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Virginia attorney general Mark Herring (D, in case you were wondering) has announced that he will be severing Virginia’s firearms license reciprocity agreements with a slew of states. Herring, a Tennessee native who now resides in Fairfax County and enthusiastically accepted contributions from anti-gun plutocrat Michael Bloomberg during the election in 2013, apparently wants to do all he can to cut down on the number of Virginians and others who can legally carry a concealed firearm in the Old Dominion. According to the Washington Post, the list of states that have had the agreements severed include . . .

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming

Reading between the lines in the WaPo article, Herring’s pretext for the move appears to be concern that these other states fail to adhere to Virginia’s strict standards. Virginia law lists 20 conditions that would disqualify a person from being issued a concealed carry handgun permit including anyone in the United States illegally, subject to a protection from abuse order, or convicted of various criminal charges from drunken driving to assault and battery. But I’m unaware which of those states cited would have issued licenses to persons who were in the country illegally or had an outstanding PFA order.

Indeed the conditions listed in the WaPo, other than the drunken driving conviction, also happen to make the person a prohibited person under federal law. (And in many cases, a DUI might actually be a felony, or might otherwise trigger the firearms possession ban on persons who have been convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year in prison, particularly if it’s a repeat offense.) Are there any states that issue concealed carry licenses to persons who are otherwise prohibited under federal law?

No, this seems to be a transparent move to allow the Mr. Herring to pay off paymasters to whom he’s beholden like Bloomberg at minimal political cost. The only people inconvenienced by such a change would be out-of-state folks who can’t vote in Virginia.

Virginia will continue reciprocity with West Virginia, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, and Utah. As before, persons who are not residents of Virginia can also apply for a non-resident license through the Virginia State Police. The fee is $100.00, and requires “demonstration of competence with a handgun.”

If you are a regular visitor to Old Virginny, it might be a good idea to obtain a license just to be on the safe side, lest Herring decide he doesn’t like the kinds of people one finds in Salt Lake City or Detroit anymore, too.

This is only the most recent step taken by Virginia Dems to restrict the peoples’ right to keep and bear arms. In October, Governor Terry McAuliffe – another Bloomberg check casher – banned the open carry of firearms by the citizenry (not the police, naturally,) in certain government offices. Elections have consequences, folks, and the firearms owners of Virginia are reaping them this year.

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DISCLAIMER: The above is an opinion piece; it is not legal advice, nor does it create an attorney-client relationship in any sense. If you need legal advice in any matter, you are strongly urged to hire and consult your own counsel. This post is entirely my own, and does not represent the positions, opinions, or strategies of my firm or clients.

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  1. Time to change the states tagline – “Virginia is for Looters” They can set up checkpoints and “check your papers” upon arrival………… They did not mention my home state of Alabama, I’m sure they prob don’t like our “process” as well.

    • I used to hunt in VA but no more. I will give up my lease of hunting land next year and refuse to hunt in that state. So they can now miss out on my staying there in hotels and eating there and my hunting license fees. I hope all other out of state hunters do the same and no longer hunt in that state.

  2. FTA:

    Herring said severing the out-of-state agreements can prevent people who may be dangerous or irresponsible from carrying a concealed weapon.

    “To me, this is a commonsense step that can help make Virginians and our law enforcement officers safer by ensuring that Virginia’s laws on who can and cannot carry a concealed handgun are applied evenly, consistently, and fairly,” he said in a statement provided to The Washington Post.

    Let’s play “change the context” and see if the logic holds:

    Herring said severing the out-of-state agreements can prevent people who may be homosexual from getting married.

    “To me, this is a commonsense step that can help make Virginians and our law enforcement officers safer by ensuring that Virginia’s laws on who can and cannot marry are applied evenly, consistently, and fairly,” he said in a statement provided to The Washington Post.

    As the progressives tell us: this is settled case law. One state cannot deny the constitutionally protected rights of the residents of other states. I really can’t wait for someone to challenge the unconstitutional infringement of non-residents’ right to keep and bear arms, using Obergefell v Hodges as the basis of the challenge:

    HELD: The Fourteenth Amendment requires a State to license a marriage between two people of the same sex and to recognize a marriage between two people of the same sex when their marriage was lawfully licensed and performed out-of-State.

    (c) The Fourteenth Amendment requires States to recognize same-sex marriages validly performed out of State. Same-sex couples may now exercise the fundamental right to marry in all States. Since same-sex couples may now exercise the fundamental right to marry in all States, there is no lawful basis for a State to refuse to recognize a lawful same-sex marriage performed in another state on the ground of its same-sex character.


    These cases also present the question whether the Constitution requires States to recognize same-sex marriages validly performed out of State. As made clear by the case of Obergefell and Arthur, and by that of DeKoe and Kostura, the recognition bans inflict substantial and continuing harm on same-sex couples.

    Being married in one State but having that valid marriage denied in another is one of “the most perplexing and distressing complication[s]” in the law of domestic relations. (Williams v North Carolina) Leaving the current state of affairs in place would maintain and promote instability and uncertainty. For some couples, even an ordinary drive into a neighboring State to visit family or friends risks causing severe hardship in the event of a spouse’s hospitalization while across sstate lines. In light of the fact that many States already allow same-sex marriage – and hundreds of thousands of these marriages have already occurred – the disruption caused by the recognition ban is significant and ever-growing.

    As counsel for the respondents acknowledged at argument, if States are required by the Constitution to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the justifications for refusing to recognize those marriages performed elsewhere are undermined. The Court, in this decision, holds same-sex couples may exercise the fuundamental right to marry in all States. It follows that the Court must also hold – and it does now hold – that there is no lawful basis for a State to refuse to recognize a lawful same-sex marriage performed in another State on the ground of its same-sex character.

    Replace the non-enumerated “right to marry” with the explicitly enumerated, and protected against any and all infringement, right to keep and bear arms. How could there possibly be any basis for a State to be allowed to continue a “recognition ban” on a carry license lawfully issued to a resident of another State, by that person’s State of residence?

      • Oh my yes,indeed. And we in any of those states no longer recognized in Virginia will not longer have to worry about DRUNKEN VIRGINIANS SHOOTING UP OUR STATES because Virginia licenses are no longer recognized in those states. What goes around comes around,dude.

        • That’s not how it works. The Virginia ones are still recognized in other states. What’s disgusting/hilarious is Virginia has one of the easiest CHL processes in the US. Maybe someone will take them to court and in 5 years it will be struck down. Maybe Virginian’s should get their house back in order…

    • Chip, excellent analysis as usual, but in this case it is even simpler than that.

      The people he is denying in this case have already proven they are not “dangerous” or whatever … They have permits in the severed states, have passed whatever hoops their own state government has set up…have passed NICS, etc.

      For example, what are the differences, in practice, really between VA’s requirements for CCW and the severed states? There might be a few on-paper differences he can (and is) hide behind, but in practical terms, this is nothing but a power-play.

      More “theater” from government…just exactly what we need at this stage …

    • I don’t see any legal/logical equivalency between dangerous people carrying guns and homosexuals getting married. The former entails an implied increase in risk to other people (due to the easier access to weapons by people who might not be rational at some point in the future) while the latter threatens no one and only provides easier access to marriage by people who might not be straight. The test of laws and ethics are not simple matters of “substitute X for Y”–you must choose your analogy carefully lest your argument could get ripped to shreds by the opposition.

      Here, a better analogy would be the case where a state decided to suspend the drivers licences of people who consume N-numbers of drinks per week, even in the absence of any evidence of a DUI. The legal question is then: why should anyone be deprived of a right (or privilege) in advance of any evidence proving that they are a menace?

      The real problem in the Virginia case, that CCW laws are enacted at the pleasure of state legislatures and the specific interpretation of those laws are left up to the executive and to the AG. This is not some Democratic conspiracy (Virginia Democrats ain’t your New England Dems), rather this is how our system works (or doesn’t work, depending…) it’s just politicians covering their asses.

      • I don’t see any legal/logical equivalency between dangerous people carrying guns and homosexuals getting married.

        That’s because you’re constructing a false equivalency. State-licensed carriers are documented to be, statistically, the most law-abiding demographic of any in the entire country – even more law-abiding than law enforcement officers. So, to say that licensed non-residents are “dangerous people carrying guns” is a non-starter.

        Besides the documented evidence, all citizens enjoy the protection of due process; therefore, the assumed default position is that of being law-abiding, not a “dangerous person”. Thus, the assumed-innocent person maintains the constitutionally protected right to bear arms.

        he test of laws and ethics are not simple matters of “substitute X for Y”–you must choose your analogy carefully lest your argument could get ripped to shreds by the opposition.

        You should take your own advice.

        Truly dangerous people don’t bother themselves with such petty things as carry licenses, nor do they care about such matters as state reciprocity, or any other laws. Restricting reciprocity will not prevent truly dangerous people from acquiring firearms, or from carrying them in another state.

  3. I find it odd that we (WV) would still be permitted to carry in VA. Concealed handgun licenses in WV are practically handed out like candy by most sheriffs. I had mine in the mail before they even cashed the check. As long as you can pass an NICS check, and don’t have a history of alcoholism, you’ll get one. The form is only 2 pages as well, and doesn’t ask a whole lot. I’m truly surprised we would keep our reciprocity, while all of our neighbors (except Maryland) cannot.

    • He knows not to cut off his nose completely to spite his face. Parts of Northern Virginia rely on those of us in WV traveling into VA on a daily basis.

      I’ve told my VA friends for years now that they better pay close attention to who they elect, otherwise they’ll wind up like Maryland.

    • Because they know that all these states will cut reciprocity with Virginia as a result of this. They probably assume most of the out of state travel of Virginia permit holders will be to West Virginia. They know they will get blow back from this but they probably figure they can endure it if the people traveling to West Virginia don’t object much.

    • Well, it would look exceedingly arbitrary if he eliminated all reciprocity in one stroke of the pen. I bet he’ll take 3 strokes. Next year he can cut out everybody except WV and then eliminate WV in the third year.

  4. Oh good. CA licenses are still respected. So 6 people from CA will be able to carry in Virginia.

    Having that clause in the constitution that voids your rights based on zip code is such a handy tool.

        • His broad smile and clear eyes indicate he is much smarter and relevant than the masses of retards he represents and knows better than the surfs as to their well being , I have no doubt he has the interest of Virginians children in mind when he makes such a bold heart felt gesture of protection .

      • Of course he does, because “Peter Principle”. I like the idea of changing the Dem party designation to Dbag.

        Yes Virginia, there is no end of Democrat f*cktardery.

  5. Minnesota is much more stringent than Virginia. Why did Herring cut reciprocity with them? Sounds like he is trying to reduce the value of a Virginia permit in the hopes that Virginian will give them up or turn permitting into a revenue generator.

    Glad that I have moved to Wisconsin.

    • I’m from Wisconsin (though I live in NY) and even though they were late to the party and Walker screwed over constitutional carry WI from what I’ve heard the CCW process is very resonable. I got my VA permit last year, I knew with a democrat Governor and AG some shit like this would happen. I can only hope Wisconsin continues to honor my non-resident VA permit (they don’t recognize resident ones). Still waiting on my NY permit but NY is so iffy with restrictions and where they apply you really need a “back up” permit. I would also hope that other states continue to recognize VA permits, I know I know and eye for an eye but its kind of wrong to punish VA residents and other law abiding citizens by killing recognition because in all likelyhood the VA AG won’t care if no states recognize a VA permit, in fact it will likely delight him. I know PA did this with a bunch of states. Funny, my VA permit was so easy to get it was almost a joke, still glad I got it, there are states that practically recognize any permit like NC where I have friends so at least I know I can carry there.

  6. I doubt it is anything so nefarious. As you point out, a non-resident permit is $100 and some proficiency (hunters Ed qualifies). Take that $100 and multiply it by the number of out of staters who want to carry in VA (or use a VA permit in a third state), and you’ve got a nice little revenue stream.

    I suspect that they would have knocked out TX but for the amount of business they do with them. Lots of little folks you can push around. One big one is a lot harder.

      • Exactly. I don’t see any legitimate safety concern here at all. This is just a way to harass a bunch of inoffensive, law-abiding people as political payback to Bloomberg.

      • “should”? Who cares about “should”? All that matters is what the state and politicians CAN do. They can’t realistically do any such thing with driver’s licenses. But they can do it with guns, apparently.

    • Its both… Democrats is and has always had the unofficial party platform of “Denial of Rights.” They see this as a double win-win. It further denies the 2A rights of ordinary Americans by removing reciprocity and making them pay to have those rights reinstated. On top of that, it will generate a little more tax revenue for the state.

  7. Democrats.. the party built on denial of rights. It began as a party with defending slavery, then it instituted and defended Jim Crow, followed by segregation. Having lost those battles, it moved on to denying 2A and 5A due process rights for all Americans. If there is any way they can restrict the rights of the American Citizen, they will do whatever they can to do it.

  8. Open carry is legal in VA without a permit. If they don’t want you to hide your gun, show it off proudly while walking down the street.

    • I’m ok with open carry outside of the cities but you will end up being constrained by school zones without a permit. You would also probably get SWATed in Arlington and Fairfax County.

        • Yup. Fairfax county trained their police department some years back about the legalities of open carry to reduce/eliminate confrontations of this sort. While I haven’t lived up there for a while, I assume they still conduct this training.

        • I am not concerned about the police and,I have open carried in NOVA. It is the MDA/CSGV fanatics that I would be worried about.

    • Yes, no permit required for open carry in Virginia. So all visitors, please open carry proudly, since you will not be permitted to carry concealed. That must be what Herring and McAuliffe want!

  9. Thinking about this more I’m sure there is something we’re missing, there has to be a reason he did this. Collection of back child support something? Or these states voted against something Va. wanted? Prob some petty 2 year old crap.

    • I see where you are going with that, but then why would they leave reciprocity with Texas? Personally I believe they would love to have severed that to, but they were constrained by their laws. So they did as much as they could without having to pass any laws.

      • Business. There are probably significant business ties of some sort connecting the two and the AG was directed not to interrupt them (if oil was still $95/bbl, I’d have thought Exxon and what’s left of the VA office along with the TX offices were the driver)

      • A LOT of Texan’s have been using non-resident VA permits in place of Texas CHL’s for a while, I think a large majority of non-res VA permits go to Texas but I don’t have the stats up right now. Although I’m drawing a blank on how that connects with VA and TX continuing reciprocity, TX has strict requirements so that could be it. I don’t get it though, VA is easy as pie to get…my guess is the AG is going to push for more red tape to get a VA permit soon enough but he would need a liberal state legislation…maybe in a few years. Its about revenue as much as denying rights as weird as that sounds. Nationwide reciprocity was so close to passing, I can only pray that that continues.

    • Bloomberg paid millions for the most recent elections and pretty much got his ass handed to him.

      He just wants some return for his investment.

      • That sucks. It amazes me that so many people relocate from totalitarian states (generally the NE and California) to those that still remember the COTUS, then vote for the same idiotic policies that ruined their former homes. And then whine about it.
        Virginia has indeed been infected by the DC/MD virus.
        Florida, North Carolina, Colorado…teetering on the edge.

        • In the case of NOVA, many view it as just as part of DC as any other area actually within DC. PG County MD, Montgomery County MD, Fairfax County/City VA, Arlington County VA, Alexandria City VA, etc. are all so close. Honestly I don’t even understand why Arlington County and Alexandria City VA are not legally part of the District of Columbia, cede the damn land back I say, don’t know why VA wanted it back to begin with! Not that I am in favor of giving DC more power but maybe if we gave them a little more land closer to home they would knock it the hell off with the BLM taking all the Western States land! As for NJ and NYC residents infecting Florida, North Carolina, etc…its sad but I can say plenty of disgruntled conservative Upstate and Western NY residents have moved to North Carolina and Florida with the proper intentions, I myself was looking at NC and VA and the more I think about it while I like VA, NC is just…a better deal. A proud state where you can fly your states flag with pride and exercise your rights reasonably well.

    • Because the republicans decided to run a crook for governor and failed from there down. They totally mishandled the election.

  10. Of course Virginians are soon going to find that reciprocity works both ways and find their carry permits will be just as worthless if not more so as a result of this fvckhead’s brilliant move.

    • Exactly. VA permits just became a lot less useful for travel in other states that used to recognize VA permits. Not happy.

  11. This blows! I have a permit from this state and can attest to the fact that it didn’t take much to get it. Now I’m concerned that those states being dropped will turn around and do the same–negating the reason that I got the permit in the first place. Anti-gun politicians suck! I hope that the next state I move to will have more freedom.

  12. So basically the law abiding citizens get screwed going to the “great state” of Virginia….the criminals are going to drop their guns as they are passing the “Welcome to Virginia” sign….yeah that works out well for “gun free” zones too.

    Lets hope we just get a new President and Congress in that enjoys 2A and goes for a National Conceal Carry license.

  13. I believe that if Virginia severs its agreements with other states Virginians will not be able to carry in those states correct? The article states only out of staters will be affected.

    • Dane Z:

      Correct. Virginia resident permits are no longer recognized by at least the following according to the news report that announced this steaming pile-

      North Dakota
      South Carolina

      I have to believe there’s considerable travel between VA and SC and FL. Potentially to PA as well from the mountains of the northwest in the state. This will surely be noticed by a significant number of VA voters, although none who likely ever supported Herring.

    • Constitutional Carry states like Arizona will honor VA CC rights naturally since anyone who can legally own and carry a firearm can do so without a permit in the state. AZ only gives CC permits if you want it, and the only reason why you would is if you want to carry in another state.

  14. This is what happens when you let a D into the house. First thing they do is crap on the floor and piss you off. If you let them stay after that, they will chew your couch cushions into tiny bits, ruining it, and making it unusable. Let them stay even longer, THEY WILL BITE YOU AND SAVAGE YOUR CHILDREN.

  15. There is an easy fix to this. The legislature can put put a rider into the next AG budget recognizing all states carry permits. If McAulife vetoes it then the office of the AG shuts down. The Republicans have the votesame to do it.

  16. “(D, in case you were wondering)”

    Yeah, thanks, cuz we weren’t sure. I keep Columbo on speed-dial for mysteries like that.

  17. But they keep reciprocity with Utah??? Are they kidding? I got a Utah non-resident thru the frickin’ mail. Utah CCW is so easy it’s a joke.

  18. Well, I guess all of the snowbirds from Virginia will now have to pay for a non resident Florida CWoFL. I hate sticking it to my fellow gun owners and lawful carriers, but as the saying goes, “elections have consequences”.

    While it ultimately won’t matter too much, contacting the major oil companies who operate gas stations/convenience stores, as well as restaurant chains and letting them know that you won’t being stopping to do any business with them as you traverse I-95 because you no longer feel safe being unarmed will probably get some notice at the corporate levels.

    Letting the Virginia Department of Tourism know that you’ll be vacationing in other states wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

  19. The blowback from guys like me who rely on Virginia reciprocity to travel to other states with my firearm will likely be large. I will be calling my state reps today asking for legislation to nip this in the shorts.

      • Virginia does not define vehicle carry other that to say that if it’s not on your body then it should be stored in a secure container. That can be a soft sided case, glove box, center console, or whatever and does not need to be locked. I think all they were aiming at (pun intended) was that it is not a free floating radical. If you are open carrying, you are open carrying. Never mind that no one could possibly see it while your buckled in. If you are concealed, with permit, then you are concealed. There is no duty to notify in Virginia. Hope this helps.

        • It does help, thanks. Loaded in the console is much, much better than unloaded, and locked in the trunk. Florida is pretty much the same, which is why there aren’t even more carry licenses here.

        • You are technically correct for now that being secured in a console or case is sufficient but that was not the case prior to a 2010 AGs opinion by a Republican AG. I would be expecting that opinion to be revised any day now by this piece of crap.

      • It doesn’t have to be on your body, it just can’t be concealed (i.e. console, glovebox, under seat etc.). If it’s in plain view by the time the officer reaches your car, no problem. You can have a loaded long gun in your vehicle if its in plain view.

  20. Just checked the WI DOJ web site and found this.
    Permit(s) Honored In Wisconsin With Special Conditions:
    Virginia NON-RESIDENT license only. Virginia resident license does not qualify for recognition in Wisconsin.

    I don’t think it is new as of today. So, how can VA sever “reciprocity” with WI when evidently there wasn’t really “reciprocity” in the first place? I have been able to carry in VA up to now while visiting with my son who is attending Liberty University. With Jerry Falwell’s recent comments about conceal carry, I was looking forward to being able to carry on campus and in his dorm, when I picked him up this May, but I guess not. I’m glad he is graduating this spring and will get out of what is becoming a h*llhole state with McAuliffe in charge.

  21. I don’t see Illinois on the shite-list-how bizarre. Not that I’d ever have any reason to go to ole’ Virginie…

    • I do not believe that Illinois has any reciprocity agreements with any other state. regardless if it is a like minded slave state or not. Therefore, you cannot sever what does not exist.

  22. Actually, because Virginia allows open-carry as a matter of right, the biggest disadvantage of this decision is that Virginians cannot carry concealed in those other states now because of the lack of reciprocity. Not all of those states allow open carry, so this basically disarms Virginians in those states that do not have it.

    The statute at issue requires that the requirements for a concealed firearms permit in a reciprocal state either exceed or be “substantially similar to” the requirements in Virginia. As hard as it is for me to admit it, the AG may be correct in concluding that the requirements in the other states are not “substantially similar to” Virginia’s because there are some classes of prohibited persons in Virginia who are not prohibited persons in the reciprocal states.

    tdiinva (Now in Wisconsin): No, actually you will not get SWATted in Arlington if you are open-carrying. If the police are involved at all, they might politely say hello, but they know the law. There was a complaint a couple years ago about a man open-carrying in the Arlington Central Library. The police went by, talked to the man, and left. They did suggest that he get a better holster, as the one he was wearing had no retention device, so any passerby could have lifted it out of the holster while he was sitting down reading. Otherwise, it was no big deal. It’s worth remembering that most rank-and-file police officers in Arlington are very pro-second amendment — like many places, it’s only the politically-appointed chief that has to be on the gun-control side.

    • Correct , Florida only recognizes permits from states that recognize Florida’s permits. I would hate to be a Virginian that doesn’t pay attention to the news. If he’s caught in Florida carrying a concealed weapon with an invalid permit…..uh – oh.

  23. Herring’s “reasoning” is laughable and contemptible. I can just imagine a stalker or drug dealer mailing off his Florida permit application and waiting thirty days to go do bad things. Not so incidentally, the people he mentioned are already prohibited from legally purchasing a gun in the state, so the only rights denied are those of legal gun owners. This action will effectively kill Virginia’s permit validity in these states — a fact unmentioned by the Post but certainly at the front of Herring’s mind. So much for defending Virginian’s civil rights.

  24. I just visited VA a couple weeks ago and, of course, I was armed. I think KY just recognizes all states so VA residents may not have to worry when they come here, but now I do! It may be quite a while before I and my family head back to Virginia.

  25. North Carolina permit process is more stringent than VA! I live 10 miles south of the VA line and I can promise you we will no longer be doing any shopping there.

  26. The people who have the most to loose are the military and their family members who have permits from the list of states being changed. To charge them $100 to get an out of state permit is really low. If you are prior military or active duty that is accepted as demonstration of competence with a handgun. 25% of Conus based military is in the Tidewater area, then those in NOVA.

    In the Tidewater area large number of people live in NC and travel into VA to work, they are going to be unhappy campers.

  27. At least as of today NC DOJ website says that it honors permits from all other states. Nonetheless, as an NC resident who travels between NC and VA all the time, I will now have to now spend my money and time to get an NC CCP; because I don’t trust that my non-resident VA permit will not suddenly also become void in other states. What a pure bunch of BS. The main reason I got the VA permit instead of the arguably more valuable NC permit (honored in more states) was the 4 hour class time during the week in VA vs. 8 hour class time never offered except on weekends. I wish that if “anyone other than Hillary” wins next year, one of the first things that Congress will do is enact mandatory reciprocity.

    • According to, the new VA rule does not go into effect until Feb 2016. So, NC will likely continue to honor VA permits til the new VA rule actually goes into effect.

      • NC recognizes any permits, they don’t care if you recognize theirs. It’s a great policy. Usually it’s you honor ours we honor yours and then I know SC requires some type of training and doesn’t have reciprocity with states that have just a Sheriff sign off like GA and PA.

        I also fail to see how NC and SC have less rigid screening than VA. I know the instruction side is much more in depth, I am a certified instructor in both states. I can get a non-resident VA permit expending the same effort I used to get my AZ permit, proof of any NRA class and passing their BG check.

        So the question is what exactly is the difference in the screening process since it certainly isn’t training or classroom time?

  28. The attorney general knows that he’s hurting Virginians much more than he’s hurting those in the 25 states that will stop reciprocity with Virginians. As for South Carolina and Florida, there’s a lot more Virginians coming to our two states than us traveling to Virginia.

    The AG Herring knows this full well, it’s Virginians he hopes to harm.

    • Agreed. This asshole is screwing a bunch of us that regularly travel south. I don’t usually give money to politicians, but I’m writing a large check to the next AG candidate that promises to address this crock.

  29. Holy Shit! If you live in Virginia, like me, by all means PLEASE let your voice be heard. Join the VCDL,write letters, do whatever you can. Get your Utah license as well.

    Most of all, if you live in the great state of Virginia (which many of our most promonent Founders loved and lived their lives in, as well as set our state Consititution, the seperation of church and state, and religous liberty to influence and be an example for our federal Constituion) please, join the VCDL and lets send McAuliffe back to the state where he came from and end Herrings and his rule by fiat!

  30. Everyone else attacking his teeth and saying he is a “danger to freedom himself” – stop with the logical fallacies and start being more intelligent and intellectual than they are. The argument can be won using pure reason, but idotic hyperbole and name calling doesn’t do a damn thing. Our Founders, the men who wrote the Bill of Rights, were men of reason. Intelligent men who knew how to argue intelligently. They didn’t view intelligent men and scholars as ‘elitists’ – they engaged with them.The entire concept of this Untied States of America arose out of enlightenment thought. We need to be more like them. More intelligent, more logical, more reasonable, and we certainly need to stop acting like idiots in response to political opponents just to feel like we fit in with those who agree with us. Like I said before, the hyperbole is great to intellectually rub one off together amongst people who think exactly like you – perfect group think -but it does NOTHING to help us. Have a little more pride in your intelligence and stop confirming the stereotype that all conservatives are moronic anti-intellectual rednecks!!!!

  31. It really does hurt Virginians more. Other state residents lose ONE state they could carry in – we lose 25- half of the country ! Straight up payoff to Bloomberg. Complicit are the higher up sellouts in the Virginia State Police,
    I vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. Now can’t be legal doing that and carrying. Go to PA to see my grandson – screwed again. Took years to gain the reciprocity we had, now “poof” !

  32. And it ends on one point >> right shall not infright / strict scrutiny >> Constitutional carry must replace shall issue and complete nfa act repeal + “gun free school zone act >> and end of the problem !!

  33. As a lifelong citizen of the real Virginia, I am outraged that many friends and relatives from other states are being subjected to this ridiculous edict from the governor and his attorney general (lower case intentional to indicate their stature in our state). I am sorry to say this but I advise those from other states to boycott Virginia and spend your travel and leisure money elsewhere…Until it hurts economically and public and business blowback threatens mcauliff’s campaign to get his friends, the clintons, the majority in the next Presidential election, will he reconsider his stupidity…Since he is a dullard and is inept, he will depend on their largess when his one term expires. Hopefully he and his pal, Red Herring, will leave the state when they are done!

  34. Roscoe and I. Personally We don’t concern ourselves with the law or the constitution, I never go anyware without my best friend, we’ve been hanging out for 40 years no one the wiser . We’ve Never Been searched by the police , we keep our nose out of trouble,over time he has gotten us out of a few tight ones , roscoe and I.


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