Student protest (courtesy ABC News)
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If I had to describe the #WalkoutWednesday protest in two words, I’d say “acting out.” Unlike, say, the Civil Rights crusade (to which Oprah Winfrey compares this teenage tantrum), the #WalkoutWednesday Children’s Crusade is anti-civil rights. At the same time . . .

it’s suffused with anger. As you’d expect from teenagers who’ve lived in constant fear of mass murder their entire lives.

Hang on. Is that true?

While school shootings are horrifying events, are they a generational threat? Is the young man at the top of this post a member of a generation in danger of dying out from spree killers or anything firearms-related? What about these kids?

#WalkoutWednesday protest (courtesy ABC News)

I’m not trying to belittle the shock, sorrow, pain and anger that a school shooter inflicts on the people touched by his murderous rampage. But what firearms-related threat to do these children, as a group, as a generation, face?

For context, I’d like to point out that the Nazis did an excellent job killing my father’s generation. Only one of his friends survived the Holocaust, the government-run extermination program that murdered six million disarmed and unarmed Jews.

Truth be told, the same Second Amendment that protects Americans’ right to own “assault rifles” protects the protesters’ generation from government-sponsored genocide. (Note to kids: don’t think it could happen here? The Jews didn’t think it could happen in modern, industrialized Germany. Native Americans might also have a word or two on that subject.)


The Second Amendment could also protect the protesters’ generation from school shootings. Armed teachers transform a school from a soft target into a hard one. (Note to kids: If you think that an armed teacher couldn’t take on an AR-15-wielding madman, please check out our school shooter simulation.)

As I watch these young Americans act out, as I watch the revolting sycophancy of their mainstream media cheerleaders, I have but one question . . .

Never mind what gun control laws are or are not in place. What are you going to do when they come for you? You have a few more years to think about it. Please do.

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  1. It’s all part of the democrat/socialist treason agenda. The thing that pisses me off is that otherwise sane adults are succumbing to the hysteria, looking at you Florida lege.

  2. This ” organic ” student protest is funded by MoveOn / BloomTurd & Soros — same as BLM – ANTIFA disruptions. ——- FAKE and Astroturf BS. …. Keep eyes on CONgress today ( C-SPAN ) as they try to push several anti – gun bills , They may combine HR – 4909 a schools bill with the nasty ” FIX – NICS ” bill warns Rep. Thomas Massie on Twitter.
    Full List of BAD Bills at — Firearm Policy Coalition. ……… N.R.A. is slow on alerts !

  3. This was organized by the teachers union, who are very good at showing kids how to be sock puppets. Math and reading, not so much.

  4. I can guarantee that the middle school kids in that last picture have no understanding of what is going on. They are just doing what they are coached to do by their parents and teachers. I’m also sure they got plenty of help making those signs.

  5. I, for one, am trying to change the discussion: the Constitution means nothing to them, so why bring it up? History (the real history) means nothing to them, so why bring that up?

    If Feelings and Being Open-Minded are all they claim to care about… then I’ll make it a point to never forgo and opportunity to point out their bigotry and intolerance for gun owners. I will demand that they answer me directly when I ask “am I a terrorist?” I will demand that they cite a solution that hasn’t already been tried and failed when they demand to “do something”.

    I will demand that they explain why they have such distrust and suspicion of their schoolteachers, their coworkers, their fellow churchgoers, any and all of their fellow citizens whom they’ve never met before but want to strip of their civil rights without knowing anything about them as individuals. I will get right up in their faces and make it personal and I will call them a Bigot straight to their faces.

    If their brand of bigotry is now fashionable, I will demand they explain why blindly following a fashion makes them better than me.

  6. I applaude kids that want to get involved, even when its contrary to my own beliefs. BUT, in this case, its organized by adults, and, my bet is, only about 10% or less are really interested in the topic – the rest are simply using the opportunity to get out of class.
    And, btw, I grew up in the 50s and 60s – our fear was being nuked! Reinforced by weekly “duck & cover” drills.

      • +1

        Those “don’t shoot our generation” signs lack a sense of proportion, compared to the draft, which sent thousands of young men of a different generation off to get shot at – and then return to thousands more young men and women who once again acted out with the whole “baby killer” schtick. Only most of those were slightly grown up – attending college rather than high school (hard to tell the difference sometimes….)

    • “I applaude kids that want to get involved, even when its contrary to my own beliefs.”

      Even when its contrary to the Constitution/Bill of Rights? Seriously?

      Nothing about this deserves applause.

  7. These kids have a greater risk of being statutorily RAPED by one of their teachers or coaches, than of being injured by a spree shooter at school. Where is the march against that?

    Yesterday’s newspaper brought news of yet another student, this time a sixth grade boy, who was taunted and tormented by his schoolmates until was finally driven to commit suicide to escape it. He hung himself in his garage.

    Where is the march against that? Or don’t the little social warriors care about those deaths, when the nlood is on their hands?

  8. I’ve said it before: this is the same behavior you see from narcissistic emotional “children” at a high school where a depressed and lonely “child” has killed himself. By the next morning every douchbag in the school is crying into the nearest camera, grief counselor, or sympathetic crowd about how much it hurts because their best friend in the whole wide world / love of their life has killed himself because of an unfeeling & uncaring world.

    These animals don’t care, they just don’t want to be seen not caring.

  9. The public indoctrination centers have done a fine job of programming the ignorant dimwits, and the soccer moms have done a good job of convincing the ignorant dimwits of their own awesomeness.

    If these children are the future, then we have no future.

  10. If armed people were really the problem, they wouldn’t try to solve it by having the kids bunch up outdoors.

    The Problem is them.

    The Problem doesn’t get to define the problem.

    The Problem doesn’t get to suggest solutions.

    • Regrettably, and demonstrably, you are incorrect. That is exactly what is happening, and will continue to happen. Ever heard the expression “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”?
      Most of these “problems” are government created, purposefully and with direct complicity from large groups of people. The purpose of creating these “problems” is to offer “solutions”. The solutions NEVER equal more liberty, they ALWAYS equal more government. We’ve seen, too many times to discount, that more government equals more “problems” to be solved; thus snowballing the process. Once a society gets to our point, the inevitable ends can be chosen from; collapse from the inner rot, war, subjugation. History is plain on the matter…

  11. My grandson didn’t want any part of these manufactured demonstrations, so his father wrote a note to his school principal giving him permission to opt out. For many of these kids its just an opportunity to skip class and whoop it up. Our society has become such a flustercuck, I have to wonder whether we can recover it or just opt out ourselves.

  12. Odds of being murdered in school: 0.04:100000 (source: EveryTown, any cause)

    Odds of being murdered anywhere else: 11:100000 (NJS)

    Schools are 275 times safer than the street in front of them. There is no school violence issue. This is something for both the Chicken Littles and the derp der derp let’s-arm-teachers crowd to understand.

  13. I’m guessing half the male students walking out will go home, flip on the XBox or PS4, and play Call of Duty all afternoon. No irony there…

  14. *Sigh*

    You know what this reminds me of? Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Mao, despite being a tyrant, was smart enough to know he had enough leverage over young people, so he asked them to rise up and fight against any “bourgeois” ideas or anti-leftist (or really, anti-Maoist) cultural norms and policies. In addition to plenty of people being murdered in the name of not being Maoist enough, it effing regressed China back decades because schools and workplaces simply shut down for years. Just chaos. My family had to endure that insanity, and it is a time that no one wants to go back to.

    I see echoes of that now. These kids here, while not as extreme a case as Mao’s, are still being used for nefarious purposes, and they simply don’t realize it. I mean, in a few years, I expect many of these kids to don Antifa masks and start beating public speakers on campus or anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

    I don’t know what’s the solution. We don’t have any single Mao in this country, but we have thousands of little Mao-lightweights in our school system, universities and news agencies, and they seriously need a counterweight for them to stop their propaganda and indoctrination.

  15. Hey that’s great, I’ll be doing essentially the same thing by staying home and wasting my day too. The difference is when I get done jerking off, I’m going to have something to show for it.

  16. I agree that most of the kids participating in this anti-gun walkout are probably just going along to get along, and because it’s a HAPPENING that gets them out of class. I’d say that probably ten percent are actually true believers, i.e., militants, who are being heavily coached in what they say and do. Which leads me to:
    Militant = Person with sophomoric intelligence acting defiant. Which is what these kids are because, voila! they are kids who are easily led and think in simplistic terms.

  17. Does anybody remember, “The Shape of Things” song by Max Frost, also done by The Yardbirds. It was a great song. It was the theme song for the movie “Wild in the Streets”, 1968. It’s a movie about youth taking control by lowering the voting age to 14, spiking the water supply with LSD and putting anyone over 35 in New Age re-education camps. Maybe thats where Pol Pot got his idea. It appears to me that with todays youth protest, some would like to do that. Fortunately we have our second amendment.

  18. While I endorse their ability of wanting their voices to be heard, I have some big issues with it.

    1. It is an unofficial endorsement of their activities by the school districts. Would they offer the same support when my kid wants to walk out on November 17 to honor the founding of the NRA?
    2. It is an astroturf group sponsored by Planned Parenthood,, George Soros-backed groups and others who are co-opting and using these kids.
    3. It’s a lie being perpetuated by the groups using these kids. Firearm violence has halved since the 1990’s and gun ownership has doubled. Obviously these facts don’t correlate with what the kids (and their sponsors) are proffering.
    4. It’s endorsing the “we speak for everyone” route Progressives have taken in the past few years. Much like the “vast majority of Americans support gun control” lie, this perpetuates the trope of “you’re either with us or against us” and closes any doors to constructive discussions.
    5. It gives kids a false sense of knowledge on a difficult subject. It’s not just guns – it’s mental illness, it’s the breakdown of the nuclear family, it’s a cultural lack of empathy, it’s gang violence, it’s a festering public education system, etc.

    I’m glad they’re involved, but it’s sad they’re being used.

  19. This whole charade got me so pissed off, i actually decided to do something.. I called my old high school and asked.. and yes, they still have a short basic gun maintenance course as part of the shop elective. Though it now has to be specifically requested, lots of paperwork beforehand, and is not ‘listed in the curriculum’. Word of mouth stealth teaching I guess…
    Soon they will be meeting after hours, in secret basement locations that rotate weekly… whispering ‘no, no, brush goes breach to muzzle.. don’t push the gunk the other way, into the action…’ by candle light with blacked out windows and lookouts on roof….

  20. Where are the mass gatherings/protests in front of the FBI building in D.C.? Ditto, at least, around the Broward County Sheriffs Office? Seems easier/safer be to anti-Constitutional rights, than it is to embarrass/anger/call-to-task OUR law enforcement, the ones who swear to uphold OUR Constitution.

    Or, maybe locally/nationally, the people who fear retribution by OUR law enforcement agencies, government and autocratic leaders ,who are all sworn to protect OUR Constitution?. Isn’t this the way police states worm their way into people’s lives? Adding, adding, adding laws, regulations, loopholes and carveouts less less the the way to:”If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit” W.C. Fields”.

  21. I wonder what the fatality rate is for teenagers texting and doing other foolish things behind the wheel? Maybe we should consider raising the driving age too!
    As for “It can’t happen here”, ask what happened to a quarter-million Americans of Japanese descent in 1942.


  22. Don’t shoot written on your hands? It’s your own fellow students, some children, that are doing these school shootings.

    What would be more effective: writing don’t shoot like the kid in the above did or writing “don’t drink and drive” outside a DUI court room?

  23. As you’d expect from teenagers who’ve lived in constant fear of mass murder their entire lives.
    Geee… what about us during the cold war. But we knew what to do.

  24. “Stops” making sense? When did it start?

    The shooting that precipitated all of this was the result of failure after failure by multiple levels of government. Logically, then, the thing to do is to protest for more government authority and the curtailment of individual liberties. Obviously.

  25. “!!!! HELL NO ! WE WON’T GO! BAN GUNS! MY TEACHER NEEDS A RAISE!!!” —-Brought to by the Local Teachers Union, in conjunction with the National Democratic Party!

  26. Well, Any parent who is NOT completely stupid would pulling their kids out of school during this B.S. and filing state complaints about their kids being used as political pawns !!! Teachers should be teaching education! Not “Directing an army of left-wing political indoctrination Force….” All teachers involved in this should be Terminated!

  27. This tells us everything we need to know. Our schools are underperforming. We’re mediocre in outcomes while leading in spending. In this context, teachers take students out of classrooms to achieve progressive objectives.

    By the way, anyone know which majors enter college with the lowest SATs and graduate with the highest GPAs? Education majors.

  28. It’s bought and paid for propaganda, it was never intended to make sense to anyone who actually thought about it. It’s only purpose is to disarm the US.

  29. Native Americans?
    They will claim that as invalid, because it is an old example.

    Go have them ask an old Japanese man where he spent WW2.


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