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Winner TTAG EDC (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Aside from the Batman camera angle, this picture is more than slightly queasy-making. The ankle rig in question – which belongs to TTAG reader 79Slider – takes a tough extraction issue and makes it tougher. You’ve got to get a grip on the security strap (which looks small and slippy to me), release the snap, make sure the elastic springs out of the way and then draw. I’m thinking the Telor Tactical ComfortAir T-fit Ankle Holster‘s velcro strap is a better bet. Others may be thinking that an ankle holster – any ankle holster – is a matter of making the best of, the best of, a bad situation. Anyway . . .

Telor Tactical T-fit ankle holster

A TTAG tester’s gonna put a T-fit [above] through its paces – literally – and report their independent findings. With a bit of luck, 79Slider will also provide us with an ankle holster comparo for us. ‘Cause he’s scored a free T-fit for his dining and dancing pleasure.

Meanwhile, Telor tells TTAG that anyone who enters “TTAG” in the comments section of a T-fit order gets a free In the Waistband Compact holster. Offer ends June 9th and anyone can play. We get nothing, save the satisfaction of helping our readers find kit that works. [Click here for a Facebook photo gallery of reader EDC’s.]

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  1. Lou Alessi’s ankle holsters are the way to go if ankle holsters are what you’re looking for. No thumbreaks or safety straps to get in the way, you can do cartwheels and just about anything without your handgun falling out.

  2. I’ve worn an Uncle Mike’s ankle holster with my Taurus for the last 11 months because it is the only discreet way for me to carry while on the job. Ankle carry should not be dismissed out of hand by desk drivers like me because it’s comfortable and it’s better than no sidearm at all.

  3. For most of mankind, an ankle holster without a garter is about as all-day comfortable as soring chains on a walking horse.

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