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Yes, an ammo box or can is a little on the mundane side…unless you don’t have one. If you’re headed out into the field, you need to schlep some gear. Plano’s new cavernous Magnum Field/Ammo box will let you tote gun food, optics, a cleaning kit and a Mini Cooper with room to spare so you’ll be ready for anything when you’re out in the wild. Press release after the jump . . .

Plano, IL  – Hunters and shooters the world over have leaned on Plano’s venerable 1312, 1712 and 1612 Field/Ammo boxes for a decade. These low-cost, molded-plastic ammo cans are durable, won’t rust, and provide a practical and economical means of storing and transporting ammunition. And if the full story is to be told, their blue-collar versatility and low cost has made them a favorite vessel for all manner of shooting accessories… along with just about any other small items one could imagine.

New for 2016, Plano announces the addition of the 1812 Magnum Field/Ammo Box to their honest and hard-working line of Ammo Cans.

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Forty-percent larger than Plano’s Model 1612 Big .50 Cal. Can – previously the largest available – the new, amply-sized 1812 Magnum Can comes with two removable dividers that section out three equally-sized, cavernous compartments – super handy for separating rounds of different calibers or sizes. A removable, drop-in storage tray rides beneath the lid and over the can’s main compartment for fast access to tools and accessories. Finally, a latched, quick-access storage compartment is molded right into the can’s lid for immediate access to remaining small items and sundries.

As with all Plano Field/Ammo Boxes, the 1812 Magnum is dressed with stout, no-nonsense hardware. A brass bail latch secures the goods without fail, while a heavy-duty molded handle holds up to the weight generated by heaps of magnum rounds.


Magnum Size
Exterior Dimension: 17”Lx10.38”Wx13”H
Top Lift Out Tray
Two Internal Dividers
Top Quick Access Storage in Lid
Brass Bail Latch
Heavy Duty Handle
MSRP $24.99

When size matters, Plano’s new 1812 Magnum Ammo/Field Box is ready-for-duty, and provides economical and workmanlike storage and transport for boxes of big-bore bullets… or, a whole lot of small ones.

Protect your ammunition. Protect your passion.

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  1. Wow, that’s one big @$$ ammo can. But I only use ammo cans for storage; rarely for schlepping around. I prefer soft gear and ammo bags.

    I prefer soft long gun cases too. They have larger loop handles so I can carry 2 or 3 in each hand, they can double as a shooting pad or rest, they protect the gun just fine and they take up a lot less space. Hard rifle cases are good for air travel but that’s about it. (I don’t fly with my guns.)

  2. I keep all my powder and primers (separately) in these plano boxes. I would love a larger one. Alliant Powders don’t stack nicely in my existing ammo cans.

    • “What’s in the box?”

      Why, only all your hopes and dreams!

      That little black thing hiding in the corner?

      Pay it no mind son, that’s just all your worst fears and nightmares…


  3. Back in the early 90’s I had a plastic ammo can, thought it was a plano brand but am not 100% on that. It was very sturdy, and well made. Every time I look at one these days they seem very flimsy, and I’d never trust them with anything heavy like ammo. I’ll keep an eye out for these and see how they match up to the old one I had, as I’d like a couple plastic cans for first aid items at home and in the car, but they can’t be flimsy.

  4. While I own several plastic and metal (milsurp) ammo boxes, I tend to use heavy-duty plastic tool boxes for ammo storage and transport. Plenty of room — check. Removable drop-in tray — check. Lockable — check. Durable — check. Stealth — check. They look like tool boxes, not ammo boxes. And they are stackable.

    • These things are good for keeping stuff from rolling around in the vehicle, a large tackle box would work also. In my case, I only have two firearms, so I might not need as much space as some. If I were going to carry something as big as that ammo/field box farther than a couple of feet away from the truck, it would be a cooler of beer. (The beer being safely apart from the firearms/ammo of course).

    • I found that in many cases, the only difference between “ammo box” and “tool box” is that the former is dark green while the latter is orange or brown; otherwise they’re identical in all respects.

  5. I have some smaller Plano field boxes, label says they hold 6-8 boxes of ammo. Well I get 1,000 rounds of 9mm in them, loose. That’s obviously more load than they were designed for, the lid flexes when you lift it.

    I think I would want genuine mil-spec steel for anything heavier.

  6. The problem with a big ammo box is how much it weighs when you fill it. The lid compartment and tray are a definite upgrade from a steel GI box but I would want it no bigger than a .50 cal box. I use a surplus GI .50 cal size box now, although ironically mine is labeled for 5.56 practice ammo and not the expected MG belt.

  7. The latch on those boxes suck and I don’t see from the picture anyway, a way to lock it from accidentally opening. I’m still pissed at Plano for the “Field Locker” gun case I bought this year that is warped and came in a thin crappy card board box that their reseller wanted me to ship it back in on my dime with me having to insure it against damage as it would have surely gotten damaged in that thin crappy card board box. Did I mention the thin crappy card board box it came in?

  8. The Plano boxes are decent – I’ve probably got a dozen of the smaller sizes. I started buying some off brand 7.62/30 cal size plastic boxes at a local farm supply for $6.00 each and they work pretty well for shotgun shells and rifle ammunition. The supplies of cheap ($5.00 ish) metal government surplus ammo cans have just about dried up and I just can’t see paying $15 for new ones. So I’ll go with the plastic. I wish somebody would put the old US Navy 20mm boxes or the big aircraft rocket boxes back into production. I’d pay good money for those.

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