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HARDENING OUR SCHOOLS: President Donald J. Trump is making sure our schools are safe and secure, just like our airports, stadiums, and government buildings.

  • President Trump’s Administration will assist States to train specially qualified school personnel on a voluntary basis.
    • Department of Justice (DOJ) assistance programs will be leveraged to enable schools to partner with State and local law enforcement to provide firearms training for school personnel.
    • The Administration will support the transition of military veterans and retired law enforcement into new careers in education.
  • The Administration will encourage States’ Attorneys General to audit school district compliance with State emergency preparedness activities.
  • Federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, will partner with States and localities to support a public awareness campaign modeled on “See Something, Say Something” to encourage awareness and reporting of suspicious activity.

STRENGTHENING BACKGROUND CHECKS AND PREVENTION: President Trump supports legislation and reforms to strengthen background checks and law enforcement operations.

  • President Trump’s Administration is calling on every State to adopt Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs).
    • The President is directing the Department of Justice to provide technical assistance to States, at their request, on establishing and implementing ERPOs.
    • ERPOs allow law enforcement, with approval from a court, to remove firearms from individuals who are a demonstrated threat to themselves or others and temporarily to prevent individuals from purchasing new firearms.
    • ERPOs should be carefully tailored to ensure the due process rights of law-abiding citizens are protected.
  • President Trump supports improving the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The President supports the legislative framework introduced by Senators Cornyn and Murphy that will help improve the accuracy and effectiveness of NICS.
    • The Cornyn-Murphy bill will hold Federal agencies more accountable for reporting information to NICS and will incentivize States to improve their reporting to the system.
  • The President supports the framework of the STOP School Violence Act, which provides for State-based grants to implement evidence-based violence prevention programs.
    • Grants will provide States with funds for training, technology, and technical assistance to help schools identify and prevent violent acts.
  • The Administration requests that Congress provide funding in 2018 to jump start implementation of this evidence-based program in middle and high schools nationwide.
  • The President’s Administration will audit and make accountability improvements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) tip line, and will promote its use.
  • DOJ will provide emergency and crisis training for local law enforcement.

MENTAL HEALTH REFORM: President Trump is proposing an expansion and reform of mental health programs, including those that help identify and treat individuals who may be a threat to themselves or others.

  • The President is proposing increased integration of mental health, primary care, and family services, as well as support for programs that utilize court-ordered treatment.
  • The President is calling for a review of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other statutory and regulatory privacy protections.
    • Reviews will determine if any changes or clarifications are needed to improve coordination between mental health and other healthcare professionals, school officials, and law enforcement personnel.

INVESTIGATION: In addition to these immediate actions, President Trump is establishing a Federal Commission on School Safety chaired by Secretary Betsy DeVos and will recommend policy and funding proposals for school violence prevention. 

  • President Trump’s Administration will establish a Federal commission, chaired by Secretary DeVos, to address school safety and the culture of violence.
  • While the Administration is taking immediate action on school safety, the Federal commission will develop a process to evaluate and make recommendations on school safety.
  • The commission will study and make recommendations on the following areas of focus:
    • Age restrictions for certain firearm purchases.
    • Existing entertainment rating systems and youth consumption of violent entertainment.
    • Strategies to advance the science and practice of character development in youth and a culture of connectedness.
    • Effects of press coverage of mass shootings.
    • Repeal of the Obama Administration’s “Rethink School Discipline” policies.
    • Best practices for school buildings and campus security from Federal Government components, including the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and also from other State, local, and private sector sources.
    • A plan for integration and coordination of Federal resources focused on prevention and mitigation of active shooter incidents at schools.
    • Opportunities to improve access to mental health treatment, including through efforts that raise awareness about mental illness and the effectiveness of treatment, reduce barriers to the recruitment of mental health professionals, and provide training related to violence prevention.
    • Best practices for school-based threat assessment and violence prevention strategies.
    • The effectiveness and appropriateness of psychotropic medication for treatment of troubled youth.
    • Ensuring that findings are sufficiently supported by existing and additional Federal, State, and local funding sources.

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  1. Gorsuch. Here’s hoping he appoints a couple more.

    But I will vote for some one else next time.

  2. ERPOs should be carefully tailored to ensure the due process rights of law-abiding citizens are protected

    Not sure that’s possible, but if you can get it to pass muster, I’m willing to look. I mean, I don’t particularly want a walking rage hard on with a vendetta against an ex to have a gun for a while, but the potential for misuse/abuse is pretty great, not to mention the slippery slope argument.

    And that’s just for starters.

    • You can’t deny someone life, liberty or property without due process.

      If someone is already an extreme risk there is enough evidence to arrest or institutionalize them. The problem is that law enforcement are selective in enforcing the laws that will protect people and parents (mostly mothers) are not willing to send their kids to live in a mental facility.

      If a kid was arrested for plotting mass murder, or had to live in a mental institution, they would have their right to keep and bears arms removed. They then would have to go to a gang member to buy a gun if they wanted to carry out their plan. If they carried out their plan anyway, law abiding people couldn’t be blamed the same way as they are now.

      School shooters show signs of their future outcome before puberty. Once they go through puberty they become much more uncontrollable, violent, neurotic and they start manipulating adults. By the time they get to high school their mother has no real control over the child and will attempt to drug them up to gain control over them. At this point the kid has looked up videos and picture of murders, spent thousands of hours playing games (mostly FPS) online, is in forums/chatrooms with other like minded kids, starts worshiping serial killers or mass murderers, fantasizes about killing his parents and people at school, has conversations with comrades about what would be a good tactical plan to get the best kill streak, then they decide their life is over it’s time for them to come up with a real plan to murder all the assholes that ruined his life. Once the teen has settled on his plan he is willing to wait years to accomplish it if he has to; he will fool all the adults into thinking he is cured of all his mental and social problems, that he won’t be bad anymore.

      • I think some of the privacy laws (like HIPAA and FERPA) are interfering (or the way they are being interpreted by school officials is interfering) with appropriate follow-through on threats.

        If I was a school official and I thought there was a big risk posted by an individual to the school, I’d get law enforcement involved, FERPA be dammed.

        Schools, colleges, and universities are very risk adverse (and listen to too many lawyers) and this prevents them from acting.

    • We already have laws for that. It’s called being adjudicated mentally impaired. It’s a legal process in a court where people get due process. Any other “system” will be open to interpretation which means the gubmint can decide anyone who owns guns is mentally impaired by ERPO standards so they can take our guns then round us up for re-education in mental health facilities.

  3. Woah woah woah, he wants to turn your Doctor in to a stool pigeon by kneecapping HIPAA.

    I take it back. This is all horseshit.

    • What was I saying?

      And all of you called me paranoid and stupid…

      To hell with all of you except for people like UncommonSense and Jon in Ohio…

      • When you go to the doctor/clinic they ask you all kinds of questions they don’t need to be asking. You’re just there to check out a shoulder injury not have a life evaluation that is then put in a system forever. Asking about weapon ownership, social life, internal thoughts, etc. It feels like doctors are more like snitches than someone who is there to help you without bias. It’s like calling the cops when you need medical attention.

        • Refuse to answer all questions that don’t relate to the reason for your visit (or just make answers up).

          That way they can’t tell why.

        • Don’t “make up answers” that are going on an insurance (financial) document. Post Obumercare a statist would assert that is actually an official gov;t document. Hang you high. Just tell them to FOD then change your Doc.

        • I’m not filing out the form, the doctor is.

          It would only be insurance fraud if I filled out forms fraudulently in order to collect payments.

          The Doctor saying that I said something would be hearsay evidence.

        • True Mad Max Except that doctors are considered “experts” (i like the redefining of that term to “a drip under pressure”) and they will take the word of the doctor over anyone else’s other than maybe a cop or similar. personally i say if they ask anything that is not related to the visit tell them to FOQ refuse to answer those and change doctors quick smart

        • ‘Except that doctors are considered “experts”’

          What’s charted is considered in medicine to be objective, as opposed to subjective. You are right; get any errors in your medical records corrected as soon as possible. It can bite you later if you don’t.

          The electronic medical records mandate was a dangerous thing. It means these opinions follow you. It has some far reaching ramifications.

        • Toni: You are the only other person that I’ve ever heard refer to the “ex is a has been, and spert is a drip under pressure” line.😀

          Like that one…

          Actually, my doctor doesn’t seem to have any time to spend asking spurious questions. Always in a rush so I have to be organized.

          The one thing the NRA would be really good for is to create a directory of pro-gun professional service providers and businesses for us to use.

  4. Welcome to the sellout…

    Reciprocity is dead, suppressor deregulation is dead, and here are no calls for repealing any gun laws from the NRA (who has also dropped their support for reciprocity and has thrown in full support of all gun control proposals coming down the pipe)…

    Remind me again what was the point of the last election? We’re having our 2A rights violated because the government manufactured another crisis.

    • The NRA is against the 21 year old infringement. Of course it’s because all the gun makers are pissed that they can’t sell to 18-20 year olds. It’s a major hit to business for both the NRA and the manufactures.

      Honestly, it was better that Trump won over Hillary because it’s exposing all the hypocrisy from everyone. The media, Hollywood, Democrats, Republicans, NRA, tech industry, etc. These days all of their BS is documented and will be there forever. This is very helpful data to use to inform the populace who are willing to look.

      I knew once Obama was nominated he would be there for 8 years. That identity politics will run the show and Hillary would be put up next because she is a woman. Some people who were aware of the same thing voted for the guy who would unintentionally destroy the system the overlords had working at full power — the last ditch effort to throw a wrench in the machine in order to wake people up.

    • Exactly. When will POTG come to their senses and realize POLITICIANS AREN’T LISTENING ANYMORE.

      Solving this legislatively is a thing of the past at this point.

  5. Looks to me like these proposals cover it all. While being careful to not take away the 2nd Amendment or 4th Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

    The liberals and gun-control folks are going to hate it. Because “Trump”

    • Except for the part of violating hippa and every concept of privacy and due process by taking guns away from people diagnosed with ADHD and veterans who have PTSD by mandating submission of your medical records to the feds. Oh wait those people are the unerwünschte so they have no rights…

      How stupid can you be, you think this is good because trump does it? It’s evil now just as it would have been evil if obama were doing it.

      You sound like the gun grabbers who said that their post Sandy hook gun bans don’t infringe on the second amendment.

      And you call yourself an American and a 2A supporter? People like you make me sick…

      • I saw no mention in the press release of “taking guns away from people diagnosed with ADHD and veterans who have PTSD by mandating submission of your medical records to the feds.” If I had, then I would be vehemently opposed to it too. I did see several times where the press release used phrasing which implied that it only wanted to address people who are a danger to themselves or to others.

        I think this set of proposals will stop future mass school shootings, when it has been implemented.
        1. by mitigating them (reducing the severity and death toll of the attacks)
        2. and by addressing the problems which cause the shooter to decide to do the attack.
        WE NEED a law that does that. Otherwise, the gun grabbers will continue using school shootings to attack our gun rights over and over again.

        You can’t continue demanding perfection (perfect gun rights laws), because that is a losing strategy. This is a good law (not perfect, but good enough), and we should support it.

        There will be a time for demanding reciprocity, suppressors, and all the other reforms we rightly deserve, but that time is NOT right now.

        • We HAVE laws to tackle that shit. But the Feds and the BCSO did nothing up to and including letting kids get shot. How about charging every one of those four deputies and sheriff Israel with criminally negligent homicide or at least fire them all and make it so that they’ll never wear a badge or draw a public pension? How about you investigate and clean out the FBI which is so politicized that it doesn’t even function as a law enforcement agency anymore and is more like the American version of the KGB?

          How about when anti’s yell and scream and shame and pressure you just say “no”.

          We’re never going to be accepted, nor are we ever going to be liked or treated fairly in the MSM and this buckling and cowering only emboldens them. You gave an inch and there will be worse laws to come, that I can assure you. And you’re not “compromising” compromise would mean opening the NFA registry in exchange for bump stocks, or suppressor deregulation in exchange for say multiple reporting requirements or some shit…

          But nobody ever puts forth any of that. They simply cower and negotiate a little less freedom to be taken away than what the anti’s initially wanted and call it compromise. That’s not compromise, it’s surrender.

        • ‘How about when anti’s yell and scream and shame and pressure you just say “no”.’

          That’s exactly what to do. If they persist, tell them “Hell, no!” and then walk away.

        • I think this set of proposals does say NO to the anti-gun crowd. They demanded an assault weapons ban (AR 15s) again. They demanded increasing the legal age to buy long guns. Some of them are saying we should look at banning all gun ownership, and repealing the 2nd Amendment. This proposal says NO to all of that. Then it suggests a set of changes that would actually solve the problem. And most of those changes address school security problems and mental health problems; things that are not even 2A related, but that need to be addressed.

          I don’t see this as compromising to the gun control cabal. And believe me when I say that I know what “compromise” means to a gun control person. “Give me less of what I asked for, while I still give you nothing.” That sort of “compromising” has resulted in the slow, but steady, destruction of most of our gun rights.

  6. Remember when those hard core Trump supporters were claiming he would be the biggest 2nd Amendment supporting president ever, that the NFA would be repealed, that national reciprocity was a sure thing, that we would get all those banned imports back? Oh wait, most of them still believe that pile of BS and that this is all just part of his stable genius plan…

    • Oh yeah and these cucks are the same ones praising this as “not gun control”.

      It’s as if Hillary won… the election was meaningless because this is the end of the second amendemnt here and the idiot inbred trumpkins are cheering it on because he isn’t directly coming after guns. (He’s just changing it to where your medical records are now submitted to the feds and they will be declaring everyone mentally ill so they can’t have guns).

      Fuck trump, the horse he rode in on and to hell with everyone who supports this. The people who do are fudds and traitors and you should turn their guns into the Feds, be done with it and as Samuel Adams said “let posterity forget that ye were our countrymen”.

      • Oh go fuck yourself. Nothing in there is remotely claimable as gun control. The privacy laws need a revision. Right now, a doctor can’t legally testify about the homicidar ravings of his patient because of random “privacy” bullshit.

        • Yeah, you’re right, let’s put cameras and Alexas in everyone’s homes so that way the thing can notify the police to come and arrest people once it hears them say something bad, or politically incorrect, or “racist” or “hateful”…

        • Yeah… show me the law that advocates that and I’ll oppose it. You can live in the 19th century, the rest of us have more important things to worry about. Like actual gun control bills rather than the fantasies of a raving paranoiac.

        • The only gun control that I see that’s poses an actual threat to our rights isn’t coming out of the democrats, it’s coming from “our side”. And the worst gun control bills lately have been signed and passed by republicans, and blessed off by the NRA.

          “Assault Weapons” bans, Australian gun confiscation, repealing the second amendment; yes, those pose serious threats but the democrats don’t have congress, or the presidency (yet) and we shouldn’t even be having this conversation.

          The only reason there’s an attack on our rights is because the GOP, NRA, and NSSF are surrendering our rights to people who call them murderers. They always call us names, they’re never fair to us, and it’s infuriating to see time and time again people conceding our rights on our behalf in a vain and pathetic effort to placate people who will never accept anything but total citizen disarmament.

        • DoomGuy, just tell these Tory gadflies, “No” and walk away. Their mission is to agitate in favor of the new normal. They are loyalists at best, judenrat at worst. You owe them no answers whatsoever.

          Just say no. 😉

  7. Apparently our president needs a lession in due process. You “take the guns first” without a court order, that is theft, and can get you shot.

    • Did you read the press release? It clearly states that a court order will be required, and that due process rights will be protected.

      “◦ERPOs allow law enforcement, with approval from a court, to remove firearms from individuals who are a demonstrated threat to themselves or others and temporarily to prevent individuals from purchasing new firearms.
      ◦ERPOs should be carefully tailored to ensure the due process rights of law-abiding citizens are protected.”

      • Just like they did to spy on Trump and people around him?

        These laws are designed to go around due process and give extra powers to courts. They allow for untrustworthy people, with fake evidence, to give a judge enough of an excuse to execute what is not legal in a Constitutional Republic.

  8. Main Point #2 is problematic for me.

    The rest of it I’ll have to chew on a bit but reform of FERPA and HIPPA… well at least they’re talking about this now! Of course this is the government so that might not be a good thing. Career bureaucrats could fuck up a glass of water.

    • Yup, violation of privacy and due process. People’s rights taken away without so much as a court order, only a doctor or a bureaucrats say so. Such a step forward for freedom, or are you finally coming out as one of the “rights for me but not for thee” crowd?

      • You know, everyone posting in this thread so far has been reacting negatively to these proposals in varying degrees of “GFY”.

        No need to be a dick to people who are mostly on your side.

        • Well when you’re called paranoid and stupid, only to be vindicated when stories like this drop… Yeah, I tend to get a little bit dickish with a slight hint of GFY…

          It’s frustrating to not be listened to, especially when you can see the shit train barreling down the tracks…

        • You are paranoid, and not just stupid, but outright retarded. You invent “rights” where none exist. If a doctor has you on tape raving in his office, he should be able to hand that tape to the cops.

  9. Where’s Taylor the Cop’s vest review?

    I bet his equipment guy looooved that false phone call.

  10. “Repeal of the Obama Administration’s “Rethink School Discipline” policies”.

    At least one of the proposals makes sense. Bro ward county schools better get ready for loss of federal monies.

  11. Wayne LaPeirre betrays America again! Notice there is nothing in the release actually saying they want to let teachers carry, just have more guards (who will stay outside because Castlerock). Wayne has always opposed self defense for teachers.

      • Someone really needs to make a compilation of all the times Wayne attacked the Second Amendment. I’d love to see someone play it at an NRA convention if it was made.

      • Being a NRA member has become some people’s identity. Just like how sports fans think they are part of the team, how Apple buyers worship the company, how people thought Steve Jobs was god then switched to thinking Elon Musk is god. It’s sad…

        • Yep. The same thing happens with some who have a concealed handgun license. They see it as a special status and will fight anyone who seeks to restore exercise of the actual right to bear arms.

  12. EL- Presidente Trump is a one -term president in my book! So-“Extreme Risk Protection orders” will be used to circumvent due process, violating 1st , 2nd , (-3rd might come later), 4th , 5 th , so on to the 14th Amendment…It will be used to confiscate lawfully ARMS and property under force of law against political dissidence by the government and LE…I’m sure that 99.5% of the commenters here could easily be declared ” Enemies of the State” for being politcal agitators, and Rebels! Will one or more of YOU folks be receiving a knock on the door by “Paramilitarized, Police-Commandos from the Gun Confiscation Squad!??” Could some of us here be suddenly subject to loss of Freedom, Liberty—and possibly life from a violent encounter with Paramilitarized Police Commandos!?!?

  13. On top of the huge turd pile of all of this is how much Federal funding is being dished out to the various DHS, Dept. of Ed., etc., etc., etc.

    All if that money is going to kickbacks to the EVIL POS COMMUNIST (D) for the next election, or we would’nt have one because the evil POS (D) can’t sh_t $0.75 for a truckstop condom, and they look up to Venezeuala and N. Korea.

    I see the fuckheads in DC as a bunch of scared MF. Gun rights advocates mustve really been achieving critical mass, and they are throwing water on it to try ro keep it from being its own party. The MSM is ineffectual against pro-gun public opinion, hyped mass shootings and other shootings are getting shrugged off very quickly, lots of razors edge 2Ars have slid the wrong way and scalped their privates.

    F em all, not sure of the best way to tell and show them FU, but I’ll look for every opportinity.

    Fuck Trump and Fuck the NRA. F all the stupid MFRS that are milking funding out of all of this, that’s high on my list to point out all the different ways you fucking jackwagons are going to skim the cash for other pet projects and personal and adgenda gains, I’ll push for constant audits, and criminal charges.

    Again F DC on all of this.


  14. I’m with Doom and Jon on this one. I had often countered some antis with the HIPPA violation stating that it’s personal information, guarded by law, that we’re talking about violating. Most of the antis could care less. Save the children!
    Whatever cost.
    Well, now we have it. Your medical information, whatever it is, is now available to the government.
    Oh, you got divorced and you were depressed?
    Lost your job and you’re angry?
    There’s medicine for that and your doctor will be pleased to give you a prescription.
    And politicians don’t care about you. They’ll lie to get that paycheck.
    The NRA cares? Nope. Dana has done more damage that can be repaired and Wayne simply wants his $.
    It’s gonna come down to confiscation and homey don’t play that.

    • Back in the early 1990’s with POS Bill and Hillary Clinton pushing one of the earlier incarnations of “universal healthcare” (See UN 2030 Sustainability Agenda – if they can get us to do “universal healthcare” it’ll be easier for the UN to ‘give’ it to the rest of the world and demand that we pay for it) GE won the right to make the server farm to “hold everyone’s electronic medical records”.

      It’s all fucking communism.

      F GE, the people responsible need to be nutted.

  15. “hardening schools… …like our nations’s airports, stadiums…”
    preparing this generation for marital law. Get ready folks, it’s gonna get a lot worse. We are about to see Weimar like lunacy…

    • Aye. When all the children see is agents of government armed, they will learn, at a visceral level, to rely completely on the State and to fear it. Obedience to government will become instinct for them.

      The American fools.

  16. Even if the Presidents ‘proposals’ seemed harmless (which they don’t), they are still largely meaningless. It’s the actual legislative can ‘o’ worms that this opens up that is the scary part. The School safety Act of 2018 could be anything.

    He asks for due process – The actual law could read: 911 calls and instant swat teams. No consequences for false reporting. And you have to sue to get your rights back. And then separately sue your confiscated guns to get them back. Your Colt Python will be some department’s range toy until somebody steals it from the pile ‘o’ guns in the evidence locker. ‘So sorry. We can’t find it’ and ‘Sorry. There’s no mechanism for compensation in the law.’

    If it’s not federal law, but state laws; some will be better, some will be worse. I can hear California and New Jersey tuning up their legislative machinery now.

    Government may be necessary, but it is not and never will be your friend.

    • “Government may be necessary”

      But its replacement is sanctioned under the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

  17. If police agencies like Broward County will be enforcing these laws, have no fear….

    All these laws are easy to pass and impossible to enforce on a mass level. Many states already have “red flag” and ERPO laws on the books. Hell, the guy that killed the VA shrinks in California was under a ERPO….

    Email and call your useless reps all you want but all this stuff will likely pass with the current anti gun momentum.

    If the fix nics and ERPO’s terrify you so much buy your guns off of private sellers and don’t keep them all in one place.

    If you think this is gonna result in some mass confiscation of guns without due process let me know when the UN Shock Troops get here….

      • I remember a convo with one of these alex jones nutters years back. ‘Fema death camps!’ was the cry.

        Where, I asked? ‘they’re setting them up all over the country’ says he.

        Where? I state once again. ‘I have pictures of them off the webz’ says he.

        Give me an address. A gps number. I will drive out to see with my own eyes. Dead silence from him and from any others I’ve asked over the years.

  18. Yikes! And I turned my phone off early…Trump is just showing us who he REALLY is. And I will never vote for him again…GOD save the Republic.

  19. These new laws can be easily subverted. People will buy guns from private sellers and will not have all there guns in one place. I just undermined all these laws in 2 simple sentences….

  20. Much of this is puffery, soon to be forgotten dismissed or abandoned. The ERPOs and the Fix NICS portion of this, however, take us one step closer to the Stasi of East Germany when unaccountable bureaucrats and judges can react to a hysterical denouncement by taking away essential Rights and Freedoms. Gentlemen, our Republic is in danger and our leaders are marching us toward Oblivion.

  21. “White House Statement: President Donald J. Trump is Taking Immediate Actions to Secure Our Schools”

    Bullshit of the day. (With good potential for spill-over)

  22. So, a reactionary, ham-handed, shallow-thinking, authoritarian grasps at overly-broad “solutions” that happen to be near to hand. This is my shocked face.

    That said…

    1 – “Secure Our Schools” is the right perspective. Not “Dead kids, so we can get the gun confiscation we’ve been gunning for (sic) for decades.” Rather, “Let’s keep more whack-jobs from shooting up schools.” If they’re not careful, any of these policies or initiatives might get evaluated in terms of how much safer kids are.

    2 – The Tweeter In Chief is a bit “flexible.” He has some discernible, core preferences, not that he’s a brilliant orator about them. Keep engaged, and feed him his Reality TV Star-Kibbles, as he does right-er things, and he adapts.

    This guy was never “on our side” in any sense, and actually for any body. BUT, he’s consistently on “our” side as much as being on “our” side puts us on his. The ego and need to “win” makes him influencable.

  23. A couple of points for me since I was a huge Trump supporter. First, Rand Paul was my first choice, and I also liked Scott Walker and Ted Cruz. They all ran mediocre campaigns. Second, if we can actually have armed teachers, ex-LEO, vets, and school personnel in schools, that would be great.

    I’m hugely disappointed in Trump for picking up gun control regarding ERPOs and raising the age limits. I’m all in support of respecting the rights of CC holders and teachers to be armed. I have dreaded that the dallying regarding nationwide reciprocity and the Hearing Protection act would be stalled by an active shooter.

    I pray that we don’t have another active shooter anytime soon – or ever again.

    With that said, gun rights activists need to spend less time on TTAG and more time giving money to Calguns, FPC, SAF, and even the NRA. Take people shooting. Let your voices be heard outside of these pages.

    Trump is still a damn sight better than Hillary. Conservatives judges counts for a lot, the economy is doing well despite a slump today. Think Hillary would be doing a border wall? We’d be up to our elbows in Syrian refugees if Hillary was POTUS.

    When the next election rolls around, I continue to vote for the most pro-gun candidate with any chance of winning. But individual votes don’t mean much. We need to teach people to shoot, convince people to get CC permits, call congresscritters, and support pro gun groups. Right now anti-gunners are making 10x as much noise as we are, and that’s a recipe for failure.

  24. What does that mean?
    Trump wants Judges to hear evidence and remove guns from citizens
    Did he not learn anything from FBI agents lying to FISA judges to wiretap his campaign ?
    Does he not think Cops will lie to judges to get these orders?
    He has directed the DOJ to write a rule banning bumpstocks and theywrote it
    We give up bumpstocks and get nothing in exchange?
    I am a single issue voter for gun rights
    I withdraw my vote from Trump
    Primary out all the RINOs
    Leave the Republican Party if we have to

  25. Unfortunately, John, even if polling only NRA members and people who love guns, most worship the big, powerful country known as the United States. It’s more important to them than individual liberty. In fact, I was among them only a few years ago. By the time I’m a hundred, I’ll know what’s what. I believe strongly that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson would agree with you and me.

    By the way, is that your article? Your website? The article was excellent.

  26. “G-d damn the Republic, if that’s what it takes. G-d save Liberty!” John in Ohio

    Unfortunately, John, even if polling only NRA members and people who love guns, most worship the big, powerful country known as the United States. It’s more important to them than individual liberty. In fact, I was among them only a few years ago. By the time I’m a hundred, I’ll know what’s what. I believe strongly that James Madison and Thomas Jefferson would agree with you and me.

    By the way, is that your article? Your website? The article was excellent.

    • That is not my article or website. I do like that website very much.

      I’m glad that your eyes are open. Each generation gets its chance to stand for liberty. If it does not, tyranny is that much stronger for the next. I’ve done my best to open the eyes of the young in my lifetime. As I get older, I have contact with some of them from time to time and they make me proud. One example; I was at a funeral and there were all of these young men and women that I had known from the time they were born or soon after. In the parking lot, they were gathered around when I walked up. Each proudly flipped back a jacket or opened a purse and showed that they had learned; everyone well armed. I guarantee that practically every one of them know what the real exercise of individual rights is about and cherish liberty. 🙂


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