Edward W. Stack 2020 presidential race
Chairman and CEO of DICK’S Sporting Goods Edward W. Stack (Photo by Scott Dalton/Invision for DICK'S Sporting Goods/AP Images)
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With less-than-inspiring enthusiasm for the three elderly individuals who currently lead the polls in the Democrat presidential primary race, there’s speculation that other elderly people are thinking about jumping in while there’s still time.

Though billionaire gun control financier Michael Bloomberg had previously ruled it out, recent trial balloons reports claim Mayor Mike is now considering a run after all.

Improbably, there’s even speculation that Hillary Clinton could take time out of her busy schedule impugning other candidates to attempt to exact revenge against Donald Trump.

If either of those two were to get in the race, they’d do it as Democrats. Now, however, as Politico reports, every gun buyer’s favorite big box proprietor, Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack, is thinking about a third party run.

Ed Stack, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods and a longtime Republican donor, is testing the waters for a possible third-party presidential bid that could scramble the dynamics of the 2020 general election.

Various messages were presented to a focus group in southern Wisconsin this week centering on the billionaire businessman, along with possible three-way match-ups against Donald Trump and Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

The focus group, according to a source who took part in the testing, ran through varying themes involving Stack and heavily focused on his example of “showing leadership” by halting the sale of assault-style rifles at all of Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in the wake of the high school massacre in Parkland, Florida.

If Stack were to get into the race and stayed trough the election, given his staunch anti-gun record, you’d have to think he’d pull more votes from the Democrat side than the Republican. Which means his third party candidacy would likely help Donald Trump far more than whoever the Democrats eventually settle on.

We’ll be watching with interest.



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  1. Socialism. A bunch of old, rich white folks deciding they know what’s best for the ‘commoners’ and poc.

    • The problem with your saying “a bunch of old, rich white folks” is that a good amount of the followers of AOC< Sanders Beto, Warren,etc. are young voters who have not been taught the history of socialism and only that capitalism is unfair, etc, etc. The Democratic followers are only following what that perceive to be true to their own failure.

    • If Stack runs anyone who has been awake during the past few years will / should compare his abilities and performance right up there with Beto.

    • I can not see him making any kind of showing with his track record thus far. It’s was a poor enough of a decision to pull all AR style guns from the shelf, but then he shows an even greater blunder and destroys all of the ones pulled from the stores. What a waste, he could have at least donated them to local Law Enforcement Agencies across the US.
      I would not have any confidence in his ability to make sound decisions in our Nations highest post.

    • It’s an old joke but it’s the truth about socialism: Bernie Sanders walks into a bar and says “Free drinks for everyone. Who’s buying?”

  2. Presidential candidate? Let’s first see how long he survives as CEO as the company’s profits continue to tank.

    • With a controlling interest, he can probably ride it all the way to impact with the ground, followed/accompanied by lawsuits for failure of fiduciary duty to the peons below the 49th percentile. Wish him the best in all of that.

      Run, Ed, run!

  3. “…you’d have to think he’d pull more votes from the Democrat side than the Republican.”

    I’m not sure about that. I would guess more Republicans would vote for someone weak on private gun ownership than Democrats would vote for a long-time GOP donor. Remember that Democrats thought decades of media and entertainment propaganda to believe that Republicans are evil.

    • Trust me on this: the Dem voters have memories just as short as Republican voters do.
      Who someone gave money to in past years won’t be remembered any better than who pulled troops out of Iraq in 2011, only to need to put them back later.

  4. I hope he runs and picks Beto as his sidekick. They would pick up about 5% of the vote from the libs and hurt the dem candidate.

  5. Just because you hate guns, that doesn’t make you presidential material.

    That said, he’s probably just as qualified as the rest of their field.

  6. Even if gun control wasn’t the deal killer, his lack of responsibility toward his shareholders should be a stout warning to potential voters. How has this guy not been kicked to the curb yet?

  7. Sure Eddie, jump in. Spend all your money and end up broke. You deserve it. You would have even less chance winning anything than any of the current Dem clowns.

    Another rich guy who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone else. Just like Steyer, Bloomberg, Soros and the other jerk offs.

    • If Bloomberg were to jump in along with Stack, that would mean that there were at least three billionaires running for president, against a candidate (Warren) that wants to tax their wealth into oblivion. Amusing. Maybe Steyr and Stack ought to join forces.

  8. Umm why is this even a thing? I can’t wait till Super Tuesday hits and filters these morons (well most of them) out.

  9. so that’s what a stack of dicks looks like. i’m certain o’dourke and bootyjudge are disappointed in regards to the ~ed~ part.

    • “so that’s what a stack of dicks looks like.”

      Limp, shriveled, pasty-white dicks…

      *snicker* 😉

  10. Will he wear clothes if he does, or just swing freely? Whata dick, he’s already a loser, so why not?

  11. He can run on destroying companies and laying off employees to pander to SJW’s who aren’t even your customers.

  12. I think him, bloomie and Billary aught to enter. It’s already a circus might as well make it a full on clown show.

  13. So, hs IS looking for a new job! If he thinks his stockholders beat him up he’s in for shock.

  14. BREAKING NEW’S….. Dicks changes name to RICHARD’s,,,, C E O’s can’t find any balls in Dicks….

  15. Successful third party runs tend to be more harmful to the administration in power. That said, I struggle to see Ed Stacks having a successful third party run. Trump’s single party approval is through the roof and poor Ed has been working hard lately to alienate conservatives.

    • It is through the roof except in Congress, where more and more Republicans are announcing their retirements.

      • Good. Guys like Romney have about as much Republican in them as Warren has Native American. That is to say, their family talked to them a time or two about conservative values and that’s basically the extent of it. Let Dems run their establishment out of office with candidates like AOC and let Republicans run their establishment out of office with Trump.

        As for a 3rd party candidate…. good luck to anyone who wants to try. The RNC and Trump are setting record fundraising. Let them virtue signal their orange man bad to Democrats who won’t ever stop hating them anyway and to Republican donors who just wrote Trump the biggest checks they’ve ever written any politician ever.

        • Yeah, I’m still waiting for Romney to explain why his family needs a secret compound in Mexico, other than as a place to stow all the extra teenaged “wives” and their children.

  16. Yes Shillary, yes Eddie please go for it , jump in now and start spending (wasting) your’s and other’s money.

  17. He is a one trick pony and its a shitty trick as far as most gun owners are concerned. I hope the Left fields a dozen “Independent” candidates.

    • I am still anticipating the shrieking when all the states who passed new laws requiring all their electoral votes to go to the person who won the popular vote, discover that Trump won the popular vote, therefore California’s electors all go to Trump. I mean, can you even IMAGINE!?!?

  18. I have to believe that the only reason Hillary is attacking the Dem candidates is because she intends to enter the race shortly before the primaries. I mean, why attack Gabbard who is polling at less than 5%?

  19. I read the article. Surely the writer tried first to sell that to The Onion website and the Babylon Bee before Politico accepted it.

    As Glenn Reynolds writes on his Instapundit web site “you just can’t make this stuff up.”

  20. Dick’s Sporting Goods which also owned a number of Field & Stream stores recently sold 12 stores to Outdoor Wharehouse. It appears that his decision to remove AR Rifles out of his store cost him a great deal of money resulting on the forced sale of his stores. I’m guess this guy wants to to the the nation what he did for his stores. No thanks bad businessman.

  21. “If Stack were to get into the race and stayed trough the election, given his staunch anti-gun record, you’d have to think he’d pull more votes from the Democrat side than the Republican.”

    Prolly. His family are Democrats, and they’re the only ones who would vote for that superannuated egotistical d!ck. So the Dems would lose maybe ten votes.

    I hope he runs, spends a couple hundred million of his own money and takes a sound ego bashing in the process.

  22. Ed Stack Nominee of the Douchebag Wussy Party. I don’t see this Dick as a real issue. It takes a really strong Third Party Candidate to throw a wrench in the Dem/Repub stranglehold over elections, and this Asshat isn’t strong enough or rich enough. Besides, the last time a third party actually took the election was over a hundred years ago with Teddy Rooseveltt.

  23. He could run on his record for shrinking his company’s bottom line by a quarter million dollars. My Goodness, just think how effective that ad could be as long as he can show how that translates to cutting the national debt. Heck half of the Democrats don’t know the difference between bottom line and debt.

  24. If Uncle ED wants to run 3rd Party then I say go for it. Jill Stein needs all the help she can get to steal votes away from Hillary again. Or was that the Russians I forget. Regardless, Run ED RUN ED! Still not shopping at your empty awful stores though.

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