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California dreamin' (courtesy

Statement from a regular reader on the slate of civilian disarmament legislation just passed by the California’s legislators:

As a native Californian I hold my head in shame. I feel betrayed by those in office and disgusted at their complete lack of support for our liberties and rights. As a clear headed thinker I can easily show them report after report to show that this type of legislation is expensive, and costly. The end result will not make Californians any safer. Yet they pass these bills anyways, because it feels good. They are attacking the good law abiding people of California and no one seems to care. We spend countless hours putting together rallies and informing the public the best way we can and no one cares. We hear just move out of state. Well guess what if it sticks here you will see more Colorado type mishaps on the horizon. I for one am not giving up . . .

I will continue to work with those in our legislature who do care, and try to stop what seemingly can not be stopped. I will spend those countless hours away from family, and with out pay fighting for your rights as well as mine.




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  1. I wonder if the good folks of CA could use their robust referrendum process to remove at least some of these laws. The trick would be finding the right balance where you get a majority of voters on board while still doing enough good to be worthwhile.

    • Yes, they have a robust citizen initiative/referendum process in California and I have no doubt that they could get a great many things passed and/or repealed using this process. I also have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that these initiatives would be immediately stayed by the courts, challenged, and overthrown on some technicality. You’ve heard of the “Chicago Way”? That’s the “California Way”.

      • You have “no doubt whatsover”, Cliff? I’m sure they will be held up in the courts, but some will pass, and Roberti-Roos has been in effect since 1989 and we have complied with this asinine baloney! Californians will be all talk, MOLON LABE yadda yadda yadda, I wish I could believe it… But why do we comply, because we have families, we have jobs, and we deal with the daily BS, no one will march in the streets and fight for our 2A Right, no one. And if we did we would be in the minority (even though there are close to 8,000,000 gun CA owners, maybe 2,000 will show up if we are lucky) and labeled as loons, not to mention our newly equipped militarized PDs will quash our 1A Right. Hell, my local PD just got a new armored vehicle, what for, I guess to enforce parking violations? And look who the San Diego County Sheriff is, none other than Sheriff Bill Gore of Ruby Ridge fame, he’ll happily order the execution of Americans and then refuse to testify in front of Congress! Our National Guard will happily slaughter us in the streets too, “just following orders”. Ha. We are SOL. But I like you positive mindset.

  2. I would disagree that they just pass this legislation because it feels good. They pass it because they are anti-gun and are taking advantage of the Newtown slaughter to pass more restrictive gun control.

      • I think that the gov’ will win that battle with the same theory the Empire had for the TIE fighter:

        “For every one you shoot down, a thousand more will take its place.”

        • What you need to do is to make going to work and enforcing tyranny more expensive than not. Random, unorganized actions will not work. It must be a concerted effort without hesitation. It will be expensive

  3. I disobeyed numerous unconstitutional laws in NYS, I left that state years ago so I could live a free life

  4. Well I think that ALL Blue cars should be have a 450% Tax and you should have to get special permission to own one… I heard Adam Lanza AND James Holmes had blue cars…


  5. Don Quixote had his windmills, and, it seems, you have the California legislature. Don’t get me wrong, I really feel for your situation and wish you all the best, but you’re bailing water with a bucket on the Titanic. The rescue ships have all moved on to thwart the next disaster and no survivors of this one are to be expected anymore.

    All the polemics and jingoism in the world won’t change the fact that what happens in California really cannot spread outside of other liberal bastions. You still have some court challenges that might well slap the Ca legislature back into their senses, but baring that the whole state is a write off.

    Specifically to the concept that what happens there can happen ‘here’, there are large swaths and whole states in this country where the sorts of proposals, firearms related and otherwise, that are the daily fare in California would not only spell political suicide but might prompt recalls.

    The people of California have spoken, again and again. They want disarmament pure and simple. Take your fighting spirit, your money, and retake your liberty somewhere that it is appreciated and may do some good. Colorado comes to mind, though if you’d like to really live in peace, there are other places.

    The very notion that the madness that is California politics may spread to sane places (like my home state of Ohio) is actually insulting to the people who live and vote in those places. This is perhaps why the last of those who would be free in California feel so abandoned. A simple misunderstanding that aside from parts of New England and California itself, such ridiculous laws and inane propositions would be laughable rather than noteworthy. Even the gun banner with the blackest heart would never introduce such bills in the legislature of Texas, or Utah, or Ohio, since it would signal the last election they could ever win.

    That the federal representatives from California are both a constant cause of concern nationally, and such (at least to most of the rest of the country) damnable fools is an embarrassment to all Californians who aren’t in lockstep with their statist, progressive and ultimately totalitarian goals.

    As you beg our assistance from the bastion of progressive statism we beg you, retreat, join us where your efforts can be effective in concert with ours, and turn your back on California because baring an extinction level event, it is truly and forever lost.

    Your continued presence there only validates their direction.

    • lotsa words. fact is, california used to be a very free state. it was a massive influx of progressive thinkers and their ilk in the 60s and beyond that largely sealed its fate. these people came from all over the country. to think that they cannot make the same ends of any other state is naieve.

    • I think the concern that it will spread is that there used to be a saying. “So goes California, so goes the nation.”

      Of course, it has been decades since that was true. There was a time, granted I was but a wee lad, when a law or theory or whatever would pop up in California and some version of it would show up here in Texas.

      What a lot of people don’t remember is that Texas has gotten “redder” in the past 30 odd years. I won’t go into theories about this, just going to point out that it’s tough to run as a Dem in this state. However, if you want to commit political suicide in the 2010’s, just act like a California pol. Texas has always had something of a rivalry with California, but there was at least some grudging respect for them as a state due to the size of their population and economy.

      Well, both the population and the economy of California is shrinking. At least the legal population. I think they are now used as an example of what not to do and many of our politicians like to invoke how “free” Texas is. California is now a political cautionary tale. Many people on the coast don’t realize this, thinking that California is still seen as a bright shining beacon that it was in the 60’s.

      What’s interesting is the influx of Californians we are getting. I’m not too concerned about it politically. Unlike many parts of the country the Texas rural areas actually vote and in numbers that can offset the insanity of places like Austin and Houston. Dallas has somehow remained conservative despite it’s urban size. I think it’s the surrounding suburbs that keep it in check. The middle class just wants to be left alone and the suburbs outnumber Dallas proper by quite a bit.

  6. Any time I see that molon labe motto I laugh. Californians will give up their high cap mags and will comply. Hell, Calguns and the Second Amendment Foundation don’t believe there exists a Second Amendment right to high cap mags anyway. Most Amerikans are weak and won’t stand up for rights.

    TTAG bloggers ridicule me, a man who exercises a right to bear an unloaded cased rifle. What would you guys say about a Californian who had a rifle with a loaded 30 round mag ready to use? LOL

    • Calguns does NOT believe that magazine capacity restrictions are constitutional. The Calguns forums think they are a laughable attempt to scold criminals who don’t care, and the Calguns Foundation thinks they are fruitless and useless infringements on a recognized right to personally bear fighting arms.

    • Just for the record, since it seems that this is such a common phrase that no one bothers to translate it anymore, but what does Molon Labe actually mean, in English. Please.

      • Molon Labe means “Come and take (it)”. Allegedly, that’s what Leonidas said when the Persian army told the Spartans at Thermopylae to lay down their arms.

        • Yes, with the specific connotation of “you can have my weapon if you can kill me.” So, basically the same as “from my cold, dead hands.”

      • Molon labe (μολὼν λαβέ) translates from the Greek as “Come and take,” and was supposedly the response of Spartan King Leonidas when, at the battle of Thermopylae, the Persians demanded that the Spartans lay down their weapons.

      • It means “Come and Take them” in ancient Greek. Supposedly it was the answer given by King Leonidas to Persian messengers asking for surrender at the Battle of Thermopylae. The phrase got twisted a little into “Come and take it” by Texans at the Battle of Gonzales during their revolution.

        Personally I think its a bad idiom to use. All of the Spartans at Thermopylae died and the Greeks lost; Athens was burned shortly after. The Greeks won the war, but I’m sure there’s better phrases that can be used.

      • It wasn’t “allegedly” or “supposedly” said by Leonidas. The words were put into his mouth by Plutarch, writing some six centuries later.

        To me, the real value of the phrase isn’t whether or not Leonidas said this at Thermopylae (Plutarch also credits him with saying to his men, “Breakfast well; tonight we’ll dine in Hades”).

        The real value is that there is a strong, persistent note in Western civilization where free women and men know that there is only one agenda behind disarming them as individuals: a habit of submission, and therefore enslavement by imperial systems and elites.

        μολὼν λαβέ sums this up quite succinctly, and the former priest of the Delphi surely made a helluva lot more sense in saying it than the oracle generally did.

    • “What would you guys say about a Californian who had a rifle with a loaded 30 round mag ready to use?” Yes, they were called the Black Panthers and they marched in to the Capitol to stand up against domestic tyranny. Shortly thereafter, Ronnie Reagan, then our governor, passed the Mulford Act, the first step to disarming Americans and eroding the only true intention of 2A. So, with the Mulford Act as your guide, it would be illegal for you to open carry a rifle with a loaded mag. Unloaded, you can open carry a rifle. Open carry with a handgun is now illegal too thanks to Gov. Brown and the Sheriffs. And contrary to what you might think, may Californians do own assembled 10+ round mags, at least the ones who owned them prior to Jan 1, 2000. There is no law that states possession is a felony, the only laws pertain to the configuration of the firearm you use them with. But that’s how asinine our current laws are. Yet, maybe you already know that, I don’t know if you live in CA like I do. *sigh*

  7. I feel betrayed by those in office and disgusted at their complete lack of support for our liberties and rights.

    $20 says the person who wrote that still votes for these people.

  8. Yes, let’s abandon 9 million gun owners. Let’s strentghen the gun grabbers at the federal level by leaving the loonies in California unchallenged. After all, no gun control legislation has ever gone nation wide and pre empted all those state laws that the free states are happy to have.

    I’ll take it a step further. Let’s encourage all those 9 million California gun owners that the french surrender monkies are so happy to abandon, to abandon them in turn. Not another dollar to support anti gun efforts outside the state of California.

    2014 is coming and after the sad showing in the colorado recall the POTG are looking at a dim future. Ignore history and repeat it.

    • That’s retarded. Do you not understand how the House of Representatives works? If 9 million gun owners left California, not only would they suffer a massive drop in tax revenue, but they would lose several seats in the House. Those gun owners would then move to pro-gun states and increase the number of pro-gun representatives in the House. If the House is solidly pro-gun, it doesn’t matter what the Senate does because it is impossible for the anti-gun legislation to pass the House.

      • Retarded, you want 9 million people to be refugees to support your rights and you call me retarded? You’re nothing but an ignoraqnt tr0ll. You want to establish that the constitution doesn’t exist so long as the tyranny of the majority okays it, but I’m retarded?

        • Retarded, you want 9 million people to be refugees to support your rights and you call me retarded?

          Who said anything about what I want? I simply said what’s best for them. They can continue to pretend that things will get better (like you want to) in that Soviet republic, or they could move to a free land. It’s like if people had an easy and legal means of getting from East Germany to West Germany – only a moron would stay in East Germany, yet these people would willingly stay and make excuses for it.

          Seeing how the rest of your comment is nothing but unintelligent trolling and insults, there’s no need to respond to it.

    • I’m more than willing to surrender California in trade for any 3 other states, which with 9 million gun owners relocating we can take by force of numbers in national elections.

      I’m willing to surrender California because it is hopelessly lost like a ship already resting on the bottom.

      I’m willing to surrender California because I would not visit there due to their onerous laws, let alone considering living there under any circumstances at all.

      But mostly, I’m willing to surrender California because these laws reflect the will of the majority of the people of California.

      While I pray for a successful challenge to these atrocious laws in court, there is an extent to which it seems wrong to fight the will of the people when they have spoken so strongly for something.

      With a majority of other states waiting with liberty and open arms, I can’t understand the arguments for attempting to force California to accept something that clearly a majority of it’s voters don’t want.

      • Tyranny of the majority. Isn’t that one of the things the constitution is supposed to prevent? You’re willing to give up on the constitution for an entire state and you see no down side to that?

        • As the courts have nearly given up on this matter, the state legislature is strapping JATO pods to get down the slippery slope faster than ever, and the majority exercising the tyrrany hasn’t the slightest clue what the Constitution is, I think I have to agree.

          A heroic last stand is worthless if nobody watching cares, and would California voters watch? You’ll have to excuse them, Dancing with the Stars is on.

        • jwm,

          Keep in mind that our United States Constitution is an ideal written on paper. Neither the ideal nor the paper itself will stop tyranny of the majority. Someone has to enforce the ideal written in our Constitution to stop the tyranny. Who specifically is going to step up? If the courts fail the good people of California, then “We the People” will have to step up and stop the tyranny of the majority. Unfortunately that gets messy and no one (understandably) wants to get their hands dirty. Your options are severely limited at this point. That may not be what you wanted to hear … nevertheless I assure you it is the truth.

      • I am very afraid that until a majority of SCOTUS gets enough balls to finally stand up and say to the states that this is a FEDERAL issue, that the Second Amendment applies to ALL Americans, wherever they live, and that federal law pre-empts state gun control legislation the way state legislation pre-empts local laws now, places like California, New York and Chicago are going to continue to chip away at 2A rights as they see fit.

        Only a firm and unambiguous slap down by the Supreme Court is ever going to put an end to this tyranny. Let’s just hope BHO has no opportunity to appoint a justice in the next three years.

      • I hear ya’, Ardent and generally agree that those people would be better off elsewere, but given the economic conditions in California how many of those 9 million can actually leave the state?

        I agree that California is a lost cause. I only say that because it is a one party ruled state like no other. It is the bluest of the blue and they are damn proud of that fact. They completely ignore if anything they are doing is working and are just set full speed ahead to go over a cliff.

        Sadly, many people are forced to live with that reality. I’m a firm believer that retreat is a strategy, but not an option available to all. Some sympathy for our brothers and sisters trapped behind enemy lines.

    • I’m originally from CA too, and I get what you are saying. However, I think the demise of CA is now inevitable. I’m not just talking about gun rights, either. The whole damn thing is going to go Detroit eventually. It will need to hit rock bottom before things change (if they ever will). If you have deep roots in CA, I get it. If you love it too much to leave (like some I know that live on the East side of the Sierras), I get it. But I think it would be best for gun rights and other freedoms if the 9 million or so gun owners moved to CO or other still salvageable States to counter the influx of CA moonbats. Not only could a decent State be saved, it will hasten the inevitable fall of CA that I fear needs to happen. After all, would you leave potentially valuable troops in a doomed fort if you could get them out to where they would do some good?

      Leave the leftist elites and public union employees in CA to suffocate under the weight of illegal welfare colonists, or they will take you down with them.

  9. I know it is tough, but stop complaining (which does nothing) and do something about it or move. I have moved out of MD into PA. Changed some things with two kids and made it work. Less Tax Payers and they will learn their lesson.

  10. On one hand, if the AW bill passes I am absolutely going to register a whole bunch of lower receivers so I can build them into rifles and run them without bullet buttons or other idiocy. My only worry is being able to find a couple of high quality AR-10/AR-308 type receivers in time.

    OTOH, I have a milling machine in my garage and converting 80% lowers to working receivers is a trivial task. So there’s that.

  11. Should Kaliphonia become a ‘gun-free’ state, I recommend that all prisons and prisoners and sex offenders and all Americans and illegals with a Felony convictions be sent there permanently…..Since they are no longer able to be around any firearms, this should work out perfect….This should really reduce crime, since there will be no guns to commit crimes with…..Right?

    • CA is already releasing their own offenders due to overcrowded prisons. Disarm the decent people, don’t punish the criminals. It’s the leftist way. I just wish the leftist elite like that slimeball Ed Asner would feel it in their upper class enclaves. But they probably won’t.

  12. It is irrelevant whether Californians comply or not.Those who defy the law will be forced to maintain a low profile,and those who comply wilk forever look over their shoulder for The Man.

    In so doing,few new people will be exposed to positive examples of shooting.That means the hoplophobes monopolize the culture-and with it the ballot box.Whether the guns are in a police lockup or a sealed behind a drywall compartment isnt the point.

    Even if the compliance rate is zero percent,one can’t just take a newbie shooting in open defiance of the law-which means in 20 years one of the most populous states in the Union will be Britian writ large.

    • “That means the hoplophobes monopolize the culture-and with it the ballot box.”

      I think you may be mistaken. If California succeeds in banning guns and becoming a gun-free state it won’t be the hoplophobes that monopolize the culture, it will be the criminal element that still has its guns and the police state that uses ever increasing totalitarian force to try to stop them.

      If we hope that draconian gun laws will convince significant numbers of Californians to emigrate, just wait (but not on any of the freeway lanes heading east or north) for the exodus that occurs when only the criminals, police and SWAT have the guns. It will be a very dangerous and scary place for your average civilian in those times.

      By the way, can someone update the spell checker on this site so that it doesn’t keep flagging “hoplophobe” as misspelled? Or is it hopolophobe? Whichever.

  13. I think everyone is missing the bigger point. The populace, the legislature, and apparently most/all law enforcement officers in California think they can tell a minority group what personal property they can own and possess. The Armed Intelligentsia knows that violates common law, Natural rights, the Social Contract, and of course the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. But the masses in California don’t care and they will never care about those fundamental necessities of civilization. That is the fundamental problem.

    And you all must realize that you will never correct that problem through the ballot box. Any efforts you spend are a total and complete waste of your limited resources and will do nothing other than lower your morale.

    You have all heard the catchy description on how to change injustice:
    (1) Soap box
    (2) Ballot box
    (3) Jury box
    (4) Ammo box

    Options (1) and (2) are totally and absolutely impotent in California. Option (3) isn’t looking good either. I strongly recommend that armed citizens in California begin carefully planning their final course of action. What’s it going to be? Fight, flight, or surrender? Just keep in mind that the populace, legislature, and law enforcement in California are counting on surrender. I hope the armed citizens of California choose something other than surrender.

  14. jwm,

    Keep in mind that our United States Constitution is an ideal written on paper. Neither the ideal nor the paper itself will stop tyranny of the majority. Someone has to enforce the ideal written in our Constitution to stop the tyranny. Who specifically is going to step up? If the courts fail the good people of California, then “We the People” will have to step up and stop the tyranny of the majority. Unfortunately that gets messy and no one (understandably) wants to get their hands dirty. Your options are severely limited at this point. That may not be what you wanted to hear … nevertheless I assure you it is the truth.

    • Sorry … this was supposed to be in reply to one of jwm’s comments above but the dreaded 502 Server Error messed up something.

      • I can’t will life into something that’s already gone already dead and past.
        I could support CA gun owners but you all had to do it for yourselves at some point and you all lost big time. It was a blow out, not even damn close.
        Do yourself a big favor make an exit plan strategy out of CA.
        I’m sorry but CA gun owners were essentially slaughtered by your statehouse. What’s gone for you all ain’t coming back.
        You might be happier on Texas.

      • LB,

        I’m with you, bud. There’s no reason to be a d!ck to CA gun owners because politicians who we never voted for campaign against freedom. CA is hardly the only state where such things have happened. NY, NJ, MD, etc. have spades of crappy gun laws. The courts throughout the nation haven’t been of much help since Heller, and SCOTUS may become useless as well once POTUS gets another appointee.

        Regardless, I feel my desire to leave CA burning within me. I wonder if WI State Troopers are hiring?

    • Well, since I left (long before the full retard gun laws, but I’m not going back) I for one can’t call anyone sheep. If people want to fight, the problem is organization. If the people don’t hang together, they (and their families) will hang* separately (to paraphrase a guy I like alot).

      *not “hang” per se, more like burned alive in their own home or riddled with bullets by a SWAT team.

    • Hey Smitty,
      Cut them off at the pass.
      Why wait for the cancer to spread from CA.
      You have a mouth, now lets see your footwork.
      Move to CA and wage the fight.
      A hero runs toward the gunfire.

    • So Smitty, tell me how you fought the system when the 1994 Federal AWB was passed? Oh, you just waited for it to expire like teh rest of us b/c you are a law abiding citizen? Riggghhhhtttt. If Obama passed an executive order, wtf are you gonna do? That’s right, absolutely nothing.

  15. Sadly, a lot of them will. Those who won’t will have to hide, leave, or fight. I support CA gun owners, but the courts and a whole lot of LE do not.

    Perhaps the only silver lining will be a court reversal (unlikely) or skyrocketing CA crimes rates. Some folks – other than the usual suspects here – will eventually make the case that gun control does not reduce crime.

    • Even rising crime rates will play into the opposition’s hands.

      “We banned guns,and CRIME is UP! Imagine how bad it’d be if guns were LEGAL??!”

      It’s not a farfetched concept.That’s exactly what they’re saying in Britian and Austrailia today.

    • Accur81,

      In all of the criminal justice classes I took I found the police and sheriffs deputies who taught the classes to be split about 50/50 (maybe slightly higher for the antis) as far as the RKBA was concerned. How do your experiences with co-workers stack up? What percentage of your co-workers are like yourself and support the RKBA for ALL vs. those who only support it for LEOs?


  16. Typical California. You are not going to do shit.

    Those people you elected do these things on purpose. They know what they’re doing. Why do you think they give themselves exemptions? Why do you think they give police privileges? They don’t care that it costs a lot of money, you’re going to pay for it not them. It’s not even about the money… They are finishing up their take over of that State. You will have to give them all the details about your ability to defend yourself, so they can take it away when they want. If you don’t comply they will happily cage you.

    All these Californian “hippies” are to busy destroying their brain cells…

    The world is full of peace, love and happiness, bro! The governments of this world are here to love us, man.

    • I say this with ALL due respect, CZJay, as I don’t know your life, or what struggles you’ve gone through in life, but I hope you realize I’m serious as a heartattack :

      Come and say that to my face.

  17. Disobey the law, it’s not like they’re going to lock you up. In fact, hasn’t the state been ordered to straight up release 10,000+ inmates by the end of the year?

    • What an interesting crime control tactic. Release 10,000 criminals, take away citizen’s defense tools.

      I bet that will go well.

  18. Sometimes you just have to start small. Anyone given thought to periodically setting up a table in a park (or other public place) and handing out membership forms for the NRA, GOA, etc.? How about giving a few free one year NRA memberships here and there? The uneducated are not going to get educated without some effort. Eventually we may get enough of a critical mass in these states to sway the political machine our way.

    • Your sentiment is noble. I feel like jerk for saying this, but I think it’s the truth. For the average CA moonbat, the only way they will be effectively educated is by watching their daughter get raped or their husband get beaten to death while the 911 operator has them on hold.

  19. Despite California’s reputation for being a haven/breeding ground for stupid, lazy, delusional Leftists & libertines, be advised that the urban centers & some of their burbs are manifestly NOT representative of the remainder of the state’s populace & be further advised that long after the ‘assault weapons’ ban was passed & the ‘amnesty’ period for registration had expired the state govt admits that it really has no idea just how many of those firearms are still possessed by the citizenry. Those who aren’t from here have no clue about how the black’s reaction to O.J. verdict & the Rodney King riot affected us, you also don’t know how many of us were cheering over the effect Dorner’s ‘jihad’ had on CA LE & were carefully watching……& taking notes. Would it not be truly ironic if those who others smugly label as ‘weak, foolish, & cowardly’ were the very ones who rose up against their self-appointed ‘betters’ a la Lexington & Concord & thereby touched of a national revolt? Underestimate us out here at your peril, & remember that THIS is the state whose people are considered to be ‘dangerous/crazy people who’ll kill you w/o batting an eye’ by the bad folk of the the rest of the U.S. They’re not too far wrong.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  20. Crazed Java/11Sept13@07:53,

    “I hear ya,……enemy lines.”

    You nailed it, CJ, & thanks for that bit of understanding for those of us who’re stuck in the People’s Democratic Republic of California. It IS appreciated. And for those in ‘still free’ places like TX who gloat & preen over their fortunate situation, you’d best check your population trends & the orientation of those people’s politics because what happened to us may just be on its way to YOU courtesy of the ‘compassionate’ pro-‘undocumented workers’ supporters & their greedy bidniss community counterparts.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  21. I lived in the People’s Republic of California in 1991, when they passed their first “assault weapons” law. The state legislature estimated that there were 300,000 firearms that met the definition and would have to be registered by the end of the year. How many ended up actually registered? 30,000. Ten percent.

    I guess the rest of them simply evaporated. And their “universal background check” bill that required all private sales to go through a dealer? That just meant you sold and bought guns from people you had known and trusted for many years – it did not shut down private sales.

    Large numbers of Californians are conducting their own quiet acts of civil disobedience, and I expect that to continue.

  22. Today a “law abiding” citizen…tomorrow a felon at the stroke of a legislators pen. And most Amerikans don’t even see a problem with that.

    I didn’t comply with the first AWB, why start now?

    At least there is something positive to come out of this, the wife is finally ready to move out of state because she knows I won’t comply and she doesn’t want me to be a headline in the newspaper. Hopefully I make it that long.

    And for all of you cops out there, if you enforce these laws then you own them, all of your protestations of supporting RKBA to the contrary! If you enforce these law you are one of the kings men and an enemy of the people.

  23. I read an article with ed weatherby about why he wouldn’t move out of California. Something about how the North Californians aren’t like the rest. Well now I say put your money where your mouth is. The next Weatherby I buy will be built in another state. Damn the unions, listening colt, Smith and Wesson, ect?

  24. Do you know what they call places like California?

    the Front Line.

    It’s all well and good to sit there on your porch in your rocking chair, in the peaceful bosom of Free Oklahoma or Wyoming or Montana or Virginia and say “those Californians are a weak-willed people, hrm, yes” But You have to understand : I have zero respect for anyone who isn’t willing to fight for what they believe in. I mean, sure THEORETICALLY Vietnam was a touch time for all those young men who went to Canada, and heard about it on the radio or TV. But it was not so dear and so costly as it was to the men who had to BE in the fight. In California, we are IN the fight.

    We DON’T have the anonymity or the gentle victory of the Recall Election. If we want our rights, we have to risk EVERYTHING for them. We may well yet have to ACTUALLY fight for them.

    I will NOT move out of CA so i can go to a State that respects my constitutional rights. No more than I would leave CA if they said my religion was illegal. It’s the STATES job to accommodate ME, not vice versa.

    I will register nothing. I will surrender nothing.

    Next time you’re going to say something about how YOU THINK Californians feel about their Gun Rights, I want you to think : What are YOU willing to lose to keep your rights? For some of US : It’s our lives.

    • Well said response to the nauseatingly monotonous blowhard refrains we constantly hear (cut & run, let the utopian tyrants rule without question). I dislike people casually telling me that cowardice in the face of the enemy is a virtue. I salute your intestinal fortitude!…

  25. Just like the anti gun crowd in Colorado crying about the recall results… You do not get to obey only the laws you like! What part of this don’t you understand? The “REGISTER NOTHING! ,OBEY NOTHING!” mentality simply does not belong in a civil society. Fight in the courts all you like, but you don’t get to decide all by yourself what laws to obey if you don’t obey the law you are part of the problem.

    • Geoge, you are a “No-Go” at this station, time for some remedial training. You said “you don’t get to decide all by yourself what laws to obey, if you don’t obey the law you are part of the problem.” WRONG. Free people have some basic natural (inalienable) rights and despite whatever you may have been taught (or not) in government schools, 51% of the population doesn’t have the right to vote those rights away. Sadly however, based on your post it appears that you believe that is an acceptable state of affairs and it is the mentality which has enabled our government to do this very thing to us. America was founded as a nation of laws, laws which protected the rights of all from the whims of the majority. The Bill of Rights does nothing more than codify rights which preexisted our nation’s founding. It is basically a list of thou shalt nots for government. The BOR does not grant any rights to us. It shows how ill informed our nation is when I hear people on this blog talking about their 2nd amendment rights. The 2nd Amendment does not grant anyone the right to own a firearm. We all have a natural right to self defense and it is out of that which the right to keep and bear arms originates. The 2nd Amendment merely codifies that right and tells government hands off. Additionally the BOR was not intended as an exhaustive list of our rights either. The founders feared that by enumerating the few that they did that future generations would act as if those were the only rights Americans had. They selected those few enumerated rights because they were the ones most frequently violated by governments throughout history. How prescient they were. If 51% voted tomorrow to confiscate all firearms, outlaw Judaism/Christianity/Islam/etc., outlaw blogging, or some other protected action, that would not only be illegal but immoral, yet your mentality allows it to happen when you grant 51% of an extremely ill informed electorate power over you.

      The bottom line and the previous just and moral standard of criminality in an earlier, much freer America was…

      NO VICTIM = NO CRIME. It’s a very simple concept and even those who have been poorly educated in government schools or who are a bit slow should be able to grasp this very simple concept. E.G. If I am not wearing my seat belt there is no victim, so there is no crime, get it? Anyone who would attempt to enforce such nonsense is himself unlawfully using coercion and force against an innocent human being and thus himself the real criminal. Ignoring these arbitrary Kalifornia laws is not only a right but a duty for all free men and women everywhere.


      And to reiterate again for all of the cops out there…IF YOU ENFORCE IT YOU OWN IT, all of your protestations of it being a bad law, etc. to the contrary. IF YOU ENFORCE IT YOU SUPPORT IT!


      • Some other examples which I should have included which are more relevant to this topic than my seat belt example above:

        If I have an unregistered gun…NO VICTIM=NO CRIME
        If I have a 30 round magazine…NO VICTIM=NO CRIME
        If I own a SBR with some scary looking features…NO VICTIM=NO CRIME
        If I carry a handgun for self-defense without state sanction…NO VICTIM=NO CRIME

        Any one who would advocate throwing me in a cage or any cops who would actually throw me in a cage for any of these things is not only Un-American but an enemy of liberty.

        But, but, but, “the law is the law and I must obey the law.”


  26. OK, So, I got a touch bored and did some math.

    California has ≈8,102,845 gun owners, representing 21.3% of the state population. It is surpassed ONLY by Texas at ≈9,355,253 gun owners. The top NINE states by percentage-of-gun-owners are Wyoming (60%), Alaska (58%), Montana (58%), South Dakota (57%), West Virginia (55%), Idaho (55%), Arkansas (55%), and Mississippi (55%). They TOTAL ≈6,243,515 gun owners, COMBINED.

    “Lost cause” seems a bit extreme, considering.

    (P.S. Californian has enough Gun owners to make the 13th largest STATE.)

    • So why do I “Get what I get”, as I’ve never voted Democrat?

      This repetitive mantra from those NOT in California that “Well, you all voted those people into office, that’s what you get!” Is like my saying “How could you be so stupid as to vote for Obama a SECOND time?!”

      • Great point Silent! If we deserve what’s happening here in Cali because a majority voted these tyrants into office then using that logic everyone commenting here also deserves everything they are getting from BHO (broken economy, forced healthcare, etc.) due to the simple majority who voted him in so everyone better just stop sniveling and drive on, right? Pack it in, stop commenting, stop taking action and go home right now because a majority commands that you accept it and have voted as such. I don’t think anyone here is really that stupid so…

        Now that we’ve demonstrated what a weak argument that is (although this is the current de-facto state of affairs in this state and in our country), 51% of the population does NOT have the right to vote away the freedoms of the other 49%, period. Our individual rights are not subject to a majority vote even though we continually allow that to occur. Most people abhor conflict as the founder’s acknowledged when they wrote “…all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed…” but by allowing this abuse of the majority to continue through incrementalism rather than taking a firm stand every single time our rights are threatened we have ceded many more and here we are today, imagine where we’ll be tomorrow.

        If everyone exercised their rights daily en masse this would self correct however people do it individually like Leonard Embody and are punished for doing so…and quite a few of you here have the nerve to attack the only commenter here actually living freely….while you beg the king to allow you to still keep a few of your perquisites. Why? Is it because his actions shame you and show you for the cowards that many of you are?

        Until people realize that ALL of their rights are non-negotiable and start acting as such we will just continue on our collective descent towards tyranny.

      • My statements are CLEARLY made towards libtards (democrats) who continue to vote democrat AND get what they get, when they do. I bet you vote libtard, don’t you?

  27. Just move out of that F…ing state,I did 30 years ago and don’t miss anything about it.I live close enough ( too close) to visit if I want to.Went to Monterey two weeks ago and had a great Time THERE but the drive to and from was Full of California idiot drivers doing 90 mph ,so since they don’t bother to obey the speed limit what make you think they’re going to obey Gun laws?
    That place is F…ed up!If you want to live in STUPIDViLLE,then don’t Bitch about gun laws cause their STUPID too! Personally,I don’t like to be around STUPIDNESS cause it’s contagious. So you can struggle with getting these lame brain politicians to change their positions( the British colonies are still struggling with that and’ain’t gonna happen’) OR you can change your(physical ) position ! That is,are you ready; MOVE,GET OUT,LEAVE,VAMALOS,SEE YA LATER,TRY ANEW PLAN STAN,
    California could give a rat’s ass about it’s citizens all they want is money cause they’re broke and there areTOO many people.If they cared about their populas,they wouldn’t allow two million gang members,god knows how many illegals and all the rest of the dumb ass things they do to absolutely annoy their citizens.Feinstein,Boxer,REALLY?Jerry Brown?Are you kidding?Again? He was no good when I lived there!
    So if you want to save Stupid California,then do yourself a favor,you want to enjoy your Constitutional Rights?MOVE before it is TOO late,believe me they won’t miss you!

    • “That place is F…ed up!If you want to live in STUPIDViLLE,then don’t Bitch about gun laws cause their STUPID too! Personally,I don’t like to be around STUPIDNESS cause it’s contagious.”

      Should read :

      “That place is F…ed up! If You want to live in STUPIDVILLE then don’t bitch about gun laws, because they’re STUPID too! Personally, I don’t like to be around STUPIDITY because it’s contagious.”

      Based on your grammar, spelling, and syntax I can infer first that you’ve obviously CAUGHT the stupid while on your recent Monterey trip, and secondly that stupidity is not relegated only to California.

      Also, you make the point that Californians do not obey the speed limits, and therefore won’t obey new gun laws, yet you also say we should move if we want to enjoy our Constitutional Rights. Which is it?

      You also say if you want to save California, we should do ourselves a favor and move. How does that work, in your mind?

      Sincerely –
      A Not-Stupid Californian.

    • “they don’t bother to obey the speed limit what make you think they’re going to obey Gun laws?”

      Precisely, some people are free and they ignore laws which infringe on their rights and which should never have been passed in the first place.

      Every day which I carry concealed without state sanction I do precisely that.

      The only law people need to follow is “no one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, or to advocate or delegate its initiation.” That’s it. If I’m harming no one and someone threatens or attempts to harm me I have every right in the world to defend myself

      If people would just live by the non aggression principle (NAP) the world would be a far better place. Human nature being what it is though; I carry, with or without some bureaucrat’s permission. Going to another state won’t change that, it just increases the chance that I won’t be assaulted by a thug operating under the color of law.

  28. Let’s try this again,” Stupidness” versus “Stupidity” Stupid-ness denotes an idea of generalization as ‘the whole state.Stupid-ity is more personal and and can inferred as a person or persons which was not my intent.
    Secondly,I did not ‘catch’ stupidity as I left it behind in California,and my grammar and spelling are intentional to accent the idea of the content( although liberals are more interest in context versus content since they are not interested in FACTS.)
    You are right Stupidity is not only relegated to California,Wash
    DC ,Illinois ,(until recently),New York,New Jersey(which does not recognize the Second Amendment,oh wait they all don’t) also have an issue with Constitutional Rights.
    Move versus constitutional rights,well you can stay and fight or you can move,if you want to stay and fight you can save California or you can move.

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