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The Skynet Anti-Drone shotgun shells have gotten a lot of press lately, and received more than their share of hype. Are they really worth it?

TAOFLEDERMAUS, Wide Open Spaces video contributor and ammo tester, goes through the paces to find out.

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    • Why not simply use YouTube embed code? This video player sucks. Webmaster, you listening? If this is wordpress there are tons of better video plugins.

  1. I think the method that these shells use to bring down drones is having the string entangle the rotors, not causing physical damage to the drone. In other words, exactly what they DIDN’T test.


  2. First off… I do NOT appreciate ANY auto-playing videos. FULL, F*CKING , STOP.

    Do us a damn favor and do NOT link ANY more videos from ANY sourced that does this.

  3. Not normally one to comment here, but I enjoy this site and would rather like to keep reading it: The auto play videos need to go the way of smart guns……… they need to stop existing. Places with auto play get blacklisted in my book, just like CNN.

    • Same here. Mostly lurker.

      Even during previous ad issues I’ve kept my ad blocker disabled for TTAG.

      Auto-play is where I draw the line. If this keeps up, I’m gone.

  4. I agree with others. Autoplay videos are bad.

    Also, terrible idea. You’d be surprised how many drone owners are also gun owners. You start shooting, don’t be surprised if someone returns fire.

    • If they are illegally surveiling the property and the toy is brought down with gunfire let’s see how big their balls really are.

  5. Third auto-play video in as many days. I REALLY like this site, but a few more days of this and y’all will have lost me. Few things worse in a website than autoplay videos. I’ll take intrusive pop-ups, terrible AdobeFlash ads for inappropriate items in the side bar, tracking cookies out the ass, and a cluck-ass interface over a perfect website with auto-play videos, any damn day. Based on comments I ain’t alone in this. You guys way want to re-consider.

  6. If you could make them cheap enough, drones would make a fun skeet/trap target.

    If our government, or a foreign bad-actor can’t make them cheap enough, they would still make a fun skeet/trap target.

  7. For the umpteenth time, if the projectile is longer than it’s diameter it will not stabilize unless the barrel is rifled. And if the base is heavier than the nose it will swap ends in flight. Stop trying to reinvent the slug.

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