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Massive weapons cache (courtesy

“A Delaware man prohibited from possessing deadly weapons is accused of carrying eight guns and three crossbows while hunting near Delmar in southern Delaware,” reports under the headline above. Wait. Robert Evans was carrying all that while hunting? After he serves his time, I reckon Mr. Evans would make a pretty good living as a Sherpa. Anyway, the “massive weapons cache” above consists of three crossbows, three shotguns, two muzzleloaders, two rifles, one handgun and a number of arrows and ammunition. Notice the CCI ammo? Cache 22.

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  1. Are felons restricted from possessing muzzle loaders and percussion revolvers? It’s my understanding they aren’t considered ‘firearms’ by the ATF, of course states may vary.

      • That’s what you were wondering? Umm, I was wondering how the hell this pack mule managed to carry all that.

        • If I were in his shoes I would probably carry all mine with me to .
          I would be afraid someone would find it all when I was gone and turn me .

          That pistol in the front of the pile is a Colt Huntsman 22 LR with a 4 in. bbl. I think . Nice hand me down , worth about $700.00 with decent bluing . Great little shooter .

      • As well as here in NH. If I remember correctly though, in fish and game terms the crossbow is the same as a firearm unless medically necessary, so I have no idea how legally it would work in regards to possession.

          • Oh, I see. That makes sense. Will the disabled person need a special “license” for that?

            No reason for the state to be involved, any more than when people determine for themselves whether or not they need a cane. Or anything else. 🙂

    • Gov, under federal law most muzzle loaders are not considered “firearms.” However, if a muzzle loader can be converted into a gun that fires modern fixed ammo, it will be considered a firearm even if it isn’t converted. The ATF also publishes a list of convertible muzzle loaders, but the list is not exclusive, only illustrative.

      State laws can and do differ. In many states, felons are prohibited from owning, carrying etc. any muzzle loaders, even if they are not convertible.

      • I’m guessing any of them can be converted if you try hard enough. In the construction trade I tell people I can build anything they want, the question is if they can afford it. The only limits are your imagination and your budget.

  2. wait does the deadly weapons prohibition cover the crossbow and muzzleloaders cause I thought you can only be prohibited from owning firearms. I could be wrong but I’m a little confused over whether the crossbows and muzzleloaders are included in that charge.

    • Under federal law, some muzzle loaders are in fact considered firearms. State laws can be and often are even more restrictive and ban felons from owning any gun, crossbow etc.

    • I looked up the Delaware definition of “deadly weapon”. It includes firearms (and their definition of firearm does include muzzle loaders. And crossbows. And arguably Nerf guns), also knives, bludgeons, “razors” (it doesn’t seem to explicItly exclude safety razors or electric razors, felons must sport some epic beards in Delaware), and “bicycle chains” (even on a bicycle, apparently).

      It also includes under “deadly weapons” anything not otherwise named that a person actually uses to inflict (or attempt to inflict) serious bodily harm on another person. So chainsaws are OK unless you try to use one on another human being, but bicycle chains are categorically off-limits.

    • “1
      a : a hiding place especially for concealing and preserving provisions or implements
      b : a secure place of storage
      : something hidden or stored in a cache”

      Technically, you could have a cache of one as long as it was squirreled away.

      I agree with the arsenal/stockpile though.

  3. What does it mean “Prohibited person”? Felon? Mental hospital? Misdemeanor DV? Some obscure violation of crappy Delaware gun laws?

    • Or maybe he was on some secret list that nobody knows they’re on, has no set process for listing and no process for being removed.

    • Good in PA for now. Keep your fingers crossed and be sure to vote for pro-2A candidates. And join PA4SP.

      In the last election, all of the Fudds stayed home and the PA Supreme Court is now controlled by anti-2A judges (5 to 2).

  4. That’s “massive?” In whose universe?! I’ve got a few rifles, a shotgun and a few handguns. Does that count as “massive?” Exaggerate much?

  5. Hey retards…’s massive in the fact that he was carrying all that while hunting; not because he owned that much.

  6. Most of those weapons were seized after a search warrant served at his home, following a stop while he was hunting.

    Thanks to Mr. Google for that info.

    It would be hard enough to carry two crossbows at once much less all the rest.

  7. Is carrying 3 handguns at the same time considered excessive?

    I carry at least 2, sometimes 3, on a daily basis.

    I hear that some Rabbi says that two guns are one and three guns are two…Seems correct to me.

  8. Hmmm… the “arsenal” I lost last summer when my boat capsized was more massive than what that guy had.

  9. Newsworks screwed up. Cache my a$$……..Everyone knows That There is properly named an ARSENAL. Press must be kept in line, I mean common sense ™ and all that.

  10. While all of you POTG make light of this chuckleheads dilemma, please consider that the DV prohibition was rammed through under Clinton, and it takes almost nothing to be convicted. In WI, the “victim” only has to say you “made them feel threatened”, even if you never struck or directly threatened them. I know. I had a whacko-bird ex wife and had to spend 10k to preserve my 2A rights in Madtown WI. So, when the “No-Fly” list comes along in a couple weeks, I hope the laughter dies down. I know lots of guys who took a deal on a trumped up DV case, never thinking their deer hunting days were done.

  11. And? Is it illegal to carry all your guns with you when you’re hunting? I doubt it.

    I mean I get he’s a felon and shouldn’t have any centerfire or rimfire at all but yeesh. They’re overplaying this huge.

  12. Does anyone have a clue if Elmer Fudd was a convicted felon? Before we get glib and all anyways…crossbows seema bit excessive…

  13. That’s less than a Texas Starter Kit. But I am impressed that he managed to carry all of that on a hunt.

    Just what the heck was he *hunting*, anyway? Velociraptors? (o0)

  14. None of those weapons look massive to me. Was there something out-of-frame that was bigger than would fit on the table?

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