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There’s no doubt gun carriers are a diverse group, and the method with which they want to holster up can vary quite a bit.

What is a gun accessory company to do when it’s so tough to create something everyone will love? If the company goes the route of Alien Gear Holsters, they’re doing it right.

Alien Gear has created their ShapeShift Modular Holster System to be the most customizable and versatile way to carry a gun, period.

The ShapeShift Starter Kit accommodates all of the most popular EDC carry styles. It includes one system that becomes an IWB holster, appendix carry holster, OWB belt slide, and OWB paddle holster all in one. The Starter Kit also comes with a Holster Mount, so you can attach your ShapeShift to a variety of surfaces in seconds.

But it doesn’t stop there. Alien Gear applied the same principles to a variety of carry options, giving shooters the best selection of customizable holsters.

Kick things up a notch with the ShapeShift 4.0, an IWB holster system that has only one mounting point, creating total flex and conformity to your side. It’s completely compatible with the Starter Kit, as are all of the holsters we’re mentioning.

If appendix carry is more your thing, but you’re rightfully concerned about safety and comfort, the ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster is the way to go. Like all of their holsters, this one features the unique “Alien Skin” material that grips the firearm and prevents sliding.

By just pushing a button, the OWB Paddle Holster can be transferred from your waistband to a nearby surface, backpack, or thigh holster. It too is compatible with the entire ShapeShift System, giving you even more options. If you’d rather not go with the paddle-style, you can opt for an OWB Slide Holster.

Let’s say you require things a bit lower, say on your leg or ankle. In that case, the Drop Leg and Ankle Holsters are perfect. What, you thought Alien Gear would stop at hip carriers? Think again.

To add even more possibilities, the Molle and Backpack Holsters help expand the ShapeShift System to be used other places than your body. They’re both ultra-secure and constructed of the same heavy-duty material as the other Alien Gear Holsters.

Basically, if you’ve thought of carrying a gun in a certain spot, there’s an easy-to-use holster made just for you.

What’s more, Alien Gear Holsters are made only in the USA. To make things even more appealing, the ShapeShift Modular Holster System is appropriately backed by a Forever Warranty— and by that they mean forever. It also includes a 30-Day Test Drive opportunity, so you can know for sure it’s for you before committing.

Is there a better, more versatile holster system out there? If there is, you’d be hard pressed to find it.

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  2. how about a list of holster makers, maybe a series about different styles IWB, OWB, slide, shoulder etc. comparing leather vs synth. but mostly a list of companies.

  3. Some people may like Alien gear, I did at first, but my holster is only a year or so old and already the plastic is starting to wear through the neoprene and is digging into my skin when I wear it. The plastic inside the holster has broken on both sides by the buckles and the screws needed to be loc-tite in place to keep the belt clips from falling off. it often wiggles up and off of my rigging belt if I don’t have it adjusted extra well.

    Maybe they make some good stuff and I just got a lemon, but I’m opting for a different brand when I get the money for a new holster.

    Stealth Tuck 2.0 I think.

  4. I’ve had their Cloak Tuck 3.0 for about a year and a half for my Glock. I have also had a Crossbreed hybrid IWB before that for about two years for a P99 and an off brand hybrid for an FNX. The Aliengear to me is hands down the best in comfort, construction, and looks. I only wish I had one for each pistol I own.

  5. Super cool but maybe instead of coming up with all sorts of amazing new carry options they could cover more models of handguns. I love my cloak mod for my fnx 45 but would like the level 2 security option on the shapeshift. Been waiting for a year but no luck.

  6. i just got my first AG holster, cloak tuck for my steyr s9 and man it is nice. i thought i would like one that the belt loops dont move but its seems they are all made to, so i guess its better? anyways, its SUPER nice. Came faster than they said it would too. the adjustable hieght buffers are ideal for retention adjustment and comfortably. I think i paid right under $60, not bad at all! inner material is very comfortable and the “slide guard” part of the padding that sticks up doesn’t interfere with gripping in anyway.

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