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The Wagoner County Oklahoma Sheriff’s office held an auction of guns from its property room on August 19. For a segment of the gun auction, the auctioneer was a boy, about 12 years old. He does an excellent job.  View the video on Facebook here.

The firearms went for surprisingly low prices, compared to most gun auctions that I’ve seen. The Marlin .22 rifles went for about $100 and Browning patent Auto-5 type shotgun brought only $200.

The Sheriff had about 300 firearms collected in the property room over the last 30 years. The guns ranged from a WWII .30 caliber carbine to a semi-auto version of the Thompson sub-machine gun. There were Marlins, Remingtons, Winchesters and a host of lesser known brands. The lot included about 120 pistols, from GLOCKs and Smith & Wessons to Rohm revolvers and Davis Derringers.

The proceeds from the auction hasn’t been announced yet, but is expected to total about $50,000. The money will be used to purchase new equipment for the Sheriff’s office.

Some police departments still follow the old, superstitious practice of destroying guns that are unclaimed property, forfeited, or turned in to peace officers. A number of states, including Arizona have banned the practice, so that valuable resources can be used for the benefit of the taxpayers. The Arizona Supreme court recently ruled that the City of Tucson could no longer ignore the state law, and must sell the legal firearms rather than pay to have them destroyed.

A list of the guns that were sold in Wagoner County can be seen here.

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  1. “The Arizona Supreme court recently ruled that the City of Tucson could no longer ignore the state law”

    Without fail, rulings like this are only necessary against Democrat run cities.
    I weep for our country.

  2. Tuscon should have to pay the tax payers back the value of there tomfoolery and I hope when voting time is in they get the ass (plural I’m sure) out of there

  3. As to the low prices, maybe the guns could only be sold to ffls. That’s pretty common for law enforcement agencies. “I know how we can make money for the taxpayer. Sell things only to middle men.”

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