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Oregon Gov. Kate Brown had put the National Guard on standby, since Portland has seen almost nightly protests since the death of George Floyd under a Minneapolis police officer’s knee in May.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said on Twitter that there would be “no tolerance for any violence, intimidation or criminal destruction,” and that people should be “safe while using their voice to advocate for their perspective.”

In Seattle, police said they arrested several people, including someone who put nails in a road and another who drove over a barricade and into a police bike lane. No one was injured.

Hundreds of businesses in cities across the U.S. boarded up their doors and windows ahead of the election, fearing the vote could lead to the sort of violence that broke out after Floyd’s death.

“Some people would like to cause mayhem and trouble,” Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said earlier in the day. She said she had never seen so many businesses being boarded up: “That all saddens me.”

– Ashraf Khalil in Protesters gather near White House, no wide unrest seen

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    • Indeed. And in fact, we really need to be thinking beyond the urgency of getting “our guy” in so that “their guy” stays out and doesn’t use the overwhelming power of the government to destroy us. We’ve been playing this dangerous game for too long, and every election the stakes get higher and higher, the consequences of loss worse and worse. I can think of no better argument for a smaller, weaker, and far more restrained federal government (and state governments too, for that matter).

      • Smaller less powerful government…never seems to happen…My question in regards to that..

        Are we one nation anymore?

        Perhaps it’s time to consider a number of States leaving the Union?

        Yes, there will be a fight, but the fight already seems to be happening with the rioting, shooting, burning ect

        Do you wish to live as Harris wants you to and the ones that follow her? Because she will be president if Joe wins. Is Communism the path we appear to be forced down now?

        Just one of many thoughts today..

        • The left would starve to death if they let conservatives form their own nation. So there will be a fight. And since we have to fight anyway why fight for a few states? Why not retake and rebuild the whole country?

          But now is not the time to panic. Trump will pull this off.

        • No panic here, just don’t see a peaceful path forward is all.

          They should starve…would be a valuable teaching point on why their ideology will not and has never worked on this planet.

          ..but that’s just me..

        • “Trump will pull this off”
          Trump DID pull this off and they’re cheating, don’t think he can pull it off now at all. Welcome to President Harris + the vacant stare.
          So the question becomes, the ballot box didn’t work, which box is next? Ready.

        • we were one nation, until part of it had been whipped up into an anti-Trump, anti-America delerious frenzy, to prepare them to be useful (and quite willing) idiots by the Dems because, it looks to me like, they got sick of losing and went nuclear some time ago, opting for lies, propaganda, violence, fear, intimidation, and lots of fraud, instead of legitimately winning voters like they used to, because after the 60’s their stupid Democrat platform just hasn’t been working for them. they never have been really for the voters, it was all about a political machine getting into power. and that 10% or whatever of the voters that wasn’t buying it was always enough to not get them elected good enough. they were and are losers.

          now their leadership reeks of Satanism, their methods parallel communist-fueled governmental overthrows we have actually seen recently implemented in other countries, as well as “color revolutions” that we have even ourselves instigated in other countries. it points to state funded and state sponsored insurrection and overturn of governments. the actions leading up to yesterday, November 3, absolutely predicted the vote fraud that we see today, November 4.

          the crisis was manufactured and this election is in the process of being stolen. by Satanists and Communists. no joke. really. that is what they look like, and this is what they do to others, and is currently happening to us.

          we are one nation, but half of us has been offered kool aid and drank it in copious quantities. offered crack, and smoked it. then while stoned and drunk, offered a glorious socialist utopia, offered the power to riot and intimidate, and pushed through with massive vote fraud.

          who do you blame? the drug users or the drug dealers?

          either way we’ve got both now. we find the drug users are our neighbors, our friends, our relatives. what can you do about that? how does that usually work out?

          but you know what must be done to drug dealers.

        • “the crisis was manufactured and this election is in the process of being stolen. by Satanists and Communists. no joke.”

          Yes, in a democracy everyone gets to vote.
          Even the Satanists.

          I would be very interested in hearing specific details about the methodology being used to ‘steal’ the election, as you claim, thanks!

        • “Miner, the Democrats will keep “finding” enough votes until they claim victory.“

          Bingo, and the Republicans will prove to be ineffectual fops.

        • Miner this country is supposed to be a constitutional republic not a democracy. It’s because of assholes like you that the Patriots of this country are facing this situation.

  1. Just a coincidence that they stopped counting as Trump’s numbers started growing and Biden’s chances started fading, I’m sure.

    • Number one, I don’t think anyone has stopped counting the military, mail in and absentee ballots.

      And number two, the majority of those ballots seem to be running democratic so that would add to the lead Biden has already established.

      • Odd that said late ballots in PA, WI & MI lean Dem by a 3:1 margin whereas the earlier mail in ballots in most every other state only favored them by a margin of around 3:2. Guess the Dems in these states are just much more dedicated than the ones in TX, FL, OH, IA, AZ & CO. Juxtaposing district to district analytics to each other from 2016 and similar states make things seem even more suspect.

      • Incorrect.

        Biden is clearly guilty of Chinese collusion. We need immediate investigations and impeachment hearings on both him and Harris.

        You don’t think we can do the same childish stupid stuff you did the last four years you’re wrong.

        • “Biden is clearly guilty of Chinese collusion”

          Well then, shouldn’t you turn over whatever evidence you have of his guilt to the authorities?

          Why don’t you put the evidence you have right here on this public forum for all to see, rather than just make vague unsubstantiated claims.

        • Bingo. I’ve yet to hear from a Trump supporter who isn’t either projecting Trump’s crimes onto Biden, or outright ‘QAnon’ delusional.

  2. I expect the Democrats to steal the Presidency but the Republicans will likely hold the Senate. Our gun rights are probably safe for the next two years. The country not so much.

    • Having the Senate is very powerful. We can stop them from packing the circuit courts, and if we got pissy about it, we don’t have to confirm a Democrat SCOTUS appointment, should one open up while he’s in office.

      Call it the revenge of Bork… 🙂

      • Nominating judges for vacant bench seats isn’t packing.

        Increasing the number of judges/justices so that you can tilt the courts in your favor, that’s packing. FDR tried it in 1937 and failed, because his fellow Dems still had a shred of decency back then. Kamala and Joe have pretty much admitted that they want to pack SCOTUS, and anybody who watched the impeachment and the SCOTUS confirmations knows that their legislators have no sense of decency. AOC and Ilhan have both openly bragged about packing SCOTUS, now that the polls are closed we can watch the rest of them come out of the closet.

        • FDR didn’t try and fail. He threatened, then succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

          A Court – which had hitherto struck down most Federal interference beyond the specific, limited powers enumerated in the Constitution – rolled over and not only rubberstamped the New Deal, but also set precedents that enabled LBJ’s [far worse] “Great Society” and every subsequent overreach under Jimacada, Clinton, and Osama.

          FDR’s objective was not a “packed” court, but an acquiescent one. Ends are ends, and means are just means.

        • The ‘conservative’ Justices caved in to FDR, in order to avoid having their precious power (which they didn’t have the guts to use) diluted.

          And then, in 1937, FDR introduced a court packing bill anyway, but it went nowhere, because a Dem killed it.


          Roosevelt’s legislative initiative ultimately failed. Henry F. Ashurst, the Democratic chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, held up the bill by delaying hearings in the committee, saying, “No haste, no hurry, no waste, no worry—that is the motto of this committee.” As a result of his delaying efforts, the bill was held in committee for 165 days, and opponents of the bill credited Ashurst as instrumental in its defeat.

          • Agreed on the first point, and thanks for the second – always good to learn something new👍

            I’d still maintain that the net result was a big win for FDR and a big loss for constitutional government.

        • I didn’t know until recently that there actually was a court packing bill introduced in the FDR years.

          I always maintained there were two reasons FDR could have been taken out behind the White House and shot, the first being the gold grab, and the second being the court packing, if he’d really done it. Then decades later, I found out he did try to pack the court.

          I’m still amazed that nobody killed him for stealing their gold and then immediately devaluing the dollars he gave them for their gold.

          • Amen!

            The article concludes it was a “defeat” because he lost a few congressional seats. I guess his re-election (twice!) and eradication of 140 years of constitutional republicanism didn’t count for anything. /s Even the quote from the estimable Rehnquist contradicts itself.

    • I don’t think we can count Trump out yet. The map looks challenging for both candidates right now.

      • It’s gone from ‘looks bad for Harris’, to ‘Trump won’, to ‘looks like Trump is winning’, to ‘looks bad for Trump’.

        But it’s not over until it’s over.

        • Yep, I think this one may wind up in the courts before all is said and done. I was definitely feeling better about it last night around 11:00.
          Not over yet.

        • It’s not over because they’re still in the cemeteries writing down the names of “mail-in voters”.

        • “Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck will be the most prolific mail-in voters in this election.“

          Esoteric Inanity would wager that Goofy is responsible for a fair number, and no this one is not talking about the Disney character.

    • Maybe, maybe not. If Biden is sworn in he will do what he can by executive order, he says he would ban “assault weapon” imports. And working with the ATF as they are already seemingly changing rules, all the imported pistol configuration guns could be in danger, like AK pistols, scorpion evo, stribog, b&t, etc.

      He could go back on ITAR and says he would use state department to prevent 3D printing. While they may not be able to pass Feinstein’s latest AWB there is still a lot he could do to make a mess, even if a lot of it was contested in court, it would take a while to move up.

      • “If Biden is sworn in he will do what he can by executive order, he says he would ban “assault weapon” imports.”

        He can do that, and we can immediately challenge it in court. If it goes up to the SCOTUS, there’s a solid shot Thomas may like to take a swing at it.

        *Bring it.*…

        • “Straight out of the George Bush playbook.”

          This time, we can get semi-auto firearms expressly declared protected by the SCOTUS…

        • Geoff,

          Biden will take his first 100 days, parade out a slew of mostly ceremonial EOs and appearances, and then stumble and mumble enough to allow for a “believable” transition via 25th Amendment to Kommissar Harris. She will then go full blitzkrieg with hardened EOs in an attempt to circumvent Congress on everything.


      • There are at least five votes against unconstitutional EOs and probably a 6th because Roberts will want to vote with the majority. The real question isxwill Harris defy the SCOTUS and try to enforce them anyway.

        An executive order banning imports falls under existing foreign trade legislative authority. The Second Amendment is not applicable.

      • So gusty, can you supply us with the evidence of the massive voter fraud you speak of?

        Better yet, why don’t you just turn that evidence over to Trump’s department of justice right away, so they can begin an investigation and put the criminals in jail along with Paul Manafort, Rick gates, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, etc.?

        • would you like to provide me a link to where I can report election fraud to Donald Trump?

          I did contact the Virginia Board of Elections for one observation there, and they responded:

          “The process of entering election results for election night reporting is a human one, and it is altogether possible that a locality reported their numbers incorrectly at 10:40 and revised their error by 10:50. Additionally, all election results for Virginia should be considered unofficial and preliminary until the State Board Certification Meeting on November 16th.”

          as for others, the FBI election crimes website at https://www.fbi.gov/scams-and-safety/common-scams-and-crimes/election-crimes-and-security says:

          “If you suspect a federal election offense, contact the election crimes coordinator at your local FBI office, or submit a tip online at tips.fbi.gov.”

          okay, and when you go there, the input form says:

          “This form is used to report federal crimes and submit tips regarding terrorist activity. If you are reporting Internet-based fraud, please submit a tip to IC3.gov.”

          so you can’t report election crimes, because it’s only for reporting terrorist activity. classic government shuffle-off.

  3. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said on Twitter that there would be “no tolerance for any violence, intimidation or criminal destruction,”

    Where has this guy been for months?

    • I laughed out loud when I read that on a local feed.
      Guess he’s trying to sound strong after narrowly beating an avowed Che loving Marxist.

  4. “With No Result Last Night, Americans Brace for Impact”

    Wrong. We still hold the Senate, and that effectively neuters Biden even if he comes out on top.

    And it ain’t over before the BBW sings. There’s still a path to win this thing.

    They thought they would get a blue tsunami. What they got in Miami was a red wave instead. Conservative Latinos are making an increasing impact on elections, and Leftist scum are spitting mad about it…

    • Yes, I’m proud for the Cuban vote in Fla. especially, the see the socialists for what they are, and they know what it looks like.

    • People are claiming, claiming mind you, that poll workers handed out sharpies to in-person voters which the machines couldn’t read which invalidated tons of votes.

      That’s the allegation. The veracity of it is TBD.

      • fyi
        In Kentucky they have used traditional ball point blue or black ink pen, marked scan sheets. The same kind of scan sheets used for school testing, for decades now.

        • The claim is that AZ uses the same machines you speak of which read ballpoint pen ink but supposedly not sharpie marker.

          I dunno. I expect to hear a ton of allegations from both sides at this point. The validity/legal consequences of many will probably end up being decided by a judge.

      • For decades AZ has used a “fill in the arrow” type ballot which you filled in with a felt tip pen.
        And by AZ, I mean Maricopa county. If it bled though it didn’t matter due to the layout.

        This year they changed to a fill in the circle scan-tron type form. The old one was faster, and more ergonimic, my writst started hurting by the end of the ballot.

        Allegation is that some precincts hannded out sharpies instead of ball point pens, and these bled through to the other side. However, the machines are supposed to be smart enough to kick out a bad ballot. (i.e. if it reads multiple votes in a category it spits it back out when you feed it into the machine.) When you vote in person, the votor feeds the machine.

        Where I voted they had normal ball point pens.

        • I can confirm that I voted in person in mesa and was indeed handed a black sharpie which definitely bled through a little to the other side.

      • “People are claiming, claiming mind you, that poll workers handed out sharpies to in-person voters which the machines couldn’t read which invalidated tons of votes.”

        If true, that could force a hand count…

      • Over here, they handed out black sharpies that bled thru to the other side. Glad I brought my own pen.

      • Sounds bogus, at least if their machinery resembles that in TX. Here, you proceed through the system with your selections, if they failed to register you would know it and correct it before you left the polling place.

  5. Well, as of a few minutes ago it seemed like the whole thing was gonna either come down to a very small number of MI voters or the courts.

    There are already major allegations of vote tampering in AZ.

    WI looks like it’s going Biden but I’m sure that will be a flashpoint since Trump was up, then they ran out of ink in a printer, shut things down and it all turned around for Biden. People will make hay of that.

    No matter how you cut it we’re screwed as a country. Our voting system is essentially that of a banana republic AND half the coutry views the other half as total morons or we have a fraud issue. Then there’s the ballot initiatives that seem to have passed, some of which are batshit crazy.

    And now starts the legal wrangling and probably the violence. So… no matter who wins we probably all lose bigly. Yay!

    • “So… no matter who wins we probably all lose bigly. Yay!”

      It could have been a whole lot worse. And I suspect they are gonna be shell-shocked when it sinks in that they didn’t steamroll us…

      • They failed to take the Senate and lost House seats.

        Now the pundits are talking “soul searching” in the leadership ROFLMAO.

        The legal wrangling here is gonna get fucking nasty especially if MI and/or WI have a recount or if there’s anything to the allegations being thrown around.

        • And MI just flipped for Biden by 0.2. That’s a 0.7 change in the past hour almost all from Wayne County. That will drum up some allegations as well, I’m sure.

          And I can see why. Given their governor’s recent actions it does seem odd for the state to go Blue.

        • lost house seats…
          i’ve gotta stop listening. they just said dems picked up a couple few.
          let’s see.

        • Last I checked the Democrats were -4 on House seats.

          But then if this goes on for days… who knows?

  6. It’s happening either way.
    Either Trump wins and they rage like apes or Biden wins and they feel justified in their celebratory rampaging not unlike the idiots do when their major league sports team wins a cup, trophy, bowl, ball or other doo-dad.

      • I would say Biden is favored at this point. Trump lost AZ and WI. Most of the outstanding votes in MI are from democrat areas.

        • You are correct. The math for Wayne county (Detroit) says there’s 340K votes for Biden to be counted and about 140K for Trump.

          It’s going to be a rough 4 years.

        • “It’s going to be a rough 4 years.”

          I doubt this. I hate to be a doomsayer here but I’ve read enough history and can see the writing on the wall here. At 36 I doubt I’ll see another Republican win the POTUS in my lifetime. I think that’s going to be straight up Democrat. We’re going the way of of Mexico from 1934-2000 IMHO.

          Trump’s very likely done at this point and even if there was election fraud to make that happen it will never be proved in the timeframe required to prevent a Harris administration (which is what this actually is).

          Mail in voting on a mass scale will now be the norm going forward. Regardless of how one might feel about “Democracy” it’s plainly obvious that this is a less secure form of voting open to numerous forms of manipulation which can be mixed to create a muddy situation where any challenge can’t win before Inauguration Day.

          Cheating has been normalized since 1960 in this country. Illinois, and the fact that “the dead rise on election day” is actually a joke essentially prove that no one really cares about election fraud, allowing it to become widespread if necessary.

          And then there’s the lessons of 2020. Whether by actual vote or by fraud the electoral system just rewarded hostage taking. Blue cities allow riots and Blue states have insane and non-scientific lockdowns yet there are no electoral consequences for this. Essentially WI has enough pro-Kenosha people and MI has enough pro-lockdown people that it’s essentially over at this point. Then there’s the West Coast which is apparently pro-riot along with the NE corridor. Even if there is fraud here a massive proportion of Americans have gone full retard because it’s not like the Biden vote was “mostly fraud”. If there was fraud and it was successful it’s because enough people voted Biden to make it at least somewhat believable that he really did win.

          On top of that, imagine for a moment that there are some really serious irregularities in enough states that legal challenges could change the outcome of the election fast enough that it matters. OK, with the far-Left having taken to the streets and the threat of mass violence if Trump wins do you think enough judges will have the courage to overturn a “duly elected President” and kick off that mass violence? Or will they quietly “consider the greater good”? Again, hostage taking is essentially normalized at this point.

          I don’t like to say this but essentially, welcome to the USSA, we’ll be run by Big Tech and China by the end of 2021 either by design or by incompetence. There won’t be a significant economic recovery if you’re not in the investor class, the dollar will continue to be devalued by QE. Likely CoV-2 will be weaponized as a political tool.

          It’s not the election outcome that matters. It’s the structural issues that 2020’s outcome highlights that are the issue. Those will either not change or will be taken advantage of going forward and, honestly, that’s not going to change. And at this point, if we find out later on, like next year, that Biden won via significant fraud and Trump should have gone on being POTUS it will then be too late.

          Honestly, good run, but the country as everyone knew it is very, very likely straight up done. The Left said flat out “This isn’t an election, it’s a Revolution”. Well, that Revolution very likely just succeeded and the chances it’s reversed in any manner are slim to none.

          Much was made of the lack of a Blue Wave by Conservative media last night. Ditto the “failure of legacy media” and polling. LOL, logical disconnects aren’t just a Lefty thing. Under the Right’s own theory those last two didn’t fail, they served a purpose and they were successful in delivering a result. A result that likely has now been cemented for at least a generation.

        • The biggest takeaway from the 2020 election season is the extent to which the media and tech are willing to go to run cover for their preferred political party. Democrats that are aware of this are okay with it as long as it benefits them. Some are also okay with certain types of discrimination if it’s to their benefit. We’re headed in the opposite direction of equality and transparency. All of this after three years of the Russia Collusion Narrative and the baseless smearing of Kavanaugh. Notice how the media is never interested in questioning why they were so wrong. It was always about a means to an end. They just regroup and begin working on the next narrative.

        • strych9,

          I don’t know if you will return to read my reply. I am in total agreement. Sadly, I saw all of this happening back at the end of February.

          I get the sense from your comments that you are not a person of faith. All I can tell you is that I had a very sudden and very profound sense that:
          1) Desire for wickedness in our nation finally exceeded God’s tolerance level.
          2) Thus, God would no longer actively restrain evil in our nation and let us have at it.
          3) The inevitable result: evil will multiply exponentially and consume our nation.

          I knew in that instant that our nation as we have known it for the last 244 years is over and we are in for some very dark times ahead.

          One other clarification: in addition to the above, I also had the sense that God was feeling profound disappointment and grief over our nation and pulled back, not out of a perspective of revenge, but more from a perspective of simply not being able to stand it any more. I liken it to a having a close friend who was spiraling downward into ugly, horrific self-destruction. At some point you would be unable to continue watching your friend spiral downward and would remove yourself from that friendship for your own well-being. That is almost exactly what I perceived of God pulling back from our nation.

        • “At 36 I doubt I’ll see another Republican win the POTUS in my lifetime.”

          In 4 years, Harris will be running things, and we will run Nikki Haley.

          She has a solid shot of beating Kamela….

        • “God would no longer actively restrain evil”

          Do you have any examples of this ever actually occurring?
          I mean, I have a really long list of when God did not actively restrain evil and allowed evil to propagate unabated.

          Here in the US, it pretty much runs the gamut from slavery commencing in 1619, through the Salem witch trials and into the lynchings of the 1920s and 30s.

        • Miner49er,

          We live in a world with sin — with huge swaths of population that have in essence given God a big middle finger and told God to go away and leave them alone. So God obliged their request and the natural result is that mankind perpetrates all manner of evil on all manner of people.

          I am not all-knowing so I cannot claim to know the intricacies/details of the extent to which God intervenes for us. I would like to think that God enabled the United States and Russia to defeat the great evil that was taking over the world at the onset of World War II.

          Going forward, my hunch is that our nation’s profound and open embrace of aborting babies, homosexuality, transgenderism, promiscuity, and love of money has gone too far and God cannot tolerate it any longer. As a result, God has pulled back and now there will be little if any restraint on the progression of evil.

          Of course making any sense of such matters depends on your “yardstick”. From the world’s standard, it is a great freedom celebration to have the ability to legally murder your baby in the womb for any reason or no reason. From God’s standard, that is perhaps one of the greatest possible evils.

        • “Honestly, good run, but the country as everyone knew it is very, very likely straight up done. The Left said flat out “This isn’t an election, it’s a Revolution”. Well, that Revolution very likely just succeeded and the chances it’s reversed in any manner are slim to none.”

          Obama won his first term controlling the house, senate, and presidency. He could do pretty much whatever he wanted.

          In 2012 Obama over-reached with the ironically-named “Affordable Care Act”, rammed it through congress with the procedural trick of cloture, on the narrowest of vote.

          What happened next? Lots. The midterms were a massive blowout and the Leftists lost control of congress in Washington. Nation-wide, Leftists lost over 1000 seats in the state houses. We cut his balls clean off.

          So, by the time Sandy Hook happened, Obama had *zero* political capital. He didn’t get the gun control he wanted, even when he went on TV pretending he was crying and pleaded for it to pass.

          If the Democrats over-reach (likely), we will bitch-slap them in the midterms. If they rig things so that we will never again hold political power, we exercise the bail-out option mentioned in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ :

          “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,..” (snip) “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,…”

          Alter or abolish. The British got uppity with us in the late 1700s, so we kicked their asses out.

          The choice will be stark. We can do it easy way, or the hard way. The choice will be theirs.

          I sincerely hope that they ‘choose wisely’ … 🙂

        • If this God you speak of is actually in control, why did he tolerate the great sin of slavery in the United States for hundreds of years?

          While the question has been asked for centuries, I’ll ask again, what evidence can you present for the existence of this particular deity or any one of the thousands of other gods created by man?

        • Geoff PR,

          It is no longer possible for Democrats to overreach. In my state my governor declared for several weeks/months that it was illegal for most people to work, illegal for everyone to go to church, illegal for Conservatives to peaceably assemble, illegal to travel for “non-essential purposes”, and the grand-daddy of them all — illegal to seek and provide “non-essential medical services/procedures”. The consequences are disastrous with astronomical unemployment levels and countless deaths due to suicide and delayed medical intervention/attention. What personal, legal, and political ramifications did my governor face? Zero. Zilch. Nada. What backlash did the voters levy against Democrats for my Democrat governor’s overreach? They (allegedly) voted for a Democrat Senator and Democrat President and voted for countless Democrats at the state and local levels.

          Short of advocating the wholesale execution of all Moderates and Conservatives, I cannot begin to imagine how Democrats could overreach beyond that list that I provided above.

    • A Trump victory means there will be more political violence from the left. A Biden victory actually legitimizes political violence in the US. If you reward bad behavior you get more of it. It’s a horrible precedent and it means it will be standard operating procedure for future elections.

      • Right?
        Can’t wait to start sucker punching people, burning buildings down and looting sneakers.
        It worked for them.

      • Trump and Republicans are the ones that created the civil unrest and stoked it.

        Under Obama BLM had zero power, the communist white Americans couldn’t use it like they are now. Only a few former military men, who were black, used violence against the cops during that time period.

        • “Trump and Republicans are the ones that created the civil unrest and stoked it.”

          That’s either trolling or extreme ignorance.

        • @Chief B.S.’er

          I believe that it was Democrat Governors, Mayors and D.A.’s ignoring / facilitating the insurrections taking place in their States / cities…these are the people you should chastise…oh, wait, you’re a shill for the Democrats….carry on with your hate and propaganda….nothing to see here.

      • You know of course there were no riots in Kentucky during the eight years of the Obama/Biden administration, right?

        But now in Typhoid Trump’s America, it’s all civil unrest and police state.


        • The people rioting are not, and have never been, Trump supporters and you’re blaming Trump for their criminal actions…I forget that you do not believe in personal responsibility.

          Your “logic” strikes me as the classic Chicken or the Egg type of argument.

        • It is simple math.

          During the past four years, Trump has encouraged racist violence, even encourage the police to be violent to suspects.

          “When you’re putting them in the car, you don’t have to be so gentle, heh heh”.

          So you end up with innocent dead people and out-of-control cops, no justice for the community.

        • Where was this racist violence you speak of? You mean Jews getting beat up in NYC? Oh wait a minute you support that. How about the blacl on black carnage in Chicago. Oh wait a minute, you support that. The only racist violence is your racist violence.

        • Of course you do. You support the Holocaust denying Palestinians and you support BLM which is a gang front and gangs are responsible for almost all violent deaths in black community. You sound like someone in SS after war.

        • “You support the Holocaust”

          I’m afraid that most of the people in this world are capable of both good and evil, no race or ethnicity or nationality has a monopoly on doing good or doing evil.

          The Holocaust happened, millions of Jews (and Gypsies, homosexuals, communist, socialist, etc.) were murdered, it is a historical fact.

          But that does not somehow authorize the Jews in Israel to murder Palestinians, bulldoze their homes and steal their land.

  7. There has been so much voting related crap in PA that we were not going believe a Biden win anyway. All the lost ballots, found ballots, and requested ballots that never showed up, the vast majority of which were Trump ballots. All the wrangling in the courts about ballots that arrive late, or don’t have their privacy envelopes or don’t have matching signatures. How could anyone trust the results after all that?

    Then our AG tweeting yesterday that there was no way Trump would win PA sounds like he has a plan to do something to make sure it turns out a certain way.

    • Really, it looks like the Republicans tried to change the rules and got slapped down by the Supreme Court:

      “In Pennsylvania, absentee ballots cannot be processed until the morning of November 3 and ballots received up until November 6 can be still be counted as long as they’re postmarked on or before November 3. As a result, it’s unsurprising that counting is continuing past Election Day in Pennsylvania. After the state decided last fall to allow “no excuse” absentee ballots for this election, Pennsylvania Republicans attempted to change the state’s law so that processing could begin earlier and the number of days after the election that counties could receive ballots would be limited. However, they were unsuccessful, and the status quo remained.
      This was not the first time the Trump campaign falsely claimed Pennsylvania’s policy for mail-in ballots amounts to cheating. President Donald Trump implied as much on Tuesday, in response to a US Supreme Court decision to uphold a Pennsylvania state Supreme Court ruling which allowed ballots received up to three days after the election to count, even if there is no legible postmark.”

  8. A strangely normal scenario, considering the times and that wannabe authoritarian ruler in the White House declaring victory, calling the normal process of vote counting that has existed for generations a fraud.

    Trump or Biden may win, it is neck and neck and will be days to weeks to know the official outcome.

    Which Trump will piss and moan and snivel and whine about like a toddler denied a cookie even after he is given the cookie, as in even after he wins.

    So much of Trump’s character emits the behaviors of a toddler, a screaming little girl, a school yard bully.

    Sadly, he has a good shot at squirming under the wire and winning this thing on Electoral votes.

    • “…a screaming little girl…”

      An appropriate self-description of your whiny efforts.

    • “normal process of vote counting that has existed for generations a fraud.”

      There were last minute changes to the process, some of which were made by judges. There was also video of violations happening in Philly. With that being said, winning PA won’t matter if Trump loses MI.

        • It looks as though biden does not have enough points to win. The few states left to be counted are trending Trump.

          How do I feel now? Better than the 3rd.

    • A normal election is decided in a day.
      A normal election has citizens show up, show their ID, vote for their candidates, and sign on the dotted line.
      Nothing about this election has been normal, and I and many others are not going to accept the validity of ballots “found” after the election, or counted mail in ballots without signatures or signatures that don’t match the voter records.

      I’ve said it for the last 4 years, the lesson the Democrats learned in 2016 was to cheat harder.

      “If on the eve of one of the most contentious elections in American history, you lower the trustworthiness and integrity of the election process.. I have to assume you intend to cheat.”

      • Stop saying America is a communist failed state where elections don’t matter. If that was true you would have to grab your gun and kill all the government workers you come across. So, just stop. You know you lost fairly in a first world society, under a functional government of Republicans. Don’t be just like those Hillary Clinton supporters crying that their dear cult leader lost. He was only a politician.

        • Yeah, nah. Mass pardoning of felons to allow them to vote, failing to open polling locations on time in red districts, refusing to allow Republican poll watchers entry, eliminating voter ID requirements, extending the window of voting ever wider, sudden spikes where Biden vote counts suddenly skyrocket past Trump.. If you wanted me to believe that an election was legitimate that is not how you go about it. The US has been teetering on the edge of being a Banana Republic for some time.. looks like we’ve arrived.

          As to your suggestion, the playbooks written by your Patron Saint Mao follows Sun Tzu’s advice. So do I.

          “If fighting is sure to result in victory, than you must fight, even though the ruler forbid it; if fighting will not result in victory, then you must not fight even at the ruler’s bidding.“

          So I keep voting, and I keep preparing. The left can’t create, they can only destroy. When this country becomes Venezuela 2.0, people like you will move on to another country and insist that it just wasn’t done properly, like parasitic ticks leaving the wasted remains of a now dead host.

      • They beat the Covid drum incessantly leading up, they pushed against in-person voting, they changed laws, they knowingly polled inaccurately, they talked all this “red mirage” and “this could take weeks” crap to set the table, all so they could manipulate and cheat. Election day is election day, you show up, push the button and vote. What we have now is “let’s see how many votes we need and we will find them.”
        Had enough, have you?

      • “A normal election is decided in a day.”

        Comrade, I understand that’s how it operates in your country, but here in America we have a very careful accounting process for both in person ballots, as well as those mailed in.

        Perhaps one day you may be permitted to immigrate to America and learn about our system firsthand, until then, good luck with your one party system!

        • This may be the most asinine post you have made thus far. Literal projection. YOU want to live in a one party state, YOUR PARTY wants to eliminate the careful and legitimate process of voting, YOUR PARTY is the one mass pardoning felons and ballot havesting and pulling other dirty tricks to ensure victory at any cost. The sad part is I can’t tell if you’re a paid troll or a zealous true believer/useful idiot. Either way, you have my pity.

        • Just because you make a claim, doesn’t mean it has any credibility.

          One would need evidence in order to pursue some sort of charge regarding election improprieties.

          Please let us know when you get some credible information to back up your assertions.

          Here at my 10-20, it’s a beautiful day so I’m going to make like a cheap prostitute and pedal my ass across town. Cheerio!

    • Completely new process in SC. New machines.

      A long q-tip is used to mark your ballet on a touch-screen..(touch screens not new)

      It then, spits out a scan-able paper ballet with your choices and you manually feed that into a different machine.(this is new process)

      20 years ago it was thumbtack punch chad things..

    • … the normal process of vote counting that has existed for generations …

      Wow! That sure is a whopper!

      That statement is demonstrably false: massive mail-in — NOT AUTHENTICATED ABSENTEE — balloting happened this year which most certainly has NOT existed for generations.

      • I received 5 forms for mail in ballots to my address from the state of MI. I’ve lived in this condo for 6 years.
        The forms for mail in ballot requests were mailed to myself, my wife, 1 for a previous tenant that was here at least 8 years ago, and 2 additional forms for the same person that I don’t have information that they ever lived here. I would never commit voter fraud, but I am sure a few of these ended up getting filled out by someone with less morality.

    • Yo, dipshit! Did you even notice, Biden has not only claimed victory, but declared that he has a MANDATE for national communism?! Are you now going to repeat all the nasty craziness about Trump with the name “Biden” attached to it? I didn’t think so. You personify the term “transparent”.

  9. We did our share in Montana…Trump, Daines (Senate) and Rosendale (House). I’m thankful the lying POS Bullock and the San Francisco born / raised, Berkeley educated Kathleen Williams got shut down (William’s campaign was the recipient of serious amounts of out-of-State dark money for DNC “attack” ads).

    …and we finally have a Republican governor…Greg Gianforte…a successful businessman with excellent credentials (I still like him for punching out a really obnoxious reporter who crashed a private interview a few years ago when he ran for – and won – our Federal House seat). The career politician Mike Cooney (D) was Montana’s version of Biden…almost 50 years as a pol with only negative achievements as well as doubling down on stupid every time he opened his mouth.

  10. Annnnd once again the lamestream is wrong. And corrupt. And owned by Bloomturd & Soros. I’m thinking Trump may never concede aka Civil War II. Thank Mr. President for pushing ACB. And dark money didn’t defeat Lindsey Graham😏😏😏

    • Much money spent by Harrison’s campaign…but constantly shoving ads at people usually backfires even for politicians who are well liked…and Harrison wasn’t.

    • So you think Trump is a dictator trying to perform a coup? But didn’t you vote for the guy and like him?

        • “I think Trump is still fighting a coup which has been being attempted for over 4 years now.”

          Al Gore fought in the courts until Dec 13, and it was considered righteous.

  11. The Democrat fantasy of packing the Supreme Court after their massive Blue Wave is now just another dead idea among their bucket full of dead ideas. I expect the Democrats will spend the next two years in an internal fight that they will unsuccessfully try to avoid showing to the American people. If Trumps lawyers manage to fight off the attemps to steal the election we will see prosecution of the whole pile of swamp rats that pushed the Russia hoax, and maybe even some of the Biden family for their corruption.

    • “I’ll tell you my plans for that after the election”
      “Election’s over, I can’t pack the court, so I never wanted to pack the court in the first place”

      (too bad we saw right through that ploy, and too bad AOC, Omar, and others let the cat out of the bag last month)

  12. Well, it’s pretty clear the nation is split down the middle, with either side loathe to give an inch to the other. There will be no serious legislation coming out of Congress, which means some problems will get worse, like the deficit and debt, and other issues will be at a log jam, like gun control. Everything is going to come down to using the courts, which, thanks to Trump, has been weighted to our side. If we can hold the Senate, so much the better.

    Prescription: move to a red state and buy as many firearms and as much ammo you can afford and safely store. Partisanship is going to get much, much, much worse.

    • Agree. Nasty Pelosi will become even more successful in her attempts to shut down any meaningful legislation in order to humiliate the president. Hope she enjoys herself.

  13. Sad to say but Biden is going to win. Trump will lose Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin. That gives Biden 270.

    We are going to be in deep shit.

    • I don’t think it’s that bad from a firearms perspective since republicans retain the senate. There’s always the ATF, but maybe the newly conservative courts will put them in their place. There could be a backlash in the 2022 house elections setting up 2024. An immediate danger that has to be dealt with is the authoritarian level of propaganda and speech suppression which is being cheered on by democrats. That’s how they’ll continue to win. They aren’t confident enough to just compare and contrast policies.

      • The Republicans didn’t even want to say “black lives matter.” They lost the women because of it. I already explained to you guys many times why and how that was going to happen.

        Don’t forget that Trump gave the ATF the power to regulate firearms and accessories as they are doing now. Obama didn’t allow that, which gave us arm braces and bump fire stocks.

        At least we won’t have to deal with that Hollywood reality TV star, New Yorker, Democrat, billionaire wanna be. It was so hard to get Republicans to fight gun control and increase gun ownership with him around. He killed the NRA.

        • The Republicans didn’t even want to say “black lives matter.”

          That’s because BLM is an admitted Marxist group interested in “smashing” the traditional family. BLM proved itself to be a literal terrorist group. Not agreeing with BLM the group is not the same as saying that a black life doesn’t matter. That’s a game that was played by democrats and the media to fool low information voters.

        • The carnage in places like Chicago says black lives don’t matter to BLM. The only lives that BLM cares for are criminals.

          Blacks are the only ones who riot when a criminal has a bad day with cops. Two weekends ago a Hispanic gangbanger died in a shoot out with the police. No rioting because Hispanics, even the criminal element, accept the fact that criminal behavior can lead to life ending encounter with law enforcement.

  14. Nothing is over until the votes are counted.

    Someone will get 270. Someone will not.

    I know the right will not be engaging in riots.

    I know the left is dubious, and are in standby mode. It’s early in the day, they are sleeping and dreaming of what to loot.

    This is closer than the polls said, we knew that. I am surprised how close it is. I expected a + / – of 8.

  15. Prop 16 passes in California.

    You can now discriminate in hiring practices in the ‘Inclusive, ‘Progressive’, Utopian, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA.

    In the name of “Diversity”, of course.

    • Progressive brain: It’s okay to be racist as long as it’s against whites. It’s okay to be sexist as long as it’s against men. How long before Joe kneels for BLM?

      • MAGA.

        White people being racist against white people? I can’t relate. I thought Europeans were Europeans. Maybe it’s a supremacy thing between tribes?

        By the way, a lot of black voters didn’t show up because they don’t like Joe Biden. He is a racist like Trump, but he doesn’t try to play one on camera.

        Trump loses because racism went up under Trump due to his public rhetoric of supremacy.

        • “I can’t relate.”

          I know. It’s being pushed for the purpose of political power. Maybe you’ll realize that some day. Equality is a very simple concept. Democrats aren’t interested in MLK’s dream of treating everyone the same.

      • I can’t relate to being a racist. I never thought about what ethnic background I had because I identified as American. It was only under Trump that it mattered and I had to think about what I look like to others. Everyone called me a racist for being aware of my surroundings and mentioning the increased racism under the Trump party.

        Everyone I know went Biden, that includes those that voted Trump in 2016. They didn’t want to live in the world that Trump was creating. It sucks because Republicans had a good chance to diversify the party like the old days and slap around the Democrats. The economy was not good for them under Trump, even if it was, the money is not as important to those people that decided to kick Trump out. All Trump could say is he had the stock market, but he ruined that with his trade war, his response to the pandemic and civil unrest.

        • “I can’t relate to being a racist.”

          Yeah me either. Most people didn’t care about race until recently, and it wasn’t because of Trump. It was the media hyping the white supremacist lie.

          “The economy was not good for them under Trump”

          Actual data says otherwise, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Maybe you’re the exception. How old are you? Were you on your own during the Obama years? People forgot that the economy was slow to recover and it was stagnating toward the end of the Obama admin. Blacks were hit the hardest under Obama. The economy and foreign policy were the talk of the lead up to the 2016 election. No one wanted to talk about that in 2020 because Trump objectively did better than Obama Biden administration. The media knew that, which is why they didn’t focus on it.

        • “Blacks were hit the hardest under Obama.”


          You completely ignore actual historical fact, as if history started in 2009 when you joined Facebook.

          Blacks, and all Americans, had it much worse under the Republican administration of George bush and Dick Cheney during the recession of 2007-2008.

          You complain it was a slow recovery under Obama, even more humor!

          So the Republicans put the truck into the ditch and then complain the Democrats aren’t getting it out fast enough.

          Yep, Bush the first put the economy in the pooper and Bill Clinton had to rescue American society, then Bush the second put it in the crapper and Obama/Biden rescued us.

          Now that Typhoid Trump has lost control of the Covid epidemic and crashed the economy, it will require Joe Biden to once again help bring the American economy back to its feet.

        • Miner, I merely stated the facts, and as usual you refuted nothing. The economy under Trump was objectively better for minorities. Even after Covid hit, the polls showed the majority of Americans had more confidence in Trump rather than Biden when it came to the economy. The media very wisely steered the conversation elsewhere, while simultaneously promoting false Trump scandals and calling real Biden scandals Russian disinformation.

        • Dude, the Senate joint economic committee put out a report regarding this:

          “The sharp drop in the Black unemployment rate that began under Obama has continued.
          The unemployment rate for Blacks was cut by more than half during the Obama administration, falling from 16.8% in March 2010 to 7.5% in January 2017.”

          So please, tell us what the today’s unemployment rate is for black folk.

          Here’s info from the Trump administration:

          “Media contact:
          [email protected]http://www.bls.gov/cps [email protected]http://www.bls.gov/ces
          (202) 691-5902 • [email protected]


          Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 661,000 in September, and the unemployment rate declined to 7.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.”

        • “The unemployment rate for Blacks was cut by more than half during the Obama administration, falling from 16.8% in March 2010 to 7.5% in January 2017.”

          Using those dates is dishonest because you’re ignoring the numbers before the convenient date of March 2010. Obama was elected in 2008. The unemployment rate was about 8% (which was a historic low) prior to the crash. It didn’t reach 8% again until the end of 2016. So it was a net gain of ZERO. If you do nothing at all, things will eventually return to pre-crash levels. Now compare and contrast late 2016 numbers to pre-Covid. Or we can pick and choose like you did. Compare March 2010 to September 2019.

  16. You guys wouldn’t listen. Now you see how the real world works. Stop living in your safe space and refusing to talk to people different than you. Republicans did this to themselves. Stay happy and respect your president.

    Trump killed the NRA and the Republican party. You guys wanted it, you got it. Elections have consequences. MAGA.

    Don’t worry about gun control. A lot of Democrats decided to buy ARs and AKs. Women armed up too. You at least don’t have to freak out about them taking your guns because the police will be defunded. You have to worry about European style requirements being passed like the gun industry have suggested.

    Gun owners are so delusional, uneducated and fearful. You didn’t respect everyone and didn’t want to integrate. Now you must out of survival. The Republican party is on the ropes because of the Liberal Republicans and the grifters.

    One of the worst performances for a president and party who had it all.

    He is your president. Don’t forget that. The American people have spoken. The youth have arrived and told you guys off.

    • “You didn’t respect everyone and didn’t want to integrate.”

      That’s a lie pushed by the media. Trump did better than the last republican with minorities. Cubans understand the dangers of socialism better than the indoctrinated youth. Hispanics helped Trump carry Florida. Democrats voted for the guy that literally fought to keep segregation. His running mate even called him out on it. The youth are the most ignorant electorate in the country which is why democrats love them.

      • I am referring to gun owners not wanting to bring in women, the youth and minorities. Same with the NRA and Republican party. Saying diversity is not a strength, and saying all lives matter as a response to civil unrest, killed the Republicans.

        A lot of minorities voted for Biden because Trump was the new Hillary Clinton. They hated him so much for what he has done to them they voted for racist Biden. Not all the black voters showed up though, Joe was too racist for them. If Biden wasn’t the candidate it would have been an easy win for Democrats. Black people didn’t really like Biden and Kamala, but Trump was way worse for them.

        If you don’t know, AOC and crew are gaining in popularity. Candidates like them are the future sooner than you think. AOC had hundreds of thousands of youth watching her play video games for her get out and vote campaign. That was better than a Trump rally. For hours hundreds of thousands of youth watched the squa play video games on Amazon’s streaming platform. Then those people voted Biden.

        • “I am referring to gun owners not wanting to bring in women, the youth and minorities.”

          Where do you get this nonsense?

          “They hated him so much for what he has done to them”

          Again, what’s your source? What did he do?

    • “A lot of Democrats decided to buy ARs and AKs. Women armed up too. You at least don’t have to freak out about them taking your guns because the police will be defunded.”

      Exactly, there will be no effective movement on gun control now, just like Obama/Biden did not move on gun control for the two years they held Congress and the presidency in 2009 and 2010.

      Other than to expand your gun rights to hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands but no conservative seems to notice that…

      Now will you guys quit parading around in all your gear, waving your guns and screaming about your rights and let us get on with governing the country and stopping the pandemic, please?

      • I did not believe all the other people on here at first , but after reading a few of your posts I find they are indeed correct. YOU ARE A F@#%ING MORON .

        • Oh, is there some specific item in my post above that you believe is factually inaccurate?

          Please, share with the group whatever specific item troubles you so.

  17. I’d love to be wrong, but I see no way Trump wins.

    On the Texas front, however, Republicans made gains throughout the state. Even with the predictions and all of the phenomenal amount out-of-state money spent, Democrats gained zero seats. Not only that, but Republicans performed better, in the races they both won and lost, than they did four years ago. Every statewide elected official is still a Republican. Even more exciting, the Red Wave of Hispanic votes signal more good things to come.

    • That’s not what I saw. I saw a super “red state” struggle to remain red. Imagine if there was better candidates offered to the youth and minorities. Texas has shown how blue it truly is. No more denying it. It will go the way of Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. It is only a matter of time. Under Biden it will hasten as Californians will have to pay more taxes and will seek out places where they don’t. You will see this in the next 4 years for yourself. That is if you keep your eyes open.

      This election shows you the future of America. The minorities, the women and the youth are blue because red has nothing to offer of real value. This was the first election where the youth vote showed up and outnumbered the old guard. The midterms will probably be less because of complacency, but future presidential elections is going to make you guys want to move to Asia or South America.

      • You may not have seen that, but you’re blind to the truth.

        Look at the maps on the Texas Secretary of state’s website. Facts are facts.

        To quote the far left leaning Texas monthly this morning, “This year, national Democrats might just squeak out a win—pending whatever horrors are to come in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—and Texas Democrats got pummeled.”

        • Look at Texas’ demographics and new arrivals.

          People said the same thing about Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. You saw what happened to those states. Texas is only taking longer due to population. I said Arizona will show itself to be blue this election and it did.

          All you have to do is go outside and interact with the people in your state. When I traveled and stayed in a lot of the western states I saw the demos for what they were. That’s how you accurately predict future behavior/elections. Polls and election results don’t tell the entire story because not everyone participates. This election proves that once again.

          I already knew Trump was going to lose. I explained why in detail. The media and Republicans are still trying to figure out what is going on. There was no landslide victory as projected. Same thing applied to the death of the NRA, which I also warned people about years ago and was proven correct right on time.

          Old people refuse to listen to the future. It bit you hard. All countries fall from within when they get too proud.

        • Again, you are clearly unable to see the truth. More minorities voted in Texas, and more youth voted in Texas, than ever before.
          And they voted Republican by a larger margin than ever before.
          This is in direct contrast to your nonsense.
          Look outside your bubble, if you even can.

        • Wow. The hits keep coming for Texas Dems.
          Trump won Zapata county. To give you an idea of the shift, Hillary won it with 65% last time.
          Zapata county is 85% Hispanic.
          Tell me again how Texas is going blue?

        • What we are seeing is a realignment. The wealthy white guilt ridden voters are headed off to the Democrats and they are being replaced by a much larger combination of young black men and hispanics (those that live next door to me despise the new leftist term “latinx”). We are seeing this trend mostly in Florida and Texas right now but as the trend continues to spread it is likely the Democrats will abandon their support for illegal immigration.

          The Democrats were suppose to win 15 seats or more in the House, instead they lost about five. They were expecting to take over the Senate and instead they gained 1 seat, maybe. With those failures the Democrats are going to spend the next two years in internal fighting. It will be interesting to watch them destroy each other. The internal fighting will be even worse if Biden supporters manage to cheat him into office.

  18. “You may not have seen that, but you’re blind to the truth.”

    Have you seen any resemblance between the Chief’s writings, on this page or any other, and the objective truth?

  19. Biden himself said he had the most comprehensive election fraud in history ready for this election. Everyone who is willing to allow that fraud to stand is as much a part of the problem as those who perpetrated it.