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Abdelhami Abaaoud (courtesy’s article The Islamic State creates a new type of jihadist: Part terrorist, part gangster reveals that many if not most of ISIS’ European operatives/sympathizers are criminals. The jihadis explain away their violation of the Koran as a necessary “compromise” to fight the infidels – when they can be bothered. The proto-terrorists’ tendency to finance their activities by low-level drug dealing and theft is actually an advantage for law enforcement; they appear on the police radar early in their “career.” The WaPo article fail to point out a more dangerous possibility . . .

ISIS may team-up with Mexican drug cartels.

The plain truth: the Mexican cartels are multi-billion dollar international criminal syndicates with affiliates in every major U.S. city. Their tentacles and alliances stretch around the globe. China, for example, provides the cartels with the precursor chemicals to create meth for the American marketby the ton. Would the cartels form an alliance with ISIS?

The smart money says no.

Even without putting on a tin foil hat and examining the unofficial relationship between the U.S. government and the Mexican cartels, the drug thugs understand that there are rules to the game. The wanton slaughter of innocent life – so prevalent south of the border – would not be tolerated here. If you think the War on Drugs is a big deal now, a major attack or two on innocent Americans would bring down a shitstorm of epic proportions. Finally.

I’m not saying it couldn’t happen. I’m just saying it hasn’t. Then again, Mexican drug cartels are not like the Cosa Nostra. They are, in the main, a loose confederation of bad guys. The cartel-connected gangs inside the U.S. are not cartel soldiers per se. (God bless capitalism.) So it is possible that ISIS could co-opt, create and/or ally their own “gangs” inside the U.S., and then finance them through a working relationship with the Mexican cartels, who care about Americans’ terrorist problems as much as you’d expect.

If I were the U.S. government I’d be very concerned about the Muslim population in jail, where recruitment and indoctrination for and by criminals is rife.

State, federal and local prisons of the United States may be a contributor to the growth of Islam in the United States. J. Michael Waller claims that Muslim inmates comprise 17-20% of the prison population in New York, or roughly 350,000 inmates in 2003. He also claims that 80% of the prisoners who “find faith” while in prison convert to Islam. These converted inmates are mostly African American, with a small but growing Hispanic minority. Waller also asserts that many converts are radicalized by outside Islamist groups linked to terrorism . . .

Mark S. Hamm, a criminologist at Indiana State University, describes a phenomenon he calls “prison Islam.” This consists of “small gang-like cliques that use cut-and-paste versions of the Koran” to give a religious patina to violent and criminal activities. Hamm has identified five such examples since 2005, notably the 2005 Los Angeles bomb plot.

What does this have to do with guns (he asks, again)? It’s another indication that terorrism is a growing, multi-pronged threat to the safety of the American public. To your safety. Carry a gun. And expect more Americans to form militias of one sort or another, especially on our southern border. And the inevitable government backlash against same.

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      • To clarify: for the time being, US basically leaves Mexican authorities to deal (or rather, “deal”) with the cartels on Mexican territory. But if ISIS carries out another successful attack on US soil, especially if it’s a large scale one, and the cartels will be implicated in assisting them in that, the resulting outcry may result in a much bigger involvement in Mexican politics, to the point of “boots on the ground”. Cartels are as successful as they are to a large extent because they can bribe the Mexican law enforcement and even army, but this won’t work with US troops.

    • What’s the upside for the cartels? They already control most of Mexico and large chunks of Central and South America. They have no problem getting the guns and supplies they need. What would ISIS bring to the table, besides more law enforcement and military action against them?

    • Because drug use is very against ISIL ideology and they are actually compelled to kill drug dealers. If ISIL gets their way there will be no drugs at all. Not a smart idea for drug producers to throw in with people who will wipe them out if they have their way.

  1. I think I read an article about El Chappo straight up threatening ISIS because they were stealing and destroying his shipments, so this might not be as likely to happen as we might think.

    • But this info came from the Washington post the most fair and balanced newsp………LOL i can’t finish my post ….LOL…..

    • The el chappo vs isis story was a satirical tale gone awry. That is what happens when someone doesn’t understand how to properly write satire and basically just writes a fake news story.

  2. Isn’t that a great photo of that Mooslem ISIL punk standing next to his decked out American military vehicle ?
    WOW ! we are so incredibly inept and stupid .

    • Perhaps all our military vehicles should be equipped with LOJACK, you know, to guide future drone strikes….

    • You would think a picture like that would dissuade support for military adventurism, and yet for some it just strengthens their support for Middle East intervention. It’s like the antis who, upon seeing gun control miserably fail, demand even more of it .

  3. Truth is stranger than fiction. And there’s that quote about the enemy of my enemies and war making strange bedfellows.

  4. …another “refugee” seeking shelter/safe space/gun-free zone in need of a job so he can turn away from his life of jihad.

  5. “violation of the Koran”??? What “violation”. They are commanded to lie cheat steal infidels to advance islam. Nothing is offlimits (see also Barack Hussain Clouseau).

      • Is it as specific as “Don’t finance your jihad via an alliance with people that run drugs?”

        Are those passages about the USE of drugs among the faithful, or do they cover all contact with drug-related people?

        • That’s a good point, actually.

          The jihadists are already into amphetamine trafficking, they hand out a type of speed called Captagon to their soldiers like candy. One of the House of Saud princes was busted with over two *tons* of it in Beruit two months back, in his private biz jet headed to Riyadh.

          And just as lying in Islam is allowed, even expected, if it is in the interest of Islam, I bet drugs will be treated the same.

          Hell, the Afghani Taliban funded their jihad with large-scale Opium smuggling. A big part of the US involvement in Afghanistan was eradicating the poppy fields.

      • Koran specifically bans wine. The mainstream Muslim interpretation is that this means that all alcohol is off-limits. Some schools also extend it to all mind-state-altering drugs. On the other hand, some liberal Muslims claim that this only applies to substance abuse – i.e. alcoholism etc – and so e.g. drinking in moderation is not prohibited.

        With respect to using drug money to finance jihad, it would be subject to interpretation of the ulema. Taliban, for example, used to execute poppy growers and burn poppy fields in all areas under their control until the US invasion, but shortly after they had promptly issued a fatwa that making and selling drugs is legitimate so long as they’re sold to non-Muslims, in which case it is a form of jihad.

    • Yeah neiowa. Robert really needs to get a better education on how Muhammad started raiding caravans as a way to finance the advance of Islam. This type of behavior is completely supported with in the Koran as well as the Hadith.

      Being a “criminal”, when it involves preying upon the infidel, in the advance of Islam, is perfectly acceptable behavior by a devout Muslim, as shown by the example of the “Last prophet of Allah”.

  6. La Raza is 10 times the threat to America than Islam and twice as bloodthirsty.

    Bottom line, is that the drug trade is not the ultimate goal. Power is the ultimate goal. The Cartel simply funds their take over attempts of government.

    The same thing has happened all over the globe from Somalia to Rwanda to Nicaragua.

    • “The Cartel simply funds their take over attempts of government.”
      If you mean the Mexican government, I think you’ve got that backwards.

  7. Doubtful. Radical Islam is quite anti drugs/alcohol and I doubt the very Christian Latinos’ would get along well with jihadis. They’re just not compatible. Like if you tried to team up a brown recluse and a black widow. However, I wouldn’t rule it out completely, jihadis will break their own religious codes as we have seen Daesh do, and gangs might work with them if Daesh had something worthwhile to offer.

  8. Our biggest terrorists threat in the near future will be more self radicalized home grown jihadis. Mentally ill types that are angry cause they were born in a land of peace and plenty.

    And these are not that hard to spot. In theory it should be easy enough to head them off in 99% of the cases. It’s that other 1% that will be in the news.

  9. Please read the Koran before you say if the terrorists are violating it. There’s some pretty f**ked up stuff in the Koran.

    A lot of stateside “muslims” practice a westernized version of Islam that edits out all the jihad/holy war nonsense. It’s just like adding sugar, soy sauce, and MSG to “Chinese” food to make it more palatable to Americans. Make no mistake about it. The peaceful version of Islam practiced by so many Americans is not true Islam (which is not a bad thing, as I have many good friends who practice this version. If Muhammad can make up a religion, they can too).

    Before you get mad at me, read the Koran and the Hadiz, and watch the Frontline documentary “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.” True Islam is certainly not the peaceful religion you see so many politicians talk about.

    • You got it Dave. The life history of Muhammad, the Hadith and the Koran.

      All people have to do is simply read them.

      But that would endanger the comfortable, warm and fuzzy place of being within the fold of Political Correcthood. To step outside that fold into the cold light of truth would place them outside the herd, and that is simply too frightening for most people.

      We are naturally social beings. It takes courage to step outside of the “politically correct” social norms. Even when those norms are based on denial, delusion and outright lies.

      But once the courage is embraced, and the lies are confronted, that is when the freedom of the mind and the spirit can be begin.

    • >> . It’s just like adding sugar, soy sauce, and MSG to “Chinese” food to make it more palatable to Americans.

      American-Chinese food is quite delicious, so I’m not sure that your analogy works out the way you wanted it to. ~

  10. There’s not much likelihood of ISIS teaming up with the cartels, because it isn’t necessary. Its not like they ask for passports. They smuggle in African and middle eastern nationalities on occasion now. ISIS fighters would just pay for services like anyone else, without a backstory or with a fake one.

  11. Why do they need an alliance w/ Latino gangsters when they already have the Turkish variety on their side? What there are not enough Muslim gangs in Europe, Africa, and Asia that they have to go against Surah 5:51 and take Non-Muslims as allies?

    Mexican gangs acting as ferrymen to get Jihadi’s across the U.S. southern border if they pay top dollar? About as likely as it gets.

  12. So you’re looking for noble drug dealers RF? Jihad and Mexican drug cartels are a good fit-or hasn’t anyone noticed all the news stories of cocaine/heroin/meth addled Jihadi’s ginning up their “courage” on the suicide patrol?

  13. This is literally the plot of Tom Clancy novel. No, ISIS isn’t teaming up with Los Zetas. Catholic death cultists who pedal drugs meet Islamic zealots — it’s going to be a bloodbath if they ever cross paths.

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