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Gun owners really should count themselves as very fortunate. Despite having endured seven years of the most 2A-hostile administration in American history, the strategic geniuses who thought they had a sure victory after the horrific Sandy Hook massacre chose…Joe Biden to lead their anti-gun push.

The same doddering Uncle Joe with a virtually unblemished record on foreign policy. The same bumbler who can’t seem to utter two consecutive sentences without including a racial slur…or manage to keep his creepy hands off of unsuspecting White House guests. Yet the administration’s mega-minds think the guy who advises frightened home owners to shoot blindly through their doors, and wants his wife to launch warning vollies of buckshot into the air is just the guy to explain why “smart guns” are a good way to go.

Click on the image above to hear Uncle Joe’s thoughts on the advisability of biometric-enabled ballistics. Once you stop shaking your head, you’ll realize two things are clear: 1) yet again, ol’ Joe has no earthly knowledge of the topic on which he’s been asked to speak, and 2) the message meisters who work for the President are counting on the ignorance of the American public regarding most things gun-related to push their message.

Here’s Joe’s sage advice:

You know the single most consequential thing you can do that’d have no impact on the Second Amendment? Buy a smart gun.

If you haven’t been paying attention, don’t bundle the family into the Grand Caravan and head for your local gun store just yet. They don’t have any for sale.

The President loves to blame Wayne LaPierre for that, but as the People of the Gun know, the reason you can’t buy a so-called smart gun isn’t the insidious influence of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. No, the blame for the dearth of “smart guns” lies with the dedicated public servants who run the deep blue state of New Jersey.

America’s armpit has a poison pill law on the books that mandates that once a smart gun is available for sale somewhere in the US, all guns sold in the Garden State MUST have the technology. America’s gun owners have demonstrated their disapproval of this state of affairs by refusing to patronize any store that triggers the law.

They don’t object to smart guns per se, they just don’t want to force that on their brethren in New Jersey. President Obama, Uncle Joe and the rest of the agitprop generators in DC should blame — not the National Rifle Association — but people like Loretta Weinberg and her fellow travelers for this.

Don’t kid yourself, though. Uncle Joe may be too far gone to know which end of a gun goes toward the bad guy, but the White House’s spinmeisters know the lay of the land all too well. It just doesn’t matter to them. They find it much more convenient to point the finger at their old reliable boogie man – the NRA – for the lack of technological options for gun owners rather than place the blame where it really belongs — with their hoplophobic, like-minded supporters in a Democrat-controlled state.

So you might as well put a quilt on Uncle Joe and let him continue his nap. Trying to explain to him what’s really going on with “smart guns” would only be like trying to discuss quantum mechanics with your yellow Labrador. Besides, no one really pays any attention to him anyway. Joe, that is.

[h/t DrVino]


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        • Trump proposes a policy or government action. The media and the administration soil themselves racing to condemn it for hundreds of common sense reasons. A week goes by, as people begin to discuss his proposal, which seems less crazy every day, and his ratings go up. A couple more weeks, and Osama has implemented his suggestions. His leadership is so powerful that the current POTUS is following HIM! While he just seems like it is effortless. I don’t know where this is going, but our nation needs somebody like that. He may screw up, but I don’t think he’s going to lie to us, why would he? I do not expect to have any input into the R candidate, but if it is Trump I will not be crying in my beer. He says he supports gun rights NOW, his sons have had a great effect on his thinking on the subject, and I am certain, without other evidence, that he would be immeasurably better for firearm rights than Christie would be, just for example. Let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot.

        • I think it’s prudent to remember that he’s a professional salesman and actor….no one really *knows* what he’s about, other than making the sale. I do appreciate the direct, straight talk. However, the key point for people to remember is that Obama, in his infinite wisdom, has chosen to executive action his goals into reality. Trump, as well as basically all of the rest of the esteemed candidates, whatever the party, have declared the same. “If I become president, I’ll make *something* happen because its right!” Governance by executive fiat is totalitariaism, whatever the particular flavor. Gun owners (and everyone else, including liberals) would do well to remember that if you let the powers that be do what they want because it seems like what you want, then that make you a supporter of a totalitarian system. That is exactly why the second amendment exists. Too many people in this nation are clamoring for a dictator of their own choosing.

          PS, he’s a racist dickbag who seems to have forgotten that this country *is* immigrants. Don’t get me wrong, I very much dislike illegal immigration, but the solution is to simultaneously secure borders, and make it easier for the productive and law abiding to come in. There is no good reason that one of my junior Marines in the Corps had to wait 9 freaking years to receive citizenship, when he was a kid who never did anything wrong other than jump the border to go work on one of our farms. He enlisted the moment that he got his citizenship. Also, telling 1.6 billion people(Muslims) to go to hell is insane, unless you are willing to back that up with one hell of a conflagration.

      • While I generally don’t like his economic theory, john Maynard Keynes’s response to a politician who questioned his altered stance on something or other was brilliant. “When the facts change I change my opinions. What do you do?”

        I think Trump may be in the same category re guns.

        • Hannibal: guns themselves, no, but members of his family became interested and involved with them. He became better informed and changed his stance accordingly.

          I have more respect for that than for someone who just keeps shouting the same thing louder even in the face of contradictory evidence.

        • The Democrat Party does it too…sort of. If the Democrat Parry thought that supporting the 2nd amendment would help them push this country to a single party dictatorship under their control, they would do it in a second. But, considering the 2nd amendment is the biggest obstacle to tyranny in the US, they are against it.

        • I think part of the reason the Dems are embracing and pushing gun control is because it’s all they have left to rally the base.

          Gay marriage is law by judicial fiat. Health care has been passed in the form of Obama care and as flawed as it is, the Dems can’t admit its flaws without tarnishing Obama’s legacy. Only Sanders is touting the message of income inequality, and that’s because that’s all he ever talks about. And despite Bill Clinton’s assertion that “It’s the economy, stupid,” the Dems have hung their hat on gun control despite the fact that support for national gun control is lower than ever.

  1. I already have a ‘smart gun’. Actually, all of mine are smart because I am the one using them. Real simple. It’s difficult to believe that they don’t just fire all by themselves.

    • Actually they’re a great idea. The problem is that today’s “smart guns” are to useful smart guns as the Wright brothers’ first flight is to taking a Boeing 777 across the country.

      My preferred smart gun version is the “blood weapon” from a sci-fi novel I once read: when you grip the weapon, little needles pierce your skin and take a blood sample to analyze the DNA. If the DNA matches an authorized one in the weapon’s data base, the weapon accepts the user; additional users may be authorized by the original user by gripping the weapon to let it identify the handler, and once it does hand the weapon to a person to be authorized, who grips it so the weapon can sample the new blood and add the new DNA to its data base.

      Of course there’s the issue of taking such a weapon straight from the hand of a user you just killed and gripping it… there was a solution to that in the story but I don’t remember it.

  2. He is such a buffoon. It’s a good thing he doesn’t wield any real power. Hopefully, in a bit over a year, he’ll just go away, having done nothing as VP.

  3. “place the blame where it really belongs, with their hoplophobic, like-minded opressors in a Democrat-controlled state.”
    There, FIFY.

  4. CA has the same stupid smart gun law. Also one for micro stamping. And the roster of guns approved for sale. Number of guns added to the roster for 2016? Zero. If you see an In-N-Out Burger under construction near you, be afraid. Be very afraid

  5. Like Obama’s ridiculous cnn talk show. He said the NRA was responsible for blocking smart gun technology and criticized gun owners for not wanting expanded options.

    Total lies. Lies! The state of New Jersey is looking to reduce gun owners options – not expand them. They want only smart guns available in New Jersey! The moment smart guns are available gun shops are mandated to sell smart guns only. If you have a non-smart gun and are looking to sell it –
    Good luck. Politicians at work. Lies, deceit, misdirection, sleigh of hand.

  6. Of course, the reason they use Joe is that they think most (or all) of America is full of stupid people and Joe doesn’t sound very smart. It’s their way of talking down to the people without appearing to talk down to them like some of the other “betters” do. The sad thing is, you can already tell from a couple of the comments below the video that some people actually bought it. They believed him. They didn’t question whether it was even possible to buy one, whether it was possible to buy (or even make) one in various calibers, or whether they even worked or not. We’d have to get past those falsehoods to even talk about how easy it would be to hack them or if the government could install a back-door to turn them off at the “appropriate” times – like if you were defending yourself from a criminal. What if a criminal grabbed your gun during a close encounter and your wrist-band was close enough for the criminal to use the gun against you. Oh wait, I guess that’s OK with Joe.

    We all have to do a resolution (New Year’s or not) to introduce 5 new people to gun ownership every year. In addition, I’m buying NRA memberships for family members and friends (already did just before Christmas). We have to get NRA’s membership up to about 30-million and get this stuff stopped.

  7. Not to mention, they’re pretty useless at the moment. The only viable one I know of is the IP1, and that’s like a downgraded version of a Phoenix Arms .22 for seventeen times the price, so “viable” is either charitable or totally inaccurate. No army uses them. No police force uses them. No one wants them. And it looks like a spray-painted squirt gun.

  8. Not only is there the New Jersey law. but I recall that several manufacturers, including Colt (and I believe S&W) worked on developing “safe” hand gun technology, at the time when the locking mechanism was disabled by a rare earth magnet on a ring. It did not sell. The public is simply not interested in things that complicate–and raise the risk of failure–or essentially simple mechanical devices. Biometric devices, and the risk of failure simply because of a bad battery or a greasy/bloody finger, is unacceptably high. It will not sell enough to make it an economically viable product.

  9. Their idea of a smart gun is one that can be tracked and even better, deactivated. Smart guns as depicted in James Bond movies are fantasies like Bond’s invisible car. Say a smart gun is reliable and tamperproof, how can it know if the registered owner is going to rob a store, shoot someone in anger, or shoot someone by mistake. Smart guns if ever realized will still not prevent unwanted deaths, or make us any safer. Would smart gun tech have prevented Sandy Hook or San Bernadino?

  10. As painful as it is, it’s worth watching for non-obvious reasons.

    He comes right out and says specifically that Sandy Hook would not have been prevented by background checks – score one for reality (even if it comes from Joe Biden).

    Just point to that when someone clueless bleats “background check”.

    Now the whole “smart gun” – stupid fantasy.

  11. Ummm…I don’t believe Slow Joe is an “insurance policy” for blubbering Barry anymore. Could the Biden buffoon get anything done,passed or “executive ordered”??? Funny but mentioning Dan Quayle made me think what a “competent” president he might have been. At least as good as daddy Bush, W and slick Willy. Did he ever talk about 57 states? I’d be looking over MY shoulder if I was Barry Soetoro…

  12. A Breathalyzer/ignition interlock will save lives by preventing (some) drunk drivers from starting their cars.

    Helmets prevent brain injury. We should mandate wearing helmet at all times. In the house, or out.

    Let’s mandate these at a federal level. It’s common sense.

    Why all the screaming and resistance? Think of the children it will save!!! If it saves just one life…

    Why is that different, anti’s? (Other than the is no amendment to permit driving…)

    • I think the next president should mandate that the Secret Service agents guarding Obama and Biden use “smart guns” only.

  13. I was surrounded the other day by several guns…not one of them shot at me but I could activate them in an instant if necessary. Countering SmartGuns….”When seconds count, the batteries are in the kitchen.”

  14. Joe B. Soon regulated to the dust bin of history knowing he’s achieved nothing other than sucking the government tit for most of his adult life.

  15. Joe has been such good comic relief from the present government BS. I might miss his really well thought out responses to questions no one has asked.

  16. It’s partisan hyperbole, not to mention absolutely wrong to call Obama’s administration the most “2A hostile administration in U.S. history.”

    You don’t know much of our history if you think that is the case. Either that or you do know and the only thing you are concerned about is getting nods from other partisans who could’nt really care less about honesty and truth when it comes to American issues. Has Obama been hostile recently?

    Of course, no one can deny that. Is his administration the most hostile in history, no way, no how, no matter how you add it up. Up until Sandy Hook Obama and his admin rarely ever mentioned firearms nor did they make moves to curb 2A rights.

    That is, unliess you are a fringe conspiracy theorist that believes any and all bad press from your political cohorts that is directed at your political opponents. Clinton was worse, obviously. Nixon was worse and even openly talked about a handgun ban.

    We really need to start caring about what is true and we need to, many of us at least, start using logic and reason in our arguments instead of viewing these things as ‘elitist’ or in the case of some as ‘the work of the devil’.

    I dislike Obama’s presidency greatly but I take great care to have more integrity than democrats had during the Bush Presidency. The Republican parties downall began right before Reagan took office when the so called ‘moral majority’ evangelical fundies took over our Grand Ole’ Party. Facts and reason went out the window afterwards, intellectuals were shunned, and the GOP became a party of god instead of a party of America and individual freedom.

    Iran has a party of god – they don’t belong in the politics of a free society. We really need to care more about what is true. That statement was simply false rubbish and you know it.

    Once again. I am not defending Obama but until Sandy Hook they hardly did anything involving firearms other than allow them in federal parks. There have been many presidents much worse than Obama but the partisan mind always sees the current president as the worst president involving everything contradictory to their ideology.

    Be better people, have more integrity.

    • You are absolutely correct. We must stop partisan politics and use intelligent and objective evaluations to determine our policies. As for “smart guns”, the reason they aren’t going to be produced has little to do with New Jerseys poison pill law and everything to do with the fact that they serve no purpose and anyone with a basic knowledge of electronics and firearms understands this. Read this article: It is one of the best I’ve read about firearm technology.

    • I agree.

      Clinton’s administration is why we still have an import AWB that is atrocious, Chinese ban, no new Russian pistols or other exotics, steel core 7.62×39 ban, “assault pistol” import ban, the Brady Bill, and others.

      Herbert Walker Bush started the no guns on military bases, gun-free school zones, and started the import AWB and 922r compliance nonsense.

      Reagan banned new machineguns and made existing ones astronomically expensive and supported an AWB late in his term especially after he left office actively garnering support for it!!

  17. Joe Biden is my favorite Democrat politician. I deerly wish he had run for President (the comedic value of his sound bytes is golden). I relish nothing more than quoting Uncle Joe to my Democrat acquaintances.

    • Not beyond the realm of possible. He wants it.
      – Hillary is not going to be the demtard nominee. Will be forced out to avoid an indictment.
      – They are not going to allow commie Bernie to be the the nominee.
      – OMutton is a joke.

      Leaving whatever else can scrape off the floor.

    • “Wonder what he might say if he ever sobered up?”

      “I’m what? Vice President of… what? Motherfvcker! It worked! It really worked!”

      Happy to help… 🙂

  18. Just another buzzword to keep their ball rolling.
    bullet button
    hi capacity “clips”
    armour piercing bullets
    and on it goes,,,, and THEY say Others use scare tactics! pff.
    Next week it will be something else.

  19. Well the Patriots were able to implement the SOP system for pretty much every gun in existence, including the entire US military, and we saw how well that worked out!

  20. Trying to explain to him what’s really going on with “smart guns” would only be like trying to discuss quantum mechanics with your yellow Labrador. Besides, no one really pays any attention to him anyway. Joe, that is.
    When it came to being coherent, I would put my money on the Lab.

  21. Hey Joe – I’d like to buy a smart gun. However, I wonder what kind of grades it got in school. How can I find out its GPA? Did it get a scholarship to an institute of higher learning? Did it graduate? Was the education it received liberal or conservative? How well did it do in anatomy? Because guns need a basic understanding of vital organs, soft tissue, bone structure, etc.


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