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Gun Review: Rossi Model 92 Lever-Action Carbine

Image: Chris Dumm for FFAG

What’s a lever-loving rifleman to do if he’s got a hankering for a pistol-caliber carbine? Marlins are garbage these days, and the rest of the lot (Henrys, Winchesters, Ubertis, Pedersolis and Cimarrons) are gorgeous and expensive heirlooms, almost too beautiful to carry afield. If you’re looking for a working man’s cowboy carbine, Rossi’s Model 92 is the last man standing. How well does this $450 almost-SBR stack up against the other levers we’ve tested? Could it be, dollar for dollar, the best lever-action value out there? . . .

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Media Day At The Range Preview: Winchester Model 1873


I’m the resident lever-gun geek at TTAG, and this stunning reproduction of the classic Winchester Model 1873 is just my cup of tea steel and walnut. If you’ve never handled an 1873, its smooth action and mirror-bright bluing will show you why it’s always been considered one of the most elegant lever-action carbines ever made. And accurate, too. Once I got the proper sight picture with the buckhorn rear sights, it drilled the 1/2 scale steel pepper popper at 100 yards. continue reading


The Cowboy Assault Rifle done right, by Wild West Guns

Call me a traditionalist, but I don’t think Cowboy Tactical gets any cooler than this Marlin .44 Magnum by Wild West Guns. If you want it, you’d better call them soon, though. Just like real estate, Marlin isn’t making them any more.

Marlin Model 39

Classic Gun Review: Marlin Model 39

The Marlin Model 39 claims to be the oldest continually-produced cartridge rifle in history.  Its parent design was born during the unexceptional presidency of Benjamin Harrison, whose bust never even made it onto the Mount Rushmore Commemorative Paperweight.  Unlike that former Commander-In-Chief, this 19th Century Fox was blessed with what sales and marketing types like to call ‘legs.’  Legs so long, in fact, that it’s still a perennial favorite here in the 21st Century.

Does it deserve it?  You bet it does…

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Marlin/TFG Lever-Action Quality: Circling The Drain

Joe Grine and I spent a few leisurely hours pacing the aisles at Oregon’s biggest pre-Christmas gun show this morning. We’re not into ‘gun show reports’ much here, so suffice to say that guns and ammo were everywhere, Nazi fetish gear was nowhere to be found, and that I’ve never seen so many NFA dealers at a single show before. SBRs and suppressors are starting to go mainstream, but that’s another story for another day.

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H010 Henry 45-70 Steel Round Barrel

Not Quite A TTAG Exclusive: Henry Repeating Arms .45-70


Henry Repeating Arms president Anthony Imperato confirmed to me this morning that the New Jersey-based arms maker will be offering their steel-framed, round-barrel lever action rifle in the thundering .45-70 cartridge in March of 2012.  We loved Henry’s Big Boy .44 Magnum earlier this year, and we’ve come to expect great things from them.  What’s not to love about lever-action goodness in a huge .45-70 package, other than football ballistics and the price of ammo?

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