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  1. About the hearing protection? Isn’t that kind of the whole point of suppression?

  2. I’d be more worried about the vehicle and house behind that piss poor backstop that this jerks ears….

  3. That was really loud for something silenced. Was that a fake can or just the noise from the plates down range?

  4. I think the noise was from the metal plates. Suppressed 147 gr 9mm is hearing safe with most quality suppressors.

  5. Consumer camera microphones tend to turn down the volume when they detect that the sound entering the mic is too loud and will cause the recording to clip. Thus, so long as the mic itself is not overloaded, you will be hard pressed to tell a difference between a suppressed and unsuppressed firearm on video.

    And yes. His backstop sucks. Jackasses. That’s how people get hurt. Or in the case of a full-auto, more likely killed.

  6. Love the backstop and downrange awareness. I was looking for a little muzzle rise. I wonder what half a mag through the back of that chevy would have sounded like?


    • The guy kept it under control, had eye protection, and the suppressor to render it hearing safe. I wouldn’t want my truck that close, but there’s a big difference between stuff and people. For all I know, they were going to shoot it up later anyway.

      Party on, dudes.

    • I agree, this guy is a moron. Truck and house are way too close for comfort with this kid.

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