Colorado Sheriff Won't Seize Guns
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Weld County Colorado Sheriff Steve Reams believes in the oath he took upon becoming sheriff. So much so that he’s told CNN that he would rather go to jail in contempt of court than seize peoples’ guns without due process.

Colorado Sheriff Won't Seize Guns
Weld County CO Sheriff Steve Reams. Courtesy WCSO.

Reams’ radical defense of residents’ due process rights even attracted the attention of The Drudge Report.

Colorado Sheriff Won't Seize Guns
Courtesy Drudge Report

Of course, Reams’ position doesn’t sit well with CNN. Here’s the intro to their story:

Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams disagrees so much with a gun bill making its way through the Colorado legislature that he’s willing to go to jail rather than enforce it.

“It’s a matter of doing what’s right,” he said.

He’s not the only one who feels so strongly.

The controversial “red flag” bill aims to seize guns temporarily from people who are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.

Colorado’s state Senate passed the bill Thursday by a single vote, without any Republican support, and the bill is expected to pass the House, possibly this week. With Democratic majorities in both chambers, state Republicans have too few votes to stand in the way.

But more than half of Colorado’s 64 counties officially oppose the bill. Many have even declared themselves Second Amendment “sanctuary” counties in protest.

Failure to enforce a court order to seize a person’s guns could mean sheriffs being found in contempt. A judge could fine them indefinitely, or even send them to jail to force them to comply.

Reams says it’s a sacrifice he’d be forced to make.

Like Colorado, Illinois has lots of gun sanctuary counties. However, I don’t know of any Illinois Sheriffs who have expressed a willingness to spend time in jail rather than seize guns without due process. Or sheriffs in any other state for that matter.


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  1. Weld County Colorado Sheriff Steve Reams is a Constitutional sheriff and one worthy of the voters support and confidence in as sheriff,if only that were the case county by county across the nation.

    • County by County, one Sheriff at a time is our only hope, I think. Reforms must come from the bottom up. The top is too corrupt to provide anything other than violent oppression.

    • “Weld County Colorado Sheriff Steve Reams is a Constitutional sheriff..”

      Ironically, the rad-libs will call him a fascist and the media won’t not agree.

    • If the judge finds him in contempt I think the sheriff should have the judge arrested.
      BTW, I think the one carrying guns has the upper hand.

      • The sheriff is the one that CAN arrest him, a judge would be ordering him to violate someone’s Rights. That is according to the Law of the Land which nobody is above.

    • There’s a rather easy solution to this.
      The sheriff goes to Joe Public’s house that has been red flagged.

      Sheriff: “Hey Joe I’m here to take your guns. You don’t have them here any longer do you?”
      Joe: “Why as a matter of fact I can’t find them lately.”
      Sheriff: “Boy sorry to hear that Joe. OK, see ya later”

      No muss. No fuss.

      You can’t fire a public servant for doing a crappy job.
      That’s situation normal.

    • I live in Weld County. I have had conversations with Sheriff Reams. I like him and his thoughts. I liked his predecessor, John Cooke. They are very similar. Cooke is now a Colorado Senator and is staying very true and consistent in his beliefs.

  2. Will he be firing any officer who attempts to enforce these laws as well? Will he ask applicants if they are unwilling to enforce this law?

    • If it is anything like California and our “sanctuary laws”, then yes. It’s actually a crime for the cops to assist/enforce federal immigration law enforcement/laws.

      • It’s not like that. He can’t create legislation, even on a local level. An order from a judge is one thing that directly overrides discretion, as well; i.e. a cop can decide not to give someone a ticket for speeding but when given a warrant or other court order he or she “SHALL” arrest, etc.

        So he actually would be risking problems.

        • Strange that you should bring that up, as it is almost exactly what happened to Jim Trafficant the first time around. He refused to serve Court Orders to remove a large bunch of people from their homes in Youngstown, OH., so they could be sold at a Sheriff’s sale. He did not have the power to cancel the Judge’s orders, but he did have the power to stick the whole stack in a drawer and not serve them.
          As was said elsewhere on this page, public servants NOT doing their jobs is just situation normal. The Judge had zero power to force the Sheriff to bend to his will, but he WAS able to trump up some charges and appoint an interim Sheriff. But Trafficant was acquitted of the trumped up charges at trail and ended up in Congress for 17 years instead. For some reason the people of his County liked him not being bought and paid for by the ruling elites.

        • If the judge issues an unconstitutional order then a law enforcement officer should not be obligated to carry it out. This Colorado law is simply an attempt to circumvent due process.

        • That’s the problem in America today. So many people that do not understand that The Constitution IS The Law of the Land. Leftists who hoodwink folks into thinking a problem exist such as (so-called Evil Guns) try to circumvent the law (constitution) by any means (by hook or by crook, mostly by crook). They ARE the LAW BREAKERS period. If everyone in the country wanted to get rid of the 2nd. Amendment accept 1 person, the constitution still stands. If no one supported it, that would be another issue. There will never be a time when not a single person will support it accept when Our Creator returns. Then and only then none of us will need it. He will be our life. Until then, no one has the RIGHT to defeat the constitution in ANY part. If they do…….they are the law breakers. So leave the Sheriffs alone to carry out the oath they took when they entered their office to uphold the Constitution and protect it from ALL ENEMIES both from abroad and domestic. If you support the infringement of the 2nd. Amendment, then YOU are the law breaker period!

    • CNN – official propaganda mouthpiece of the DNC and all things “Progressive”. Their thousands of minutes reporting on “collusion” stories pretty much confirm my statement…at this point, RT and CCTV have 1% more credibility than CNN.

      • If Sheriff Reams’ actions to uphold constitutional due process when it comes to gun seizures don’t sit well with CNN (Communist News Network), then he is doing it the right way.

  3. The Sheriff is your friend

    Alll Sheriffs are sworn to uphold our Constitution and will do so ! This is one Example.
    Get the bums out of office that are creating these unlawful so called laws. Civil Disobedience is the answer here.

    • That, and to study the differences between the so-called laws, or Statutes, part of the “codes annotated” in each State, and real laws. Start with what “codes” actually are. Information hidden away from all of those who do not possess the key to said encoded information…

    • No they aren’t your friend that’s why they are making such a fuss over the one who is trying to keep his word. Over half have no problem using lethal force to unconstitutional seize guns.

    • Yes, just like Sheriff Isreal down there in Broward County!! Did you see they way he fought against Dana Loesch and the evil NRA for your right to be free from the scourge of gun violence? /sarc/

      “more than half of Colorado’s 64 counties officially oppose the bill” ….. what about the other half of those county Sheriff’s?

    • Sheriffs are hardly different than chiefs. I can hear you now: But the sheriff is elected by the peOpLe!

      Yeah? Those people are often idiots. Unless you’re already in a rural area, you’re not going to see this. It’s happening here because state law happens to be getting set by a liberal stronghold. But if you happen to be in that liberal area instead? Don’t expect your sheriff to help you.

  4. The next James Trafficant?
    Before serving nine terms as a US Congressman, Jim Trafficant was a County Sheriff who was unlawfully jailed and removed from his job as Sheriff. He fought back, refused all plea bargains, and was acquitted by a Jury. The powers that be had already appointed a replacement Sheriff that did their bidding, so he ran for Congress instead.
    He spent the next 17 years in Congress, so if they go the same route with Mr. Reams, I hope he will do the same. Perhaps he will be an even bigger pain in the system’s ass than Mr. Trafficant was.
    The following is the best speech Trafficant ever made. IMO, naturally:
    Watch it fast. Good videos don’t last long on googletube these days…

    • Let’s hope he’s nothing like Traficant.

      Traficant was expelled from the House because he was convicted of taking bribes, filing false tax returns, racketeering and forcing his aides to work at his farm and on his houseboat. For his crimes, he served a seven-year prison sentence.

      • You left out the part about his ‘trial’ being a secret star chamber hearing with all(if any) evidence and testimony being sealed away from public view. Still, even now, more than a decade later. That hardly lives up to our Constitutional protections about “due process” does it?
        The only time ever, at least in the US. So far. But as we become ever closer to the banana republics, we act like them more and more.
        But I would agree, let’s hope if that happens, he does better than just being a thorn in the system’s side until they just remove him. Unlawfully. Again. Just like the first time, except for the secret star chamber part. It would appear that they learned a few things when Trafficant made fools of them in his public trail the first time around.

  5. CNN has no problem with Sanctuary Cities/States and illegals. Trouble must not have reached their backyards or gated communities, yet. (Great meeting last night! Lots of good legislature/law info.)

  6. “Colorado Sheriff Won’t Seize Guns Without Due Process, Even If It Means Jail For Him”

    Sheriffs across the country have been saying this for yrs, now let us see if they’re true to their word…

    • Colorado Sheriff’s are True to Their Word. They will stand together to help fight for the Little Man. We now have a few in the Colorado Legislature that decide they know more than the people that voted them in. Sorry we do disagree with the New Governor and a few in the Colorado Legislature. It seems that those in office tend to forget that its our Money before they get paid. Funny how that works. The Colorado Legislature and the Colorado Government work for the State of Colorado and it seems that you can’t stand to be wrong. id you not place your hand on the Bible when you were sworn in? So Perhaps you in the Colorado Legislature need to take a step back and realize that your suppose to compromise with the People who voted for you. Perhaps you need to think about that for a little while. We can all get along as long as you meet us half way. God Bless our Sheriff’s They truly do keep us safe and sound. Please respect them.

    • Lawful due process it might be, but without proper compensation for private property, the law is still sh*t.
      With eminent domain enforced by a hostile government, if your guns and rights to self-defense can be taken, your finances and land can be forfeit, too. Down that road lies servitude.

    • A Court Order might follow some STATUTE(also known as; “codes annotated”), but it will never be “due process”. Unless the accused is brought to a public trail, allowed to face the accuser, allowed to cross examine, call their own witnesses and introduce evidence, and all the other things that go along with due process, it’s just the State throwing their weight around unlawfully.
      A secret order followed by property seizures simply don’t cut the due process mustard. No matter what some creepy porn lawyer says on CNN.

      • Furthermore, a court order for a search warrant or arrest warrant is based upon tangible evidence and/or sworn testimony that someone already committed a crime. Versus the “red flag” process of an unsubstantiated claim that the subject of the order is somehow “dangerous” even though he/she has not yet committed any crimes.

        That, ladies and gentlemen, is most certainly NOT due process.

        • RIGHT! Take for example the FAKE Dossier against President Trump. That was the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that did that. They have been so used to getting away with garbage like that for decades now, so they think it’s the status quo! We as a country need to get back to it’s roots and stand up for our Constitution again. It’s only the people that can make the liberals accountable for all the damage they have done to our system of government. More conservatives need to come out in DROVES and vote those creeps out of office and keep them out. Trump in 2020…………..Liberals need not apply.

    • A court order to seize anything can only be lawful if it was arrived at by due process. The order it’s self isn’t due process. In the legal sense, due process isn’t whatever the court wants it to mean, but rather the statutory process…in the case of relieving someone of their core civil right to keep and bear arms the process includes quite a bit more than a witness affidavit being received by the court and on that alone granting such an order.

      I seriously doubt ERPOS could pass the smell test for constitutionality. There are serious, non-novel issues to be raised with the 1A, 2A, 4A, and 5A…and if only half the counties in a state are enforcing the law it may also be arbitrary and thus unconstitutional…Nd while I’m not a lawyer, I suspect there are prior restraint issues as well. ERPOS aren’t just bad policy, not merely tyrannical, but a rolling dumpster fire of constitutionality issues.

      • And it’s even worse than that. In many places these ERPOs don’t even require a sworn affidavit, or even a written complaint. Just an anonymous phone call is sufficient to send the police after anyone that you happen to dislike. This is not protection in any form, nor even an attempt at identifying a ‘pre-crime’.
        This is nothing more than allowing using the police as a harassment tool against anyone that one chooses, for any reason, or no reason at all. Again, yet another abuse that is too extreme for people to tolerate for long.

    • Now we have what are called general warrants which are unconstitutional…
      To take a firearm away from a citizen is an infringement and without a valid warrant being available or signed is true tyranny. A person deemed dangerous either by untrained or trained officials needs to be treated as a medical issue not a Rights chilling act. A sheriff has authority over all other LEOs especially the federal government who have very little power of law in a state.
      When “red flag” police are at your door they have no Right to enter unless you allow it. Once inside they will take everything they want. Good luck on retrieving items.
      “Red flag” is the most invasive and unconstitutional violation and the final straw for numerous citizens who now vow to not obey any gun control laws which are all illegal infringements. The 2nd Amendment was written with this very scenario in mind.

    • They’ll always have a market as there is a hardcore 20% or so of the population that suffers from terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome and yearns to be lied to.

      • I think the sheep defend the lies so hard because they fear that if the truth is told, their feed bag might get taken away. They’re so helpless and dependent upon their ‘superiors’ that they fear any suggestion of change. Like in this video discussion;

  7. Great, but…will it truly make a difference? The communists have no choice but to follow their narrative. They have already uncoupled from any semblance of rationality or due process. This is not a game or a civilized process. When all is said and done, in these situations, the winner is the one who takes old H.L.s’ advice. It’s time…find your black flag and proceed as your conscience dictates. Every so oftenthe time comes when another generation has to learn that America and Americans will only put up with so much. F-K-A.

      • H.L. Mencken, who said “there are times when every red-blooded male must be tempted to send the black flag up the mast and start slitting throats” or something to that effect.

        • “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

          He has another one, applicable to Leftists :

          “An idealist is one who, on noticing that a rose smells better than a cabbage, concludes that it makes a better soup.”
          ― H.L. Mencken, A Book of Burlesques

  8. Good on this Sheriff, but the powers that be out there will just bypass him and send the State Police, who I bet won’t care at all about enforcing this.

    • Yeah. We need Sheriffs to actively oppose State Police who set-out to enforce such heinous, unconstitutional bologna.

  9. ERPOs by themselves are a dangerous enough idea. But what happens in five or ten years when they become automatic and mechanized based on any number of criteria?

    Lose your job? ERPO.
    Get a traffic ticket? ERPO.
    Wife files for divorce? ERPO.
    Write mean words on the internet? ERPO.
    Have an unapproved opinion on any one of a variety of topics? ERPO.
    Somebody called you an eeeeevil white supremacist? ERPO.

    It is the nature of government to continuously expand, and the only way for it to do that is to annex authority it previously did not have. Converting a right into a privilege that requires licensing, paperwork, permits, and that one stay inn the good graces of government is a fast task into losing that right forever.

  10. Wonder what us gunnies will do if it ever comes down to it? He’s standing for us. Anyone gonna stand for him?
    I figure if there really is a line in the sand, this would be it. If this man spends even a day in custody, we have failed as Americans.

  11. “uncommon_sense says:
    April 1, 2019 at 11:45
    Yeah. We need Sheriffs to actively oppose State Police who set-out to enforce such heinous, unconstitutional bologna.”

    Yeah. Now what are you going to about it?????????

    • I am ready, willing, and able to be a Sheriff’s posse member and stand beside any Sheriff who actively upholds my state and United States Constitutions.

      • That’s how Sheriff Mack sent the feds packing from Graham County, AZ, back in the 1990s. Deputized a bunch of volunteers and met them at his County line. Stood there and told them if they set a foot in his County they’d be arrested, jailed, and stand trail.
        After a load of threats and attempts at intimidation, the feds left with their tails between their legs.

    • A sheriff has authority in the county over local police and state police plus federal law enforcement. Levels of government have manipulated media over the years to make this seem otherwise and federal government has touted the FBI and ATF as supreme beings but they are merely bully agencies who make up “precedent” to civilians and have been glorified by Hollywood. They are not the kind and decent protectors of America as propagandized but afterthoughts in larger cities that muscled their way into power. Just look at the history of J Edgar Hoover…
      Police are not any part of our Constitution and actually not needed, necessary or functional as ridding us of crime in the least but drains on taxpayers earnings without choice. Ruling by force and intimidation.

  12. I say bullsht, when the bullat bites the bone that Sheriff will cave. Big talk,” I will go to jail before I ,,,,” until he has to.

      • That was presumption wasn’t it. However it’s been my experience that most humans with authority will boast of what they will do until the time comes when they lose their positions. I guess we will see, perhaps. 3 hipoints to your Glock he caves

        • Bet he doesn’t and there are a lot of Sheriffs in this State that will back him up. They have already said they would . The Sheriffs in Colorado are real and true to their word. Here in Colorado we all know what they will do for us. Citizens of Colorado are backing up their Sheriffs. There are a lot of Sheriffs in Colorado know their own Citizens. A lot of us have lived here long enough to be fully acquainted with them. We Love our Sheriffs. We will never do anything just to embarrass them.

  13. On this one Possum is medium rare. I am of the mind that “the tree of liberty…” is the correct answer to this multi choice question. But then I’m old and don’t give a damn any more. We need an “Old man Army”. Too old to run and don’t like “the man” infringing my/our rights. Maybe post us on the border with free ammo. Cap some drug runners and watch the poo hit the rotary air impeller.

  14. I read that the county that has Lubbock Texas sheriff has told the powers that any Leo angency coming to disarm his citizens will be met with his SWAT team

  15. I hope there are many more morally grounded Sheriff’s out there. Because it will be these morally grounded Sheriff’s who will protect the citizens against an immoral government. Morality has very little to do with sex. And you don’t have to be a perfect person to be morally grounded.

  16. What they really need to do is remove all civil and Criminal immunity from County District Attorney’s/ prosecutors and judges.. since they are the ones making the decisions.. they are the ones that need to lose money or their freedom when they are wrong..
    Next, they need to remove immunity from the state.. if their unconstitutional law causes anyone legal fees or incarceration.. the state must pay punitive damages to the victims.. and if any guns are confiscated, the state must reimburse the gun owner the cost of the firearms (if they are unrecoverable)..

  17. Good for him!! He’s got my support. When I think about the fascist Police “States” that exist throughout this country, maybe I’ll think about moving to Colorado!!!

  18. Victims Win when Criminals Pay!
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  19. any law on its face that a sheriff deems in violation of the constitution the sheriff has the right to refuse–no judge has the authority to demand a sheriff make an arrest–the sheriff gets his power from the constitution –judges are elected pieces of crap –now if the law has been tested to the supreme court to not be in violation then we have a problem and the sheriff may be called to task but cannot be arrested– to not enforce a law is not criminal there are a thousand excuses that can be used to delay-delay-delay–have no fear no sheriff will be arrested–

  20. I think this Colorado sheriff has a lot of guts. I own a S&W .357 Magnum 4″ revolver for home defense only, and I wouldn’t be too happy if anybody tried to take away something I paid $726 for. I can understand a ban on assault type weapons like an AR15, what are you going to do, hunt rabbits with it? But for somebody to arbitrarily state that someone is mentally unfit to possess a firearm is crazy. This is going to go all the way to the US Supreme Court.

    • Cant figure out if you’re just uninformed or possibly a plant. Do you actually believe your Smith would somehow be exempt in the future?

      • From his comment I assumed that he was one of Lenin’s “useful” people…either that or a seriously deluded FUDD.

        To answer his question regarding AR-15’s: “I told you, it’s for rabbits” – Bob Valdez (Burt Lancaster in the movie ‘Valdez is Coming’ 1971)

  21. We need the supreme court to get involved on this back door attempt at confiscating guns without due process. If people showed up to take my gun because someone said I might harm myself, I can’t imagine how I would have to respond to that threat on my rights without due process. I live in Vermont where drugs are prolific and I need my gun to protect my family from people stealing for drug money. This Colorado Sheriff is completely within his rights.


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