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You know you’re supposed to practice dry firing, but you most likely don’t make time for it. If only you had a way to take the “dry” out of “dry fire”…

Enter LASR (Laser Activated Shot Reporter). For a surprisingly low cost ($120), LASR allows you to construct a completely custom at-home practice range, where you can go anytime, even for a short time, and genuinely enjoy yourself. Like, for a half hour between when you get home from work and when dinner’s ready. Or for 10 minutes before heading into the office. (Nobody has to know).

Besides being fun, it’s also an effective way to get a lot more out of your dry fire practice. You can set it up however you want and shoot at anything, literally. Once that’s done, LASR provides instant feedback on where you hit (with audible sounds if you choose) so you can work on accuracy; you can combine that with a shot timer to work on speed.

The long list of features and modes makes the system extremely flexible. The diagnostic mode gives you feedback on trigger control and movement during the shot. The “call targets” feature can issue audible commands for which target to shoot when. “Target down” mode can be used to simulate failure to stop and shooting until the threat is down. There’s a race mode designed for use by multiple shooters at once. You can remotely control the software by shooting a specially designated target and, of course, save all your results for later review and analysis.

The system involves a few parts, and you can choose to get some or all of them from LASR’s website:

1. Any laser training device, such as a laser cartridge to use with your actual firearm or a SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) practice gun.

2. Any dedicated webcam (built-in webcams aren’t recommended)

3. The LASR (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) software 

LASR is unique in that you don’t need a special target or gizmo to log your shots. You can fire at anything, as long as it’s in view of your webcam. Once your webcam is hooked up and pointed in a safe direction, you click and drag to define your target.

Here’s what it looks like when you’re defining targets:

You don’t have to stick with rectangles; you can make other shapes (circles, triangles, etc.) or draw a free-form outline for a custom target of your choice.

After this, when LASR detects a shot, it will instantly produce an audible tone, mark the location on the screen, and list the hit in the timesheet. You can customize everything you see and hear. There are various settings for the shot timer (including “untimed”) so you can challenge yourself to improve your speed and draw time.

Here’s what LASR’s basic shot reporting looks like:

The LASR team is constantly adding functionalities. Some that are already integral to the software include a race mode (multiple shooters can compete at the same time) as well as a diagnostic mode you can use to identify trigger control problems.

Here’s a video from LASR that helps show how it all comes together:


LASR comes highly recommended from professional trainers from the NRA and USCCA, as well as a money-back guarantee. Use their Build My Kit tool to help you figure out what you need.

Your base cost for the software is $120, and that includes lifetime support and updates (no subscriptions or pay-to-upgrade). LASR even includes an online training portal, where you can download specialized drills as well as training programs designed for law enforcement qualification and competition shooting. You can even make and upload your own drills.

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  1. Kinda cool. Wish it had a way to swap the trigger bar out on the striker fired guns to make it more than one shot at a time. Other than that, cool piece.

  2. i dont understand how this could work with a cheap laser cartridge. wouldnt it register the laser dot as soon as it swiped across the cameras view? how would this correlate with you pulling the trigger?

    …have you actually tried this software out? :S

  3. It’s cheap because they film your “training” and sell your information? Do you start getting weird ads for house painting, carpet and upholstery cleaning? Window treatments? Pet hair removal? Big question: Does China get your information before Assbook?

    Maybe I’m just being cynical? But too many e-business types have already thrown a shrug with a “what’s the big deal” b.s.

    • I gotta call you out on that racist comment bro. We can’t let the gun owner memes become true before our eyes. Baltimore and Chicago have HUGE problems with black crime, and you were either aware of that or worse completely stupid.

      • Stating obvious fact is not being racist. Police profiling when they always come up 7’s and 11’s is not racist. It’s working off known knowns and good police work. Why is everything racist?

        • Naw man you can’t play that game here. We know not everything should be called racist. But what you said IS racist. You didn’t say anything about police work in your original comment and in your own clarification just now you have admitted there was indeed a racial undertone to your comment. Again your words not mine.

        • “Naw man you can’t play that game here.” Here is EXACTLY where we “play that game”. Just because some troll says something is “racist” doesn’t mean it is. I don’t think you know enough about racism to even have a discussion about it.

        • Your comment only calls me a troll and contains exactly zero argument. Who is a troll?

          I’m done arguing with a bunch of 700 year old fudds who haven’t read a book in a decade. Take a step back and realize your comments could reasonably be interpreted to have offensive undertones. You don’t always have to take a hardline stance to defend lazy jokes that are in such obvious poor taste. You aren’t helping our side. You just look like a diet-racist jackass. Now I’m a troll I guess.

        • “I’m done arguing with a bunch of 700 year old fudds . . .” Well, it usually takes a long time to learn stuff good.

        • I guess the irony here is that the only actual racism expressed is by “YOLO” who seems to think every single gun violence crime in Baltimore or Chicago is committed by African Americans. Reminds me of Mike Bloomberg saying over 95% of gun crime is committed by minorities. There are elevated rates, yes but not a totality.

          I think Yolo needs a refund on his education — even he did not make it past secondary school.

        • No I’m actually about as alt-right/right-wing/UBERSOLDAT as they come, but I don’t live in a dream world where the only thing that can rightly be called racist is the KKK. He knew what he was saying. Saying you want to target practice on a bunch on criminals who happen to be overwhelming black is a TERRIBLE joke. Racism is real, you know it is, and that comment was ****ing racist. Let’s cut the shit.

        • Yup, it appears you don’t know the difference between racism and race-baiting because you seem very amateur at the latter without knowing the definition of the former.

          Actual racism tends to involve a person thinking their race is superior to another.

          Citing a criminal problem in two cities is hardly racism. Criminals are not a race, nor are they a protected class. And until the Left makes it so, I think it’s fairly common knowledge that criminals are seen as inferior to the average law-abiding citizen when it comes to morals and behavior. This should be fairly obvious, because by definition, criminals do not abide by laws.

          So… in short. I don’t give a crap about jokes against criminals. They can all die in a fire. YOU, however, seem determined to make an argument purely based on a racial trait: skin color, which you brought up and no one else did. Which makes you… by definition, a racist.

        • Yeah okay fudd all criminals don’t deserve to die in a fire you psychopath. Check your own definitions.

        • I find it interesting you, seem to think you can win an argument based on name-calling and not actual facts. You do realize your entire tirade is straight out of the Left SJW playbook, right? I mean, I really hope this was just a clever troll, because it’s literally the same material someone would make up as a parody if they were going to make fun of how the Left throws around the generally misguided and misplaced race card.

          From race-baiting to ignoring facts, and then to pouting. Grow up and face the fact you got called out. I doubt you will learn anything from this.

        • i have no clue what you are talking about. you 2 comments are full of assumptions and light on specifics, oh the irony.

        • I guess the irony here is that the only actual racism expressed is by “YOLO” who seems to think every single gun violence crime in Baltimore or Chicago is committed by African Americans. Reminds me of Mike Bloomberg saying over 95% of gun crime is committed by minorities. There are elevated rates, yes but not a totality.

          I think Yolo needs a refund on his education — even he did not make it past secondary school.

          Also no one here wrote “all criminals deserve to die” yet he claims people wrote that.

          There are many murders in Chicago any even week, many aggravated assaults, many sexual assaults which are all under the laws of every state criminal activities that justify lethal force to prevent.

        • Nothing to do with race it’s the party affiliation that obviously causes chiraq to be a giant open air cesspool

        • “15% of the population, committing 50% of the crime . . .” This happens because black people are a historically oppressed minority. Much of the violence coming from the black community is a symbolic protest against their marginality and lack of wealth in an otherwise affluent society. Think of black criminality as a form of folk taxation. They’re just taking back what was stolen from them. //sarc//

        • But they don’t commit crime because they are black, so why would you use that as a comparison. Is there some criminal gene present in blacks? Exactly what are you saying?

        • But they don’t commit crime because they are black, so why would you use that as a comparison. Is there some criminal gene present in blacks?

          Are ALL your comment red herrings, strawman arguments and falsification of what others wrote? (Answer:yes)
          Culture and genetics are not the same thing. Are you denying that there is a massively elevated rate of violent crime commission rate?
          do men have a crime gene? Is it bigoted to note that human males commit more crime?

  4. Yes, we should all be training to fire once, then manually reset the striker and reload the same cartridge after checking our phones.

  5. Click through fifteen pages, and you’ll eventually find out it only works with Windows. Because the ’90s were cool, I guess.

  6. I looked at LASR’s website for awhile and it looks like your best bet is to buy the software and one of the SIRT Training pistols. Otherwise you have to rack a semi auto pistol for each shot, spend a boatload of money buying 5-6 laser cartridges for a revolver, or thumb the external hammer on your 1911 (or similar external hammer pistol) for each “shot”. SIRT pistols come in “GLOCK-like”, S&W XD or small pocket auto. Some have steel slides and others polymer. So, if you don’t have one of those pistols, or a pistol with realistic weight, one is left to assume what you learn with the SIRT pistol will translate positively to your live-fire pistol. Generally, my experience among my pistols would lead me to believe that is a valid assumption for the most part. However, I am going to consider the investment of just under $500 to find out before I buy. I have little doubt the software/webcam combination is very cool, but the third part to get the shots made realistically and make it all work is leaving me with a few questions.

    There are very positive reviews from some clients who train pistol shooting using the SIRT Training Pistols. If SIRT made a full weight 1911 or SIG with external hammer that resets with each shot (but probably not feasible to do), I’d buy in a heartbeat.

    • Yea, at $450 – $500 to set up a revolver, more for a 7 shot,
      You could buy a whole other revolver, or a LOT of range time with actual ammo.

  7. Tell the guy in the photo he needs to build some serious skills. Instead of holding his weapon with his strong hand, when leaning out from cover on your weak side, switch your grip to avoid displaying as much of yourself from cover as he is.


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