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Freshly-minted TTAG commentator MKEgal left the following comment underneath yesterday’s post Police Arrest Open Carry Advocate; WI Gun Group Looking to Sue. We can confirm that she is the woman in question. Still. In question.

Who left the site of her protest. Who acted alone. Who wouldn’t say anything about her cause after she’s arrested.”
I didn’t _have_ a protest in the first place – I went to church.
I didn’t do it out of activism, I just wanted to hear the sermon.
I didn’t carry my gun out of activism, either; I carry pretty much everywhere.
Yes, I went to church alone. And your point is…?
Since I didn’t have a ’cause’, of course I couldn’t say anything about it.
And no, I don’t like having pictures taken of me. That includes being on video camera. It’s a long-standing character flaw.

ticketed for having the loaded gun in her car
I was not then, nor have I yet been, ticketed.
The ‘offense’ for which I was arrested is the legal equivalent of running a stop sign.
Do people get taken out of their cars at gunpoint for running a stop sign?
Are people arrested for running a stop sign?
Are their cars taken away for running a stop sign?

isn’t even a member of the Unitarian Universalist church in question
Why should that mean I’m not allowed to attend services there? Up until Sunday, I considered myself a UU for close to 20 years. In fact, that morning I left my contact info at their membership table & asked about the new member class. How does one know a church is a good fit without attending services?

And from what the president of the congregation said in her interview, AFTER the service – well more than an hour after I arrived – someone called the non-emergency number to ask the police if what I was doing was legal. They did not ask for police to come, they only wanted information. Police responded with six cars. I didn’t count badges, but there were definitely six cars.

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    • And a further update, Brookfield paid to settle the federal civil rights suit against them & the officers. I wish their crimes were prosecuted.
      Nothing they could pay can make up for the problems they’ve caused me.

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