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“A homeless man whose face was mostly chewed off in a bizarre, vicious attack faces a bigger threat from infection than from the injuries themselves, according to experts on facial reconstruction,” ajc.comreports. Yeah, “infection.” That says “communicable” to me. And we all know what THAT means: the zombie apocalypse is here. Need more evidence that the undead are alive and well and hungry for your flesh? “It’s not clear why Poppo was attacked Saturday afternoon by 31-year-old Rudy Eugene alongside a busy highway. Police have released few details about the attack, but surveillance video from a nearby building shows Eugene pulling Poppo from the shade, stripping and pummeling him before appearing to hunch over and then lie on top of him.” And then eating him. But wait! There’s more!

A witness described Eugene ripping at Poppo’s face with his mouth and growling at a Miami police officer who ordered him to get off the homeless man. The officer shot and killed Eugene.

Or did he? Head shots people. Head shots. And remember: it could be ANYONE.

Eugene’s younger brother said that he was a sweet person who didn’t drink much or use hard drugs.

“I wish they didn’t kill him so he could tell us exactly what happened. This is very uncharacteristic of him,” said the brother, who asked for anonymity to protect his family from harassment.

Police union officials representing the officer said the scene on the MacArthur Causeway was one of the goriest they had ever seen.

“He had his face eaten down to his goatee. The forehead was just bone. No nose, no mouth,” said Sgt. Armando Aguilar, president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police.

There is, in fact, a video of the attack. ALL of the attack. It WAS posted at, with a headline announcing the fact. Not now. Now it’s off the site and the YouTube version is just the long shot. What does THAT tell you?

Got ammo?

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  1. What this whole sad story tells me is:

    It does not matter if it was bath salts or LSD or some new weird designer drug combo of meth, PCP, H, or angel dust, what does matter is this guy was shit-house crazy regardless of what family members claim he “used” to be like.

    The entire episode was on tape, start to finish and I watched it before it was pulled.
    If you are not willing or able to protect yourself then you get to end up like poor mr. poppo, or worse.

    I would use this as an example to teach children of it could be you next to get your face eaten off, so DON’T DO DRUGS OR DRINK BOOZE!

  2. Does anyone have a working link to the original video? Anywhere? Surely someone saved it before it was pulled…

    babj615 at geemail

    • Why the hell would you need to see that? C’mon. I learned long ago that you can’t unsee things. Once you watch it, there it resides, like an angry rat gnawing at your brain.

      That said, time to stock up on more ammo.

      Watch the news carefully to see if this turns into the zombie pandemic

        • The point of watching it is being able to take it and learn from it, at least for me anyway.

          This is not the only case.
          Yet another has just hit the news:

          Sites like mental zero, hell tv, and kaotic are ones that will show you how people all over the world, all different skin colors, all different backgrounds and up bringings, can commit the same atrocities.

          Better to be pre-paired NOW, so when the real thing comes you are not throwing up from disgust instead of SHOOTING!

          Oh, and another good one for war-crimes is apache clips dot com as well as getting to see how US troops are doing over there in todays war of the moment.

  3. oh boy, better buy all those neon green gun accessories that are plastered with biohazard signs!

  4. It’s so strange of him to do this, since he’s a very sweet person normally. It’s too bad he isn’t here to tell us the whole story, I’m sure he had a totally understandable reason for gnawing a mans face off.

    • Coming soon, a wrongful death/excessive force lawsuit by the family of the cannibal.

    • I think Infection is a perfectly valid reason. Does anyone else find it slightly worrying that the media keeps dropping facts from the case (such as how he was shot multiple times in the chest and not only did he not die, he went right back to what he was doing)?

  5. When MacDonalds is just not enough. What is really sickening, is the idea he should not have been shot, such a sweet person. It is not who you were, but who you are, or, what you are at the time. May he rot in hell. (If there is a hell, if not, may he be sent to Detroit for eternity).

      • I’m guessing he was so far gone a taser would have had little to no affect. Also if you were the gentleman being eaten alive, I would think you would have wanted the threat stopped immediately.

      • So in addition to the poor victim losing half his face, we’re now going to electrocute him too?

        • I was referencing the gentle tweeking so bad that he thought that he was Dr. Hannibal Lecter. I will try to write my responses in crayon from this point forward.

      • The police have no responsibility to start from the bottom of the use-of force continuum and work through all of the levels in order. An officer can jump to the level he needs. This cop used verbal commands first, but he would have been justified in using deadly force immediately. Officers can oppose the BG’s force at the same level or, one step above. Since Eugene was using deadly force against the victim, the cop shot him. Until somebody builds Star Trek style phasers set to stun, cops will have to use the tools available to them.

    • Zombie stopper? Sure thing, buddy. Use my 870. 7 rounds of 12 guage 00 buck (15 x pellets each). It’ll vaporize his entire head.

    • OK, we have:

      1) A normal guy suddenly going into a feral, cannibalistic rage

      2) He is shot multiple times in the chest and not only lives, but goes RIGHT BACK TO EATING THE GUY

      3) The media keeps using fewer and fewer facts regarding the incident as it becomes more popular (they’re now not mentioning the multiple shots to the chest, they removed the video)

      Granted, I’ve never thought zombies were real, but how can you look at those three facts and not be at least a LITTLE concerned?

      • “The media keeps using fewer and fewer facts regarding the incident as it becomes more popular…”

        This is what really scares me. Not just now, but on a constant, ongoing basis. Mass media is so stripped down and fact-free that no one knows what’s going on unless they take time to purposefully dig deeper. And not only do very few do this, but on the most popular and polarizing topics (guns being one), the truth is buried beneath so much partisan spin and fact-free angst that it’s often an exercise in futility anyway.

        Okay…rant over.

        Coincidentally, I’m going to pick up a new Springfield XD 9mm subcompact after work today… And having heard this story, I am never going to let it out of my reach. Never. Not ever. *shudder*

      • I think we should trivialize every crime by bringing up zombies.

        WUZ THERE ZOMBER VIRUS ON 9/11? derp

  6. As if the election scare wasn’t enough to send ammo and gun prices skyrocketing…

  7. I’m not going to watch the video. Was he a ‘fast’ zombie or the shambling, slow variety? I really don’t want the zombie apocalypse to be fast zombies. Too old, can’t run fast enough to avoid being surrounded during the shoot/evade/reload cycles. I want slow zombies so my buddies and I can kick back, pass a few brews around and hand out long range headshots at a nice leasurely pace.

    • Headshots on slow zombies are the main reason I’d want to own a scoped .22 rifle and about 50,000+ rounds of .22 lr.

  8. Oh No!!!!!! Bloomberg to ban teeth in NYC and starts a new organization “MAIT” Mayors Against Illegal Teeth. Less crime and better eating habits to go along with his ban all food in NYC plan.

  9. The Zombie’s girlfriend stated that he has never been violent around her, always carries his Bible, does smoke grass but does not use stronger drugs. She suggested that someone drugged him without his knowledge or that a voodoo curse was put on him.

    I belong to a knife blog and those guys have got some nasty choppers, blades, and swords ready for when the Zombie’s come out in force.

    • Looked at photo, won’t look again
      Lots of joking about zombies in previous posts, shame on you.
      Some sick fuck ate another mans face while people saw what was going on and did nothing.
      I get the part of armed citizens picking their gunfights
      Either there are not enough “easy” to obtain CCW’s with wild west attitudes in Florida or the TM/GZ influence and nobody dared to get involved with stopping this

  10. These “Bath Salts” designer drugs seem to be “instant maniac” in a powdered form for some users. Reports of users going psychotic and being seemingly unaffected by gunshots to the torso and limbs (until they bleed-out sufficiently) are not uncommon.
    It’s like the movie zombies in real life. Definitely so in the case reported on here. Really unnerving stuff. Head shots…head shots….

    • I agree DerryM, headshots are the way to go. You can not always line up a headshot and when there is the possibility of a pass-through shot hurting innocents, or even a missed-shot.

      These were some of the very same reasons that I chose as my everyday carry a 45. revolver that can also fire 454 casull bullets up to 300 grains.

      Not only are wheelguns just plain more reliable than semi-auto’s but contact shots will NOT prevent your gun from proper funtioning.

      With a 45.longcolt round known as a horse-killing round since the 1700’s and a newer 454 casull bullet known for taking down bear & moose, I think about any drugged-up crazy will suffer shock from the massive wounds & blood loss pretty darn quick.

      I was always aware of drugged-up crazy people doing incredible thing while high and most of the one you get to see are small to average size people that can lift cars and takes 10+ people to subdue, but now picture a 7′ to 8′ dude tops out at 300+lbs. and shit-house crazy on bath salts and PCP, bearing down on you with death & hunger in his eyes and all you got is a puny little 9mm!

      • Since the 1700s? Oh, right, I forgot George Washington carried a pair of Single Action Armys.

      • I agree that head shots are risky to innocent bystanders and it’s good you pointed that out. Thanks!
        After reading about these “Bath Salts” designer drugs online this morning and the effects they have on some people (like the perp reported above), it does appear that only a brain destroying head shot would stop a Bath Salts Maniac. So, that makes the prospect of having to deal with such an individual a challenging problem. A pretty disturbing one at that.

  11. Ive seen bath salts firsy hand turned a 20 year old girl into a hulk. She couldnt have weighed more then a buck 5. I work st a hospital and it took 5 grown men to hold her down. The 5thshit to hold her head because she was trying to bite us

  12. Where’d the drug legalization crowd go? Eugene made an informed adult choice to consume PCP/Bath Salts/Whatever. It was his body, not the government’s. He did cross the line when he engaged in non-consensual cannibalism. Eugene is now in Libertarian Hell for the sin of compelling someone to do something. Hipster Libertarian God removes his nerdy fedora and weeps.

    (Drug legalization is still a good idea.)

    • +1 to Charlie. At least, I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm…made me laugh, anyway. (And yes, drug legalization is still a good idea.)

        • Yes, it is. The odd, random, bizarro act here and there is vastly outweighed by the waves and waves of violence generated by creating illegal markets for recreational substances. There is a huge amount of violence around the production, distribution, and sales of drugs solely because it’s illegal that would disappear pretty much overnight. Remember Prohibition? The same kinds of violence that we see over drugs now happened with the production, distribution, and sales of alcohol. That disappeared completely when alcohol became a legal product again. When was the last time you heard of a whiskey distributor gunning down a rival? Happens all the time with with illegal drugs.

  13. I want to know why police did not used the electric gun in this case.. Why they killed the guy..

  14. Dude is a joke talking about how his 6 shoot 45 lc was the gun to have lol ya maybe for your self for when the ak47 ammo runs out. Im going to take the zombie apocalypse on with my 45lc lol no u will die. Get you a good old ak47 2000 + rounds. 3 or 4 75 round drums and a short shotgun.. 45 lc lol what the hell your face will be gone before you get 6 MORE rounds in

  15. Bath salt has been around for a long time and its just now making everyone into zombies i think not this bath salt is just bs because they dont know whats happening there is not even a test made to detect bath salt. I believe this is a virus from Africa. Or maybe a terrorist attack from Iran. Or maybe it is the 2012 thing.. zombies are real and they are here.

  16. Oh and yes i know bath salt is not really bath salt is a synthetic Meth just like k2 is fake weed. It wont to this to you

  17. You better get more then a shotgun u need a AK. Or ar. Lots of 30 round mag I prefer ak if your life depends on it ar jams to ez

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