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  1. I LOVE IT !!! Now this is the info that we need to get out there. I hope our gun hating loons see this, because they will surely have a major hissey fit.

  2. Love it we need billboards like this. As long as they are simple and make sense these kind of adds go a long way with the undecided population. Its good to see rational pro gun ads!

  3. To quote wikipedia: [CITATION PLEASE]. This really is a huge number if legit, but there are many many ways to inflate that number. EG, they might very well count Mr Farrago’s act of concealed carry as a person who’s currently “using a gun in self defense”, as the term is so vague.

    For scale, there are only 3800 TOTAL violent crime events per day (forcible rape, robbery, murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, aggravated assault, etc) FBI national statistics.

    Oh, and the gun control side’s “24 a day with guns” figure is interesting too… After all, its >40 murders a day in the US, so that means >16 a day with something else. Thats a lot of knives, baseball bats, cars, feet, elder neglect, etc.

    Does anyone know how to find out what fraction of the 24/day and 40/day is due to our current prohibition on drugs?


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