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From XS Sights . . .

XS Sights is excited to introduce R3D 2.0 tritium night sights. These new and improved second-generation R3D notch and post tritium sights are engineered to give gun owners a brighter, stronger set of self-defense sights that are even easier to install than the original models and built to withstand years of EDC use and abuse.

Designed to drive focus downrange, the new R3D 2.0 sights feature significant improvements from their gen 1 counterpart. The two rear tritium dots are bigger and brighter than those in the original R3D. The new sights also have a PVC ring surrounding the rear sight lamps for a more defined edge to improve sight picture and further differentiate the front dot from the rear sight lamps.

The rear sight is also blacked out and serrated to reduce glare. When paired with the high-contrast, orange or green dual-illuminated photoluminescent Glow Dot front sight with a tritium vial, the R3D 2.0 provides more visible indexing for precision alignment. This front sight is wider than many on the market – 0.145” – and its Glow Dot activates after absorbing ambient light to glow in low light while the tritium lamp is self-luminous, glowing in low or no light for 12 years.

Say goodbye to filing and hammering. The new EasyPress features built into the dovetail of the R3D 2.0 rear sight eliminate these steps. XS has paired a crush zone with a lead-in edge which reduces the force needed for installation by up to 50%. The directional lead allows the sight to be pressed over 1/3 of the way through the slide’s dovetail before making full contact. After full contact is made between the sight wall and dovetail, the crush zone begins to collapse, making final installation easy. The new sights also have a BlackNitride finish with double the corrosion resistance of the original black oxide surface treatment.

“R3D 2.0 night sights are a top choice for those seeking advanced precision and accuracy in their everyday carry handguns. Installing them is a breeze with a sight pusher, and once they’re in place, they’ll stand up to years of use,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “R3D 2.0 is the brightest notch and post option available. These sights are engineered to align quickly and accurately, especially in low-light conditions, making them ideal for people who rely on their firearms for personal defense in any situation.”

The new R3D 2.0 sights are currently available for the following:


  • All models – Standard height and suppressor height


  • M&P/M&P 2.0 Standard Models (Novak style rear sight) – Standard height
  • M&P/M&P2.0 C.O.R.E. (optics ready) – Standard height and suppressor height
  • Shield/Shield 2.0/Shield Plus/Shield OR/Equalizer – Standard height

CNC machined in XS’s Ft. Worth, Texas facility, these rugged R3D 2.0 sights are built to stay on your gun, after drops and countless rounds fired.

Retail Price: $131.99-$142.99

For more information, visit

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  1. As soon as I bought my Glock 43 I installed a set of XS Sights. The big dot w/shallow V notch rear w/tritium post. Reminds me of express sights on an African rifle. They have given excellent service. They are very fast at close range. They were supposed to be. They also give surprising accuracy at range. A good investment. Never looked back.

  2. Because the sights sound good and the Mfg. is in my favorite state I checked for Sar9 sights and they do not stock those yet. I used bright Night Fision sights for one of my Sar9s. Only issue with the N Fision Sar9 set was their wimpy tiny screw attached Glock front night sight when compared to the OEM Sar9 beefy steel front sight and screw. If XS converts the OEM Sar9 or an equivilant front sight to tritium I’m in. There is a company that converts OEM but they are too expensive.

    • Didnt the sar screw have a bigger sar hole, I’m not seeing how you put a wimpy screw in a big sar hole
      Heli coil?

  3. I don’t get the point of photoluminescent sights. “Hold on while I stick my gun under this lamp for a few seconds.”

  4. a little cleo and a thyristor= scamania.
    these have tiny reactors like neon bikinis.

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