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Wisconsin, the latest arrival to the concealed carry party, published the list of states whose concealed carry permits they will recognize in their state recently. Residents from the listed states will be able to travel about Wisconsin strapped as they see fit (within the boundaries of Wisconsin state law, of course) without any additional paperwork. As far as I can tell the reciprocity only applies to resident permits (as opposed to non-resident permits), but hopefully clarification on that issue will be coming along shortly. Make the jump for the list of states with full reciprocity in the land of milk and cheddar.

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

Conspicuously absent from the list are Florida, which gets the most media attention for issuing licenses to people who have never set foot in their state, and Virginia, where I live. Which doesn’t make sense. Virginia has a training requirement in place but doesn’t make the list, yet Pennsylvania (where you can walk into a sheriff’s office and walk out with a permit having never touched a handgun, like I did) is deemed worthy. There has to be something going on behind the scenes that we’re not seeing.

Permit applications will be available starting November 1.

[JSOnline via RTB]

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  1. Perhaps the list is decided like Georgia’s. Georgia only recognizes states that recognize their CCW permits.

  2. Unreal, my CA permit is good in Wisconsin but I’m quite sure the Wisconsin permit is not good here.

  3. When I was a teenager, living in Illinois, we would drive up to Wisconsin on weekends to drink German beer and eat bratwursts.

    BTW, great picture with the mouse in the cheese.

      • The German-Scandinavian women of Wisconsin were easy on the eyes. I graduated high school 1980. IMHO, the American women who became adults in the 1960s were the most magical and beautiful generation ever (minus some of the hippie chicks who never shaved or washed). Today’s modern feminism and pop-culture has really eaten away the inner and outer beauty of women.

  4. West Virginia has a training requirement, too. I know one thing that trips up WV’s reciprocity is the requirement by some states for online/24-hour access to CCW permit records.

  5. I’m insulted. There is no reason why my Oklahoma permit shouldn’t be accepted. Then again, I didn’t want to visit Wisconsin anyway. So there!

  6. I am so confused…..If someone from Wisconson comes to Connecticut their CCW is not valid but if I go to Wisconsin I can pack heat? Perhaps I missed the meaning of Reciprocity.

  7. holy smokes, Maryland is on this list! i hope (but expect) that some ahole lawmaker in the old line state will throw bombs at this (reciprocity in MD) as soon as the media in this state catches wind.

  8. Good that the states are doing this on their own. We do not need any federal reciprocity nonsense which would lead to a federal encroachment no doubt.

    • I’m sorry but no it won’t. The recently introduced bill only forces states to recognize permits from any other state. This would be the same way the federal government says all states must recognize each other’s driver license’s. In no way would the legislation create a “National CCW” permit structure.

      • Charlie Taylor, you’re totally f^cking right, but it seems like the message isn’t getting through.

  9. According to, Wisconsin will recognize non resident permits from the following states:
    Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut, Georgia Hawaii Idaho Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Michigan Nebraska New York North Carolina North Dakota Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas Utah Washington Wyoming Puerto Rico U.S. Virgin Islands Wisconsin Honors Non-Resident Permits/Licenses From the States They Honor. (Must be 21 Y/O) See:

    • “According to, Wisconsin will recognize non-resident permits from the following states:”Kansas ”
      Really? Far as I know, Kansas does not issue “non resident permits.”My state, Kansas does not issue or recognize out of state licensees. Could be wrong, but this is the internet. Best to do diligent work before traveling to another state.

  10. Wisconsin will honor non resident permits from the states on this list, and after Nov. 1 they will consider adding more states. I’m surprised they don’t recognize RI and MA because these two states are more difficult than just about every state(I’m not including the COMMIE states of CA,HI,MD and NY) on this list.

    • I got my CCW in NY in 1968, I went to the County Judge and got the application from there to the State Police for prints and a background check and you needed three references. I got a State Trooper, a Judge and a BCI Agent. Inside of two weeks I had it, and mine is good until revoked. I have lived in TN for 20 years still have it and consider it as good today as when it was issued. The full faith and credit clause of the Constitution I believe applies to it just as it does a marriage license.

  11. Also missing from the list is New Jersey because…oh wait I forgot. Here we like to cynically joke that CCW means “Can’t Carry Weapons”. This state sucks. But congrats to all the others on Wisconsin’s list. I’d like to see this reciprocity thing spread to other states even if it never ends up working out in mine. The more the merrier

  12. This doesn’t make any sense. I would think it would change. Fl is aggressive in securing reciprocity agreements and has higher requirements than Wisconsin, but Fl doesn’t care about the requirements of other states. If the other state recognizes the Fl permit, Fl reciprocates.

  13. The passage of CCW in Wi was somewhat of a surprise and eventually states will work out reciprocity agreements. In my state reciprocity is put before the sitting governor for approval, and as soon as we get a R in that seat with a legislature to match I’m sure we’ll have an agreement.

  14. I was at the McDonalds just East of the Brat Stop on the night the original Brat Stop burned. Years of brat grease accumulated in the kitchen stack burned like a rocket motor.

  15. I wonder about the depth of the ‘reciprocity’ agreements? The casual observer would assume the ‘Full Faith & Credit’ clause holds water. But you never know. AZ law changes every time the legislature conveniens. UT & NV recognized AZ CCW’s years before it AZ had any agreements with other states. BUT beware, Las Vegas (city) doesn’t allow concealed or open carry. We need to rid ourselves of the gungrabbers in 2012 and get nationwide legislations signed into law.

  16. My guess is that they don’t grant reciprocity to states that don’t return the favor (that’s what reciprocity means, right?)

  17. New Mexico did not make the list, I note. New Mexico has a 15-hour training requirement for issuing a CCL. I’m guessing that New Mexico doesn’t recognize the Wisconsin CCL because of a perceived lack of training requirements…this is just a guess, as I ave no idea what Wisconsin requires in the way of training, if anything.

    New Mexico used to recognize Utah non-resident permits, but no longer does, due to a perceived lack of training requirements. I note that Wisconsin recognizes non-resident permits from states with which Wisconsin has a reciprocity agreement, so a non-resident Utah permit (which is really easy to get) should be honored in Wisconsin.

    • New Mexico still recognizes Florida non-resident licenses (although there is no written agreement, per NM DPS website). That’s really the only reason I continue to hold a Florida license since New Mexico still does not recognize my Louisiana resident license.

      As can be seen from all this reciprocity stuff, there’s no logic to any of it.

    • Odd that Utah licenses are not recognized in New Mexico. Are you sure that this has to do with lack of a training requirement? I am a Pennsylvania resident, with a Pennsylvania Uniforms Firearms Act license AND a Utah concealed carry permit, which I got because it was recognized in so many more states than the Pennsylvania license.

      The Utah permit has an an excellent training requirement, with a full day of instruction,which included a live-fire evaluation. Oddly enough, I took the course at a gun club in, all places, the P.R. New Jersey.

      • While the particular course you took for Utah may have included a life fire component, Utah does not require a live fire component for issuance of a permit.

  18. Indiana didn’t make the list even though we grant reciprocity to everyone who is breathing. We don’t have a training requirement but neither does Washington which made the list.

  19. Missouri doesn’t make the list even though it too “grant[s] reciprocity to everyone who is breathing.” For the expensive license Missouri issues the requirements are quite strict, including 8 hours of instruction and fingerprints for the background check, therefore as of last week or so 38 states grant us reciprocity. Strange.

    Virginia might not have made it since it doesn’t require fingerprinting although some counties do.

  20. Virginia requires fingerprints and has reciprocity with:Alaska Florida Kentucky Mississippi North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas West Virginia

    Mutual recognition with:

    New Mexico
    North Dakota

    • No, Virginia does not, and never has required fingerprints. At the date of your post requiring fingerprints was discretionary with the counties, and while some did require it, most did not. Since your post, the General Assembly has passed, and the Governor has signed, a bill prohibiting the counties from requiring fingerprints.

      As far as I know, fingerprints are still required for non-resident permits.

  21. CA recognizes nobody else’s permits. We’re so special out here, you see…

    I have a TX permit, so I am good there, but not in CA where I live.

    It’s a madhouse, all right.

  22. Since July 1st, Wyoming allows CCW by anyone that would qualify under the prior law without the need to actually get a permit. Meaning you dont’ need a permit. So I’m wondering if Wisc (and any other state that recognizes Wy) allows no actual permit to carry.

  23. The list was probably generated by the worker ants in some cubby hole office in Madison. It shouldn’t be too hard for one of our badgers on this blog to find that office and call the ants on the telephone.

  24. Las Vegas is no different than the rest of Nevada re: CCW. Been carrying here for over a year now.

    HAVEGUN: When I checked in July for a roadtrip to KCMO from Vegas, Kansas recognized my Utah NR according to Missouri only recognized my NV res. permit, so I was endlessly “permit jumping” from one to the other as I went back and forth over the state line.

  25. The reason PA is recognized while other states with training requirements are not is that training requirements have absolutely nothing to do with recognition.

    From WI DOJ: “Under s. 165.25(12m), Wis. Stats., DOJ is required to establish a list of states that issue a license to carry a concealed weapon, if that license requires, or designates that the holder chose to submit to, a background search that is comparable to the type of background check that DOJ is required to conduct for Wisconsin licensees. The Wisconsin background check includes two components: (1) a criminal history record search; and (2) a search of the national instant criminal background check system (NICS) operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

    Given that though, I still don’t see why Virginia is not recognized. I’m pretty sure our permits require both components. And neither one explicitly mentions fingerprints.

  26. It’s not reciprocity, it is recognition when it’s one-sided like Connecticut. Connecticut certainly doesn’t have reciprocity with Wisconsin, because the Nutmeg State accepts no license but its own. Wisconsin does happen to recognize Connecticut permits, though. Connecticut does issue non-resident permits—and gets paid for each one—and I have reason to believe that the DPS would hate to lose that income by giving recognition to out-of-state permits to make it truly reciprocal. It wouldn’t anyway until the legislature passes a law authorizing them to do so.

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  30. I have taken the test in Virginia and passed it,’ but is this honored in Wisconsin for a CCW permit if I do a non resident application?

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