Vice News VIDEO: Concealed Carry Fashion Show With a Trigger Warning and a Trumpet
courtesy Vice and YouTube
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Vice News, which isn’t exactly known for being gun-friendly, produced a video documenting the concealed carry fashion show at the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference. The first line of text accompanying the video? “This fashion show comes with a trigger warning.” The article is titled Hiding Guns On Your Body is Easier Than Ever.

Watch the video below and sound off in the comments. We present this without comment other than offering the caution that it’s not always in your interest to work with the mainstream media.

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  1. This is outstanding guerrilla warfare on the side of Liberty. The gun grabbers are going to look at this as some kind of freak show. A circus act they can make fun of. However a lot of men and women, new to guns, who are wondering how they can conceal a firearm are going to learn from this presentation. It will work out in our interest far beyond what most people can imagine. The free publicity is worth millions of dollars.

    • Completely agree that this video is 100% likely to interest people in gun ownership more than to prevent such interest, particularly people who wouldn’t have thought of themselves previously as gun owners.

      • Elaine D., “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

        I think the USCCA had (2 years ago?) the first concealed carry fashion show at a gun event. I know it got national publicity. I think this maybe the door way into the minds of people sitting on the fence, about buying a gun for themselves. Done correctly , the fashion show can become a powerful weapon for Liberty.

  2. Isnt vice news that opinion show for liberals and progressives? The only difference between vice and the view is staff and production. Other than that it’s pretty much the same show.

  3. 9 pm EST – The ‘blue wave’ so far hasn’t shown up.

    I am cautiously optimistic we made hold the House…

    • Yeah, so far it’s at least not looking like the blowout the Communist News Networks were trying to push for.

      • I spoke too soon – The Leftists took the House, but we got the Senate.

        Very good news in Florida – We won the Senate race, and the Governorship. Also agriculture commissioner and state attorney general. So the 2A is safe here for now.

        We were predicted to lose the Governorship by like 7 points…

        • Well, we’ve become super progressive, and made history. We voted (by we, I mean NOT me or mine) in the first openly gay governor socialist. Free school for all children, 100% renewable energy, and universal healthcare!

          …Yet, we didn’t pass 80% of the tax increases they proposed on the ballots. This is truly a strange place to live.

          I feel so good about being such an open minded, tolerant, inclusive, caring person.

        • I’ve seen a bunch of elections like that, separating the free shit vote from the paying for free shit vote. Outcome predictable!! But I can’t figure what they do then! It would be nice if they had to fulfill the free shit promises, and forego their salaries to pay for it. Fire their secretaries and armed guards, sell the governor’s mansion, cut LE in half, purely excellent! But I don’t think that happens. But if you did not approve bonds, and you did not approve tax increases, then how do you deliver the free shit the people voted for? Seriously, I don’t know. Any ideas?

  4. I was off to the left of the camera during the fashion show. It was interesting to see the new options available but I am not a fan of off-body carry. That said this video can help reach many new and potential gun owners exactly because this is Vice News. Of course, when the Vice reporter was talking with a few people I was hanging out with I did not say a word.

    • @Desert Ranger

      Agreed completely about not being a fan of off body carry in anything. Not a purse, not a murse, not a backpack, not a messenger bag. Not a cat, not a rat. Not a dog, not a hog.

  5. Well, I sat through the whole thing. I think the first part with the trumpet player was silly, maybe to try and make fun of POTG? But otherwise it didn’t seem that scathing or mocking.

    • @Gralnok

      I have all kinds of people like the trumpet player in my hometown. Slightly socially awkward nerd types. There are a lot of folks who are gonna identify with that guy.

  6. I never have a problem learning about my options. It’s up to me to decide to use them, or
    not, but knowledge is power! Even something shown or stated in jest, may be useful.

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