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We’re heading into the holidays fast now and that means the mind starts to wander while you’re at work. God knows how much productivity is lost each year to dealing with all the year-end craziness. In addition to the traditional Black Friday psychotic shopping exhibitions, we now have the glory that is Cyber Monday. That’s when all the people who didn’t want any part of the Thanksgiving weekend mall michagos get to work and check off their shopping lists courtesy of the boss’s T-1 line. So in that spirit, TTAG’s alway on the lookout for great time sinks and ways to make good use of the work Internet connection…

Check out where you can design the gun of your dreams:

Pimp My Gun offers many types of weapons for you to build, ranging from pistols to sniper rifles and machineguns. There are also many accessories available, such as:
flip-up sights, scopes, tactical grips, rail systems, bipods, flash hiders, silencers, stocks, magazines, and more.

As the designers caution, it’s a beta version so cut them some slack. And it isn’t exactly intuitive (click the help button to see how to select your stock gun to get started). But what the hell. If you’re going to be stuck listening in on yet another conference call, why not have a little fun designing that M-forgery you’re hoping Santa will leave under the tree? And if you really find it entertaining, it wouldn’t kill you to kick in a few bucks to the designers, either.

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  1. I avoid gun-related websites at work, sadly, especially this time of year – it ain’t easy.

    I read a good quote to assume that everything one does on a company computer is monitored – good advice, in my opinion. The firewalls and sniffers might turn a visit to Sniper Central into a career move.

    For that matter, I don’t trust Big Brother too much these days either – anonymous proxies are a good thing…


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