to conservative ideals. Had he plagiarized the last few sentences of Cruz’ speach at some point, I might have thought he might intend to represent my interests. Nope, too hard; he’s going for the free shit socialist vote.

      Trump is our voice, yet he wants all dissent & criticsm silenced, even from those who might be able to support him

    • Good that all you 20min “conservative” Trumpies are FINALLY getting a clue and are here to tell others how to think.

      The Conservative “movement” has been around and slowing growing, as the libtards get bolder, since at least Truman. The “Tea Party” was a brief distraction as the “libertarian” potheads appeared and got active. The Evangelicals are back after 15yr of being disappointed/staying home. Perhaps you Trumpies can make the differences in overthrowing the RINOs (and the demtards).

      BUT seems many, including you aren’t, all that bright. Perhaps just politically babes in the woods and haven’t figured things out (as mainstream news media). Never Trump is NOT the same as Conservative (see Cruz). NEVER TRUMP are the freaking RINOs that have infested/controlled the GOP since the 40s. George Will, Rubio, anyBush, McCain, Mitten, McConnell, Ryan. As despicable as any progtard Dem. Or worse as the enemy in your own camp.

      It is yet to be seen if Trump is actually a Conservative or just a big mouth spouting some/many of the right things. His track record is as a typical big city hive libtard. PERHAPS he has seen the light a reformed/gotten a clue. Perhaps he is just one more BS artist (see many House members elected by the Tea Party).

      Don’t drink the Koolaid and use your brain. The Laura Ingram airhead cheerleader BS is OLD. (If you pray perhaps try that, our nation does NOT have many chances left to fix it).

      If you see Trump, ask him what he is going to do to PURGE the Fed Gov;t of Obama appointees AND hires. AND Clinton appointees AND hires. Bush never fired the Clinton crew of misfit socialists and they are now the senior staff running the country down the rat hole.

      In any case NEVER HILLARY – LOCK HER UP.

    • Yup, and they never would have expected that he was capable of this. Trump is like a real life Bruce Wayne: only those closest know he’s the Dark Knight.

  2. What will make, or break, this election is one main thing.

    How well he performs in the debates with the HildeBeast.

    One thing in his favor there is the fact that she can’t think on her feet. I hope his campaign is studying every interview she has done recently to find her weaknesses and exploit them viciously and mercilessly…

    • “she can’t think on her feet.”

      And judging by Bill’s philandering, she doesn’t do any better on her back.

      • Or her knees.

        Hillary is emotionally compromised…the sick DNC establishment wants to install a woman at a desk, forty feet from where another woman gobbled Bills’ goo.

      • According to the last 40+ years of their “marriage” (and prior), she was just the money and power behind his finesse, the was never any actual attraction. How could there be? Have you seen pics of the hotties he has bagged over the decades? Hillary was a means to an end that he accepted, just like Bill was a means to an end for her.

      • She probably only works on all four haunches… Its probably the only way Bill can keep things at full attention during the rut.

  3. EXPLETIVE DELETED I can’t believe we have sunk so low that he is a better alternative to his opponent. Trump wins, and we stand a good chance of needing our guns.

    Vote Johnson.

      • Johnson is a leftist, check.

        Weld is as anti-2A as HRC, not even close. In comparing any anti to HRC, you’re setting the bar almost impossibly high. The fact that he has an openly anti gun past should have disqualified him, of course, but Johnson doesn’t exactly care about the 2A, so Weld’s baggage matters not to him.

        • A “libertarian” who throws an antique firearm given to him as a gift in the trash is no friend of ours.

    • I can’t believe we sunk so low that people would vote a third party without seriously reviews their records with the same magnifying glass that they used on the other candidates because of a petty difference.

    • Any vote not going to Trump is a vote for Clinton and you KNOW what she’ll do to gun ownership.

      On top of which she’ll start WW3.

      • Because Trump defunding NATO and withdrawing internationally when Turkey is about to undergo an Iranian-style Islamic revolution is a good idea. Trump didn’t even mention that we have soldiers guarding nukes there who are currently being held hostage by the same President/sultan Erdogan he supports (as well as Obama, naturally)

    • It’s not unheard of for me to vote third party… But not this go around, ABC… Anybody But Clinton.

  4. I always worry when someone answers with saying they received an nra endorsement. Trumps history on guns is a bit sorted to say the least. Of the two choices he’s the only one but I’m not sure if I believe him.

    • I shoot with a bunch of guys who background on guns have been sorted as well. Now they are farther right on the subject than me. More and more people are coming to the sport, there is no reason to think that all these new people never had a different view on guns. Vote trump and load enough pro gun senate and house members so he can’t change his mind!

        • And even “sordid” isn’t the right word, unless they were doing something kinky with those guns.

        • Unless your writing from a smart phone that thinks it knows better. Eitherway why are you worried about something as trivial as spelling in a comments thread??

        • RidgeRunner, true, but it had a chance of making some sense.

          OFT, Generational difference is why. I learned that words matter, and you need to use the word correctly, or you’re (at best) going to be made fun of for being stupid. You learned that as long as you’re sorta close, it’s ok, you get a trophy and an “A”, despite being dead wrong.

    • “Clearly, consistently, mildly antigun by New Yorker standards” is what you mean by “sorted,” right? I guess he’s not as bad as other NY dems on the issue, but that’s a stupid standard to pick your representatives by. He’s got a few months to prove me wrong, though; his turn to make a deal for my vote.

    • OFT,

      There is definitely some uncertainty as to how fervently Trump will uphold the Second Amendment. I am guardedly optimistic for two reasons:
      (1) Trump has a concealed carry license. That strongly suggests that he actually sees the utility of being armed. Perhaps even more importantly, he is the first candidate for President of the United States, in all history, that has a concealed carry license. He could legally be armed in many states (that honor out-of-state licenses) in the midst of his Secret Service detail. That would also likely be a first. Think about that for a moment.
      (2) Trump values his adult children and depends on them to help run his businesses. Donald Junior and especially Eric Trump are ardent/avid firearms enthusiasts. I have no doubt that they will be a significant influence on Trump the Elder and be pushing hard to uphold the Second Amendment.

      Compare these two situations with Hillary “Australian Turn-In” Clinton and there is no comparison. Our best prospect is to vote for Trump.

      Disclaimer: as I have stated every other time that I mention those details, I am NOT a Trump fanboy and did NOT vote for Trump in the primaries. I am a pragmatist and that is why I am supporting Trump … not because I think he is particularly excellent, but because he is the best candidate that has a realistic chance of winning.

      • I am not a fan of Donald Sr. Donald Jr., OTH, seems to be the winner waiting in the wings. His 2A credentials are impeccable. He is a big-game hunter and he loads his own ammunition. It doesn’t get much better than that. I expect him to toe the line, and to keep his father in check on this issue. If he can’t, they’ll find out why nobody messes with gun owners politically in the free states.

      • I’m in the same boat as you- reluctantly voting for Trump b/c he is our best chance. However, regarding Jr. we need to remember that we are talking about extremely wealthy NY elites. Jr. could very easily be a “guns for me, not for thee” type of pro-gun. I’m not saying he is that way, just something to consider.

      • You are certain that W didn’t have a CHL? And how quickly we forget Rick Perry, who was a candidate and did have a CHL, and carried regularly (Colt SAA).

    • If elected, Trump will have his finger in the wind on gun rights the whole time he’s in office. It will be up to us to make sure he knows which way the wind is blowing.

  5. Yeah I caught that Stones irony RF…good enough for now. I hope Mike Pence can keep him on some semblance of 2A sanity…anyone think his kids pictures looked like some Aryan parody?!? Children of the Corn maybe…

    • They were joking about that on the radio today, saying “where are the ugly members of the Trump family? Maybe they’re kept in Trump Tower’s basement and fed Trump Steaks.”

    • Trump’s speech was good enough. A little too long and repetitive, but he made the points he needed to and served up the red meat against Hillary.

      His daughter Ivanka was spectacular, in both appearance and speech delivery.

      • I’m pretty sure I deleted this duplicate post this morning, which wasn’t meant to be a reply to someone. Yet here it still is.

        • I always edit first, then delete. If the delete fails, then what’s left is “Hey , RF the delete function is broken (and yes, I answer “yes” to “are you sure?”)

  6. I’m not sure I believe you. See how that works. The guy didn’t make billions without keeping his word.

    • Did Donnie keep his word to the creditors he screwed with FOUR bankruptcies? How about the ex-wives? Trump U attendees? Workers he stiffed? No? I have no choice but to vote for Donnie-compared to the hildebeast he’s a freakin’ saint…I don’t respect anyone just because they’ve made MONEY.

      • Ok, so, as far as the bankruptcies that’s actually a very common business practice. Do some research on Chapter 11, several gun companies have used it too. Next, Trump has had only THREE marriages, not four, and he’s apparently got a good relationship with both of his exes. Your comment is factually incorrect talking statement and hyperbole, something the gun control freaks like to employ. Do a bit of reading, and not the headlines on Drudge.
        I’m not a heavy Trump supporter but he made a very good speech tonight, much better than I had ever expected.

        • NOTHING I said is factually incorrect. Rich business people screw their way to the top. At least trump didn’t sell America out to foreign entities (treason)…I said I’m voting for Donnie-what more do you want? Worshiping him? BTW I never said he was married 4 times- that’s FOUR BK’S-but he “got ahead”. May GOD help us…

        • rich business people screw their way to the top

          You know you’re creating a self fulfilling prophecy, right? By assuming all rich business people are scumbags you’re going to subconsciously avoid becoming a rich business person to avoid becoming a scumbag.

          Wealth used to be something to aspire to, not vilify. So many of us have drank the “if you’re rich, you’re evil” kool-aid. How about not worrying about how someone else built wealth and going out and doing it our own way?

          As far as bankruptcy, it does happen quite a bit. It happened to Dave Ramsey. He bankrupted a couple million in bad real estate deals because he was using the “other people’s money” method of real estate investing.

          The part nobody talks about much is that after he paid through the bankruptcy and stayed his current business he went back and paid every dime he had bankrupted.

          You can be rich and not be scum. Try making THAT the goal.

      • He’s also built a lot buildings and created a lot of jobs. He doesn’t need the money and he doesn’t take crap from anybody. In this economy, I came an inch away from bankruptcy a few years ago and I thought that could never happen to me. As to his marriages, that’s neither here nor there. A lot of marriages end in divorce. One could even opine Hillary’s a chump for her marriage NOT ending in divorce.

        But if you care about the RTKABA, the economy, the high courts and national security, I think he is way better than Hillary. Johnson is also anti gun and he has no chance, so it’s a wasted vote.

        • Once again I’m voting for Donnie. Even if he’s a sleazy NY business jerk born with a silver spoon up his butt. With many many lawsuits filed against him. Compared to the Clinton’s he’s Mother Teresa…I care ONLY if he will protect and expand the 2nd Amendment. All that other crap is hyperbole.

        • Yeah, funny how he didn’t inherit cash that would allow him to DO that. He inherited a business and would have lost most of its value if he tried to sell it off.

      • Do some research on his bankruptcies. At least one of them turned out to be a win for all parties down the line, including the creditors.

    • Look, I know you like the guy, and hate Hillary, but this fantasy of Trump as a noble hero needs to stop. His is the reputation of one of the most disloyal, self serving, and frankly dishonest businessmen in NYC. It’s why he’s such a hero to would-be bullies out there. His most famous deals are clear coercion or shakedowns, as it seems are all his foriegn policy proposals. Maybe he won’t screw us over in the process of screwing his longtime friends the Democrats, but don’t pretend he isn’t a double edged sword without a hilt; you’ll just be dissapointed.

      • Yeah I guess barnbwt. Oh yeah Donnie was a democrat a few years ago too. Hey I’ve “gamed” the system too. But I’m not running for president. I’m only voting Trump because of guns-I’m not looking for a job. And I’ve been down this road before-I voted in 1972. No matter what happens either Donnie or the hildebeast are 1 term wonders. God help us…as I see Trump jabbering on about Raphael Cruz being buddies with Lee Harvey Oswald…

  7. Yea most of the comments posted about this are pretty much understandable, trump really isn’t all that great of a candidate at least in my opinion. However in this case of himself versus Hillary… Trump is definitely the LESSER of two evils. Gotta agree with that.

    • Lesser of two evils is right. And if that’s the logic for casting a vote for Trump, that makes total sense to me. As long as you get that you are still voting for evil.

    • I’m voting for someone who is not totally invested in 40 years of under-the-table political deals.

  8. Light on the 2A stuff. Emphasized the importance of a conservative supreme court nomination, that was good.

      • That is absolutely key. Shrillery would fill the empty supreme Court seat with a progressive judge and potentially replace RBG with someone who has a longer remaining life span. That would give her all she needs to achieve her Australian-style gun ban – even if she were limited to a single term.

        Shrillery’s intended legacy: a ruined USA.

  9. “And will protect the right of all Americans to keep their families safe.”

    I will vote for Trump. Not a supporter, but I will vote against Hillary and Bill. Having said that….

    The quote above is so vague as to be just as open to imagination as any promise by/from any politician. It has a dump truck sized hole in it regards “protecting” gun rights. Trump’s is not a Charlton Heston declaration. Rig for depth charge attack.

  10. Words are nice, action is better — where was he when the SAFE ACT was going down?

    Trump as a business elite has always had his permit, where was he for everyone else or was he happy to have his and screw everyone else?

    The best we can hope for is that he appoints a lot of pro-gun judges. Other than that, if he does become President, he is not gonna give us anything! For all we know, when the SHTF he may pull a Reagan and give us a Brady Bill.

    I don’t believe him because he has not done a damn thing for the 2a in his life.

    He is better than having Hillary, other than that, I see no redeeming qualities even with his speech tonight.

  11. There are supposedly 100 million gun owners. Its going to take over 50 million votes to win this thing.
    You go with the devil you know.
    If your a one issue voter.
    You have no choice. Its that simple.

    • I was not for Trump in the beginning and he would not have been my first pick, However, I am single issue vote and I will vote for him. But I like that I don’t have to be total single issue with him. I think he’s ahead of Hillary on a lot of issues:
      The economy (She is a socialist pushing us to a welfare state)
      Healthcare (Hillary will make us like England and Canada)
      Law and order, including terrorism
      Honesty (I’m not saying he’s perfectly honest, no politician is, but she is the biggest liar I think we have ever seen)

      Let’s see, what’s she ahead on:
      …Uh, I can’t think of anything!

      • She’s ahead on social issues which do not involve spending. He is ahead on social issues which *do* involve spending.

  12. I don’t know… I’m 50/50… either I’m voting ‘Trump’ or I’m writing in ‘The Zodiac Killer’. At this point it’s a toss up.

        • Cruz?!? I was referring to Donald J. Trump(alive and kicking in the 70’s-as was I). Keep up with your own joke Gov.

        • Well I’ll let you in on the inside joke. Somehow, a bunch of Trumpies got the idea that Ted Cruz was the Zodiac Killer. I don’t know how, probably the same deal as them believing that Ted Cruz’s dad was the second gunman on the grassy knoll. Anyway, they were too stupid to google ‘the Zodiac Killer’ and figure it out. Originally I was planning on voting for ‘Limberbutt McCubbins’, but then I figured voting ‘the Zodiac Killer’ would be more of a jab at the Trumpies.

        • Yeah I’m aware of the idiotic online Cruz rumors. I guess Ted was preincarnate walking the earth…and stabbing.

        • Ted Cruz played lead guitar and vocals for a little known jam band called “Theo Huxtables’ Tant” true story.

  13. Wahhhh. neverTrump!!! I want tons of communists on the courts then I can bitch to Rob everyday that they don’t know what “shall not be infringed” as everything with a trigger is banned.

    • Nailed it. Guys like jwt would rather bitch about no guns allowed anywhere than vote for Trump. Some kind of outlaw rebel complex. Yet they collect the .gov paycheck. Whatever.

  14. “The closing music: The Rolling Stones You Can’t Always Get What You Want”…but sometimes you get what you need.

    16 showed, two fought, one won…it’s done. Make your mark and send the Clinton Klan to the dust bin of history.

    • Almost as ironic as GMC “professional grade” having Eminence Front as ‘theme music’ in their ads.

      Good god, the irony is served up in slop buckets….

      • I thought I was the only one who caught that… Great intro music, but yeah, I don’t think the marketing folks listened to the song all the way through on that one.

        • RockOn, I’m pretty confident that it’s an inside joke that the knowing are to get, and the rest just think,’bitchin’ tunes’. I know the brain-dead mopes doing GM’s advo thought nothing more than ‘great intro!’.

          I’ve got a buddy with an agency that does tv ads in a top 20 ADI, I also know how twisted he is. Some of the things that make life worth living – inside humor, easter eggs, and stealth jokes that directly attack that which they purport to serve. (At least for me.)

        • Sometimes you get what you deserve, too

          TV guys really are twisted: quite a few have put laugh tracks to shows with no jokes in them.

  15. I cannot wait to watch Trump debate Hillary. I hope he keeps doing what he has been and pulls out all the stops; nothing being sacrosanct.

    $20 says he calls her a c*nt before it’s over with.

    • I’ll write his campaign a hundred dollar check if he does.

      Did anyone see here counter ad moments after the convention was over.

      Approaching the merge…fights on.

  16. Until his New York political values kick in, then it will be:
    “…But nobody needs military-style assault weapons or high-capacity 30clip-mags to defend their families.”

    “You can defend your families just fine with a shotgun and a 10-round restricted handgun.”

      • That’s not hallucinating, its a troll supporting Clinton. If they can just convince us that they are the *same* on guns, the b1tch will win. Anyone who BELIEVES that crap is just not paying attention.

  17. Nobody in this whole damn world is without flaws. Nobody is without a past. It does not matter if you love Trump. It does not matter if you would hang out with Trump or share a drink with him. In fact voting for someone because you think they are good dude is foolish. There are plenty of good guys who are worthless as tits on bore. That is just the way it is.

    Trump is in some ways an unknown. We have not seen him on the political stage all of his life. We have not seen him questioned over and over. We have not seen him trying to cover up for countless scandals. Trump does not come from a family with deep running political or personal connections to the presidency. Our current Commander in Chief said years ago that, “when America needs change it does not come from Washington, it comes to Washington.” I honestly feel this is our best shot at getting that change.

    At this point not voting for Trump is essentially voting for Hillary at a time when the electoral college strongly favors her candidacy. All of us that support and love this nation better figure out real fast that the only way to hurt her is vote for Trump. Throwing your vote away on a third candidate or sitting this one out will do nothing but help insure a win for Hillary.

    I know many of us here are Libertarians. I am personally a Libertarian. The religious right alienated me years ago. In fact I am a Christian and I was still pushed away because I don’t think my morals should be someone else’s laws. I would not want the same done to me. I was surprised to see that Trump was on the Republican ticket and not running as a Libertarian.

    He is not perfect, but he sure as hell is far from the worst option. Even if he only goes one term at least he won’t destroy us. He loves this country and I think he will do what he does with the intention of making it better. Get it together everyone. That is the only way we beat the other side. It is also what Hillary and her supporters count on. Divide and conquer. They need us to fight amongst ourselves. Come one Tuesday morning in November vote to save America and protect your rights.

    • Yesterday (or was it the day before?), there were some articles here and there about Trump wanting Kasich to be “the most powerful Vice President in history”, as in Trump delegating/out-sourcing the day-to-day work of President to the VP. Allegedly, Trump Jr. told Kasich’s rep that Trump would concentrate on making America great again. Apparently, Trump’s offer got quite the buzz going, and much criticism about Trump not really wanting to be President, but America’s biggest pitchman. What I find interesting is we have heard nothing of when, if, or how Trump will offload management of his companies. My thought was/is that Trump would insist on doing both the President-thing and CEO-thing, simultaneously. That would be something truly historic. Trump is all about Trump 24/7. Can a person like that really give up any power? I want to watch this movie all the way to the end. ABC.

      • If you haven’t heard when Trump will turn over control of his companies, it’s because you came late to the party. He did that last year when he entered the race. The “story” about Kasich is so blatantly stupid that it is obviously right straight from Hillary Clinton’s imagination, and yet some people are stupid enough to give it some credence.

        • Didn’t we read where Trump had to go to Ireland a month or so ago for opening a golf course? Not sure Trump really turned-over all the running of the businesses.

          As to the Kasich story, would not the denial have been all over the airwaves and blogs bny now? Is it so far-fetched that a person who delegates so much to others, remains the brand, is the face and chief negotiator, would want to delegate operations of the presidency to someone else, and continuously campaign across the nation trying to “make America great again”? Should we expect the CEO and chairman of the board to suddenly become COO?

  18. Trump’s speech was good enough. A little too long and repetitive, but he made the points he needed to and served up the red meat against Hillary.

    His daughter Ivanka was spectacular, in both appearance and speech delivery.

    • Ivanka is the real deal. She’s got it where it counts.

      Smart and good looking – not a bad combo.

  19. It’s true that he didn’t give us much.
    However, at this point just not being Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or Maura Healey counts for a lot.

  20. exactly…this guy is no business genius. he started with 10’s of millions of daddy money, which is easy to make a billion or two out of over 30 years. i hate Hillary, and i hate this douche. Trump is a blowhard moron who would have had his ass kicked had it not been for his dad’s money. Lets see…we get our guns, reduced taxes, have a hot first lady but ecconomy will take a huge hit, probably get into a war with a major super power, lose womens rights to freedom over their body, and we will rape the BLM/public lands and environment. door #2 is we lose guns, have to have more immigrant families as tax payer burden and losers will keep thier endless benefits and entitlements, public unions will continue bankrupt states and cities, those of us who make money will have to pay more for those who dont. what a mess!

  21. I wonder if this year absentee ballots will actually come into play. Normally, it seems one candidate or the other throws in the towel well before absentee ballots can be opened and counted, but somehow I don’t see either of these candidates being a graceful loser and conceding to the other…

    • Fun question. I was in the military for 22 years, cast several absentee ballots. A few years after I retired, it was reported that not one absentee ballot had been counted the entire 22 years. Really made me feel like shit.

      • As former military, I lived in 6 states and a territory. In every case, absentee votes were considered “tie breakers”, counted only with an actual tie, or a very close race. In life, we expect all the “scoring” to be added up and to be able to see our favorite rout the other guy. We like to see a runaway result, if possible. Voting is not like sports.

        And, in some locations, military ballots are intentionally not counted (by either side), because the legend is the military is a hard-over conservative block.

        I must admit that I never felt it was appropriate to vote on my commander, so I forfeited the vote until leaving the military.

  22. I am not a never trump guy, but I don’t trust trump as far as I can throw him.. I cant believe we have to trust a new yorker with our gun rights… I would much rather have seen Cruz, or someone else with verified pro 2a stances then this guy. buuuuttt hes all we have, Johnson is a liberal and I don’t even know who is running for the constitutional party. Im getting pretty sick of throwing my vote at the lesser of two evils. I am reminded of a quote from “Full Metal Jacket- Its a big shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite”.

    • Cruz is the right wing of the party courting the entrenched. What the RNC finally recognized is how many new registered voters the Don brought into the fold. To win bring in the middle.

    • How is Johnson a liberal? We’ve misused the terms liberal and conservative for so long we don’t even know what they mean. We haven’t had a conservative candidate in my lifetime, and I’m not young. Conservative means limited/small government. Johnson is a conservative. He is the only conservative in the race.

      • Conservative can also be used to mean “slow to accept change”, as in I would now be a liberal/progressive since I want a whole bunch of things changed back to what they were decades ago. A “regressive”?

        But people who rail about “true conservatives” without providing their own definition of what that even means, drive me nuts/make me suspicious that I’m being deceived.

    • “I don’t trust trump as far as I can throw him.”

      Now Ed, with your back you shouldn’t be throwing anyone!

  23. The Attorney General debacle in MA is showing us what a Hillary outcome means. Word is that Healy wants the nod for US AG, and this is how she’s making her Hillary statement.

    • That’s what I read between the lines when I first read the Masshole gun ban story. Why now? Oh yeah, Hitlery for president. But WAIT!!! What about Lynch? How can Healy be AG if Lynch secured her position as AG by keeping Hillary out of Prison?

      • Healy definitely making a statement…who knows? Maybe Lynch gets a better gig as a reward?

  24. Listen to Ted Cruz, don’t stay home on Election Day! Not a fan of Thump, but will vote for him. I gag at thought of HRC as president. If we can stop her now, won’t have to deal with her again. Since I turned 21, have voted strait Republican ticket from President to Dog Catcher. Write in vote this time is just stupid, might as well vote for Hillary. We got Obama second term because Milt just didn’t suit you and how did that work out for you?. I’m sick of conservative voters staying home because their candidate did not win nomination. Stop cutting your nose off to spite your face. Put on your big kid drawers on, hold your nose and vote for a conservative Supreme Court, 2nd. amendment right, no open border importing progressive voters. LBJ said with his Great Society legislation, Blacks and Hispanics would be voting Democrat for a 100 years. He was right!!!

  25. I have been advocating for Trump for many months now as the only rational alternative to HiLIARy Clinton and will continue to do so. Folks, America is at a tipping point. If we allow the Hildabeest to become POTUS you will have given-up any hope of restoring the America most people here believe in. It’s that simple. The leadership of the Democrat Party is committed to re-shaping the United States into a Socialist Government, nullifying the Constitution and destroying the American Economy.

    Liberty, my friends, has NO value or meaning when the individual does not have viable choices about how to live their life and that enable each person to choose how to pursue their own happiness, fulfill their own dreams and realize their own potential as a Human Being. The Democrat leadership is about imposing absolute control on every person (citizen or not) that lives within the territories of the United States. Their goals and agendas are the absolute antithesis of what the American Constitutional Republic was designed to be and has been for the first 200 years of its existence.

    The Election of 2016 will determine what America will be and become for the next 200 years and beyond.

    I cannot emphasize strongly enough how critical the choice we make on November 8, 2016 is. Donald J. Trump has created a powerful Populist Movement in the past two years that has the potential to reverse the dangerous and tyrannical direction the Democrat leadership has charted for America over the past few decades. At the core of Trump’s Populism is the one thing that the Democrat leadership fears and hates the most…the fact that millions of Americans still believe the Founders created the greatest form of Government ever envisioned by Humankind in the history of the world. It is a design for Government where power and legitimacy originate with the individual free Human Being and flows out and up to the collective and common good by mutual consent, respect and understanding. It has endured many trials and challenges, including a great and bloody Civil War. It has stumbled at times and triumphed at others, but in the end it has done or tried to do the right thing and proven it is adaptable and can always see and embrace the greater good. It has achieved the creation of more prosperity, opportunity and liberty for more people than any other Government that has ever existed. It can continue to evolve into a more enlightened, prosperous, inclusive and free society if we soundly reject the new Dark Age the Democratic leadership intends to impose upon us.

    We CAN make the choice, and, like it or not, it IS the choice being forced upon us in November 2016. Do not let your self-imposed blinders narrow your perception, but look at the whole horizon and the long term beyond 2016. Put aside your biases and misgivings and decide what YOU want the United States to be. This Election will determine what kind of World our Grandchildren several times removed will be born into. Choose carefully. Choose wisely. This ain’t no f**kin’ game or time to stand on a self-righteous pedestal. We don’t have the NAZIS and Imperial Japanese to defeat. We don’t have the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and its puppet States to defeat. Our enemy is within and poses a danger to us and our progeny possibly greater than the sum total of the Axis Powers and USSR combined. This is OUR chance to stand with the greatest Americans who have preceded us from our Colonial forefathers fighting with George Washington to those who fought and died defending the American Embassy in Benghazi and those fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq today. We cannot be found lacking.

    I hope you will all join me in voting for Donald J. Trump in November 2016.

    • LOL…

      **The previous campaign add was paid for by the ‘Vote the Lesser Turd Committee to elect Donald J. Trump’.

      And the false-paradigm continues to reign.

      • What is the true-paradigm? Hillary would be better somehow? Explain how, since those are the choices, there is no “draw”. And we get to live with the resulting turd for 4 years and several SCOTUS appointments, we don’t get a do-over after 6 months when the disaster becomes apparent. After another 4 years, the apparatus of government will be used to lie to us (as in 2012) to gain a 4th term for Osama.

  26. I am a natural skeptic. And this is not a perfectly clear message:

    “And will protect the right of all Americans to keep their families safe.”

    That could well mean that we’re all allowed one handgun with a crippled magazine, for all we know. I hope he does the right thing and stands up for the 2A as we all know it was meant when written.

  27. We used to wait until after we elected them before we hated them. Your vote, your choice.

  28. Until he says I’m okay protecting my family with a full auto, suppressed SBR and gets a new 2A justice on the court, I’ll stay cautiously pessimistic.

    I’m tired of fuckos in Washington telling me what I need to protect my family.

    • The only full-auto you’ll get from Hillary is the same as the other guns that would be available: it’s called “Airsoft”, except limited to 10 rounds until you fire form 10 more..

  29. But…but…but…Donald, what about ‘Liberty’s Teeth’, you know, the whole reason for Amendment II’s enumeration…namely, absolutely prohibiting government from infringing upon individual people’s Liberty to maintain, keep and carry arms sufficient to throw off tyrannical government even if that tyrannical government is our own?

    What about that, Donald?

    Oh, wait…I forgot, you are a poster-child of the NRA ilk wherein it is perfectly okay to champion infringements upon that which is prohibited to government as long as govt ‘approves’, ‘vets’ and ‘allows’ certain people to own, keep and carry certain firearms under certain conditions and in certain places.

    Got it.

  30. On a different note (but still directly related to RF’s article), good call on the El Dorado. My personal recommendations are Zacapa 23yr and Flor de Cana 12yr.

  31. How is it that open carry is okay around and among the common folk, but not anywhere near politicians? They CLAIM to support the second amendment, but that “shall not be infringed” part doesn’t seem to apply when the serfs are within eyesight of The Royalty or their castles.
    The REAL 2nd amendment should include this line: When in the presence of the ruling class, the peasants must be disarmed. The Royal Guards may remain fully strapped.

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