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You’ve probably been reading about the plague of fires throughout the west that are being attributed to — what else? — climate change.

Newsom fires climate change
California Gov. Gavin Newsom, right, speaks to the media after he toured the North Complex Fire zone with California Secretary for Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot, left, and California Secretary for Environmental Protection Jared Blumenfeld in Butte County on Friday, Sept. 11, 2020, outside of Oroville, Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom toured the fire-ravaged region Friday and strongly asserted that climate change was evident and pledged to redouble efforts to “decarbonize” the economy. (Paul Kitagaki Jr./The Sacramento Bee via AP, Pool)

Well it turns out that plenty of the fires are apparently due to reasons not associated with SUVs or cow farts.

An Oregon woman ran across across a man on her property over the weekend with a book of matches. He claimed he’s a smoker, but had no cigarettes. Smelling a rat, she then held him at gunpoint until law enforcement could arrive and take him into custody.

She documented the takedown in a Facebook post (language warning) in which she promises to be less agreeable the next time she finds an aspiring arsonist on her land:

I will tell you something though if I need to do this again to protect my family and my neighbors, I will in a heartbeat do it again, except this time I will not be as nice as I was.

I read all your msgs to me, even the private ones, I can tell you that this truly did happen…

Posted by Kat Cast on Saturday, September 12, 2020

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  1. This is what is going to solve this violent anarchy. Brave armed citizens fighting back when the government fails them.

    • All of us who have a gun should have concealed carry insurance. (Not actually insurance but a prepaid legal plan)
      Several companies offer this including Ccw Safe, and USCCA among others.
      As others have said in the comments below, this woman could conceivably be in legal trouble for detaining this criminal.
      Carry insurance will pay the $30,000 retainer required just to get a lawyer to come to your first hearing.
      Going to trial will up the fees to at least $300,000
      A three or $400 plan is money well spent

    • Unfortunately, if this happened to me in my backyard here in California, I would be sued by the alleged arsonist for illegal detainment and/or kidnapping, if I remember correctly. There would be no shortages of lawyers that would defend the alleged arsonist and i would probably lose the case.

  2. I’d be just as happy — maybe even happier — if she’d shot that criminal crapsack dead on the spot as he deserved, but if she had, she’d be in jail right now. So all’s well that ends well, I guess.

    • She had better lawyer up now. Threatening an unarmed man with a weapon, who was not trying to kill her personally. Using the lawyers’ rules, he was just going to burn stuff, right?

      • As bad as the conditions are out here, a fire is an imminent threat to life. Some of the fires move so fast you cannot get away in time…and a number of people have died. Trespass is usually no more than a misdemeanor, but arson is a major felony

        • Yeah but unless someone is holding a molotov cocktail they are not an imminent threat. That’s the legal basis for deadly force.

          We can all agree that a serial killer allowed to go free is a threat to everyone. But if he is unarmed and runs from the cops, they aren’t supposed to shoot him unless they can articulate an imminent threat. It’s largely the same with non-cops.

          Now, the laws on brandishing etc are not as clear and depend heavily on state caselaw. Hopefully she’s in the clear.

        • “Construction possession”, Hannibal. Someone is trespassing on your property, in possession of firestarting materials while many arson-originated fires burn across the West.

          If I came home to find a stranger in my yard holding matches – but no cigarettes or “reasonable” counterpart to matches – I would absolutely hold him for the police and press charges.

        • EDIT:

          “Constructive possession”. I just finished up an inspection on a construction site, so it’s still on the brain. Duh.

        • I don’t suppose you live in the western US, Hannibal? I do, and I spent most of last week with family in Oregon, only a few miles away from the wildfires.

          Entire towns have been destroyed in minutes, and dozens have died. In the current conditions, a single match might as well be a firebomb.

          This lady was absolutely within her rights, and not only that, she did the public an invaluable service.

      • There’s no proof he was going to do anything. All he was doing was trespassing on private property. Carrying matches is not proof that he intended to start a fire. She needs to lawyer up fast.

        • See my comment above. People have DIED in those fires.

          Right now, trespassing on wooded property with a book of matches in hand is no different than walking the streets with a lit Molotov cocktail next to a row of broken windows.

        • Ragnarock. Trespassing is generally a misdemeanor offense. Pulling a weapon on someone who is not an immediate threat is brandishing at best & could be considered assault with a deadly weapon. Also since she prevented him from leaving she may be charged with kidnapping. Whether she will be charged with anything will depend on the district attorney. Considering this happened in Oregon she may run into a prosecutor who may try and make an example of her. Retaining an attorney would be the same thing to do.

        • Yeah, give all of the far left activist in the courts of most of the Left Coast I would honestly suggest at least keeping the number of a good lawyer on standby.

      • seatex, I don’t know about Oregon, but in Florida arson may be met with deadly force. Innocent people die in fires.

        • Same in Texas.

          Oh, and looting during a declared state of emergency is a capital offense in Texas, which punishment may include the death penalty.

        • Same in Kentucky….. but it has to be a building or dwelling…..I don’t think the woods counts, but it should…

        • It was part of my CCW Briefing. Presented by a police officer. Backed up by video of lawyers ready in the law verbatim. We learned that Kentucky state law any arsonist caught, trying to burn private property, could be shot on sight.

          Now if we could just the P.I. law where it says you can shoot drug dealers and drug users on sight.

      • For her to know he had matches he must have had them out. No cigs, trespassing, she didn’t do anything wrong

      • how about when the arsonist is setting a fire that doesn’t immediately affect your own house, but does threaten the lives of other people?

        I believe you can do that. good takedown.

    • I would be all for summary execution, in this case. Same with that other halfwit who started a fire, was arrested, then released just to start more fires. A bullet in the head will ensure they start no more fires.

      • That particular halfwit was schizophrenic, and the element of mens rea is likely absent. He will find a nice bed at the funny farm before he sees the inside of a prison.

      • For someone trespassing on land (not curtilage) who happens to be carrying matches?

        Maybe we should slow down a second before lining people up against the wall for that. Seems like something that MIGHT be worth investigating and having a trial over.

        • Swap out the item in question and say instead of matches he had a crowbar. A stranger possessing a crowbar is trespassing on her property, and in a neighborhood where multiple homes have recently been burgled. Still don’t think it’s a reasonable assumption that he’s up to no good, and she can detain him for the police to pick up?

          So the moral of the story is: Stay off of private property that isn’t yours while carrying potentially life and/or property damaging materials.

      • “I would be all for summary execution, in this case.“

        Trespassing with a book of matches equals summary execution?

        Once again, I am amazed at how POTG are all too willing to ignore the constitution when their feelings are at stake.

        That’s real ‘patriotism’!

        • Unlike your buddies in antifa that are masters at following the BOR, right? I’m not surprised you aren’t cooling your heals in Lancaster trying to raise bail. It’s not far from Huntington to Lancaster but you are careful to let others do your heavy lifting for you.

        • jwm. I didn’t read his commitment. I mean really; why? Leave the little bridge guarding troll alone. Like I said before nothing pisses a troll off like being ignored. Quail hunt still open. Hope your okay.

        • Shut the fuck up minor69er. Its amazing how you and your leftist friends abandoned human decency 4 years ago cause you didn’t get what you wanted.

        • Two o’clock in the morning one time an arsonist started a fire in the apartment building I lived in…

          shoot the mother**ckers on sight and piss on their graves

    • I’m one of those who thinks people who throw cigarette butts out of car windows during extreme fire risk periods should also be charged with arson.

      No excuses. Cars have ash trays for this reason. And in addition to being extremely selfish, it is also very stupid.

      • Waaaah…..waaaaah……


        • We had a particularly bad fire season in Colorado In 2002, and the legislature passed a law making it illegal to throw a cigarette butt out of a car. We’ve had several fires over the years that were attributed to a stray butt. I’m far from being a Karen, but you can bet your ass I’d call the state patrol or local LE if I saw someone toss one out. We’ve had 300,000 acres burned this year. One of my favorite places is still off limits 18 years after the Hayman fire went through it. I’ve got no tolerance for stupid behavior when it threatens lives and property, public or private.

      • Holy ashes batman, you have a car with an ashtray Mr. Cross. Has to be an antique worth a lot of money:) Or it could be I’m an idiot and there are still cars with ashtrays and those little push in lighters. My first vehicle a Ford Bronco II had all that stuff, am/fm radio and crank windows. Wish I still had it.

  3. I have a FB friend who lives right there-just east of Portland. He’s been musing about getting a gun. He also whined for months his gym was closed. NOW he sez he can’t breathe in the gym. I did give him general gun advice but THIS gal needs no advice😃 I wouldn’t shoot a perp for having a book of matches but woe to you if I catch you in the act! These arsonists should get the death penalty…

  4. Interestingly; the 100+ days of BLM ANTIFA rioting in Portland suddenly stopped soon after this incident. The police are attempting to deny reality, but it appears that many of these fires that have killed people and destroyed entire towns might be the result of arson. Given the indisputable fact that ANTIFA BLM rioters have been vandalizing property, obstructing traffic, accosting citizens, assaulting citizens, and committing arson for months, only an imbecile would dismiss the possibility that these vermin have launched a deadly force assault against rural Oregonians.

    The good citizens of Corbett are so concerned that they even set up road blocks to exclude people who aren’t residents or have legitimate business. The moronic Sheriff of Multnomah County earned that only the police have the authority to obstruct public roadways. Perhaps Sheriff Reese should explain this to BLM ANTIFA?

    Given the fact that the Portland police, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s department, and the Oregon State Police have abdicated their responsibilities, it is understandable that citizens might feel compelled to turn vigilante. It has even been suggested that if it is proven that ANTIFA BLM rioters started these fires, urban folk might emulate the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer. Imagine a caravan of 6000 vehicles making a Thunder Run through downtown Portland firing AR-15s rather than paintball guns and bear mace.

    • Easy to imagine how gun grabbers and their media allies would use such an event to whip up fear of “assault weapons”.

    • It should be blindingly obvious to law abiding gun owners that a large majority of police have chosen sides in this country, and they have chosen to side with Antifa/BLM.

      From here on forward, all gun owners, property owners, etc should assume in any encounter with Antifa/BLM, that law enforcement will be ready to abuse the law and their discretion for the benefit of the rioters/arsonists/looters/etc.

      • that’s what it looks like, but I think it’s something else. people forget the rash of smile-n-wave policing all over the country that happened after [whatever caused the Baltimore riots]. remember all the talk about liability and that police might as well walk away from the job?

        that was well before George Floyd.

        I don’t think cops are going to side with cop-hating protesters and the actual criminal scum associated with them, and it only makes sense that they would continue their smile-n-wave tactics when dealing with them. I would explain their occasional arrests of citizens defending themselves, but not looters and rioters, as their thumb in the eye of the sue-happy public that made their job so difficult and frustrating. through their eyes anyway.

        that’s the least nonsensical explanation i can come up with.

        • seems a stretch to think a group would side with a faction that wants the group unemployed. i believe the rank and file would like to end the “protests.” but the appointed supernintendos force them to remain fetal.

        • “That varies substantially by jurisdiction.”

          You bet your ass.

          Here’s what my local LE had to say on TV about BLM/Antifa, and what the good people of Polk county would do to them :

          “Florida Sheriff: If You Value Your Life Don’t Loot Polk County, People Here Like Guns”

          “The people in Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns… And if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns.”


  5. Meanwhile in Milwaukee BLM rioters go to trump supporter’s home and Harass him and his wife. They’re there for several hours as he is under siege. They have a truck in front of his house playing music and guy on the microphone calling him out. Later that night BLM rioters see him with a shotgun inside his home and call Police where he is later arrested for Brandishing a firearm. This by far is the craziest and most outlandish thing I have seen these rioters do. It’s truly frightening.

    • Here’s the second part during the night time where the crowd starts to get bigger. Eventually the police will show up where they will enter his home in arrest him. The home owner’s name is Pete

      • FUCK those garbage cops…they should’ve arrested the garbage protesters for disturbing the peace at the very least…

      • IMHO, though, the homeowner wasn’t too bright to rack his shottie while standing in full view of everyone. He didn’t do anything wrong, but unless the “mostly peaceful protesters” were actually on his property causing destruction and making him reasonably fear for his life and home, he started walking a gray line.

        What he *should* have done is recorded their actions and pressed a complaint with LE about disturbance of the peace after hours. Or set up loudspeakers on his porch and cranked up his favorite music to drown out their bullhorn chanting. Or politely asked them if he could please leave in his vehicle to go to the store, and press charges of unlawful detainment when they responded that they weren’t going to allow him to leave.

        • What he should have done was put speakers on his front porch and turned the dial up to 11.

          Lawrence Welk is just fine for these party’s.

        • A few problems with those suggestions.
          (1) Law Enforcement is going to hang the individual out to dry rather than face the mob. It’s been shown from coast to coast at this point. So the cops are not going to show up to do anything to help. Assuming they will has gotten numerous people killed.
          (2) Not all of us have loudspeakers. I certainly don’t. I like the suggestion and it’s a good one, but I suspect the cops would show up and arrest the homeowner for disturbing the peace. (not joking)
          (3) If he calls the cops and says “these people are preventing me from leaving my home” the cops will show up and force open a path to allow him to leave. They’re not going to start arresting “peaceful protestors”. So now he will have left his home to the tender mercies of the morally challenged.. and homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover arson. Considering BLM’s love affair with fire, that’s a great way to see your life go up in flames.

          His choice of action may not have been wise, but let’s not pretend that he had any good choices to choose from. The police refused to do their job and decided it was easier to arrest the individual the mob was targeting than to actually preserve law and order.

          At this point I’m entirely on board with defunding the Police. If the ref won’t make fair calls they don’t belong on the field, if the police will not uphold their end of the social contract then that contract is null and void. Getting very tired of reading headlines and watching videos of cops going after people on the right while giving Antifa/BLM types a free pass.

        • “His choice of action may not have been wise, but let’s not pretend that he had any good choices to choose from.”

          Entirely valid.

          “At this point I’m entirely on board with defunding the Police. If the ref won’t make fair calls they don’t belong on the field, if the police will not uphold their end of the social contract then that contract is null and void.”

          Kinda getting to that point, huh?

        • Is it seriously illegal to rack a shotgun while inside your own home? If someone outside your home feels threatened by such an action, it seems like the logical thing would be for them to leave your premises.

          Pointing a shotgun at someone outside your home is one thing, but merely racking it?

  6. This November 3rd, vote straight-line Murdercrat.
    It’s the only way to successfully murder America, and we all want that, don’t we?

  7. Article doesn’t really say how she knew he had matches. Seems unlikely she’d know that unless the trespasser had them out in his hands.

  8. So now he’s in jail and his home is undefended. Where were the police to disperse the crowd of
    thugs and trespassers disturbing the peace?

  9. Well according to the three L’s. You have no right to protect private property. “Your suppose to have insurance”

    • Even in looney CA we knows that’s a bunch of caca, and our penal code allows for deadly force in defense of imminent danger to your residence.

      Of course, that section of the law was codified onto our books long before before the Leftists took over Sacramento.

      • I grew up in California back in the 1970’s. Back then Sacramento was a conservative town. We had a republican mayor back then. Times have changed. But folks were arrested even back then for defending their private property. California was lost a very long time ago. The beach and mountain views are very pretty. And the fool people as well.

        Things are not as they seem.

        • Same here. Been here since the ’70s. Watched the state change over the decades, but it was still a great place to be through the ’90s. It was when Gray Davis became Governor at the turn of the century that the direction changed. Schwarznegger was worse, Brown was even worse, Newsom is a nightmare, etc.

          We’re really only about 20 years into this, which proves the saying that “it only takes a single generation to destroy a society”.

        • “I grew up in California back in the 1970’s. Back then Sacramento was a conservative town.”

          It still is.

          Sacramento is shall-issue for carry permits, unlike LA or San Fran…

        • Geoff,

          Actually, I visit the area two or three times per year to visit family. Sacramento proper is rather liberal, though only fifteen minutes to the north you’ll encounter the lower boundary of the fabled “State of Jefferson” community, which is indeed very conservative. They love being so close to Newsom and thumbing their noses at him.

      • Bought my first handgun in San Diego over forty years ago. With all the paperwork done and the receipt in my hand the gun shop owner put it in a box and told me the day and time to come back and pick it up. I didn’t understand, but I did know the H&R 649 he had in the shop was the display case gun I just looked at. I thought he was telling me he was ordering a new one. So I told him no, that’s okay, I’ll buy the display gun, I didn’t mind that other customers had handled it.

        He just sighed and explained the California way of doing things.

        Here then, a concise history of California infringements on the Second Amendment. oes back to 1917 and just never stops:

    • Obviously from someone who had never read an insurance contract, especially where the issuer will state where cover is void. Especially during “civil disturbance” or the cover all “act of god”.

  10. I think if I were this man defending my home I would have politely declined the police officer’s request to accompany him to the jail.

  11. The pure insanity….. Communist insurgents burning down entire urban neighborhoods, and now anything not expressly defended by force of arms.

    Has there ever been a clearer declaration of war?

    • Well, enjoy your grandiose, apocalyptic fantasies by all means, but as a historical matter, yeah, sometimes it’s been done in writing. Albeit not by the US anymore, we just call it armed peacekeeping or whatever.

  12. She did the right thing, with a criminal record & an active warrant she had the right to hold him for the LEO. In some states you must have a posted sign before a case can be madefor trespassing.
    Now that what I call an independent woman & we need more of them.
    This is not a snow flake, this is the phoenix with a heart of fire, the silent Majority speak softly, but she carries a big gun.

  13. The first video from Twitter is a guy obviously lighting a fire, no doubt of it.

    Problem is the second video of a man in a baseball cap with his shirt off? Yeah, well, different clothes. Different head gear, some sort of different color tight pants, the shirt he has draped over his shoulder doesn’t look like enough cloth to be the over size baggy thing the arsonist was wearing.

    Some, something happened. But now I need to have somebody give a solid explanation for the differences in the two videos.

    Short of that, it’s an effort at Fake News, plain and simple.

    • I don’t think they’re saying it’s the same guy. First video is posted as an example of the activity that led the lady to be suspicious of the guy she encountered.

  14. This will be interesting. Firstoff, he’d better have been deep within well marked private property. Second, even so, a matchbook as evidence? I wouldn’t want my freedom hinging on that.

    Finally, if the allegation of arson intent is true, that was one compliant, disorganized arsonist. Demoralized by knowledge of his own guilt? Knew escape would be impossible due to poor cardio and geography or the like? Maybe. Poor confused victim of an armed freak-out? Hmmm…

    • “This is what leftists want to make impossible.”

      Yes, I think it is wrong to be assaulted by a person with a gun because I am carrying a book of matches.

      If anyone carrying a book of matches is an arsonist, then anyone carrying a gun is a murderer.

      Wow, you guys just confirmed the major belief of the anti-gunners, good job!

  15. Don’t buy this one, Fake News. It’s not on Fox or any other right wing news site. Only on fake news websites.

    And again, the guy lighting the fire in the first video is dressed completely different from the guy in the citizen’s arrest video. Hat, shirt and pants, all different.

    • Stop wasting your time expressing your pesky facts.

      They need an animated cartoon video to confirm their fantasies, and there are plenty of bad actors to provide one for their viewing self delusion.

      Just like their New York City ConMan leader, they are all show and no go, all hat and no cattle.

      As they say in the good book, ‘the truth is not in them‘.

  16. She is a True American Patriot!!! More need to step up and protect their communities around this great nation. USA! USA!

  17. If you find more of these “climate change crisis” (arsonists), TAKE them OUT! The home AND life you save may be your OWN. There is NO such thing as “climate change crisis” . . . it’s all a MADE UP lie to get ALL countries to “fight” this no existent problem by getting these countries to SURRENDER their SOVEREIGNTY. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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