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Click here for the Fox News video of a Wyoming, Michigan woman who defended her life with a .40 caliber Glock—and then chased the home invader downstairs and out of her home, shooting “three or four” shots as the perp tried to leave. On a related matter, how long before we see genuine shower carry, complete with water-proof guns and bullets?

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  1. Didn’t TTAG just do a piece on underwater bullets? Now all we need is a cover like those on a keyboard for handguns. TTAG could sell it as the “Self-Defense Condom”.

  2. Slight tactical error in chasing the bad guy, and having a pistol under your pillow is a bit inviting of a ND, but this woman lives in conditions which really warrant super-quick access. I’ve long argued that the vast majority of people don’t need “under-the-pillow” access, but she really does. Someone should donate a bed frame holster to her… make it happen Mr. Farago!

  3. Maybe I don’t understand something, but hasn’t Glock publish some “underwater” modifications (spring cups, if memory serves) to their pistols? AFAIR it’s only 9×19 related, but “any gun can shoot underwater; at least once”.

    • I know there are supposed to be special firing pins/strikers for Glock modification-for use by some SWAT units doing SCUBA. There’s even a type of knife out there, the WASP, that injects air into another diver and can blow out his lungs, nasty business.

      • Dunno much about all that swat-wasp mumbo-jumbo, but if we trust Glock catalogue :), you need only spring cups. Harder striker spring – maybe, but mine version of catalogue have little note – more powerful striker springs (as well as oval-shaped mag latch button) are not available on US market. What is strange, actually. Well, WAS strange, before gen4.

  4. She’s lucky she didn’t get into legal trouble. In many states the homeowner can be prosecuted for firing at an intruder while they are fleeing. I know a guy here in NC who shot a fleeing burglar – the burglar was already out the door & in the front yard when he took two .40’s. The homeowner was charged with a felony (and convicted) as it was ruled that at that point he was no longer in imminent danger.

    • Firing at a retreating goblin is legally and morally troubling, I agree. Deadly force is supposed to be used to stop an attack, and if the subject is fleeing then the attack has stopped.

  5. It is a shame this woman has to live like this. It makes me wonder what the hell her code enforcement and city council are doing there. Abandoned and condemned houses are an open invite for crackheads and junkies. If she were family, I think there’d be some accidental fires if nothing else. I see the point about shooting a fleeing suspect, but that woman must have been terrified of what could have happened. In my perfect world, if a person did something like that, it should be open season until they’re off the property. A “pillow gun” is scary, but that may have well saved her life. That poor lady needs an alarm system and a big dog-and code enforcement to do their jobs, not to mention the local PD should be rousting out the junkies.

  6. If you are looking for shower carry, look no further than the hk416. Works after being submerged in water, and packs massive firepower.

  7. “how long before we see genuine shower carry, complete with water-proof guns and bullets?”

    This is my personal Holy Grail. Sady, I’ve come to the conclusion that shower carry may be as impossible as time travel. But I’m doing some experiments and I’ll let you know yesterday how they turn out tomorrow.

    • “I have a time machine in my living room, but it only goes forward at regular speed… It’s really just a cardboard box with time machine written on it in sharpie. “- Dmitri Martin


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