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The following is republished from with permission.

Gun stores are finally replenishing their inventories. Mark Kelly and other anti-gun libs can finally scratch their AR itch. Ammo? That’s another story. Bullets are harder to find than Keely Hazell at a New Jersey rest stop. Walmart, where America buys bullets, has imposed a three-box limit on ammo—if you can find a box. Which you cannot. Most is purchased before it hits the shelves . . .

One culprit for ammo scarcity: the unprecedented four-year firearms buying spree. If you’ve purchased an AR in .223, 5.56, or .308, or a .38, .357, .40, .45 caliber recently, the only way you’ll be able to defend yourself with it is to use that sumbitch as a hammer! Just sayin’.

The federal government has been buying ammo like George Soros buys Democrats. Yes, that would be the same federal government that seeks to impose gun control tyranny on American citizens by scaling back or the total destruction of the Second Amendment. Speaking of which . . .

To protest the rash of anti-gun state legislation since the Sandy Hook spree killing, numerous gun manufacturers have stopped selling to state and local police agencies in states where their products are unlawful for regular citizens. At last count, AWD (that’s me) found 118 companies that have quit selling to government.

None of which include the big boys: Smith & Wesson, Colt and Glock, for example. There’s talk of a consumer boycott of manufacturers who don’t join the Firearms Equality Movement. Meanwhile, where the hell are the ammunition manufacturers in this ban?

Ammunition manufacturers should have launched an ammo equality movement back when New Jersey banned hollow point (a.k.a., “cop killer”) ammo outside the home. But now’s the time for them to step up. If cops have the same trouble getting ammo as the rest of us, they will take notice. And on up the food chain.

AWD calls on every ammunition manufacturer to refuse to enter into another contract with any federal or state government entity except for those that supply the US military. No more bullets for Big Sis at DHS. No more ammo for the IRS. No more for the Weather and Oceanographic people! If they run through all the billions of rounds they’ve purchased before ammo can be found and affordably priced, let them learn archery!

We gun owners must pressure any ammunition manufacturer holding contracts with the federal government to make this their last. We’ll take up the slack! Fulfill the contract and then start filling the stockpiles of American citizens. It’s win – win. And if an ammo maker doesn’t ban sales to states trampling on the Second Amendment, we’ll boycot them! Won’t we? Guys?

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  1. I’ve had dreams of finding boxes of ammo just scattered around my home, it’s like playing Fallout for real.

    But it’s true, we need to put the squeeze on the Anti-gun states, and the Manu’s that don’t.

    • It really is a business opportunity.
      The question is, can an entity tool up and be self-contained (i.e., make/provide it’s own components; primers, powder, brass and bullets in house) and not have to depend on 2nd and 3rd party vendors for said components.
      Lot’s of other factors as well…cost of property, tax rates, utilities, labor rates, insurance, marketing/advertising expenses, bureaucratic bull$hit expenses, etc., etc., etc.
      Still worth considering based on 85,000,000+ firearm owners just in this country…,,,any investors out there?????

      • Not to mention liability insurance for those times when you make your ammo wrong it is maims or injures someone. It happens unfortunately.

        • A corporation set up with gun owners as stockholders (seed money) that makes prime ammo by manufacturing all the components and sells only to civilians. LETS DO IT!

    • Yes indeed I would like to mfg ammo that is why I am online right now .gathering info. Thanks

    • The Ammo makers need to get on our side and limit ammo to govt agencies

      sorry it’s the law of the land….big brother gets 1st dibs…..citizens 2nd’s the ammo companies can not restrict sales to the government

    • Ain’t gonna happen. ATK practically IS the government, they just happen to be a private entity that runs the factories, engineering, etc to supply Fedzilla.

      Scroll down the page to see just how much of the ammo industry is owned by ATK. Which, as mentioned, is basically a manufacturing arm for the US federal government, and other similar-sized entities abroad.

      • Exactly. Crony Capitalism in action. Most major ammo makers in this country depend on sales to military and LEO Overlords. They will throw us under the bus to keep those fat cost plus gubmint contracts any day. We live in an ominously different America now, one that is dominated by government-private partnership. The free market only exists on a small scale now at the local level. Truly free enterprise nowadays is like the proto mammals who scurried about in the age of dinosaurs, trying not to get squashed by a lumbering Too Big To Fail Brontosaurus.

        • Throwing us under the bus implies that they care enough to make a decision either way.

          I personally think it’s more that they’re pretending not to hear our cries for help while the bus runs us over (repeatedly) because they’re too busy building more buses.

  2. speaking of ammo, Walmart in Mid MI had 500 round boxes of tulammo in .223, I dont shoot the steel cased stuff throuh my AR but I wish they had 9mm and .40. I know I could have bought a case and sold it for triple but I’m not a douch bag like the three guys that bought them ahead of me one of the three asked the first guy “what type of gun shoots this stuff?” they only had 2 cases left after that…

    • You should have bought them and then traded them with some one for what you use that’s why I just bought some 308 I don’t have a gun to run it in bought someone will trade me for what I need I’m sure

    • Exactly correct.

      That “free market uber alles” snake can really bite regular folks on the azz, can’t it?

      • Hardly. When this is all over there will be such a glut of ammo on the market people will be giving ammo away. It will take some time, however.

        • I want to have that problem. Right now I have 200 rounds of 9mm, and plan on shooting 100 this weekend and 100 the next weekend. I probably won’t be able to find more very easily.

        • Depends.

          Government right now has enough ammo to double tap every single American in the country, including themselves.

          Wouldn’t surprise me if they’re buying and hoarding just to keep us from having it. Sorta like the food and supplies regulation of Ingsoc.

  3. Haven’t seen the financials but it’s not a stretch to infer that private sector sales would have heck of a lot better profit margins than bulk, lowest-bidder-takes-all gov’t contracts. But then again, any big ammo manufacturer that says FU to the gov’t gets a nice big bullseye painted on its back by the DOJ.

  4. It is all about timing. Today, working in Oklahoma, random stop at WM. Bought 3 boxes of 9MM. 40 and 45 on the shelf too.

    I pick up 6 to 9 boxes weekly at my local WM. Check the website to see what came in, drop by and pick it up. 22lr, 223 and 9MM.

  5. Amen! I will NOT buy ammo or firearms that are not part of the Firearm Equality Movement.

  6. Just ran the math last night and figured out that the economics are massively in my favor on my almost-completed 5.45×39 AR. Basically, I can either shoot steel-jacketed 7N6 milsurp (see: wood crates in pic above) at steel-friendly ranges for 20c/round, or I can pull and replace the Russian bullets with 53gr Hornady HPBT pills (swaged from 0.224 down to 0.221 diameter) for a total cost of 38c/round.

    Compares rather favorably to the 80c-100c/round that 5.56 is going for, that’s for damn sure. And I don’t even have to scramble around looking for powder or primers.

    I’m using Hornady bullets because they did the same thing with a production run of 5.45×39 a while back, and if I want to do any of the training courses that insist on “factory loaded” ammo I’ll just tell them I bought a bunch of the Hornady 5.45…

    • The cost of a Corbin swaging press and dies set starts at about $2k last time I checked. Seems rather expensive unless you plan on doing a ton of bullets. And even then, why swag a existing round instead of making your own? Or were you just thinking about passing them thru something like a Saeco Lubri-sizier? If so, are you sure it isnt just going to strip the jacket?

      • Sorry, I should have said “resizing”, not swaging. I’ve read so many posts misusing “swaging” that it’s corrupted my vocabulary.

        For your typical reloader, Lee makes a .221 “lube and size” die (~$40) which fits all common reloading presses. Because one of my other hobbies is my home machine shop, though, I’m having fun perfecting my own resizing tooling from 7/8-14 threaded steel round stock. 🙂

        There are definitely bullets which do well being squeezed from .224 down to .221, and others which fail in interesting ways. Fortunately there’s lots of knowledge about successes and failures making 5.45 bullets that’s freely shared on the reloading forums so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

        Short version: high-quality .224 bullets with good copper jackets (e.g. Hornady) resize beautifully down to .221. Cheaper bullets (which tend to have a thin jacket) and, counterintuitively, .222 bullets generally don’t survive resizing. Apparently .222 pills tend to split their jackets very easily and are quite difficult to resize.

        I’m going to end up investing about $50 for materials and a new 0.221 chucking reamer to make several die-and-ram setups to fit a “1-ton” (5.5 inch opening) arbor press. At which point I can put my kids to work resizing bullets to earn range time. 🙂

  7. Honestly there is just too much demand right now. There is no way we could convince enough people to boycott any manufacturer that sells to anti-gun government agencies because there is no way people would let that ammo sit on the shelf when nothing else is available.

  8. Two things. First, was at my LGS last week and of course ammo (or the lack of) was the topic, and this a$$hat who I would assume was a regular there talked about his sale on Gunbroker (I think), and he mentioned he didn’t have any hits yet on his 22LR, and then he mentioned he had 60,000 rounds! Now this wasn’t a Bill O’Reilly miscommunication, he was serious, really 60,000 rounds of 22LR, sorry I know it’s all about “capitalism” and all, but IMHO he’s an a$$hole!

    And Second, I was at our local Cabela’s today (Hazelwood, MO) and they had at least 10 ARs for sale. Bushmasters, Sigs and some other brands I couldn’t identify. Even though I’m not in the market, it was good to see them in stock, and the prices were pretty close to what they were pre Sandy Hook!

    • Why is someone an asshole for stockpiling 60k rounds of .22LR, especially if they did it before the panic?

      • I don’t have a problem with some guy who stockpiled 60k rounds before or even right after the panic. What I have a problem with is the guys that have 60k and are still camping the stores for more.

        I get the feeling talking to SOME of these guys that it’s not really about having the ammo, it’s about other people NOT getting it. Just a big game to them. I got 60,050 rounds now! I win!

  9. Not all cops are buried under mountains of ammo. We just made an order to 100k rounds of 9mm FMJ for use in academy classes. We were told six to nine months. Maybe. And this is from a major LE distributor under state contract, which may have something to do with it. Contract prices are less than retail by about 15%. Many of the agencies that are serviced by the academy are in the same boat. Yeah, they can order it for brother-in-law prices. Ordering it and getting it timely are two different things. Contract doesn’t specify how fast they make delivery. We’ve got ammo on hand to take care of the next 2 classes, barely. It takes nearly 1000 rounds per recruit. Current class has 50 recruits. You do the math. That’s a pile of ammo. We have 4 classes scheduled for this year. We may be using slingshots for the last 2. Oh yeah. We’re a gun-friendly state (FL).

  10. I’ve already sworn off buying another Glock and I love their guns. My go to purchase list are those manufacturers/retailers that supported the citizen, not sided with the government. F-them. I won’t spend another cent on them. Lots of my friends are talking the same way. Hear that Glock? We are coming after you. Maybe you will pay attention when you sales start dropping. BTW, I just dropped some serious money on LaRue and Bravo Company. Two great patriotic companies. Now if I could just buy some more Magpul products.

  11. Sounds good in theory, however you fail to take into account Lake City, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, and the other federally owned ammunition manufacturing facilities. The thing about these facilities is that while the government may contract them out for operation, at the end of the day they are government owned. The government would not feel a civilian ammo boycott. They would simply stop their dual purpose facilities (civilian and government) from selling to civilians to take up the slack.

  12. Ever grateful that I own something in .17hmr. I have yet to find any place even close to being sold out of that.

    • Lucky! Every time I’ve looked for 17HMR lately it’s the same as everything else – bare shelves.

  13. The employees at my local walmart is not putting the ammo out. The employees are taking it and then buying it at the end of their shift. They turn around and sell it to a local gun store. Win for the employees, win for the gun store, loss for us.

  14. C’mon, guys. You cannot tell me you have completely run out of Levantine and Scandinavian girls to boost.

    If you’re feeling in a rut, can I suggest looking into Persian models for a while? (You don’t need a gaze as piercing as “Claudia Lynx” to find them.)

  15. Why exempt the military? They’re grabbed guns from American citizens countless times. In addition no other organization has deliberately killed more American civilians than the US military. As much as they love to say they’re protecting our freedoms, few organizations have done more to undermine and violate our freedoms than the military.

      • Well in 1864 Sherman did do a little urban renewal in Atlanta, though technically he didn’t kill or disarm any US citizens as Atlanta was in the CSA then.

    • In my five years Army active duty and current 4 years in the Army Reserves, I have never confiscated a firearm from, nor killed a U.S. citizen. I think you have been on Infowars or the Daily Worker a little too much.

  16. “the only way you’ll be able to defend yourself with it is to use that sumbitch as a hammer!”

    From what I’ve heard hammers kill more people than guns, just sayin.

  17. It funny how it seem that LE ammo is the only stuff I can buy. Maybe someone isn’t doing their end of the deal?

  18. UAS

    •In general, a flight clearance is required for any Navy/USMC-owned or Navy/USMC-leased UAS or aerial target IAW OPNAVINST 3710.7T

    •UAS IFCsbroken down into two major categories (Standard Airworthiness IFCand Safety of Flight IFC).

    •Engineering requirements are tailored based on system complexity, desired usage, expendability, etc. External mitigations (e.g., airspace restrictions) are typically added to the IFC to alleviate/limit risk to third parties

    •Not all UAS have to be airworthy, but all must be safe for flight!(expendable UA may not have to be airworthy to same threshold commonly associated with non-expendable UAS or manned aircraft)

    •If probability of loss is in line with expendabilityof the UAS, and the level of risk associated with personnel, property, equipment, and environment has been identified and accepted by appropriate authorities, a “safety of flight”(SOF) IFC can be granted

  19. If they run through all the billions of rounds they’ve purchased before ammo can be found and affordably priced, let them learn archery!

    Or, you know, stop doing with SWAT teams what used to be done with strongly worded letters.

  20. All guns will become obsolete! “Little Boy” is coming! Fat Boy is right behind too! As Iran works to develop an atomic weapon–assault weapons and all guns are obsolete because everything will be vaporized in an atomic war. I believe the O’Bama genda will let Israel use a first strike against Iran. The purpose of this is to make it look like Israel started the war and create a new holocaust! Israel of course will be blamed as usual for defending itself while the US just wipes it’s hands and walks away clean. What people should be thinking about is moving out of US which looks like a target for Iran. It’s really about survival not guns! All those millions of rounds the U.S. Government bought is just a smoke screen fromthe real issues. Where are shelters to protect U.S. citizens? I am sure O’Bama has a wonderful shelter and lots of protection! We citizens have nothing. Arwe they attempting to “cull the ctizens”? Look at all the money they will save! No need to send out social security checks, entitlements, compensation benefits, railroad retirement benefits for black lung. A dead person does not need a benefit check does he?

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