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It’s open season on open carry in California. Post Hermosa Beach Open Carry clean-up demo, Golden State gun control advocates are girding themselves for battle, as the legislature attempts to pass a law banning the practice. Can California Dems over-ride Governor Schwarzenegger’s inevitable veto? IS it inevitable? Watch this space. Meanwhile, here’s a letter to the editor from yesterday’s LA Times, representing majority opinion on the subject. Well, the effete intellectual snobs and nattering nabobs of negativism thereabouts . . .

Re “Bearing arms, citing rights,” and “Boy, 9, kills brother, 2,” July 11

Let’s call the members of the “open carry” movement, who promote the right to carry guns in public, what they are: selfish and egotistical. They love the attention they get walking the streets with a pistol on their hip, and they don’t give a damn if it frightens people like me and my kids.

I’m sure it makes you feel real big to parade around showing off your power to kill, but to those of us who don’t live in your imaginary Deadwood, it’s scary and disturbing. And please stop telling us that you are making the streets safer. If we want your help fighting crime, we’ll ask you.

And then what? There’s lots more at the link above. None of it very positive for the Open Carry crowd, as you might imagine.

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  1. If the public votes to not want open-carry, I guess they’ll have to go with concealed-carry. Although some will argue concealed-only is against The Constitution. And they’re probably right.

    Constitution aside, I’m on the fence about which one is better. Concealed-carry is less drama, while open-carry is easier and likely safer. But once people get used to open, there would be less drama anyway. Oh, and the best part: you can carry something bigger.


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