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By Lee Williams

In a recent editorial, the left-leaning news website Colorado Newsline called on its readers to publicly confront gun owners, because “only when gun absolutists become social pariahs can the nation start to establish comprehensive reform, allowing community members to attend schools, shop at grocery stores and visit nightclubs without fear of being torn to shreds in a blast of bullets.”

The editorial, which was titled “Stop tolerating gun extremists. Shame them,” was written by the website’s editor, Quentin Young.

“Castigation must befall anyone who obstructs gun violence prevention,” Mr. Young wrote. “Lawmakers should continue to enact measures to protect constituents from the daily massacres their communities suffer. But members of those communities can participate in the greater reform project by shaming gun proponents wherever they show themselves.”

As if this wasn’t dangerous enough, Young took it a step further, writing that society “should humiliate without restraint those costume-wearing soldier wannabes who show up with their shooters at rallies.”

Quentin Young (courtesy Colorado Newsline)

To be clear, this is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible editorial. It should never have been published. Mr. Young’s shame, humiliation and castigation could easily be read as an incitement to violence, and we have all seen the savagery the left uses when they confront those with whom they disagree. All that’s needed for a full-blown riot is for someone to point his readers in the wrong direction and light the fuse, and Mr. Young certainly did just that with his rash and incautious column.

Colorado Newsline should immediately retract the editorial and issue a public apology.

The majority of Mr. Young’s thesaurus-driven work is nothing more than the usual anti-gun talking points, which are so overblown his piece is left nearly unreadable.

“Reform is thwarted by cowardice, corruption and craziness,” he wrote. “As young children are slaughtered in their classrooms, conservative officials desecrate their memory by suggesting their deaths are the price of freedom. As mass shootings become a daily occurence (sic), gun-rights zealots double down on the bloodthirsty fantasy that more guns is (sic) the answer.”

Young reserves his harshest words for Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, a pro-gun Republican and one of his favorite targets.

“The Second Amendment won’t be repealed anytime soon, but Americans can at least begin a cultural shift and re-imagine (sic) what the law means,” Mr. Young wrote. “Society should no longer tolerate the kind of depraved fanaticism that allows someone like Rep. Lauren Boeberrt (sic) to tweet a Christmas greeting with her young sons brandishing weapons of war.”

Colorado Newsline claims to be a “nonprofit, nonpartisan, independent source of online news,” but like its editor, it leans strongly to the left. It is part of States Newsroom, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which also leans far to the left. According to Influence Watch: “A past job posting by States Newsroom referred to the organization as a ‘progressive political journalism startup.’”

States Newsroom organizes stories from its affiliates into four categories: “rising trends, attacks on LGBTQ equality, reproductive rights and gun violence.” All of States Newsroom’s senior leadership came from leftwing media organizations. However, Colorado Newsline claims it maintains editorial independence from States Newsroom, and that all editorial decisions are made locally. That claim is certainly suspect.

Seasoned journalists know the power a call-to-action can have in an editorial, which is why they’re used so sparingly. But make no mistake, what Mr. Young wrote is not a call to action. He incited violence. There is no doubt that when someone is harmed because of his work he will seek shelter behind the First Amendment, even though his column is the journalistic equivalent of yelling Fire! in a crowded theater and therefore not constitutionally protected speech.

I sincerely hope Mr. Young will delete this dangerous editorial and apologize to his readers before someone is harmed. It’s the right thing to do. It also wouldn’t hurt to ditch the thesaurus co-author and invest in a good spell checker.


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  1. Cancel culture at its worst. Recently a conservative appellate court judge was invited to speak at Stanford. Instead, he was met with a rant by the law professor for equality, equity and inclusion, and that was followed by jeers from law students that prevented him from delivering his remarks. Such poor manners. Two law professors have written an op-ed claiming that the current make-up of the Supreme court is a threat to democracy, all because of the Roe v. Wade decision and the Bruen decision. So far it is a war of words, but that war is inimical to free speech and a free society.

    • MADDMAXX March 14, 2023 At 15:31
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      law professor for equality, equity and inclusion,

      She was actually Dean of all that crap and could not put an intelligent sounding sentence together… Cops had to escort a JUDGE (there by invitation) from one of the most prestigious law schools in the country, we are truly doomed… These are the clowns that will be running this country in 20 years… We really do need a major war to reset this crap now

      Wow, MODERATED again?… I’m absolutely shocked… Could you highlight the OFFENSIVE parts/words and I’ll try to better NEXT fukking time…

        • “Offending word: e s c o r t”


          It filters out ‘e s c o r t’, frequently used in prostitution spam.

          You know, ‘e s c o r t’ services. They’re not looking for an attractive dinner companion, they want (*cough*)…

      • The furherr would be proud.
        It only takes one bad leader to destroy a nation or society.
        Are we there yet?

    • So someone voicing their desire to retain what they perceive as a “right” is now an extremist?

      That same logic can be used for any perceived “right”, then. So maybe anyone standing up for the “right” to k!ll defenseless unborn (or just born) babies is extremist. Or for forcing biologically incompatible s3xual lifestyles onto kindergarteners. Or taking your possessions from you by force of government policy because you worked for them and they don’t want to. Or…or…

      The terms “extremist” and “systemic r@cism” are just overused to the point where nobody listens to them anymore. They no longer have potent meaning.

      • I don’t hear systemic/institutional racism much anymore. Maybe someone pointed out they’ve been the ones controlling our institutions for decades. I hear mostly white supremacy and fascist. What will they use after that?

      • Haz,

        As we see on a daily basis from the incoherent spew from MinorLiar and dacian the demented, so-called “Progressives” are objectively fascist. They hate gun rights, they hate free speech, they hate religion (not that anyone is trying to force them to church; they hate that YOU go to church . . . if you do, and I have no idea), they hate due process. They are convinced that the world would be a better place if “they” got to run everyone else’s lives. The really hilarious part is that most “Progressives” are drooling morons, and the REAL power brokers wouldn’t let them near the levers of power. But, then, the REAL power brokers don’t believe that Leftist/fascist nonsense any more than I do, they just find it a convenient cover story to hide their naked lust for power.

        Again, Leftists, “Progressives”, and most Democrats are objectively fascist. A few of them actually realize that. Most of them are just idiots.

        • they hate that YOU?

          No, actually they just HATE… They hate everyone and everything that does not either share their viewpoint or that they cannot control… They hate YOU, me and the millions of Americans that will not comply with their idea of a utopia…

        • MAXX,

          Fair comment. I was trying not to overgeneralize, but you are NOT wrong. Leftism, at its core, is the most hateful, authoritarian “philosophy” ever conceived. Hitler was a Leftist, Stalin was a Leftist, Mao was a Leftist, Pol Pot was a Leftist, Castro was a Leftist . . . I could go on, but the list would take me hours. I trust straight out, unashamed dictators more than I do Leftists – dictators are at least honest about what they want. Leftists ALWAYS lie.

  2. “To be clear, this is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible editorial. It should never have been published. Mr. Young’s shame, humiliation and castigation could easily be read as an incitement to violence,…”


    Mr. Young’s approach is just fine, and he is recognizing the need to repeal the Second Amendment, rather than try to evade it through general legislation.


    The tone of, “Mr. Young’s shame, humiliation and castigation could easily be read as an incitement to violence,…”, reeks of left-wing Karens and snowflakes….”words are violence”.

      • “Quentin is projecting his desire for confrontation and mob justice.”

        Disagree. He is endorsing language as a tool of change. He is endorsing being impolite as a tool of change. He is endorsing free speech as a tool of change. He is endorsing conflict of ideas as a tool of change. He is endorsing civil disobedience as a tool of change.

        Young is encouraging people to use words to deter opposition to more gun control. He is telling people to scream at us, carry signs, hold rallies, use bad words, be a nuisance, be ill-mannered.

        Too many here are proclaiming that words are violence. If someone “gets in your face”, your response is totally your choice, and more importantly, your responsibility.

        Your “position” is that words can and will provoke a physical fight. Do we want to claim that ground?

        Do we want to warn opponents, that they can say things that will cause us to physically attack them? That when not faced with imminent death or grievous bodily harm, but mere words, law-abiding gun owners will resort to firepower as a final settlement?

        • You are very correct. The enemies of Liberty are endorsing being impolite in public. They want to use impolite language. Harsh language. In order to beat you down, so that you will give up your civil rights.

          This is not new. The people against civil rights have always used harsh language to try to beat people down mentally. This was simply very normal in the 1950s and 1960s.

          The gun grabbers are as anti-civil rights as Bull Connor. And Bull Connor used to berate civil rights workers all the time in public.

        • pretty much accurate here.. but “da t’ing is…..” this wierdo misses something. HE might think HE would never resort to violence against any of we who favour the use of our right to arms, and maybe he would not. But I know some folk who are absolute masters and goading and prodding those foolish enough to harrass them, and do this to the point their tormentors are likely to “lose it” and take up violence themselves, thus in kost states justifying the use of the lethal force tools always kept handy by such. THIS guy MIGHT be ablt to control himelf well enough to pull this off o occasion. But I am dead certain most of the loons and louts he will have stirrd up by his rant will NOT be so able to control themselves and their responses to an armed citizen who KNOWS He is armed, KNOWS his rights and the limits of those rights, AND has the self-control to walk right on the edge of conflict with nary a touch on the wrong side of the line.
          I can easily imagine a smallish gaggle of such instigators taking on some hapless lone individual perhaps wearing an NRA tee shirt for fun and games….. and playing off each other stirring the anger and ridicule pot to the point one of them takes a swing at Mr. NRA shirt…. assuming he is unarmed….. multiles pile on until Mr. NRA SHirt is seriously threatened and deals with it appropriately.

          “See? Your thugfest inciting violent aggression against me and threatening my life is precisely WHY I carry this nice little piece of steel on my hip……. along with millions of others throughout this land.

      • Quenton is hoping to figure out the “pronoun” puzzle.

        “Castigation must befall” oooooo Castigation. That similar to bullying? what a simp.

    • The all hat and no cattle blowbag mr. young exhibits all the signs of a big mouth Jim Crow Gun Control democRat and Gun Control third reich nazi. That ratbassturd sets foot around me and he’ll look like someone ran over him with a bushhog.

  3. Great strategy: Get all aggro up in the face of the guys who are armed.

    To be sure, an armed confrontation between antis and gun-rights supporters would not be good PR for the guys with guns but, with this kind of rhetoric – if it shifts from words on paper to action in the streets – someone is gonna get shot.

    I’m not sure whether or not guys like Young are trying to foment violence because of a perception on their part that it would benefit their narrative or they are too stupid to realize that they are telling their fellow travelers to put themselves in harm’s way. A small handful of like-minded idiots decided to try to “… humiliate without restraint those costume-wearing soldier wannabes who show up with their shooters at rallies,” in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse and they got shot for their trouble. Rittenhouse was a kid, this nitwit is calling on his followers to pull the same crap with men – it won’t end well.

    • Get all aggro up in the face of the guys who are armed

      All these assholes will do is run around with their stupid little signs shouting inane crap (that sounds cool to them) and blocking some Blue City’s streets… there will be no confrontation with armed guys…

      • Probably correct. I’ve told a story here before about one particular anti I know who is always decrying the horrors of people carrying guns. She has, on a few occasions, made statements like. “I’m terrified to think that I’m walking around with people carrying guns. People who carry guns are unhinged paranoiacs just looking for a reason to kill somebody.” Once, I called her out and said, “You are either a liar or an idiot.” She was offended by that and demanded that I explain myself. I told her, “You know I am a gun owner, you know I CC, you should know that there is a high probability that I am armed right now. So, if you truly feared me, and are not an idiot, you would not stand in my presence and provoke me. If you are not afraid of me and my gun, you are a liar. So, you are a liar or an idiot, your choice.”

      • most places it is all but impossible to know WHO is armed and who is vulnerable. Especialy to those who do NOT regularly carry their own equalisers.

        • Especialy to those who do NOT regularly carry their own equalisers

          I am not one of them…

      • remember a group like this at an NRA convention…cops had the noisy little sign-waving jerks walled-off in a parking area…most folks walking by just laughed at them…

    • I really don’t give a $h!t about the PR anymore. people like this need to personally experience some ‘gun violence. Nothing else is going to stop them.

      All they have to do to be left alone is to leave us alone, and they never will.

      • I understand your exasperation but, if “we” mete out the force first, “they” will use that to show that we are the dangerous ones. My hope, possibly foolishly, is that they “f-around and find out,” via some clearly, unambiguously violent, first-strike. My hope is weak, however, given that we have already seen much of the populous accept phrases like, “Fiery but mostly peaceful protest.”

        • they feel at least some of us are easily provoked…based on some of the comments in here they may be right….

    • “Great strategy: Get all aggro up in the face of the guys who are armed.”

      Actually, it’s brilliant.

      Their ‘useful idiots’ do all the hard work (inhuman) bullet backstops, and if a few get shot dead, it will likely be on video. Then they will publish that video and spread it far and wide. “See? Look how violent they are! We must ban guns. Elect me, and I’ll appoint proper Leftist Scum ™ justices to the Supreme Court, who will overturn Heller/Bruen!”.

      The puppet-masters behind them won’t get hurt, only the stupid useful idiots, and they have an effectively limitless supply of them…

  4. They are using the same tactics as the Prohibition movement. We all know how well that worked out. It kind of ridiculous though. They demand gun free zones to disarm people who obey the law. Get them. Then when people start getting mowed down in them by people who don’t obey the law blame gun owners who do obey the law for what happened.

  5. Let him spew his vitriol. Gun owners know when lethal force is allowed.
    Heck, he may even be saved by someone carrying concealed one day. 🇺🇸

  6. Clearly they want nothing to do with us so why have anything to do with them?

    I don’t know where this notion that breakups had to be mutual came from but they don’t. Only one party has to walk away.

    • Shire-man,

      As much as I like the “walk-away” idea, I don’t see that being a workable solution.

      First of all, I don’t like the idea of having to incur the giant expense of packing-up and moving to a location which is actually tolerant and accepting.

      Second of all, Far Left Pr0gressive True Believers will not be content if the rest of us walk-away–they will pursue us with ever greater demands.

      • Shire-man,

        My second point (Pr0gressives will pursue us with ever greater demands even if we walk away) is borne out of a simple fact: Pr0gressives have zero respect for us because they reject our inherent value and human dignity. And once you have no respect for someone, you almost invariably go on to treat them ever worse.

        I will present it another way. A wife-abuser has zero respect for his wife and rejects her inherent value and human dignity. Wife-abusers invariably start out with small insults and silly demeaning demands. And then wife-abusers invariably escalate to horrible insults and incredibly demeaning demands. Eventually, some/many wife-abusers escalate to raping and/or murdering their wives. As you hopefully realize, rarely can a wife in such a relationship simply walk away–the abusive husband will pursue her and continue his abuse. So it is with Pr0gressives who have zero respect for us and reject our inherent human value and dignity.

        Sadly, we are rapidly coming to the point where we will have to assertively stand-up to Far Left Pr0gressive True Believers–and that will almost assuredly require using physical force.

      • “they will pursue us with ever greater demands”

        Strong conservative states can offer a level of protection against even the federal government lunacy. Elections are still controlled at the state level. The key to winning long term (at anything) is to strengthen all red states, and convert a few purple ones. Along the way, the neocons have to be purged and replaced with populists.

        States can be like mini countries. That was the original intent. Don’t like gunz, but love murdering helpless babies? Move to California! Tired of being taxed to death, and your children being fed gay porn and trans indoctrination at school prior to the age of 9 (crazy, but that was the bill)? Move to Florida! The fed gov grew out of control because there was too much money and power for the taking. We don’t begin to fix that until we fortify the states.

        • Dude,

          “States can be like mini countries.” Can they, though??? I offer, for your consideration, two facts: (1) The “Biden” Administration’s reaction to various state freedom-oriented initiatives (like Drooling Joe’s reaction to taxpayer-supported anti-child-mutilation legislation), and (2) KKKalifornia’s plethora of laws prohibiting state officials from traveling to, or purchasing from, “red” states.

          Leftists are fascists, and they will NOT stop in their efforts to deny you freedom and human rights. If a ‘national divorce’ ever happened, they’d simply redouble their efforts to smear us, lobby other countries not to do business with us, etc.

          Remember the great C.S. Lewis quote: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

      • “Only one party has to walk away.”

        I’m not going anywhere.

        If they actually despise my country, they can leave…

        • they want to change it in a fundamental way that many of us would find repugnant…they’re not going anywhere either….

  7. Wait we are not pariahs already named and shamed whenever and wherever possible………….are they really out of ideas? Lately what they suggest is tame compared to everyday reality here in NY.

    • Words are one thing, video is a far more powerful message medium.

      Or job is to not get on video doing something stupid…

    • they’ve already got us a bit antsy about a public display of firearms….remember when i used to carry my guns to and from my car without a care in the world who saw me…not anymore…

  8. I live in Colorado and I’ve never even heard of “Colorado Newsline”. It is as much a source of news as some random guy’s blog. They are probably getting more clicks from this TTAG article than they have in the last 6 months.

    • Yeah, I live in CO as well and have never heard of this publication. Whether I know who they are or not, though, it is clear that they are not exactly in tune with a significant chunk of the population. Sometimes I think we just need to invite a million or so Denver folk out into the high country for a weekend of camping and education to fix several of the current ills in our state.

  9. the savagery the left uses when they confront those with whom they disagree.

    Yeah, if it’s five of them against one victim… Does anyone really believe these fukkin cowards would go after a person they KNOW is armed?

    • I’ve actually thought about that question a lot. They *claim* that they are terrified of people with arms and, yet, they call for confrontations with those same people. Hmm. I think that they know people who are armed are, almost entirely, completely reasonable – probably more reasonable than them – and they know that they will come to no harm by confronting those who are armed. Maybe, however, just maybe, some slightly unhinged guy with a gun will start the shooting and then they can claim that all the guys with guns are murder-death-killers and must be eradicated. It is the only somewhat rational explanation I can come up with for some in the anti community to call for their, presumably, unarmed followers to go out and attack people they know to be carrying guns for self-defense. It is not a completely ridiculous stratagem but, it has a fatal flaw. If, you send out a call to all those willing to risk death to turn the tide of public opinion and, they do it – well, if they don’t succeed then you have just sacrificed all of your willing cannon fodder.

      • Calling for and doing are two different things and IF they think ALL gun owners are “entirely, completely reasonable”, they haven’t met the right gun owner… You don’t need to be slightly unhinged to defend yourself… I am a firm believer in “Don’t fuck with old people, the older they get the less “life in prison” is a deterrent.”…

        • I think most of us are, in fact, pretty reasonable. I do, however, think that some of “them” don’t really comprehend the working definition of “self-defense.” Interestingly, that is still reasonably well comprehended by the average jury pool. It seems that, usually, not always, but, usually, the juries understand that if you f with the wrong old guy you get shot and that is on you. Absolutely, “life in prison” is not the same thing to me now as it was when I was twenty. Of course, that said, I bought my first “defensive” handgun when I was 19, so …

        • My first “defensive” firearms were a government issued 1911 and an M-14, also at 19…

      • Logical and coherent thinking is something Pr0gressives are not known for.

        They operate on pure emotional response. I would imagine these people watch a lot of drama thinking that level of response is normal. What for us is a 2 or 3 level response for them needs, on a 1-10 scale, an 11-15 reaction.

        • “They operate on pure emotional response.”

          They do that because it works come election time, and that gets them access to the political ‘levers of power’ that fascist crave…

    • Let’s not forget the enforcement arm of the Dem party likes guns too. Any type of conflict would benefit them because they control the news media, and thus the narrative.

    • Maxx,

      Well, to be fair, the “Left” did go after Kyle, even though he was openly carrying an AR. “FAFO” apparently isn’t just a meme – ask Grosskreutz. No one EVER accused Leftists in general, or ANTIFA in particular, of an excess of smarts.

      There are days I almost wish the Leftist/fascists would just throw down. It would be a short, bloody, and final confrontation. And we all know the gene pool needs a dose of chlorine.

      • MADDMAXX March 15, 2023 At 13:20
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        In the Rittenhouse adventure those morons were operating under a number of false premises (1) his original assailant erroneously thought he could intimidate the “kid” and simply overpower him “WRONG”, (2) the crowd thought “strength in numbers” would intimidate him and THEY could overpower him “WRONG”, (3) A clown brought a skateboard to a gunfight “WRONG”, (4) Grosskreutz thought producing a firearm would be sufficient to intimidate/distract Kyle and allow the crowd to overpower him “WRONG”!!! The one thing they all had in common? They assumed that a mob CAN intimidate ANYONE/EVERYONE… Just like the dumbass “Mr. AK-47” in Austin, guess it never occurred to HIM that someone else might also be armed, (fuk around and find out)… Harsh lessons were learned and hopefully noted by the mob,… I have no problem with taking the life of anyone stupid enough to present a life altering threat to me or those close to me, that’s why I pay for insurance to protect myself against a catastrophic financial burden and ensure that I will have proper legal assistance should that situation arise again…

        So, this senseless “MODERATION” in NOW a daily fuking thing? What is it THIS time, just my turn? Shit’s gettin OLD fellas, and I didn’t even say E S C O R T….

  10. Shame? 🤣
    In order to feel some degree of shame brought on by these babbling morons I’d have to give some weight to what they’re saying AND have some degree of remorse for being an avid gun rights supporter.
    My conscious is clear and their insults carry about as much weight as a “I know you are but what am I” from a 1st grader; which ultimately isn’t far from the intellectual level these baboons are operating at.

  11. Quentin Young doesn’t realize how extremely dangerous his incitement is.

    Not because a law abiding person would be someplace, for example, in a grocery store armed. But rather because the crowd to which he is appealing is not mentally stable when they get worked up. I’ve been there, being confronted by an anti-gun person to the point where they were about to physically assault me with an actual knife the grabbed from the store shelf. Thankfully the person was wrestled to the ground by store security because I was in a spot where I could not retreat very far and would have had no other choice if they came at me.

    I’ve dealt with these anti-gun fanatics up close and personal, not just this loony person at the a store but out on the streets. The majority let emotion take over and they get their selves spun up when they purposely go out of their way to confront a law abiding gun carrier simply going about their every day life and doing normal things like grocery shopping and they begin to provoke and even go to extreme of near or actual assault and sometimes with weapons in their hands.

    Heck, theses anti-gun fanatics already have these really weird self fed confirmation bias logic and thought patterns they see as perfectly normal. Its only a slight push of their own invented perception that will push them into thinking they are doing something somehow ‘heroic’ in going out of their way to aggressively confront an ordinary law abiding citizen carry a gun that’s not doing anything to anyone. I’ve even had them arrested when they started their stuff with me.

    Young doesn’t realize what he has done with his article. Its incitement to violence plain and simple.

    It only takes one of these anti-gun fanatics to read what he wrote and them think they have some sort of justification now to do what he says because its somehow ‘heroic’. And when they one person assaults an innocent ordinary law abiding citizen carry a gun not doing anything wrong and simply going abo0ut their life, guess what became a real possibility. So I guess to Young that life doesn’t matter.

    • Heck, even in this article pic substantiates (in part) what I posted above …the woman is grabbing the bull horn. Grabbing things of others when you are aggressively confronting them is frequently a prelude to assault, and even if she did not assault (even though in some jurisdictions it is if you grab someones stuff while being the aggressor) its overly aggressive and ‘unhinged’ to think you can grab other peoples stuff like that.

      • .40 cal Booger,

        See my comments above: Far Left Pr0gressive True Believers have zero respect for us and reject our inherent value and human dignity. That opens the door for all manner of abuse and harm. That situation is no different than how the Japanese ruling class viewed the Chinese or Korean people or how Nazi Germany viewed Jewish people at the onset of World War II.

        And in case other readers are unaware of how deeply depraved this can be, spend a few minutes researching how World War II Japanese military forces captured civilian Korean women and forced them to be “comfort women”–which involved forcible rape 25 to 30 times a day in order to provide “comfort” to Japanese military personnel.

        • Japan and Korea are now trying to form some sort of military alliance…but obstacles remain…even in the face of a common foe…

    • “Young doesn’t realize what he has done with his article. Its incitement to violence plain and simple.”

      Yes, it is. The question is whether he doesn’t know that or does know that and is willing to do it anyway and get someone, even one of “his own,” killed in the process.

      If he is willing to send a “follower” to his or her death then, one must ask, why? And, one must ask, how shall I respond?

      • one must ask, how shall I respond?

        If you have to hesitate to ask yourself THAT question you should probably leave your guns at home…

  12. Someone should dox this guy. Frankly, he should dox himself, being all proud of his anti-Constitutional stand on the Bill Of Rights. In our faces? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say.

  13. Given the extremely large number of women and minorities that have armed themselves in the last few years, is he really advocating shaming, humiliating, and making social pariahs out of women and minorities?

    • Notice the AP photo used above, on a pro 2A site no less. That will always be the narrative. They don’t care about reality. When it comes down to it, they literally cheer on privileged white kids running conservative minorities out of restaurants. Wrong politics = “You ain’t black!”

        • Either that or he has nothing else to offer. His position is an easy one to take these days and get published. You don’t even have to know how to write well. Chatbot would have done a much better job. The Left doesn’t even need that loser.

    • Given that we are in a country that uses democratic processes for determinations of who will lead and what rules will be imposed, numbers are, absolutely, the most critical bulwark we have. The more “underrepresented” who chose a side, the better.

      (Underrepresented is in quotes for two reasons: One, there are more women and, Two, it is a stupid term because representation is supposed to be proportional so, by definition, “minorities” – however you define, must have lesser representation.)

  14. Young and his ilk: “Guns and lawful gun owners are dangerous! They need to be disarmed because they go all berserk at the drop of a hat and start murdering people!”
    Also Yound and ilk: “Get in the faces of these wickedly dangerous, armed people and harass the shit out of them!”

    • Defens,

      He obviously never saw “Batman Begins”.

      Morgan Freeman: “Now, let me get this straight. You think that your client, one of the wealthiest, most powerful men in the world is secretly a vigilante who spends his nights beating criminals to a pulp… and your plan is to *blackmail* this person? Good luck!”

      Glenn Reynolds, of “Instapundit” fame, has a recurring meme about Leftist/fascists that “If we were all the vile things they call us, they’d be afraid to call us those things”, or some variation thereof. They always attribute THEIR motives to OUR actions. Which is how we got Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ortega, Chavez, etc.

  15. This guy drives a 2007 Toyota Yaris. He’s a nobody who can’t get a respectable job in the media, so he’s working at some alternative news outlet that’s online. Obviously, based on the nearly 20-year-old Yaris it pays what he’s worth.

    • Well, I drive a 30 year old Jeep so I’m not sure that vehicle valuation indicates worth. That said, I could drive my 30 year old Jeep right over the top of his 20 year old Yaris without any negative impact on me or my ride whatsoever. (/sarc, if needed.)

      • My go to when I need four wheels is either 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra or my fave the 2004 Navigator… My wife prefers my old 96 Buick Riviera to her new Mustang to drive to work…Owned the Mustang and the Lincoln since new (36000 and 98000 miles respectively) bought the Rivie about 20 years ago only has 80000 miles on it ALL are like new condition, I could buy anything I want but why? I prefer motorcycles and buy a new Harley every two or three years…

        • Nice! I am an unapologetic gear head who has, over time and partially due to local terrain, gravitated to 4x4s. My “old” Jeep is my daily, anywhere, driver and my wife’s Jeep is a 4 year old JL. I also have a big ass 4WD Ford F-250 and a couple of 50+ year old German toys that see asphalt when the sun is out and the weather is warm.

        • My main 4×4 is an H-2 stolen recovery bought at auction, replaced the drive train (missing) with a pumped up Cummins (converted to all mechanical) from an older Dodge D350 PU, added Dana 70 front and Dana 80 rear, 8 inch lift, not exactly a road runner but it will climb a wall and stand on the rear bumper… Most of my other stuff is older (60s) Mustangs and a couple of Fox bodies, but mostly Harleys…

        • MAXX and MyName,

          Don’t know if you’ve had the same experience, but my “old” 4WD still runs like a champ, with almost 130,000 miles on it. “Modern” 4WD vehicles just don’t seem to be made as sturdy. Have a friend who (foolishly; I warned him not to) bought a 2020 RAV4 for his camping trips, and has nothing but problems every time he takes it into the boonies. Around town, it runs fine . . . but that’s not what he bought it for. He’s had suspension problems, brake problems, etc. fairly consistently when he goes bushwhacking.

          The guy who bought my prior vehicle (a Ford F-150 4WD) bought it with nearly 200,000 miles on it, and is still driving it five years later.

        • Mine is “homebuilt” so I was able to pick and choose parts for their quality/durability and rebuild anything that might be questionable. Mine does not see highway use but is highway capable, use is measured in hours rather than miles… I expect it to last the rest of my life and well into that of my heirs… Don’t need a new anything, nothing out there is any more fun to drive or any faster on the street than my 03 Cobra and no new luxury SUV is any prettier or any nicer than my 04 Navigator…

      • Hell..I drive a 94 metro…and I get no respect at all!…but at least everyone knows it’s me coming down the street…now i’ve got to get one of those waving-Trump signs to put in the back window….

        • Hell..I drive a 94 metro…

          You need to put a Hemi in that thing with a big ol Roots blower and a couple of fat Holley double pumpers sticking out of the hood (might need to move the drivers seat to the back)… Your neighborhood will never be the same…

  16. Maybe it’s time that the biblical saying “…an eye for an eye…” is applied to a-holes like this. I’m tired of the threats and intimidation.

    This isn’t a discussion anymore. These a-holes are waging a no holds barred, one sided war against normal people and they represent an existential threat to our civil liberties.

    • “Maybe it’s time that the biblical saying “…an eye for an eye…”

      That “rule of justice” was setting limits. Thus, no matter your pain and/or loss regarding someone taking your tooth, you were not justified in taking their eye in revenge. In other words, what someone took from you, you could take from them….but no more.

    • the cops were the biggest threat to them…eliminating that was at the top of the list…now it’s our turn…

  17. May I suggest that Quentin start with the Crime section of any news outlet’s website. The Antwans, Taijuans, and Tyrones are readily available to “name, blame and shame” as gun owners and crime perpetrators.

  18. I think we should attend to the delusional, deranged things we’re seeing here and elsewhere. He said they need to “attend schools, shop at grocery stores and visit nightclubs without fear of being torn to shreds in a blast of bullets.”

    If he’s being sincere, he’s deeply disconnected from reality. I’ve been paralyzed by some of the delusional fears I’ve seen in leftists the last couple of years. A mother saying when she dresses her son for school, she doesn’t know if it’s the last time she’ll see him, because school shootings. Or parents out here in the SF Bay Area talking about standing guard outside their kids’ schools after Uvalde.

    These people are acting like they’re unaware that they live in a country with 330 million people. They appear to be seeing something on the news, a horror somewhere, and inferring that it’s, I don’t know, plausible or something in their lives. I don’t know how to trace the inference – we need research. They’re acting like we all live in the same small city or large town, and all of these things are happening in that town. It’s incredibly awkward and confusing.

    For all of human history until around 1900 for most, humans were only exposed to the behavior of maybe 2,000 people, say within a 100 mile radius. Plugging your mind and heart into the behavior of 330 million is a bad idea especially through this media landscape and how they feast on specific horrors. Add social media and it looks like it’s devastating, driving profound delusions.

    Notice the author didn’t refer to any change over time. He didn’t take a systematic approach, didn’t track anything, like the murder rate, or even the number of mass shootings. Yes, he would’ve used the inflated numbers that don’t even require fatalities, mostly gang violence, but he didn’t even bother. He took the leftist roll out of bed and whatever the numbers are right now, they’re awful, it’s a crisis, we can’t go to the store, etc.

    He’s completely missing the perspective and facts RKBA advocates would provide, but that’s expected. We really need to get better at communicating the basics.

  19. Fifteen Senate Republicans and 14 GOP members in the House of Representatives joined with Democrats to pass legislation expanding some background checks and dedicating billions of dollars to public safety programs.

    But other measures pressed for by many gun safety advocates remain perpetually stalled in Congress, including calls for universal background checks, national red flag laws, and an assault weapons ban.

    Many in law enforcement have long been advocating for a ban on assault-style weapons, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police, who say “the criminal use of semiautomatic assault weapons pose a grave risk to our officers and the communities they are sworn to protect.”

    The International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, an organization representing security personnel at institutions of higher education around the world, has called for similar action, indicating its members support “a ban on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines for civilian use.”

    But an outright assault weapons ban has proved a bridge too far many conservative Republicans who have strongly expressed their belief in the sanctity of the Second Amendment.

    “The irony is not lost on law enforcement,” said Juliette Kayyem, CNN National Security Analyst, who advises policing agencies on active shooter training. “The very politicians who say they support the police and are against crime are the same politicians who deny us responsible gun reform legislation or any means to get this weaponry off the streets.”

    • Without a hint of irony we would be better served having vending machine dispensed firearms and ammunition while actually locking criminals up for the crimes they commit by every objective study we have run here in NY. May vary by other states but it is essentially the same throughout the Northeast.

      • if they actually locked up criminals would there be 400 million guns in this country?…all these guns are a symptom…not the cause…

        • Being brutally honest and I am operating on the assumption that there are 700 million right now, if we locked up criminals congruent to the crimes they commit I would be amazed if we had 100 million guns in the country.

    • Where were you from 1994 to 2004, there WAS an “Assault Weapons Ban” for 10 years and it did absolutely NOTHING to lower crime or mass shootings they just used something else… Stop blaming the fucking gun and mimicking the Braindead POTUS and start blaming the sick assholes that have a need to kill innocent children in school and ordinary citizens going about their daily business… It’s NOT going to happen clown boy, give it a rest…

      • To Mad Man

        Only a retard would not realize that if you kept weapons out of the hands of maniacs we would not have mass shootings to the degree we have now. Has your dim witted brain ever realized that Europe and Asia do not have the mass shootings that we have because they have strict gun control laws or is this too far over your head and paranoia.

        Try again you failed.

        • No, I didn’t FAIL, it’s apparent that your form of stupidity is simply unassailable and I just made the mistake of assuming that I was directing my comment to an individual of at least marginal intellect, however your ignorance of past failures and your obstinate stance that removing guns will cure ALL the worlds ills and your refusal to recognize that if you remove one weapon those with the need/desire/proclivity to kill WILL find another way, makes it apparent that you are among those that must choose between breathing and basic thought processes in order to avoid overtaxing your limited brain function… Europe and Asia do not have as MANY mass shootings; however, they do have mass killings by other means, trucks, knives, bombs, poison gasses… We’re done here… Class dismissed…

        • Still planning on eliminating gun violence by eliminating gun owners?

          Only your Caravan of Death is capable of such an arduous task.

        • Only your Caravan of Death is capable of “ATTEMPTING” such an arduous task.

          Fixed it for ya…

      • In reality Mad Mann you tried to lie your way out this one. Europe and Asia have way less mass killings by all means even the ones you mentioned. Or did you think everyone was as dim witted as you.

        • The REALITY is that the United States ranks 55th in the WORLD for MASS killings INCLUDING Eropean AND Asian countries, I don’t know where you get your information but mine is from 2022/23. I understand your reluctance to admit you are wrong and it’s okay, it’s normal for those of limited intellect to attempt to assert their imaginary “superiority” over those who they perceive to be of a higher intellect than themselves… Get some help, you’ll feel much better, and you’ll find that you are much happier and more pleasant to be around…

        • Remove gangland shootings and check the ranking again (hint we do better than Finland) we have a gang problem and no amount of gun control will begin to make a difference with that.

      • there actually was no ban on these guns…it just forced the manufacturers to reconfigure them which cut into sales…

      • Either he couldn’t handle the shame or, like the rest of his antifa troop, they acquired their guns without the NICS check because they are all convicted felons. Most notably sex offenders.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      “Many in law enforcement have long been advocating for a ban on assault-style weapons, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police . . . “.

      And here I was, thinking all you ANTIFA sissies hated cops. I guess being stupid helps with your hypocrisy; you are literally too stupid to realize you just owned yourself.

      I don’t give a flying fornication what some blue-uniformed fascist thinks about MY rights. They are welcome, along with you, to osculate my anal sphincter.

  20. does he want to defund the police? then ban guns would like to see how that works out for him

  21. Note also the claim about firearms being the leading cause of death for children is false. I don’t know if this site has covered this misinformation before.

    To get that result, the CDC removed infants, which removed the three leading causes of death for children, and added adults aged 18-19, which doubled the number of firearms deaths.

    The leading cause claim is for ages 1-19, inclusive. For children, or minors (0-17), firearms are #4 last I checked, nearly tied with traffic accidents and one other that I can’t remember, maybe other accidents.

    Of course, smuggling the 18-19 year olds in is bringing in a lot of gang violence, not what people are thinking with “children”, and certainly not that it’s adults.

    Firearms as a cause of death is awkward in the list. It’s not commensurable with the other causes, like types of accidents or diseases. I wouldn’t think it’s useful to lump accidents, suicides, and murder/gangs into one bucket. Same with the “gun deaths” stat we often see, which is mostly suicides.

  22. 85 percent
    of us counties
    voted for trump
    in 2020
    as long as that many counties remain red
    the 2nd amendment

    • even it it WERE “repealed” it would change nothing. All those words on parchment do is to REMIND some who would otherwise forget that all to whom the God who made us gave life, have the RIGHT as part of that life to defend it. And that Second Article only is there to remind those who would deny that right that they cannot. That right persists with or without the words on parchment. Erase the words, or burn the parchment, the right remains.

      • “That right persists with or without the words on parchment. Erase the words, or burn the parchment, the right remains.”

        True, but we don’t live in a philosophy class. Exercising a repealed Constitutionally-protected right carries adverse consequences, restricting one to the absolute most dire circumstance, where loss of freedom, family and career is inconsequential.

        “Exercising” a repealed right in secret is just theater of the mind.

  23. Shouting fire in a theater was never intended to be an official legal opinion of the first amendment in the SCOTUS case in the early 1900s. some people just liked the phrase to beat limitations of freedom over people’s heads.

    it was actually anti-first amendment in its inclination. It was mostly rooted out in a SCOTUS 1969 decision.

    You can shout “Fire” in a theater. Can means ability and viryually all are able, or can, shout that word. if your intentions are evil and harm is caused, you might be held liable.

    That’s the difference between prior restraint (implying that you may never shout “Fire” in a theater and the ensuing chilling effect) and the First Amendment (You may speak your mind, but there may be good or bad consequences).

    If ever I’m in a theater that catches fire, I hope there is at least one person who knows they are able, and should shout “Fire”.

    So let’s stop using this stupid anti-liberty phrase.

    • You can’t yell fire in a theater, BUT, you don’t have to leave your vocal cords at home to enter the theater.

  24. @Chris T in KY

    “Bull Connor”

    Wow. Haven’t seen or heard that name in…i can’t remember when. Blast from the past.

  25. America IS in a cultural “SHIFT”.
    More and more American citizens are embracing their Second Amendment rights.
    All demographics, men, women, all recognizing the value of armed defense, after police stand down during riots, the new “EQUITABLE” justice system that immediately releases violent criminals right back onto the streets to commit more violence, and the “legalization” of crime, along with the outlawing of “policing”. All to balance the demographics of the prison population.
    The more violent and intimidating they get, in forcing their radical Anti-American agenda, the more Americans will see the need to exercise their second Amendment Rights!

  26. My response letter to the editor in Saturday’s March 4th Klamath Falls Herald and News in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Emily Strauss writes, “One wonders why there is some mistrust of government, or local politics.” My response: Distrust of government in general commenced back in the 1960’s with the abusive dictatorial socialist policies of Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), his anti-gun lieutenant in the U.S. Senate: Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut: framer of the oppressive discriminatory 1968 Federal Gun Control Act, Ted Kennedy, and both the corrupt Earl Warren and Warren Burger Supreme Courts! No…. distrust of our government started with these treasonous and socialist career criminal politicians, not with Richard Nixon and Watergate in the 1970’s. Two past letters of mine remain archived in the Herald and News archives at http://www.heraldandnews.com. They include: “Trump description would fit LBJ Well”: Herald and News: Tuesday, September 27th, 2016, and “Gun regs hint at class warfare”: Herald and News: Sunday, September 19th, 2019, respectively. At the local level perhaps the most corrupt municipality was Chicago, Illinois (Cook County) and the Daley Democrat Machine!

    When are the masses going to stop their idolatrous worship of football, sports, and athletics, and placing such ahead of civic responsibility, voter education, and holding our elected officials accountable to the electorate? Too, when are newspaper editors and journalists going to stop being morally and intellectually dishonest, and being a mouthpiece for the depraved Democrats, and censoring, covering up, and hiding the criminality of these career criminal politicians? And their deceitful vicious attack against firearms, innocent American gun owners, the NRA, and our Second Amendment heritage, while hiding behind the First Amendment!

    Our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia remain just as guilty and damnable in perpetrating this dishonest “LBJ/KGB” class warfare agenda! Is it any mystery more newspapers are failing and going belly up? Fortunately, there remains bulwarks against such political deceit, dis-information, brainwashing, indoctrination, and the dumbing down of the masses. Oh yes, the Communist Party is alive and well in the Oregon State Legislature in Salem with the treasonous “Bolshevik legislators” who receive big out of state money from anti-gun, abortion, and other subversive groups. Fight truth decay by subscribing to these honorable credible sources. On the Net:

    The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin at http://www.jbs.org and http://www.thenewamerican.com, respectively.
    JPFO, Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org. JPFO. Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” and is non-NRA affiliated.
    News With Views at http://www.NewsWithViews.com. Where reality shatters illusion! Especially honest writers such as Devvy Kidd, Coach Dave Daubenmire, and others.
    The Roseburg Beacon at http://www.theroseburgbeacon.com.
    Guns Owners of America at http://www.gunowners.org.

    Written and posted in total defiance and resistance courtesy of James A. Farmer Klamath County, Oregon. “Long Live The State of Jefferson!”

  27. Anyone who does not understand why the 2nd Amendment is more important today than at any other time in history needs only to read this…

    Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James is appealing a 2022 court ruling throwing out a state regulation over its glaring illegality. If successful, James’ appeal will restore the power to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration to arbitrarily detain American citizens for indefinite periods and force them into quarantine camps.



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