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Ever wish you could load an entire box of 12 gauge into a single shotgun? Well now you can, thanks to Kel-Tec‘s new KSG-25. As the name implies, it’s a KSG that holds 25 rounds of 2.75″ shotgun food. Also newly introduced at SHOT Show 2017 was the RDB Survival . . .

This sleek little number is possibly the lightest 5.56 bullpup on the market at just 5lbs even. Unique among bullpups that I’ve seen, the stock actually has a couple inches of length of pull adjustment. As with the standard RDB, it ejects empty brass out the bottom rear, behind the magazine well.

Kel-Tec is in the final prototype stages for the slick brass catcher seen on the black RDB Survival above, too. Squeezing the bottom sides pops it open like a coin purse, and the entire thing snaps on and off super quick and easy.

Metal flip-up sights are included, or the front can be removed to expose 1/2×28 muzzle threads.

Above, at bottom (if that makes sense), is a different flavor of RDB complete with pistol grip, metal handguard, heavier barrel, and optic.

Compared to the standard KSG, the KSG-25 looks like a behemoth. However, it’s still shorter than most typical shotguns and it handles surprisingly well. At least before you go loading a good 2.5 lbs of ammo into it, that is.

Long sight radius? Check.

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    • Upon hearing the news, Dianne Feinstein muttered, “Assault Tuba-clip” before she started hyperventilating and had a seizure.

  1. Sights on a shotgun, just dumb. So dumb. If I can shoot doves at 100 yards away without sights, you don’t need them. God the “tactical” stuff gets annoying.

    • Do you even slug, bro? The KSG has dual tube mags, which are manually selectable on the fly. You could have buckshot in one tube and slugs in the other, for example. You might be operating operationally with buckshot and suddenly want to switch to a longer range slug shot, which is when those sights might be handy. For operations.

      • That’s so right, I use a scope on my tactical Mossberg 500 and shoot the zero out from 50 to 75 yards with slugs, switching from slug to 00’s ? with a flip of a switch, oh my….. what a way to hunt. Gotta find me one of these 🙂

    • Its not what you can do with your firearm, its what i can do with my firearm.

      I love the ghost rings on my 590, just saying,

      if you dont like them DONT BUY THEM!


      • With 6’s, it’s a stretch but can kill. Bird shot does not have a kill zone of 200 yards. Again, if a thing is tiny and moving fast and you can hit it with bird shot without a sight, using buck shot or a slug on large game shouldn’t be a problem. Shotguns are close range items.

    • There are people who know how to use shotguns. Then there are people who require sights on shotguns.

      It’s all good. If every shotgun buyer was required to learn a whole new skill set, they wouldn’t sell as many.

    • Sights are definitely way too tactical. Lol. Everyone is different. And how is this any different than antique shotguns that have sights? The sights here are just a different type of sights that a lot of people prefer now a days. Not everyone, obviously. Some people need or want sights for certain hunting, target shooting, competition shooting, or just to aid in having fun while shooting! Hopefully if you want this gun you can just flip the sights down or just remove them. Good luck!

    • Totally agree. Screw the sights, and for that matter screw the stock too just put that s**t on your hip and fire it like a real man.

  2. Did they manage to get the unicorn herd up to strength so that they have enough to make more guns?

  3. How many mini buckshot does this behemoth hold? How about “never run out of ammo” for a tagline? Interesting…Keltec already has a 5pound AR like “light” rifle- the Su16 I believe. Someone will buy these things?

    • I actually really like my SU16C. If you view it as an AWB-compliant AR, it’s a no go. However, if you view it as a lightweight survival rifle (which is how Kel Tec markets it), it’s a damn good gun. The folding design is awesome too.

  4. Am I paranoid to worry about a KABOOM in a rifle like that RDB taking some of my face off? I’ve seen enough AR receivers blow up on YouTube to wonder about the wisdom of my face right next to the chamber with bullpups.

    I am intrigued by the design, though, for a potential backpack rifle.

    • In all the years the French, Brits & Australians have used such a configuration; how many have had such issues?

      • But how many of those British, French, and Australian rifles were designed to be as light as possible and screwed together like a Wal-Mart box fan?

        Kel-Tec has some very innovative designs, but let’s be honest, they’re not exactly overbuilt.

    • The regular RDB has a layer of steel protecting the shooters face from the receiver. But I think you’re right, this one looks to be lacking that feature, opting for a lighter gun instead.

      • Both models use an alloy steel receiver placed between the user’s face and chamber. In the event of a catastrophic malfunction (KB) everything is directed downward away from the face.

  5. Nutnfancy, love him or hate him, actually reviewed the RDB Survival on his channel, worth a look.

    Either way, I’d love an RDB, as I’m missing a bullpup from the collection, but at the price point they want I’ll pass. No reason any of the mainly plastic bullpups on the market should cost what they do.

    • If I have an hour to kill, I’ll watch the Nutnfancy video. I’d rather wait for MAC to do a video in a third of the time and get a more professional and less rambling review.

  6. I’m lovin kel-tecs new designs (as well as old) and I’d buy’em right up if they weren’t plastic clamshells.

  7. KELTEC? Aren’t they the vaporware company in the firearms’ industry?

    The only thing that keeps them going is the royalties paid from the “Call Of Duty” franchise. They don’t seem to actually make anything other than trade show prototypes.

    • I found a used Gen 2 G19 Sub2k a week and a half ago. Judging from the serial number, this thing was one of the first off of the line. I have yet to see anything with my own two hands other than that from this company.

    • I imagine you’re joking… but if you’re not:

      Plenty of them in Arizona. Of all kinds. I’ve seen tons at gun shows, our LGS in Tucson & Phoenix have them, and they pop up fairly regularly on the used market. Not talking about just the little .380/9×19 pistols, either… I mean the supposedly “obscure” “unicorn” ones. Our local LGS has an RFB, a CMR-30 and a few Sub2k PCCs, I am looking at an SU-16 from an LGS wall on my wall right now, & couple of my buddies had PMR-30s and I think a PLR-16 or 22….

      Anyway, point being is– they’re real guns, shot by real people feeding them real ammo. They’re not as common as S&W or Ruger or Glocks, etc. but I am puzzled sometimes by the B&M’nin about how difficult they are to find. Maybe in 2012 and before, but it’s been at least four years since Kel-Tecs were scarce. Plenty for order online, too… and not anymore gouging than with other guns.

      Now… I am a big George Kellgren fan, as an arms designer… but the typical issue of these guns being built to an “everymans’ garage” standard– that argument has some merit. These are firearms of great design and cheap material, but not necessarily cheaply made, firearms… they just have a homemade budget appeal to them. They work, they are relatively robust (as much as the materials), but if such designs were made/manufactured by say, Ruger or Sig… man, what guns these would be. Kellgren would be the modern ‘Gene Stoner, easy. But there is also something to the man’s way– making his own guns, in his own business model, his own way, independently. I could tell that the RFB and RDB in particular are a step above the other Kel-Tecs in fit/finish/materials– but then you see the cost difference, too.

      I love my SU-16, reliable & hardy. I wanna love my Sub2k, reliable not so much… still trying to diagnose FTEs about once per 2-3 mags.

      They are not for everyone, but they are out there. And they are not crap. I have shot plenty of “high end” stuff… Kel-Tec arms are quite innovatove and functional. Real guns.

      Be safe.

      • BTW– One more comment, in light of the RDB Survival being potentially Restrictive State Legal… the only change might have to be that inch or two of adjustable stock, right?

        I bought my SU-16 specifically for California touring. Whereas I’d rather take an AR rifle, as everyone knows, it is inherently evil and hates children in California. So the SU-16 was the perfect motorcycle Cali-legal utility rifle. Folds to 26″ with a pin. Takes all STANAG mags in 5.56×45. Has no evil features, and a rail atop for HWS/Scope. Stores two 10rd mags in the stock. And, as a little FU-Cali bonus… since a flash hider is an evil feature, it shoots a two-foot-long foot-thick fireball out of its muzzle, putting on quite a show. According to California, it is a good, wholesome rifle– and does absolutely nothing different than an AR-15, functionally speaking. It is far easier to pack/conceal than a takedown AR, too (one pin, fold). It might even be easier to shoot from the hip (when you get in that “mass shooter mood” that everybody knows we law-abiding gun nuts suffer from…), and is easy to bumpfire (Double Evil points…). Kel-Tec really does that market a solid.

        And so, I am thinking this RDB sans pistol grip is going to be just as popular for anti-2A states. This is the way, one healthy way, anyway… design innovation on featureless guns, to make the ban issue ever-more absurd and rationally moot.

        Be safe.

      • My sub2k in 9mm(glock mags) is reliable as they come, the only thing it doesn’t like is aluminum cased ammo. It will FTE every other round, but the manual tells you not to use aluminum cased ammo. I trust mine enough that my wife uses it as her home defense gun w/ 33 rds of HST ammo. Maybe it’s the magazine in your gun, or maybe you got a lemon. Everyone I know has no problems out of their sub2k.

  8. Every now and then they make a gem. The RDB Survival looks to be the bullpup equivalent of the SU-16C, which I love.

    • That RDB survival is probably going to get a permanent home in a scabbard on my hiking pack. Probably with that included flush-fit 5 rounder, with a proper normal mag in a pouch somewhere. It just looks so handy!

    • I’m afraid I have to agree. That front sight appears to be designed by the same guy who developed the buffer tube attachment for SU-16.

    • I agree. The height of that front sight is comical. Also, great idea that you have to remove the sight to use a suppressor or muzzle device.

      The dumbest part is that they could have easily put a folding front sight on the rail and been done with it. You’d only be giving up a couple inches of sight radius.

  9. And on the 8th day God created the KSG-25 to protect us from the dinosaurs and the homersexuals…..

  10. I wonder how reliable these are.. how durable as well. If this is a real gun then I’ll be taking a serious look at buying one. I like Kel-Tec’s penchant for innovation but reports of guns coming apart during use have stopped me from ever purchasing any gun from them.

  11. So about 5 years before there are enough of them out in peoples hands for problems to pop up and then Kel tec will make a gen 2 and the clock resets.
    As much as I would like a RDB of any kind, I’m not going to buy a first generation and be their beta tester again.

  12. Survival RDB- lose the horrible, goofy Keltec sights. Replace with Magpul flip up sights. Or just a rail.

  13. I would never trust my life to anything made by Kel-Tec.
    Just watch some vids on YouTube on the regular KSG. Jam, Jam, Jam.

    I spent the extra coin, and got the DP-12 (No affiliation)
    It has never had a FTF or Jam. I have put everything I could find through it. Cheap bird shot, slugs, Buck, High brass, low brass, and it eats them up. 1 rack of the slide = 2 shots. 16 rounds, and made by a company that has been making high end shotguns for years, and I mean high end.
    It may be heavier, but it is balanced so when it’s shouldered you don’t even notice.
    I don’t see how Kel-Tec has stayed in business with the junk the put out.
    I have known a few people that have purchased Kel-Tec products, and everyone has had to go back for repairs. I want a gun that goes bang every time. My Glock has NEVER had a FTF or jam. For the money they are asking for this thing you could get a DP-12. A quality piece of firepower. I am not a troll trying to bash Kel-Tec, just speaking from experience from the people I have know that owned their products.
    They were promptly sold after returning from the shop. You get what you pay for. I never scrimp on guns meant to protect myself or family.
    Not one gun in my safe that I would not trust my life to. Even if I was given one it would be sold or traded post haste!

  14. any idea where you can get the hand guard that’s on that black rdb s. the kel tec website has one but it says you need the pistol grip for it to work correctly.

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