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At the Friday press briefing, a reporter asked White House press secretary Josh Earnest whether President Obama is finished degrading and destroying Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms via executive action [paraphrasing]. “Based on the most recent analysis done, the answer to that question is yes, the president has done as much as he can,” Josh Earnest replied. “That said . . .

I wouldn’t rule out that at some point over the next 12 months that the president’s team goes back to take another look and see if there is more that can be done, but I’ll tell you that there is nothing that we are keeping in reserve in terms of additional action that the president could take.”

How reassuring is that? Anyway, the White House wants it known the NRA missed its chance to engage the President in a “rational, measured, fact-based discussion” about guns when the nation’s oldest civil rights group passed on the CNN’s “Guns In America” town hall – without mentioning that CNN only offered the NRA one chance to ask one pre-screened question. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. OOOOH…big letters. I see it. I see it. Of course Soetoro is planning bad shite…powder dry. Ted Cruz for somethin’…

  2. Facts – phhhhht. They were the presidents opinions. Some of them were lies (e.g. Smart gun answer).

    • Actually, decisions would be easier under a Chinese dictator, rather than a Manchurian candidate. We could skip the pretense that we’re still under the rule of law, and get right down to business.

  3. “there is nothing that we are keeping in reserve…”

    In other words, if we get away with this we will push the envelope a little more in a few months.

  4. “…the president has done as much as he can,” Josh Earnest replied. “That said I wouldn’t rule out that at some point over the next 12 months that the president’s team goes back to take another look and see if there is more that can be done…”

    Guy needs a new speech writer. If someone has ‘done as much as they can’ then it is literally impossible for them to do any more. If I’ve mopped my floor ‘as much as I can’ then I can’t mop any more because there’s no more dirt.

    • You can’t take anything he says literally. What he actually meant was that the White House has pushed as far past the bounds of executive branch power as they think they can get away with, but they will do worse if they feel they misjudged the spines of the opposition and can push a little further past what the law allows.

  5. Typical Progressive/Collectivist ideology. Already some Hollywood pinheads wish Imam Obama would have done more.

    The middle finger has been given to this admin.

  6. I went to my local gun store yesterday and it was packed. I got there at 7:30 p.m. and they said they were like that since 10:00 a.m., their opening. People weren’t just looking but purchasing. Several that I saw were buying their first. The range was jammed. No one is taking anything for granted. And yes, I bought one too.

  7. Their cards, they cut, shuffle and stack, their deal. They know where the ace is. They don’t have to take your firearms and ammo, thereby adhering to the 2nd amendment. All they have to do is make you a criminal if you ever use them, for any purpose. It may seem far fetched, but they are buying time, tweaking as they go. They will argue The Constitution does not guarantee you the right to shoot firearms, just own them. Stranger things have been done by the federal government.

  8. “We did everything that we thought we could get away with. If it turns out that you people are even dumber than we thought, we’ll screw you over even more.”

    — Josh Earnedthis

  9. Obama is a horrible President, a poor father, and a downright awful human being. He doesn’t have a single redeeming or admirable quality.

  10. Now there be some double talk. If you have done all you can do, did not hold back but you might do more? Then one of those declarations is a lie. Or it’s an example of 110%

  11. I respect the NRA for holding to their decision.

    For the others please read “The Emporers New Clothes”.

  12. Meh. What’s he gonna do? Cry about it some more? He’s doing us a favor by keeping gun control in the news thereby hurting Hillary. Gun control is the liberals biggest thorn. The only thing that it’s going to hurt is our pocket books as a lack of guns and ammo that won’t stay in stock.

    • If you own guns I’m not sure why you’re not a member already. No organization wields a bigger hammer than the NRA when it comes to getting pro-gun legislation passed and defending our 2A rights.

  13. I think it is fantastic that the NRA stood aside and let a bunch of ordinary Americans tell President Obama that he’s way off base and missing the point. People want to be able to defend themselves because they don’t feel safe. They want the government to go after criminals and terrorists, not law-abiding citizens, but President Obama and the other Democrats don’t want to do that. Speculating here, but it might cut into their voter base. Why else would they refuse to go after gang and drug violence? Shouldn’t that be something we all agree on?

    Bottom line: It’s not the NRA versus President Obama. That’s the myth he wants people to believe. But even when the NRA stays out of it, the People tell the government what they want, not the other way around.

  14. And while he spoke these words, I was teaching a dozen brand new gun owners how to shoot. I would like to thank the Obama administration for showing the American people the importance of the 2nd amendment, and reminding us that one president can take it all away with a pen and a phone. It is nothing less than amazing to see these new gun owners step forward and stand with us in this fight to keep our freedoms, especially when I know that this is happening all over the US. You know, either Obama really believes in his anti-2nd amendment agenda, or he is tricking the American people into arming up. Either way, good job.

  15. The NRA was smart not to rubber stamp the Soviet Show Trial. The pro-gun people in the attendance did rubber stamp this Soviet Spectacle.
    Communist News Network.

  16. UGH, the enormous steaming bull plop that this is is staggering. He didn’t accomplish anything. So maybe that counts as true, then, that he did all he could. 😛

    Also what kind of sick gas-lighting shenanigan is it to pretend like the NRA is stone-walling or something? You have slandered them as hard and as often as you can, and now you expect them to just show up at your beck and call like a kicked dog? Are you stupid?

    Boggles the mind that anyone is taken in by this garbage. SIGH.

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