XS AR Upper & Lower Receiver Armorers Block
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If you’ve ever built your own AR platform rifle — or even if you like to work on yours — you know the value of a good armorer’s block. XS Sights has just announced a versatile block that will hold your upper or lower on a variety of AR and related rifles. Here’s their press release . . .

XS Sights is pleased to introduce its newest armorers block for AR platforms. The XS AR Upper & Lower Receiver Armorers Block is designed to allow gunsmiths or do-it-yourself enthusiasts to hold an AR-15/M4, AR-10, SR-25 or DPMS GII receiver in a bench-mounted vise to assemble, modify or maintain almost every AR pattern modern sporting rifle available.

“Most armorers blocks will only fit one specific style AR rifle,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager for XS Sights. “Our gen 2 block provides versatility, allowing the user to work on upper and lower receivers of almost any AR pattern rifle. It’s virtually a one-size-fits-all solution.”

XS AR Upper & Lower Receiver Armorers Block

Made in the USA from 6061 T6 aluminum, the versatile, durable, and reliable XS Armorers Block comes with pins to lock in the receiver and fitment screw for the AR 15 lower. To allow bracing into the mag well of AR10 lowers, XS offers a 3D printed adaptor plate for purchase. For those who prefer to print their own, access to prints for the adaptor plate are available free of charge at xssights.com. The Armorers Block works with a DPMS patterned 308, DPMS GII, Armalite Rifle, and standard AR 15/10 pattern rifles.

Retail Price: $83.00

For more information, visit www.xssights.com.

All XS Sights are backed by a 10-year, No Questions Asked Warranty and XS’s 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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  1. From the pics I can see the lower being held, but how does it hold the upper for like a barrel change?

    I use the Magpul BEV Block now, not sure this would really add anything for me.

    • Those pins hold the upper to the block in the same way the upper pins to the lower. The two holes to the right would be to accommodate the different lengths of AR15 and AR10 uppers.

      For a barrel change I’d stick with the BEV block though. You don’t want that much torque going through the upper.

      • Ok, I see it now that you pointed it out.

        Yeah, I’m gonna stay with the Magpul BEV. I like the idea of engaging the barrel extension like it does with the lugs, and I’ve never had a problem with it over the numerous barrel changes I’ve done over time and I can flip it over to hold the lower and it does a good job with that too. So I’ll just stick with what I know works, and besides the BEV is $30.00’ish cheaper.

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