Gregory Bell, Jasmine Kimbrough, Davion Rainey
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Three suburban St. Louis residents are being charged with second-degree murder, assault, and armed criminal action after a wife’s deranged plot against her estranged husband went wildly amiss.

The “mastermind,” 25-year-old Jasmine Kimbrough, thought it would be a good idea to send three thugs to her husband’s house Sunday. The plan was for the three yoots (Gregory Bell, 18, Davion Rainey, 18, and Bell’s 16-year-old brother, Noah Bell) to burglarize the place and attack the husband if he was home.

The three, who were armed with at least one gun, got as far as the back yard before they were confronted by Kimbrough’s husband, who shot at them. All three ran off.

The husband called the police, who arrived at his home around 1:30 in the afternoon. The officers canvassed the area and eventually found Noah Bell nearly dead of a gunshot wound along the River Des Peres. He died shortly thereafter. Kimbrough and the two 18-year-olds were subsequently arrested.

Police say all three suspects have confessed.

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  1. Not news worthy Black on Black….No story here, move along won’t be seen on local or national news.

  2. There’s no substitute for stupid. The original product has been thinning the herd since the cave days.

  3. But, but, but this can’t be. No one ever uses a gun successfully to defend themselves. Half the politicians and all the mass media tell me so. They wouldn’t lie to me would they?…………….

  4. I would guess that, being aged 16, this death will add to the “children killed by guns” statistic, quoted in articles with somber pictures of 6 year olds, and pictures of gun owners at rallies, gun shows, etc.

    • If you convince your friend to join you in committing a felony that results in your friend’s death, you get charged with 2nd Degree Murder. Happens with getaway drivers in bank robberies gone bad.

    • It is an established legal principle called “felony murder”
      If someone dies as a result of you committing a crime, you are the murderer, even if you did not pull the trigger.
      The thinking is that the person would not have been killed if you did not commit that crime.

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