Investigators gather outside an office building where a shooting occurred in Orange, Calif., Wednesday, March 31, 2021. The shooting killed several people, including a child, and injured another person before police shot and wounded the suspect, police said. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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By Stefanie Dazio and Robert Jablon, Associated Press

A child was among four people killed Wednesday in a shooting at a Southern California office building that left a fifth victim and the gunman critically wounded, police said.

The violence in the city of Orange southeast of Los Angeles was the nation’s third mass shooting in just over two weeks.

When police arrived at the two-story structure around 5:30 p.m. shots were being fired, Orange Police Lt. Jennifer Amat said. Officers opened fire and the suspect was taken to a hospital, Amat said.

It’s unclear if the suspect suffered a self-inflicted wound or was shot by police. Police provided no details on the victims other than to say one was a child and a woman was critically wounded.

In a tweet, Gov. Gavin Newsom called the killings “horrifying and heartbreaking.”

“Our hearts are with the families impacted by this terrible tragedy tonight,” he wrote.

U.S. Rep. Katie Porter, a California Democrat whose district includes the city of Orange, said on Twitter that she was “deeply saddened.”

Amat had no information about what may have prompted the attack. She said the shooting occurred on both levels of the building. Signs outside indicated a handful of businesses were located there, including an insurance office, a financial consulting firm, a legal services business and a phone repair store.

People gathered outside the building after the shooting hoping to get word about loved ones.

Paul Tovar told KTLA-TV that his brother owns a business there, Unified Homes, a mobile home broker. “He’s not answering his phone, neither’s my niece,” Tovar said. “I’m pretty scared and worried … right now I’m just praying really hard.”

Charlie Espinoza also was outside the building and told The Orange County Register that he couldn’t reach his fiancé, who works for a medical billing company.

Cody Lev, who lives across the street from the office building, told the newspaper he heard three loud pops that were spaced out, then three more. There was silence, then he heard numerous shots, followed by sirens and then more shots.

Investigators gather outside an office building where a shooting occurred in Orange, Calif., Wednesday, March 31, 2021. The shooting killed several people, including a child, and injured another person before police shot and wounded the suspect, police said. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

A Facebook livestream posted by a resident who lives near the office appeared to show officers carrying a motionless person from the building and officers providing aid to another person.

The killings follow a mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, last week that left 10 dead. A week before that six Asian women were among eight people killed in three Atlanta-area spas.

The city of Orange is about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from Los Angeles and home to about 140,000 people. Amat said the shooting was the worst in the city since December 1997, when a gunman armed with an assault rifle attacked a California Department of Transportation maintenance yard.

Arturo Reyes Torres, 41, an equipment operator who had been fired six weeks earlier, killed four people and wounded others, including a police officer, before police killed him.

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  1. “The killings follow a mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, last week that left 10 dead. A week before that six Asian women were among eight people killed in three Atlanta-area spas.”

    Why is the race only mentioned for the six Asian women in this unrelated story? What about the two others in Atlanta and the ten in Boulder? Is it a mystery?

    • Well, yeah and they blew off the radicalized, pissed off MUZZIE Jihadi shooter in Boulder as well… Move along, nothing to see here…

  2. There must be some mistake, THAT can’t happen in California… UNLESS, the shooter decided to IGNORE the 2000 plus gun laws and regulations AND the laws against shooting AND killing other human beings… IS that POSSIBLE? ARE there individuals out there who don’t let things like local, state and federal laws hold them back when they decide to do something truly evil… Probably got the gun at a gun show in Arizona and the ammo at a sale in Nevada… We obviously need MORE laws against killing people with guns…

    • You beat me to it, Maxx! This can’t have happened; all those beneficent common sense gun laws say so!

      • Does anyone know if the building was a gun free zone? If it was I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

    • Anyone who could ignore all those thousands of laws ensuring safety for everyone should be labeled “criminals” and released without bail. That’ll fix ’em!

    • To Sacramento, they need more laws, STAT.

      At least 1 incident per week to keep the state of tension moving.

  3. What seems to be happening is that the usual shootings, where 4+ People die, are being thrown together to create a crisis that can only be solved by gun control. The shooter in Boulder was, of course a Jihadi Muslim. My bet on this one is either domestic or gang related. In either case, it was probably not a message to the rest of the country, or the rest of the world, but a side effect of something else. Maybe someone left a relationship, got caught in bed with someone, or someone threw the wrong gang sign. These happen all the time. Always have. In many vigor cities, there is probably one of these every couple weeks. In Chicago, probably a couple a week. What has changed is that the left needs these publicized in order to panic the public into gun control.

  4. CNN is reporting that this is the 20TH mass shooting to occur since Atlanta. I guess when you dictate the criteria for panic It must be fun to make up your own stats.

    • It’s probably accurate if you include Chicago’s self administered gangbanger numbers…. but since they don’t fit the current script, we’ll just ignore those numbers until such time as they work out in the overall scheme of things.

    • I’m sure they use the most liberal interpretation of that like more than one person shot including BB guns, airsoft and nerf darts.

      • That was supposed to be Why haven’t the other 18 made headlines? They must not fit the narrative of “white supremacist” shooters or middle class suburbam victims.

        • Were they POC on POC gang related

          We’ll just have to guess at that since CNN declined to expound AND there are no articles available relating to that number of mass shootings over that period… Guess we’ll just have to either take their word for it or rely on the infamous “unnamed sources”…

        • They’ve moved beyond using race for that now.

          At this point, it’s anything they can label “mass shooting”.

          It’s hilarious to all of us the only place this happens is in areas with strict “gun control”. Everyday here in MT I see people carrying. Today at the car wash I noticed a man concealing as he was bending over to get a towel out of the community towel bin. I thought “cool, that makes two of us then.” These states they can prey on unarmed victims are just ripe for the liberal media labels.

        • They’ve moved beyond using race for that now.

          UNTIL, they get that “magic combo” the “trifecta”… First you need an honest to God “White Supremacist”, second his victims must ALL be POC with a sprinkling of LGBTQs and third he must use a scary black rifle, preferably with at least a dozen 40 round mags, although a drum mag and a bump stock would be icing on the cake with extra points if he (has to be a “he”) takes out a couple of cops and leaves a 200 page “manifesto” on facebook that no one saw until AFTER the attack… THAT is the story that will run for weeks (or at least until there is a ban on every semi-auto rifle ever made…

    • The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. – HL Menkin
      Possibly these incidents are influenced, nurtured and “nudged” at an appropriate time….in a cluster for maximum effect….. ……with a little help from psychotropic drugs… a Deep State operation to act such that the masses of Little People cry out for the Sleazy, Senile, Elitist Leader to “do something,…anything” to make them safe.
      “The ‘Do Something’ Disease”…..aka “Stampede The Flock Over the Edge”…….The Lemming Effect……Get ‘Em While They’re Hot. “Hair on fire, we’re all going to die” contingent.
      Dead bodies in a grocery store aisle, or school classroom, or church pew…..the bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…… or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……or the skin color only voter…..or the “just need common sense” purveyors…..or the “we just need to come together” crowd…..are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
      Keep wondering how much a Deep State effort is probably at work to create these “Heat ‘Em Up Events”, A Government Deep State undercover operation to identify susceptible/vulnerable individuals to nurture, position, “nudge”, and trigger at opportune times and places to stampede the flock over the cliff of civilian disarmament.
      But, our government would never do that….NAW.
      -Our government would never weaponize the FBI to exonerate a crooked as sin ex-FLOTUS/SoS for treasonous acts, and attempt an coup against a duly elected President for the same collusion with the Russians…NAW
      -Our government would never weaponize the IRS against Conservative organizations….NAW
      -our government would never run guns to Mexico to demonize US gun laws for Mexican crime, corruption, and violence….NAW,
      -our government would never allow invasion of our borders for political purposes, and voting power….NAW,
      -our government would never create voting fraud….NAW
      -our government would never spend foolishly, squander, skim, scam tax payers’ money to bankrupt and weaken America from within so as to drop into our enemies’ hand as an over ripe fruit….PLOP…NAW
      -our government would never run a pandemic for political purposes, shutting down the economy, putting more citizens on the Government Plantation Free Shit Express to servitude and control, desensitizing the little peeps to be faceless mask wearers, order followers….NAW
      -Our government would…..well I can go on and on, but you should get the idea,

  5. Interesting, no race mentioned in story on any media I can find?

    Tragic loss of life

      • “Arturo Reyes Torres”

        That guy “Arturo” killed 4 people in 97… It was a reference to THAT shooting (as stated IN the article)… This clown has not been named..

        • Lord, how many times since 1997 has CA passed yet another law specifically to assure this could never possibly happen again? How long can they remain so abjectly, deliberately STUPID?

        • How long can they remain so abjectly, deliberately STUPID?

          As long as a bunch of abjectly, deliberately STUPID Democrats are in charge…

  6. Right on schedule, a replacement for the Boulder shooting, since they found out it wasn’t a “right wing white man”.

    • Not many survivors (if any) left from that one… I’m sure there have been more recent, “improved” studies done since that little gem…

  7. Drunk driver hits and kills family of 4.
    Man dies after running off the road.
    Hit and run kills teen
    The carnage must stop.

  8. Why is it singled out that A week before that six Asian women were among eight people killed. But in Boulder, Colorado, last week that left 10 dead……Note: All White but that’s not mentioned!!!

      • “White corpses do not matter.”

        Depends entirely on who they were.

        School kids, for example…

  9. Hmmm…just had the local “news”on & no mention of this. One reason Chiraqistan gets so little press is “same old same old”. And most “mass shootings” are gangbangers…

  10. In three….two….one….. the left will start dancing in the blood and chanting “gun control, gun control….”

    They will have a pre-organized “mostly peaceful protest” if the victims meet the narrative, otherwise crickets.

  11. Why is the only race mentioned the Asian women?! Because the shooter in Colorado was Syrian, the shooters in Virginia Beach were black p.o.s. and the shooter in California is non white and appears to be Hispanic.. imagine that. F@#$ all the race baiters!

  12. If you look at the knee on George Floyd’s neck theres no way that was cutting off his air supply. It may have been officers on his back that compressed his lungs but the knee is not on the part of the throat that would cause afixiation. Not guilty.

    • They have to convict because Justice. And we all know, no justice, no peace. Hands up don’t shoot, the narrative, perception, and feelz trump truth when truth is what you want it to be. Narrative becomes the truth.

    • possum what expertise do you have to make such a statement regarding whether a man kneeling on a person’s neck for over 9 minutes would not cut off the air supply?

      • A knee on the side of your neck does not shut off your air supply. Try it, hurts like hell but you are not chocked out. I also stated “perhaps the officers on his back compressed his lungs”.
        Expertise, 12 years working as security in a mental institution.

    • Big guy, lying on his chest, arms tightly bound behind him complained prior to that of breathing issues… The knee did not “cause” the heart attack THAT would go to the overdosed condition of methamphetamines and fentanyl… Add heightened anxiety about the arrest and it’s a done deal… Knee contributing? I think the entire contact with PD was contributing but brought about by his own illegal activities…

    • A knee to the neck is not proper procedure. Once the perp gives up, handcuff him and put him in the car. My neck was broken at one time – a knee to the neck could easily rebreak it and kill me. I would not resist, but cops have people in painful holds and continue to apply more pain, because “they are resisting”. It is just a bunch of bullying pricks that get enjoyment other people’s pain.

      • “A knee to the neck is not proper procedure. Once the perp gives up, handcuff him and put him in the car.”

        I hear you, but it actually is proper procedure in some circumstances (link below). I’m not saying it was proper in this particular circumstance, but they DID try to put him in the car. Floyd resisted it. Why didn’t Floyd just sit in the car? Why didn’t he just not ingest a fatal level of drugs beforehand? This case isn’t anywhere near as cut and dry as the media would have you believe.

        Here’s a question worth considering: Why did AG Keith Ellison not allow the entire video to be played which showed the officers trying to put Floyd in the car? Ellison said that part of the video was too disturbing to let people view, but Floyd dying wasn’t? What sort of moron would believe that? AG Ellison was crafting a narrative which the media and the entire country picked up on. As a result, political activists ripped entire communities apart, killing, injuring, and ruining lives and businesses as they went. Kamala promoted it, and bailed out criminals involved in it. Corporations sponsored it. And why isn’t anyone talking about Keith Ellison? Answer: because he’s a Democrat, and they’re in on the propaganda right there with him.

        • Why didn’t Floyd just sit in the car?

          That part didn’t make sense, he arrived at that location in a car, he was preparing to leave in a car, but when the cops showed up he all of a sudden like had an aversion to being in a car? OR. was the REAL problem being that it was a COP car…

    • “theres no way that was cutting off his air supply.“

      This is why you aren’t a doctor and they won’t let you perform surgeries.

      Perhaps you need to learn the meaning of the word ‘hemoglobin’.

      • Theres two different ways to do a sleeper hold, they both look similar, you tell me which technique will break your windpipe.

        And by golly your right I’m no doctor but I know when I’m losing my patience.

      • If the officer would have had comprehension on both sides of Floyd’s neck , yeah maybe the hemoglobin thing.

      • Miner , I think you are probably thinking blood -ox sat level, not hemoglobin, which is a weighted component of a cbc workup. Neither test would be available to a police officer on the scene ; blood ox would be taken by paramedics arriving on the scene. As a resident of the area where it happened , I think that both of the parties are guilty of equal transgressions. The problem starts when one of the parties is granted sainthood before the trial proceedings take place, kinda makes it more weighted than irrelevant blood levels.

        • one of the parties is granted sainthood before the trial proceedings

          Not to mention the city caving to settle (what was it? $25 mil?) in the middle of Jury selection…

        • Mpls. mayor Frye came out from under mom’s bed to OK a 27 MILLION dollar settlement, then asked everyone to please not burn the city down . Again. Please. Pretty please. OK , but my mom’s house, OK ? Really, OK?

        • The point is that cutting off the blood supply to the brain deprives the brain of the oxygen it needs to survive.

          “Hemoglobin, or haemoglobin + -o- + globulin, abbreviated Hb or Hgb, is the iron-containing oxygen-transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of almost all vertebrates as well as the tissues of some invertebrates. Hemoglobin in blood carries oxygen from the lungs or gills to the rest of the body.“

          The next word one should be familiar with is carotid.

        • The next word one should be familiar with is carotid.

          AND you should familiarize yourself with a couple of things as well… One cutting off blood flow to the brain by blocking both carotid arteries will render an individual unconscious in less than 30 seconds and two neither choking a person out OR cutting off blood to the brain will cause a heart attack which is what led to Mr Floyds demise (ultimately created by a bunch of really bad decisions)…

      • Did u ever watch the full video?

        Dude was saying he couldn’t breathe before he even got out of the car. Cry wolf much?

        Fuck george floyd. Maybe if people weren’t trying to vigilante their way into an arrest the cops could have tyranted a little less and a little more efficiently. You clearly never watched the video. The whole reason they had to keep floyd on the ground was because of the mob surrounding the cops.

        You wanna make an argument about being anti cop? Go ahead. But this turning assholes into martyrs gets us nowhere. It’s the reason why his buddy is pleading the 5th, because he’s also a felon who would end up back in prison after his testimony for all the dumb shit floyd did. Doesn’t take an expert or a lawyer to see the hypocrisy in this entire case… Or an entire years worth of this bullshit for that matter.

        • “One cutting off blood flow to the brain by blocking both carotid arteries will render an individual unconscious in less than 30 seconds“

          The LEO only cut off one carotid artery, slowing the onset of anoxia.

          Did you watch the full video?

    • “no way that was cutting off his air supply”

      Young feller, I have just one word for you, hemoglobin.

      Ask yourself, just where does the brain get the oxygen it needs to survive? The wind pipe doesn’t extend up to the brain, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of air passageway up to the brain.

      So just where does the brain get the oxygen it needs to survive?

  13. California has just about every gun controller’s fantasy restriction: universal background checks, ammo background checks, waiting period, “assault weapon” ban, magazine limits, red flag, “safe gun” list, de facto registration, “safety” tests, “safe” storage, “ghost gun” ban, etc. They didn’t stop this attack, and they won’t stop future ones. What’s their next nonsensical, ineffective restriction going to be?

  14. Suspect is most likely Hispanic. Let’s see what the MSM does or doesn’t do with that. Most likely didn’t use a California banned AR style firearm. Watch these politicians move to ban shotguns and semiautomatic pistols too. Hmm. Any Las Vegas odds available?

  15. This is why DEFUND The Police and so the called “gun control” (?!?) doesn’t work . . . it PROMOTES Lawlessness. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 -0 MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  16. “Police identified the suspect as Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez.”

    Oooopps not Betty White. Wonder if he was legal? We’ll never know.

    Aaaaand, he knew and targeted the victims.

    This story is gone before the end of the day.

    • Biggest unmentioned part of the whole story right there. Amazing.

      But still fits their narrative: since waiting periods still allow you to get a gun, the gun must be removed.

      Nothing will stop this moving train except for forcibly removing the conductor and leaving no room for misinterpreting things like “shall not be infringed” in our next nations train station.

  17. How did this happen with all the gun laws in California? It’s almost like bad guys don’t obey the law but that can’t be since they want more laws.

  18. Wait, this guy was a Hispanic Mormon? So, maybe an old white guy was actually behind the curtain? Anyone know where Mitt is this week?

    • Anyone know where Mitt is this week?

      Last I heard of him he was getting the back stabbing RINO of the year award at the Kennedy Center over the weekend for voting to convict Trump at the Impeachment…

      • And NOW for something COMPLETELY different…

        Utah Senator Mitt Romney, known by conservatives as one of the biggest RINOs in Washington, D.C., announced on March 29 that he would not be supporting federal gun control measures that have been proposed recently by Democrats taking advantage of recent mass shootings.

  19. There are no coincidences in life. This situation is representative of just that. While shooting deaths are certainly tragic for all involved one should also look beyond the tragedy to the “coincidences”. They are head scratchers for sure. 1st they occur during the very height of the Dem’s push to disarm us. 2nd they seem to be happening in Dem run states. Wonder why that is? Next they conveniently involve “racists” analysis and last they involve the “weapons of war” Dems want to make illegal to own or possess let alone sell. How convenient that they are examples that just happen to fall into the laps of gun control nuts to be used in support of their efforts. They also involve those with mental health issues.

    I think we should be careful to point out how useless background checks are because it sets up the Dems in a fall back argument for total confiscation!! If the background checks can’t stop these things then there is no choice but to confiscate all guns in civilian possession in order to protect us from ourselves!!! That is where this will be heading…just watch!!!

    • “2nd they seem to be happening in Dem run states.”

      Atlanta is in a democrat run state?

      • “Atlanta is in a democrat run state?”

        City of Atlanta is democrat-controlled, son.

        Try and keep up, the adults are conversing…

        • I did not claim George it was a democrat run state, that was krp’s claim:

          “2nd they seem to be happening in Dem run states.”

          Like you, I was surprised to learn that Georgia is a democrat run state according to krp.

  20. I really wish TTAG would quit running AP articles. It’s lazy, offputting, and counterproductive.

    I don’t come to TTAG to see the same mass-manufactured garbage that every so-called newspaper in the world is running. If you’re going to say something about a current event like this, SAY something about it.

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  22. Lord, I’m a sinner, as I simply cannot muster any sympathy for the death of Floyd, a criminal and a drug addict. And, I don’t care one whit how he died…good riddance.

    I guess I’ll get my comeuppance, as necessary, when you decide whether or not after my death I go to Heaven of Hell. I’ll leave the decision up to you, Lord.

    But I’m never going to change my mind about Floyd’s death.

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