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  1. {accent} I’m going to head out tonight and buy me some “assault clips” .. they keep those right next to the “assault hollow-points,” and the “assault IWB holsters”… just down the aisle from the “assault camouflage.”

    … what’s next?

  2. Howard Dean called hollow points “dum-dum, cop-killer bullets” in an interview right after the Tucson shooting. Twice.

    It’s hard to take anyone seriously who is so ignorant of what they say.

    But, then again, that ignorance is what makes them dangerous.

    • What’s really funny is that a vest will stop a hollow point easier than a full metal jacket. I know a sheriff’s deputy who took one in the chest in the line of duty. The concussive force of the bullet on his vest messed him up pretty badly, but he was wearing a vest, so he lived. He went back to work, too.

      Hollow points aren’t a problem for cops unless they don’t wear their damn vests.

  3. What the heck is an assault clip?

    Here I’ve been loading my Mosin-Nagant and Enfields with 5 round clips like a chump, where the heck can I get some of these assault clips?

    • “What the heck is an assault clip?”

      They come in many designs but the one I picked up recently has a 300 round capacity, is matte black with a white panther claw on the side and has an optional mag-lite w/laser and bayonet mount for those up close and personal assaults. A gun is nice and all but it is the clip that makes it a weapon. Just saying.

  4. Jeff is right, clips only hold a few rounds. Now if someone could invent a hi cap clip that would work in my enfield it would save me lots of loading time. The sicko in the photo didn’t use a clip, he used a hi cap mag. I love this edit feature, cuz i just screwed up and fixed it.

  5. So if somebody went on a rampage with a Colt Peacemaker, would he change lives in three seconds? Or, if he used a Beretta 92 with ten round magazines, would he change lives in five seconds?

    Sophistry at its finest.

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