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Hunter Biden is a name you may have been seeing in the news lately. If, that is, you’re allowed to see such reports. Anyway, The Blaze has just published a report of a gun-related incident involving Joe Biden’s notorious son that took place in 2018.

A source with knowledge of the situation has revealed to TheBlaze that in October 2018, Hunter Biden’s handgun was taken from his vehicle without his knowledge by Hallie Biden — the widow of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Beau — and she placed it in a garbage can outside a Delaware supermarket.

Because of course she did. Isn’t that the approved method for disposing of a firearm you no longer want? Remember, this is the son of the man who wants to enact a federal safe storage law.

The theft of the gun and the unorthodox disposal method was reported to local police. When the trash can in question was searched, the gun was gone. The most shocking aspect of all this is that no arrests were made.

Delaware State Police on Thursday told TheBlaze the case was referred for a decision on prosecution to the Delaware Department of Justice, which has not yet returned TheBlaze’s request for comment on this case.

You don’t say. Two years later.

It’s good to be part a media-protected son of the Big Guy.

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  1. Crackhead hunter was OK with it.
    The sister in law left his crack pipe in the vehicle.
    Trump/Pence 2020

    • Making fun of Hunter’s addiction is as insensitive as making fun of you for being a half wit.

      Trump/Pence 2020

      • The addiction is his choice; he wan’t born with it. What is the problem of making fun of a person’s behavior? Have you been over-trained in sensitivity courses?

        • “The addiction is his choice; he wan’t born with it. What is the problem of making fun of a person’s behavior? Have you been over-trained in sensitivity courses?”

          My position in making fun of crackhead hunter goes beyond his personal choice to act like a total POS.
          It comes from the fact that due his his lofty position in life (offspring of the elite class), he still made the decision to act in the manner he’s now known for.
          Poor hunter, being in a position to grab the world by the balls, yet too busy sucking its d!ck to notice! Nope, no compassion here.
          I’ll save my compassion for those who ACTUALLY have to live a hard life that leads them to make bad choices. Not some spoiled turd who worked for NOTHING he has!
          Anyone not like that? Sorry, not sorry!
          This reminds me of how I laugh hearing “the curse of the Kennedys'” in regard to private plane crashes, combining downhill skiing with football……..
          The Kennedy curse is nothing more then too much ego, money and leisure time. The very thing the leftards in hollywood, on Mad Ave, and in lamestream media dangle on a stick to make the monkeys dance for them.
          Trump/Pence 2020

      • Yeah……more making fun of the enabling of this hairball because he is slow-Joe’s son.

        He is a piece of shit, regardless of his addictions.

        The media protecting him just makes it hilarious in contrast to the media’s obsession with woke-ness.

        It is obvious the Bidens are entitled…. not woke.

        I’m sure Joe will make him drug czar if elected. Make use of Hunter’s vast experience.

        Cmon man!

        • Learned a new word…’nomemklatura’ ..thanks!

          Yes, people like that are above the law that is applied to us.

          There is probable cause to arrest Hunter Biden for sexual assault against a miner among other charges.

          I don’t care if Hunter wants to fry his brain, his choice. I want to know about Joe Biden and arresting Hunter and flipping him is one way to do it.

        • You learned a new Russian word today.

          “In the former Soviet Union) a list of influential posts in government and industry to be filled by Communist Party appointees.
          “the system of nomenklatura, which reserves important appointments to the Party apparatus”

          Using Russian slang, how very American of you!

      • The hell with sensitivity. I want to see more conservatives taking assertiveness training. More of us need to stand up to the progressive pukes and tell them where to go. Real men don’t care very much about your feelziez. Real women may care a little bit more than real men do, but, FFS, no one is going to tippy-toe around you and your feelziez. Real life calls.

      • Making fun of Hunter’s addiction is as insensitive as making fun of you for being a half wit.

        So, are you being ironic and actually stating that it’s okay to joke about Crack-head Hunter and therefore your own mockery attempts at JC are okay as well? OR are you admitting that your own futile joking at JCs expense IS actually insensitive AND your inability to add anything constructive to ANY subject I’ve seen you post on puts your total lack of sincerity on display…

        • Wow.
          Ignoring the trolls after providing a link showing a portion of my firearm collection (on Walther forums) sure didn’t result in diminishing returns. 😄
          I guess commenters on TTAG actually SUPPORT firearm owners, and like kicking the little turd trolls in the teeth.
          I wonder why none of the trolls commented on my extensive classic German handgun collection. Guess they’re not really into that sort of stuff. 🤪
          Makes me wonder what they’re doing on TTAG.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • If it’s so ‘futile’, you wouldn’t have responded, you sanctimonious clown. Keep feeding me, you pseudo-intellectual snowflake.

          Trump/Pence 2020

          • It must really suck to be you…

            you wouldn’t have responded, … Just hoping to help you raise your non-existant level of awareness…

        • Chewboxa….This fixation you have is not healthy…

          You have to learn to let go..Your BP will thank you for it.

      • You’re right. Let’s make fun of his decision to fuck his sister in law after his brother died.
        Except it’s not funny and we aren’t laughing.
        Total scumbag crackhead.
        Big guy will probably make him energy secretary. Or drug czar.

    • If Sleepy Joe doesn’t win the Presidency or a serious special prosecutor is appointed, Hunter Biden and Tony Bobulinski have the life expectancy of a Clinton law partner.

  2. Ahhhhhh, to be a royal! Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, Gotti, all the crime families with round the clock protection by the “media”!

  3. this from the wiki on beau:
    “Beau Biden married Hallie Olivere in 2002.”
    (beau died in ’15). again, from the wiki:
    “In 2016, Hallie Biden began dating Beau’s brother Hunter Biden.”
    she was snow white, but she drifted.

  4. The same sister-in-law he was “banging”? “Page Six” is part the New York Post who broke the last tale on Hunter.
    ““Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time, and that’s been obvious to the people who love us most,” Hunter told Page Six then. “We’ve been so lucky to have family and friends who have supported us every step of the way.””
    Why didn’t Hallie just give it to the police?

  5. Didn’t this clown get a Double D from the Navy, if so that should have disqualified him, I’m guessing plugs amended his separation papers to a Big Chicken Dinner.

    • It’s actually rather difficult to get a dishonorable discharge. You have to be court martialed to get either a DD or a BCD. I did a search to find out what Hunter got – turns out it was “administrative”. I suspect that it was “other than honorable”, but I know that people appeal their discharges and successfully get them upgraded.

      • Big Chicken Dinner, have not heard that word in some time.

        Made me think of words like Charley’s Chicken Farm , COHORT units, the mighty 2nd Armored Division (Hell on Wheels) ..was in another life.

      • Could be ELS if less than 6 months. In hunters case his service was measured in hours.

        Basically he gets no benefit or credit for any service.

  6. LOLOLOLOLO…😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 You won’t see this in the “free press”!

  7. The Obama presidency wasn’t an administration, it was a crime syndicate. Obama, Biden, Hillary & Bill,
    Valerie Jarrett, John Kerry, Loretta Lynch, Jeh Johnson, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, and a host of others all belong in Leavenworth.

  8. ‘The case was referred for a decision on prosecution to the Delaware Department of Justice.”

    Nothing will ever come of it because Hunter the Eff up is special.

    • Straight to the top shelf in the back corner of the basement file room, soon to be relocated to the circular file for disposition.. Shredding and incineration…

    • Seems that he lied on his form 4473 about using drugs, sister in law stole firearm and no charges, state or federal ?

  9. I think this is that WHITE PRIVILEGE Black Lives Matter speaks of yet they’ve donated MILLIONS to his campaign. Now we know why. They’re buying into the Biden Cartel.

    I wonder if they’ll find that gun in the same place they find those missing documents Tucker Carlson sent off with UPS that come up missing?

    • in the same place they find those missing documents Tucker Carlson sent off with UPS that come up missing?

      They actually found the documents.. Didn’t say where, yet…

  10. “Who steals my good name steals trash; but he that filches from me my gun robs me of that which does not enrich that dumb beyotch.”

    — Iago Biden — Othello, Act III Scene III

  11. Nothing will ever happen to these corrupt politicians,
    Start with The Clinton Admin, then the Obummer Admin, now the Biden B S ,
    They have all the answers to prosecute & still they do NOTHING.
    In this day & age , I don’t think there is a real HONEST politician,,,
    Just too bad they get to skate on their crimes, money talks & the people get hosed.
    “””FREE KYLE”””

  12. Hold up, a known prohibited person (addicted to mind altering substance; “You don’t get rid of it.”) owned a firearm which was later abandoned on the street after possibly being stolen by a family member?

    And the patriarch of this family is running on a “gun violence prevention” platform when his family is literally putting guns on the street?

    • Joe doesn’t have to worry about these stories because they aren’t widely reported. When they are reported, half of the country will literally believe it’s just Russian disinformation. Imagine how different this race would be if we had an honest press.

  13. If the gun is ever recovered after a crime or tragedy, expect the “news” media to bury the story.

  14. Could care less. Has nothing to do with the situation we are in.

    Trump is a traitor to the Republic, pure and simple and clear as a pile of feces. He has to go, it is in the extreme national security interest of the United States.

    Biden/Harris are common, garden variety left leaning politicians. Compared to the danger of Trump, they are wet noodles on the threat index.

    The irony is that Amy Coney Barrett stands an excellent chance of being a leveler in the situation, should Biden/Harris win and/or the Dems take the Senate.

    Days to go, then we will know.

    • “Trump is a traitor to the Republic, pure and simple and clear as a pile of feces.”
      You keep repeating this lie, yet you never provide any proof. What do you know that no one else does?

      “Biden/Harris are common, garden variety left leaning politicians.”

      Another lie or just more ignorance. Harris has a voting record that is the most left wing in the senate. She is even left of Bernie. Biden has been in national politics since before the Vietnam War ended. Shouldn’t we know what he stands for by now? What are his achievements? What is he known for?

      Speaking of traitors, if Joe’s business deals with the CCP sponsored company are on the up and up, then why is he denying any involvement or knowledge of it, when the evidence shows otherwise? Are you okay with Big Tech censorship, media blackouts, and former intelligence lying about Russian disinformation? Who’s the traitor? If you aren’t ignorant, and I doubt you are, then you’re a shill.

    • @enuf…Well…If America votes and confirms President Trump what does that tell you?

      It tells you that your mind has been poisoned. It tells you that America decided to say ‘Bye Felicia’ to all of you ‘Never Trumpers’.

      I hope you like the pie that’s in the oven…or do you want the Crow served raw on a paper plate?

  15. A “sister-in-law” is generally regarded to be a woman. As such and as is quite often the case most women don’t know won’t know and couldn’t know how to safely and responsibly dispose of a firearm.


  16. To batter a deceased equine;

    Hunter Biden ain’t doing time. The Feds had the spicy laptop since last year.

    Hunter should have registered, and purposely chose not to, as a foreign agent if he was taking money from a entity directly linked to a foreign government. Paul Manafort was locked up for this.

    Hunter intentionally used various means and methods to evade detection and avoid reporting not only the income but the source of such funds. Eg reimbursements for non-existent expenses and loans which were never intended to be repaid.

    Kiddie porn ( nuff said )

    Drug use and sexual behavior around a minor.

    Usually they throw everything at you and see what sticks. Here, they are going after money laundering, the one crime that will face minimal political backlash if he gets a slap on the wrist.

    Hunter Biden can claim it was a mistake and he didn’t understand the repercussions or that his accountant / lawyer gave him bad advice or the crack made him do it.

    Trump needs to have Barr appoint a special prosecutor to this ASAP, or Hunter and the big guy will skate.

    • So the feds have had the laptop since December 2019, and yet no charges or grand jury, much less special prosecutor, why?

      It’s very simple, occam’s razor.

      There are no charges or indictments because Donald Trump and William Barr’s DOJ can’t find any crimes to prosecute.

      It’s the same reason that Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, etc. were never charged, much less locked up.

      Give it up guys, your rumormongering and disinformation campaigns are laughably amateurish.

      • “rumormongering and disinformation campaigns are laughably amateurish.”

        Yet if it was a Trump family laptop, an anonymous source would have immediately leaked it, and the media wouldn’t waste any time promoting that story.

        We know it isn’t rumor or disinformation because the current intelligence agencies have confirmed it. The letter from the retired intelligence officials that lied about it being Russian disinformation even says they have zero evidence. That letter was designed to fool low information voters. Now we have a separate, credible witness that brought forth evidence that hasn’t been refuted. The Biden family refused to specifically refute any of it. Why is that? You know why. You just don’t care.

        • The letter from the retired intelligence officials that lied about it being Russian disinformation even says they have zero evidence. The letter was designed to fool low information voters.

          More “Plausible Deniability” All Creepy “Big Guy” Uncle Joe has to say is all the FORMER heads of the Intelligence agencies have said this is Russian disinformation (no mention of a lack of ANY evidence) and the media can ALL (Fox included) shout to the world “it’s those same Russians that Trump colluded with in 2016″… “Get a rope”…

        • The real story here isn’t even the Biden family corruption. It’s the democrats supporting intelligence officials and the media to put out false information for the purpose of meddling in an election. They did it in 2016 and now they’re doing it again. What do you think will happen four years from now? I thought that was an “attack on our democracy?” Democrats also support Chinese Communist Party style censorship of the news. Who’s the wannabe authoritarian?

        • Oh, this material is hilarious!

          “During his remarks that same night, Bobulinksi displayed three phones he claimed contained evidence against the Bidens that would be turned over to the FBI.”

          Let’s see, who else has a habit of holding up a phone and talking about all the evidence they have there?

          Oh yeah, Rudy G. As I recall, he said Hillary Clinton was going to prison back in 2016, how did it go again?


        • Hey Miner. There you go changing the subject again without refuting anything. I didn’t say anyone would be going to prison. I’d be genuinely shocked if that happened. Most Americans would be disgusted by this story and Joe Biden’s lies about being involved with Hunter’s businesses, which is why democrats are working overtime to suppress it.

  17. The only thought I have on this is that if it were Trumps son doing all these SAME things…Pelosi, Schifff, Clinton, etc. would be screaming at the top of their lungs yelling demands for impeachment but when it’s Bidens son…it’s not anything worth even disussing.

    • Creepy “Big Guy” Uncle Joe is not running to BE POTUS he is only running FOR the title… If THEY win he will be sworn in on Jan 21 AND be allowed to step down gracefully shortly thereafter at which time that bus they are going to throw him under will experience a sudden deflation of all it’s tires, meanwhile Kamaltoe will be naming HER VP (Hillary? Pocahontas? Bernie? Crazy Aunt Nancy? or maybe Stacy Abrams?) and THEY will set about undoing ALL the dangerous and evil shit that the “Orangeman Bad” did in his supposed attempt to destroy this country… AND if they have the House and Senate this country will be absolutely unrecognizable by 2024… Creepy “Big Guy” Uncle Joe said it himself in FL on Thurs. When he greeted his 137 supporters in Broward County he said “Hi, I’m Joe Biden, I’m Jill’s husband AND I’M KAMALAS RUNNING MATE (a designation normally reserved for #2 on the ticket)… YOU ALL THINK I’M KIDDING DON’T YOU?” No, Joe not ALL of us… I took Obama at his word when he said he would “fundamentally transform America” .. Thank God he wasted his majority in BOTH houses on Obamacare… and I take “The Big Guy” at his word as well.

  18. When a Republican does something like Hunter Biden did it’s a crime! But when a Democrat does it, it’s just padding for their resume!!!!

  19. “The most shocking aspect of all this is that no arrests were made.”

    This is sarcasm right? Anyone shocked that no arrests were made must have been born within the last 24 hours.

  20. When a Republican does something like Hunter Biden does, he is nominated for a Cabinet Secretary position in trumps administration:

    “In November 2017, Ross confirmed in writing to the federal Office of Government Ethics that he had divested everything he promised.

    But that was not true. After weeks of investigation, Forbes found:

    For most of last year, Ross served as secretary of commerce while maintaining stakes in companies co-owned by the Chinese government, a shipping firm tied to Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, a Cypriot bank reportedly caught up in the Robert Mueller investigation and a huge player in an industry Ross is now investigating. It’s hard to imagine a more radioactive portfolio for a cabinet member.
    To this day, Ross’ family apparently continues to have an interest in these toxic holdings. Rather than dump them all, the commerce secretary sold some of his interests to Goldman Sachs—and, according to Ross himself, put others in a trust for his family members. He continued to deal with China, Russia and others while evidently knowing that his family’s interests were tied to those countries.”

    Of course, that’s par for the course for an international banker who spent 20 years doing the Rothschild’s dirty work in New York City.

    • Keep dragging that rotting trojan horse full of Socialist that is the slowjoe\skankhoe campaign whiner.
      The finish line is within sight, just a few more days……… Pull……. Pull…… Pull!

      Trump/Pence 2020

  21. So a known drug addict that uses illegal drugs possessed a firearm, I am sure with a state issued license, and an unlicensed family member stole above mentioned firearm and illegally and unsafely disposes of firearm.
    NO, no laws broken there, at all.
    If the local law enforcement was even close to doing their job, someone should be charged. But they are family of the RULING ELITES and would never be charged with petty felonies!

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