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“I think the biggest thing to highlight here is that the president has been a friend to the gun violence prevention (GVP) movement this year and we’re thankful, but frankly, he hasn’t really been a leader,” said Zeenat Yahya, deputy policy director at March for Our Lives.

“We’re definitely surprised. We were really hopeful and he made a lot of promises. We are thankful for some of the actions the president has already taken but there is so much more he can do that’s a comprehensive top-to-bottom approach,” Yahya added.

Advocates wanted Biden to apply more pressure on Congress to move on gun violence, where a 50-50 Senate evenly divided between the parties is a major impediment. Activists acknowledge the political roadblocks, but express disappointment nonetheless.

“It is very difficult for any administration to sort of do enough in that context and I think indeed, we would like to see more from the Biden administration. What we need more than anything right now is a comprehensive strategy to deal with this reality, what is the plan?” said Peter Ambler, executive director and co-founder of Giffords, the gun control group founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was gravely wounded in a shooting.

“Do I think they’ve done the most of any administration? It’s not enough,” said Fred Guttenberg, senior adviser of Brady PAC and father of a victim in the 2018 Parkland, Fla., school shooting.

— Alex Gangitano in Gun control advocates express disappointment with Biden

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  1. Are they calling for Joe’s ATF to investigate his son? Do they understand how the executive branch works? It isn’t a dictatorship.

    • It isn’t?! Do you think that they KNOW this?! I bet that, if you sent them a carefully-worded letter TELLING them that the executive branch isn’t a dictatorship, they will be shocked, SHOCKED to find out that they’ve been misinformed, and promptly upon the return of the House and Senate to session after the first of the year, they’ll start behaving as if the government ISN’T a dictatorship! GONE will be mask and vaccine mandates! Courts will no longer write laws from the bench! Every acronym agency will be instantly dismantled, and all of their hirelings put on the dole! The Bill of Rights will be the Law of the Land! Schools will be locally controlled! Businesses will flourish, unhindered by petty regulations! Happy children will frolic under the smiling Sun all day, every day, on the cotton-candy grass under the gumdrop trees along the wholesome-natural-fruit-juice rivers!

      I’m sorry. . . you were being serious, weren’t you? “It isn’t a dictatorship.” Snort. Guffaw.

      • LOL. They know that, they just don’t care. That’s why their major policies like a ban on evictions or them dismantling the remain in Mexico policy were struck down by the supreme court. They’re ignoring the SC decision on illegal immigration because they have zero respect for the law and the courts, unless it works in their favor. The “attack on democracy!” speeches they give is just to get their low IQ base riled up. Don’t look now, but the courts struck down some of the federal vax mandates.

        Actually, you’re right. Think about how much things have changed this year and the various crises brought about by the administration. Yet, about the only major legislative “accomplishments” were two massive spending bills. Everything else was conducted straight from the executive branch.

      • That’s true; However, the BEST way for a dictatorship to come to power is by holding some sort of ‘election’ to give the dictatorship a veneer of legitimacy. By holding an ‘election’ of sorts, and claiming victory (easily done when the junta seeking power already runs the media and the electoral system), all of the poor publicity that would come from merely seizing power by brute force is negated.

        Sound familiar?

  2. “…What we need more than anything right now is a comprehensive strategy to deal with this reality, what is the plan?”

    All they know is to act against the Constitution. There are some that move with an anti-American fervor. Most just have no clue as to what is going on and just need a plan to tell them what to do. Well, the plan is and always has been spelled out quite clearly in the US Constitution. Follow THAT and quit trying to circumvent or destroy it and you will see positive results. So many on the left have been so brain washed and will never see the reality for what it actually is.

  3. The threat has rarely been presidents – for the most part the real threat is the house, because it is more easily subject to grass roots candidates. The senate, as always, is a check against gun control due to method of election. I doubt we will see any big change at the federal level for quite some time. The 1994 AWB was very unusual in that it combined a president who had campaigned on it, and both chambers of the legislature being in a far less divided posture on core identity issues, and the Republicans in the senate who supported it did it in response to the perception of a wave of minority driven gang violence. It really is amazing when I think back on the early 1990s in terms of gun laws and how society viewed them – far more anti gun than today, culturally.

    • How odd. . . back then, there was a PERCEPTION of a wave of minority-driven gang violence, and the AWB was enacted to fight it. Today, we have an ACTUAL wave of minority-driven gang violence, and the people who are full-on in favor of zero-bail policies, dismantling the criminal justice system, defunding the police, decriminalizing many crimes and reducing felonies to misdemeanors, the very things that are driving this ACTUAL wave of minority-driven gang violence, want. . . another AWB.

      It must make perfect sense on their home world.

  4. Kinda sorta, yeah, but it’s a particular sort of perception.

    It’s really neat too look at the numbers. Crime hit two major peaks, one in 1980 and one in 1991, with a marked trough in between. What’s fascinating about the data is that by 1994, crime had radically fallen, like massively off a cliff and continued to do so until a 2015 low of half that of 1991. It’s since increased, but is still around 60% of 1991 levels. The ban had not a thing to do with it.

    The driver of the AWB, I suspect was fear of minority, urban gangs. And I think that’s why we saw Republican support for it. Coming of a violence wave, racial fears, “get tough on crime” politically unified the parties, and it was the height of the drug war. Today, crime is a joke compared to 1991, and we don’t have the same federal unified culture or drug war to drive gun control laws – gun control is no longer something the Republicans are behind because the desire to have guns has overcome the crime and drug fears, and guns are now viewed as a means to protect against those things as a core of republican culture. I suspect they’re also viewed as a means to oppose “the left” and so we aren’t seeing any marked Republican support for it. In 1994 you had crime hawk Republican senators in pink states like Colorado, Oregon, Indiana, and Delaware who supported it. Obviously, the Republican support was far greater – the party wanted it, and arranged for those close state senators to support it because they’d be least harmed by it. Today, though? Not a chance. The Republicans won’t touch it, period, and the democrats in light blue states avoid it like the plague because they’re vulnerable to a center right swing.

    • The driver of the AWB was a couple of high profile active shooter events. First was the killing of 5 children and wounding of 32 others by a loony, racist, druggie convict using a Chinese Type-56 in 1989. GHWB made an import ban Executive Order. In 1993, a loser killed 8 people and injured 6 at a law firm at 101 California St in San Francisco. He used a couple Tec-9s. California then implemented their AWB, which Congress pretty much copied as part of the 1994 Crime Bill. I believe the Waco siege on 1993 was a botched PR stunt for the Crime Bill, intending to portray loonies with “bad guns” before turning into a demonstration of the ineptitude of the media (asking locals for directions to the compound prior to the raid), the BATFE, and the FBI.

  5. Federal gun control laws are dead. Just like federal marijuana laws are dead. How many states are enforcing federal pot laws??? The number that do is dropping.
    Missouri just passed a law making any cop who enforces federal guns laws subject to fines and prison.
    Work to get your state to do what Missouri did. The 10th Amendment rules. Telling the cops they will go to prison if they don’t support the 2A, makes them do their job.
    Up hold civil rights.

  6. They will never be satisfied, even if they collect every firearm of any description. They would go after bows and arrows, bladed tools, pointy sticks, rocks, and eventually teeth.

    “In the dimness of the shadows,
    where we hairy heathens warred,
    I can taste in thought the life blood.
    We used teeth before the sword.” Patton

  7. The gun grabbers are going to concentrate on the states. You’ll see blue states propose more gun control, like red flag laws, storage mandates, magazine restrictions, maybe even permission slips to buy. Red states will go in the opposite direction. Gun control, along with abortion and COVID mandates, is causing a bifurcation of the population.

  8. “…said Peter Ambler, executive director and co-founder of Giffords, the gun control group founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.)”

    In press releases from October 2018 with their endorsements and political activity in Washington and Illinois, the Giffords organization referred to “former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, former NASA astronaut and Navy veteran Captain Mark Kelly” as their co-founders.

    Now, their about page says they are “Led by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords” and their history page says Gabby and Mark “announced the formation of an organization”. Their “people” page on Peter Ambler also describes him as a co-founder with Gabby and Mark. I can find noplace else on the site where Peter Ambler is referred to as a co-founder, only as Executive Director. If their press releases refer to founders, it’s always Mark and Gabby, not Peter.

    Their tax filings show Ambler was a Director in 2015. He was promoted to Executive Director when Hayley Zachary resigned that seat 7/31/2016. Their tax filings don’t mention anyone with the “founder” or “co-founder” title.

    • All these leftist organizations exist in a single, incestuous loop. Giffords was the face, Ambler and others like him did the real work. The entire leftist movement in the US could be crippled by deep-sixing only about 500 carefully identified people.

      • Someone noticed that in addition to financiers a lot of the same people in Antifa/BLM/others were involved in the Occupy movement a decade ago that helped take the heat of public opinion off the banks getting a bailout?

  9. Considering most “gun violence” or criminal misuse of firearms stems from those who don’t follow the laws to start with.
    The use of the school shooters, or other nuts as an excuse to disarm the general public is just that. An excuse. Those who would commit such acts have already rationalized the irrational and decided to have their moment of infamy.
    Next up is the excuse that disarming the general public will somehow reduce crime. Would anyone like to explaine how that works? Or is it a case of ” If we can make whatever crime just a little more illegal, the criminals will fall in line and stop being criminals.”
    And then the “GHOST GUNS” come into play. Do the math people. Buy the parts, the tooling jig, and small tools, drill bits etc. cost runs from around 500 dollars and up. Prices, from what I read, for a stolen or used in a crime handgun on the streets run around 2 to 4 hundred Dollars.
    And then there is the issue of domestic violence. Do any of these fools really think disarming the possible victims, or preventing the victims from getting a weapon to defend themselves with will somehow prevent some jerk/abusive arsehole from being the abusive arsehole they are?
    I would like the anti gun folks to explain how disarming or restricting the 90+% of legal gun owners who have not and likely will not commit a crime of violence, nor be guilty of more than a minor traffic crime, is somehow going to prevent any crime from happening.

    • Most of the home built pistols used in crimes here in NY were made by around a half dozen guys (Syracuse and Troy areas mostly) who built and sold dozens each and sold to various nearby gangs. Last summer the ATF did catch up with a few of them. For an individual criminal it is steal or buy stolen most of the time because it is cheaper faster and less of a paper trail (for the tooling and receivers). As to the “iron pipeline” for straw purchases coming from Pennsylvania and others, actually going after suspected straw purchasers might help.

      • No, Mike, MLee had it right; I am morally certain that the Biden Administration has been a disappointment to God (Yahweh, Allah, Zoroaster, Confucius, Buddha, Krishna), Mother Nature, his parents, his “wife”, his sponsors and string-pullers . . . pretty much the whole universe.

    • If he and the coterie that pulls his strings weren’t so f’ing incompetent, we’d be in real trouble. Thank heavens for small blessings, I guess. We’ve got trouble enough as it is.

  10. Biden and his bosses all erroneously believe that more guns equal more violence and their goal is to destabilize the USA. So they’ll pull an Eric Holder because they actually want more weapons out there no matter what they say.

  11. Xi whizz some people think theBiden administration is alright.
    The taliban needed those helicopters to put out forest fires.

    ” We’re going to see the president of the United States of America today, dress little Mary in something seductive like them skinny little halters with them cut off jeans, he might take us out for ice cream. “

  12. Joe Biden is nothing more than a meat puppet. Soros, Xi, and God knows who else take turns stuffing their hand up his ass making him talk. The only time you see Joe without, is when he’s eating ice cream and putting his hands on little kids and sniffing them, that’s the real Joe Biden.
    This man is a stumbling mumbling RED FLAG of a human being, exceeded in absurdity only by his VP, whom, relieved of power, would instantly fall victim to her own breathtaking incompetence.

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